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2023.06.02 19:01 unsizedDoom661 Does anyone know what order springbonnies spring locks failed?

Im doing a drawing and i want to label which ones went off first.
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2023.06.01 18:52 Fnaf_Lore_Solver created this a couple months ago, blueprint of SpringBonnie (the irl mechanics of springlocks hurt my brain lol)

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2023.06.01 15:21 TeraChad_69 What *actually* happens in a Springlock Failure

Since everyone has a different view on how the springlocks work, let me explain using details from the books and games: The springlocks snap when touched, or when they get wet. Breathing or rapid movements (such as heartbeats and laughter) can make a springlock fail. The springlock pierces your skin, feeling like getting stabbed by a large needle. The movement of the springlock sets off other springlocks in a domino effect, piercing every bit of skin on your body. At this point, you might survive if the springlocks were re-wound. After a few seconds, the suit collapses in on itself, crushing and splitting your limbs. As the suit can't properly close, the animatronic shakes violently. The parts of the suit closest to the first springlock failure would collapse first, then the ones near that, until the entire body is crushed. The wearer's eye sockets and mouth has now been pierced and crushed, forcing the teeth and eyes to stick out the front of the suit. Then the animatronic folds at the joints, falling back into the Golden Freddy pose. The suit is now bleeding from every hole, and the wearer's neck is sliced and crushed, stopping them from making any sound or breathing. As the suit rattles, the wearer gets knocked around inside and is pulled in a little bit deeper. The wearer is probably dead by now from shock, blood loss, or brain damage. The animatronic now sits in a pool of blood, tears and Agony/ Remnant. The Agony is produced because of the immense pain of the failure, and it gets absorbed into the suit.
This answers a lot of theories, like the Shadows. RWQFSFASXC and Shadow Freddy are made from the agony inside the suits. The reason why they don't possess Springbonnie and Fredbear is because the bodies were removed from the suits. Springtrap is alive because the body of William is still in the suit, and Withered Golden Freddy is alive because the 2 children that are inside the suit.
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2023.06.01 09:31 Haunting_Tale_5150 Stream of conscious Dreadbear theory and how it connects to William

This is admittedly very stream of conscious, but I think this is how things in "Curse of Dreadbear" connect to William.
There's a lot of clear connections to fnaf 4. The main pointer is the Fallfest 83 banner, the bullies masks are on display, and the fnaf 4 hallway is one of the locations that can be seen. Dreadbear and Grimm Foxy can also be seen as parallels to Crying Child and Mike.
However, I think it goes much deeper than that.
First, I think that the minigames don't showcase what happened to Crying Child, but rather, William's motives and what they became.
Grimm Foxy is a Mike parallel, but he's also a representation of the Grim Reaper. Now, in traditional fnaf fashion, if you get near Grim Foxy, it's game over. So you want to make sure you want to get as far away from him as possible. I see this as William's desire to escape death, by any means necessary. Since the game never shows you getting caught by Grimm Foxy if you do things successfully, I see this as a parallel that William was successful. He was ultimately able to escape death, even if for a bit of time, by possessing the Springbonnie costume and becoming Springtrap.
Dreadbear represents William's initial motives and experimentation. As HandUnit says
Welcome back to Research and Development. Today, we are using science to pervert the mysteries of life and reanimate the inanimate.
According to wordlink the definition of pervert is
To cause to turn away from what is right, proper, or good; debase.To corrupt (someone) morally. synonym: corrupt.To interpret incorrectly; misconstrue or distort.
I think that the first definition matches what the motives were for William. Even though he is aware what he is doing is wrong, he wants to do it anyways.
Dreadbear is modeled after Frankenstein's Monster, which I think represents how William's experiments were already monstrous before they began.
However, the story of Frankenstien itself can be looked at as a parallel or perhaps inspiration of William's character and motives. A man who after tragedy, looks into creating life, only to create a vengeful monster.
Dreadbear has an easter egg of him rising from a lake. At the end of both old man consequence minigames from World and UCN, the bear sprite lowers into the lake, causing the game to end. The wooded area is heavily implied to be the afterlife, or at least a section of it.
If being lowered into a lake ends things, perhaps rising from a lake would be the opposite, with the spirit being brought back and returning in a form that's terribly wrong.
In the story "Drowning", a black haired girl rises from a lake to kill Kara. Perhaps the story shows what happens when Afton brings back a spirit by making them haunt an animatronic with remnant. The spirit rises from the afterlife and ends up killing innocent people. Much like how the animatronics end up killing innocent security guards in the main games, or how the Funtimes are programmed to kill children.
I wish I had a good conclusion for all of this, but there's so much to wrap my mind around I can't even begin. Curse of Dreadbear needs more eyes on it, I think, because I think it might be one of the most important parallels in FNAF.
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2023.05.31 19:25 Apple_Bottom_Cheese The worst mistake of my life. [OC]

I figured pranking my brother would be funny, he's so weak, I figured a little scare would do him some good to toughen him up. Me and my friends all picked him up and lifted his head to Fredbear's mouth.

It was only meant to be a joke.

The only things I remember from then were hearing him crying like a pussy, and then that sickening crunch. The blood got everywhere. On me, my friends, Fredbear and Springbonnie. All I saw was blood and all I heard were screams of terror from people.
Henry was the one who called an ambulance whilst trying to calm down my hysterical mother, all father could do was just stand there in shock. Staring at what had happened to his own son. What I did.. Parents were running around and grabbing their kids whilst giving me dirty looks, as if to say. 'What an asshole, doing something like that to your own brother.' I tried to find comfort in my friends, but they all blamed me for coming up with the idea, and left me.
After that I remember the ambulance finally arriving. My mum rode in with them, not being able to leave her baby boy. Me and father drove after as fast as we could. I felt sick, I couldn't believe I did that to my own brother. Father never said anything to me on our way there, though he was probably still in shock at what just happened.
Once we arrived, the front desk guided us to his room. We couldn't go in yet, but we could wait outside. Mum was shaking and sobbing into her hands. I wanted to comfort her but I couldn't move, all father was doing was just standing there with a blank but grave expression on his face.
We weren't able to stay too long, as the doctor came out and said he would need extensive surgery and would have a very slim chance of survival. And even if he did, the brain and spinal cord damage is so severe he'd be brain dead. This only made matters worse. Mum was absolutely hysterical, but was able to manage to stay at the hospital for a few days, to watch over my brother and pray.
Me and father decided to go home, as Elizabeth was with a babysitter and needed taking care of too. The next few days were Hell. I got to stay home from school for grief. But that just meant helping dad around the house with taking care of Elizabeth. Mainly because he was so absorbed in his own grief he spent all his time at home in his workshop. We visited mum and my brother everyday, we always asked Beth if she wanted to come, but she said no because the one time she did come, she said he looked "Really scary, I don't like him. I wanna go home."
On what we thought was just another day of visiting, things went horribly wrong. His vitals started to crash and doctors and nurses came rushing in as we were rushed out. Mother started to break down again and I could feel my heart beating so hard in my chest it could've exploded. I prayed to God begging him to let my little brother live, even offering myself for him. Mum was also praying in between sobs and gulps. After what felt like forever of waiting, a doctor came out with a grim look on his face. My father asked what happened, and what the doctor said made my world stop.

I'm so sorry Mr. Afton. But your son has just died.

I was in shock. It felt like my heart stopped beating. Mother was so hysterical she passed out, and was transferred to her own room to be looked after for a while. Father was just standing there, utterly silent. Almost as though he himself couldn't handle the news. The doctors and father arranged for things to be done, and we were all able to say our last goodbyes. Although mum didn't wanna leave his side, begging God to bring her baby back and to take her instead. However nothing happened. Which marked the moment I realized;
There is no God.
The ride home felt like forever. Mum sobbing into her handkerchief. Father never once looked at me. Nor did he say anything. I felt so shell shocked I was spaced out the entire ride. Trying to wrap my head around what just happened. When we got home, the babysitter who was watching Elizabeth heard my mum's sobs, and came to her side and hugged her. Saying how sorry she was for our loss. Mum eventually went inside her and dad's room. Meanwhile father paid the babysitter, thanked her, and shut the door behind her when she left. He never once said anything to me, even though I wished he would've. He just went and put Elizabeth to bed whilst she asked why mum was crying.
I went inside my room and just sat on the edge of my bed, thinking about it all, until it hit me.
I killed my own brother.
At that point I couldn't handle it anymore and just started crying into my pillow. Wishing this were all a bad dream.
Yet, it is.
And it's one I'm never waking up from.
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2023.05.29 20:14 SylverAndGold888 springbonnie animatronic test 03

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2023.05.29 18:34 EpicMazement Why the FNAF 3 Happiest Day minigames, FNAF World, and the Logbook are most likely telling the exact same story

This is all the evidence for why Why the FNAF 3 Happiest Day minigames, FNAF World, and the Logbook all represent Charlotte having Cassidy help Garrett remember within FredbeaGolden Freddy.

  1. Fredbear Plush/Charlotte tells Adventure Freddy to leave bread crumbs for him. In the Logbook, Cassidy asks Garrett several things regarding his past, like she is leaving bread crumbs for him.
  2. Cassidy in the OMC minigame looks exactly like Adventure Freddy when he is in the OMC forest, implying Cassidy and Adventure Freddy are connected.
  3. They most likley don't literally talk in the Logbook, since their is no room in the timeline and the would have no reason to. And due to the basic rules of Agony, a lot of Garrett's essence would naturally possess Fredbear.
  4. Each of the FNAF 3 Minigames we play for Happiest Day connect to Garrett's past in the FNAF 4 minigames. Toy Chica = the Chica toy missing it;s beak, which Scott implied meant something. Mangle = the broken Funtime Foxy toy. Balloon Boy = the kid with the balloon. Fredbear = ... well, Fredbear. Shadow Bonnie = the shadow of Springbonnie. The fact that we play these same minigames in FNAF World supports this.
  5. If FNAF World represents Cassidy helping Garrett remember while in Fredbear, then finding Old Man Consequences deep within the code of the game might be meant to represent Andrew being deep within Fredbear. OMC is always tied to Cassidy in some way, is in the color associated with anger, is seen as a UCN entity, and is named after consequences, and looks like a Gator. Andrew is shown to possess Fredbear, he mirrors Cassidy in many ways, is known for his anger, is behind Ultimate Custom Night, and for wanting Afton to suffer consequences, and wears a Gator mask.
  6. Many people say the FNAF World map looks like a brain, which makes sense if FNAF World represents helping Garrett with his memory loss.
  7. The Logbbook shows Marionette showing a cake to a Cassidy representation on a page talking about Happiest Day. While many say this implies that Cassidy is Happiest Day kid, the fact that the FNAF 3 HD minigames connect to Garrett ,the HD memory is clearly the Fredbear's where Garrett died, and the fact that Cassidy is still around even when Afton is most likely gone implies Garrett is HD kid. The picture of Cassidy, Marionette and the cake might have been meant to show they both play a role in setting up HD.
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2023.05.29 10:42 HelldyFox There was just such a strange idea.fnaf zero,in the form of animatronics Fredbear, Springbonnie, and Puppet. After each night, there will be a conversation the characters who will talk about moments the pizzeria and other things.

There was just such a strange idea.fnaf zero,in the form of animatronics Fredbear, Springbonnie, and Puppet. After each night, there will be a conversation the characters who will talk about moments the pizzeria and other things.
The gameplay will be like in the first FNAF ,but at some points you will have to turn around to start a music box .
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2023.05.29 04:09 Madness_Combat_man My Timeline (long as heck)

PROLOGUE: This story begins with two families, the Emilys and the Aftons. William Afton and Henry Emily, the businessman and the engineer, two people who together formed an empire, an empire of happiness, an empire where fun and joy come to life. now let's stop nonsense, not everything is rosy. Afton, William Afton has problems, he is going through a divorce and several court battles for the custody of his children, but he is a liar, a cheater. he always lies in court and yet ends up winning custody of each of his children. His wife, the mother of his children, she couldn't stand being alone, being betrayed. unfortunately, she took her own life, she could not stand it.
MIDNIGHT MOTORIST: William was devastated, even being apart affected him. He buried the body of his wife near the house, but he couldn't stand it, he fell into alcohol to the point of being kicked out of JR'S, the local bar. William, drunk and blinded by rage, goes to fredbear's family diner, the restaurant that he and henry opened to get even with henry, but he doesn't find henry, but his daughter, charlie. William, having no one to take it out on and being drunk, made a decision, a decision that would torment him for the rest of his days... after the murder, William watched from his car and noticed that the security puppet left the restaurant to rescue Charlie, but it was too late. Upon noticing this, William ran away at full speed because they could see him, when he got home after passing the speed limit of the roundabout Michael, his oldest son tells him "he had a long day, don't bother him" but he doesn't tell him I was going to say what to do, he was just a teenager. "I told you not to lock your door" "OPEN THE DOOR" William yells "I'll find a way in from the outside" he whispers as he leaves the house, coming out and around the house to his youngest son window he realizes something "he ran away to that place again" the window of the youngest son was broken "when he comes back he will be sorry" he thinks in his mind.
THE BITE OF 83: William knew that his youngest son was running away, even with the bullying he received from his older brother wearing that old, dirty and butchered foxy mask was not enough to prevent his escapes so William thought of taking action more extreme... from his office in his secret "bunker" he was monitoring the cameras that he installed in his youngest son's room while talking to him through a walkie-talkie that he attached to his son's favorite stuffed animal , everything seemed "normal" until now, but his plan would start at night, monstrous versions of the animatronics that his son once adore began to hunt him at night, leaving him without rest from 12 to 6 A.M. His plan worked perfectly, for every night that passed was another day of pure whining. Michael loved it, from one day to the next his younger brother began to be afraid of him and to celebrate he planned the ultimate joke. The next day, michael and his friends were ready, they grabbed michael's little brother, they took him in front of fredbear, they picked him up and..."i think the birthday boy wants to kiss fredbear in 3,2,1... Michael said before his brother's skull was crushed. michael and his friends stopped laughing and began to stress, scream and cry, while the day shift guard called an ambulance. After that William and Michael became distant, with each passing day William became more distant, each day spending more time in his office. He didn't even bother drinking alcohol anymore, William was furious about what Michael did and he wanted him to suffer the consequences and that's when he remembered those animatronics he used against his youngest son that were supposedly nightmares, he's going to make Michael pay for it. what he did.
EPILOGUE: William returns to fredbear's after charlie's "incident", but william noticed something strange in the puppet, charlie's body was covered by the puppet that miraculously continued to work, because it was making a short circuit due to the rain that night, William arrived at the scene of the crime and immediately the puppet began to wave its malfunctioning arms while pointing at william with purple tears that he did not have before, but that did not matter too much to him because they were taking the puppet to the sister location of fredbear's, freddy fazbear's pizza.
FREDDY'S: Due to various springlock failures, the incident involving William's son and the murder of Charlie, the springlock suits and the puppet were removed to Freddy fazbear pizza to be remodeled and used in safer ways, henry was in charge of the pizzeria, even after the death of charlie he was taking care of his work, something that he does not share with William. While Michael suffered at night, William thought about the puppet, about how it was aimed at him, about its tears that were painted on his mask. "Is it Charlie?", he wondered, curiosity was killing him so he decided to do an experiment. William drove to Freddy's, put on the springbonnie suit and started telling lies "your dog is alive, follow me" he lured the kids into the safe room and killed them one by one although he went a bit too far with the fifth "I'll put a bag on the head and I'll hit him with a shovel" poor Cassidy, William put each body in a suit to test if it had an effect, he left the suit and left without anyone seeing him, or so he thought, because the cameras saw him with the suit, but the police let him off because there was no evidence of him being the one wearing the suit.
CBEAR: William knew he had to keep experimenting, but he couldn't go back to Freddy's or the police would eventually catch him, so he got down to business, William created animatronics with mechanisms to catch and kill children, so William could catch and kill children(duh). experimenting with this new thing he discovered called "remnant" but his animatronics didn't kill the right girl. "Daddy, but didn't you just make it for me?" When no one was looking, Elizabeth, William's daughter, approached the circus baby who was tempting her with ice cream, but that didn't turn out very well...
FNAF 2: Freddy's reopens its doors, even with the blood stains in his name he manages to sell pizza and merchandise, William, seeing that Freddy's reopened without him as co-founder, he will not let them take all the glory, if he could kill 5 kids then he can kill another 5, even though he didn't have his rabbit costume he still has the bear costume. This time William didn't even bother to hide the bodies, because the more obvious they are, the more popularity fazbear entertainment is going to lose. William took the night watch job, as he did not get the chance to see the results of his subsequent assassinations, his experiments turned out to be quite effective which led him to continue experimenting in his secret office.
EPILOGUE: After Jeremy's shift change and incident, a new security guard appears on orders from his father to manipulate the animatronics, Michael Afton.
FOLLOW ME BECAUSE NOBODY CARES ABOUT FNAF 1: A year has passed since the closure of Freddy's and William continues to experiment, he knows that animatronics can be possessed, but not how, so he goes to the now abandoned location of Freddy's to try different methods of experimentation in the endo skeletons of the animatronics. The first thing he tried was to melt the endo skeletons and inject them into the funtime animatronics, surprisingly this worked. On his fifth visit in search of more metal parts he found the souls of those children he murdered and we all know how that ended.
SISTER LOCATION: Of all the orders that his father had given him, this was the strangest "look for your sister on the ground floor of CBPW" but Michael did not question it twice and he listened to his father, he went to CBPW, he went to the elevator and there he was in some kind of secret bunker that he never knew about, blah blah blah as "baby" guided Michael towards the scooper, Ennard, this combination of funtime animatronics gets ready, michael arrives at the scooper, Ennard turns on the scooper and...
FNAF 3 AND 4: Michael wants to find his father now more than ever, William took his life and now Michael will take away everything that was important to him. A new Freddy's opened, but it wasn't a pizzeria, it was an attraction, a horror attraction. Michael heads to work there looking for his father and making him pay with his own life and business, and yes, he did find him, but not in the way Michael expected. What was once his father is now a rabbit? How low have you sunk William afton, Michael thinks in his mind. For every night he spent in that attraction hallucinations from his past come to life along with his nightmares, those monstrosities in the shape of Freddy's gang tormented him once again as in his childhood until he put an end to the attraction and to his father.
EPILOGUE: After the fire, fazbear entertainment auctioned off what was left of the ride, even with two people hoping to see and buy William afton he still ran away before the auction. These two people were Henry and Michael who met at the auction, thanks to the fact that the two share the same goal they put together a plan.
FFPS: Henry and Michael start their plan, while Henry informs the rest of the members of Fazbear entertainment to build a new pizzeria, Michael, with CBEAR technology and his technical skills, he creates small robots called RASC using technology of audios that his father had developed to attract the animatronics. Once the pizzeria is finished its construction, Michael attended as a guard to do the interviews with the animatronics and to finish this once and for all.
UCN: Michael and Henry's plan worked, William was dead and paying the consequences of his actions, being tortured by copies of his and Henry's creations, but, ironically, the one that was once massacred by William is now massacring William , Cassidy.
HELP WANTED: Fazbear entertainment was reduced from a corporate entity to an LLC entity. FE uses the little money they had left to make various VR games in an attempt to reverse Freddy's bad reputation, however, the circuit board of one of the endo skeletons they scanned infected the system and two people were possesed, Vanessa, the beta tester and Gregory, a boy who bought the game after Fazbear entertainment believed that the virus disappeared, but the virus is still intact.
In this part the TFTPPs occur that I am not going to explain because I am not here for that, Special Delivery would also go but it does not have much lore.
SECURITY BREACH: After the Storyteller infected the Pizzaplex and killed the CEO and Edwin Murrey, Fazbear entertainment removed the Storyteller from the Pizzaplex although the damage was done, with the arrival of Vanessa and the strange and unexplained presence of Gregory, evil dwelled below from the Pizzaplex with the intention of copying and imitating William Afton who had been dead for at least a year. END.
Here is a graphical version of the timeline: https://ibb.co/LRG2xDR
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2023.05.29 03:41 FazbearFright_lover not me spending way too much time trying to explain my new william design (featuring short hair yippeeeee)

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2023.05.28 12:50 EdgyLearner138 I remade the "Man staring at a woman" meme template with Fredbear and Springbonnie. The original post got removed since I had the original meme in there without credits. If you wanna see the original, look it up.

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2023.05.28 11:56 Jxllo_- Why the dci is the fnaf 4 kids and how they possess the toys

So the dci is in the fnaf 2 location, and it's obvious that the dci become to possess the toys due to mangle walking around with a kid next to her, so it's quite obvious the toys get possessed by the dci, but who exactly is the dci? I mean yes it could just be some random kids, but since there's 5 dci victems(or 6 if you count jj) and 5 kids in fnaf 4(minus cc and the bullies) it seems like there's a connection. So, if the dci is the fnaf 4 kids, who would be possessed by who? Well, the freddy bully would be possessing toy freddy due to him wearing the freddy mask, and I think mentioned in one of the books or games mike goes to the fnaf 2 location because his friend went missing, coincidence? I think not. So freddy bully = toy freddy. Now for toy girl, well she could be possessing toy chica due to the toys she has in fnaf 4, she has a chica toy that has no been, exactly like toy chica, now it may not be the fnaf 2 toy animatronics because they didn't exist but still worth pointing out. Or she could be possessing Mangle due to her bow Mangle also has. And if you believe mangledog well that could still be apart of mangletoygirl since the endo skeleton in Mangle could be possessed too. Now for plushtrap kid = toy bonnie, well the connection us the plushtrap kid, the plush he has is basically plushtrap, aka a plush version of springtrap aka a plush version of springbonnie, toy bonnie is basically springbonnie but well, more different, so it could be possible for plushtrap kid to be toy bonnie. Now time for balloon kid = balloon boy, well the balloon Is obviously a connection, along with there blue eyes, so balloon kid could be possessing bb. And now for the last one with not much evidence, pigtail girl = Mangle/toy chica. Honestly, no evidence for either of these but she's one of the fnaf 4 kids so she has a connection to one of the dci victems.
So, freddy bully = toy freddy, toy girl = toy chica/Mangle, plushtrap kid = toy bonnie, balloon kid = bb and pigtail girl = mangle/toy chica.
Now before you say, "but the toy animatronics are just highly advanced and were hacked" well from what I remember that was from phone guy, literally phone guy. And we know we shouldn't fully trust phone guy, plus that was just his theory not hinted to be true. Also technology wasn't the best in 1987 so I couldn't imagine them being highly advanced in 1987.
So the toys are possesed by the dci which are the fnaf 4 kids.
Thanks for reading
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2023.05.28 11:13 Complex-Goat1853 My theory on why Afton keeps coming back, and he never wont die

When the springlock failure happened, he died and between that event and fnaf 3 he was dead, but when fnaf 3 happened i believe that something made his soul to possess spring bonnie, and i believe that Is Michael, and after fnaf 3 he of course get burned, and in fnaf 6 he get burned again, and after that his soul was in the ultimate custom night, even seeing a replica of himself(springtrap and scraptrap). After that Help wanted happened, so Afton wasnt in the ucn anymore but he was glitchtrap, and vanny made him burntrap in SB. And i believe the reason why he wont die, Is the fact that he already died in the springbonnie suit, and his soul was possessing the animatronic that he died in, so after that he cant die anymore. But how are we gonna destroy him? I believe that we are gonna burn him for good, like fnaf 6, and after that his soul Is probably gonna be in the ucn, forever, with no digital copy like glitchtrap.
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2023.05.27 19:21 Ok-Speed4101 Nightmares = Withereds??? Withereds + Toys = Fnaf 1s?

Nightmares = Withereds??? Withereds + Toys = Fnaf 1s?
guys guys guys, i have a game theory. so u know the nightmare and withered animatronicd right? what if the nightmare animatronics are the withered animatronics? since the withered's are supposededly from fredbears right? look at the similarity to what people see as their "unnightmare/unwithered" forms of both foxies. practically identical, right? if we get their heights (another reddit post on this sub) these 2 are
5'6" and 6'6" respectively but the other 3? only inches apart in height.
now chicas
6'2" and 6'6" respectively. the main similarities between these two are the beak/mouth, no other chicas share the same feature as these two?? now for bonnie
6'3" and 6'4" respectively, bonnie is a stretch but idk.
the fredbear games take place in 1983, fnaf 2 in 1987. they reuse the old animatronics right? the old animatronics being the "nightmares", so basically the nightmares, and the withereds, are the same animatronics? a child's mind overdramatizes scary things, in the case of 1983, they don't look scary, but since he's already scared of fredbear, he grows a fear of the other 4, making them ahhh scaryy. also the main show guys are fredbear and springbonnie, right? why would they make them as good as the main 2, right? and the killings, they happen during fnaf 1/before-ish fnaf 1 right? cant find a good date but like 1992-2004? but william takes the bunny suit in 1987, fnaf 2. since the suit was in the backrooms of the fnaf 2 location, and he is a deranged psychopath, and the fact it closes soon after, it's clear someone in charge knew what william was going to do with the suit, which is why it's closed on night 6, and since the new animatronics' safety features were buggin out, and they were inplace cuz of the bite of 83', and we know the withered's in fnaf 2 are used for fnaf 1 guys, right? so if chica's beak/mouth went from open wide to casual beak, and since bonnie's face was half gone, does that also mean the fnaf 1 animatronics are a fusion of the toys and the withereds?

But that's just a theory,
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2023.05.27 06:06 SkullWolfx FNAF Fan Art by Me

FNAF Fan Art by Me
Springbonnie, Ruin Trailer Glitched Rabbit, Glitchtrap, and Into The Pit “poster”, all art is by me, you can see the art process on the YouTube channel Silver Sapphire748 in the shorts. Which one is your favorite?
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2023.05.26 21:57 JustARegularNoob_EEE Drawed a transparent springbonnie

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2023.05.24 21:19 Responsible-Rate5709 Part 1: FNAF 6 Midnight motorist is about Andrew memories as six missing child in 1985 or 1987! Or is FNAF 4 house in FNAF 6 Midnight motorist is Michael Afton memories And FNAF 4 Michael Afton as crying child bedroom is a Observation rooms as experiment test subjects! (My new AU)

In 1985 or 1987 after two or four years after Elizabeth, Charlie and Michael death and Fredbear family diner was closed down due the bite of 83 and William sold his FNAF 4 house to Andrew parents and Andrew moved in forest with his mum and dad in 1984 and he live in the woods and FNAF 4 house with his mum and dad and Andrew mum died from car accident or Andrew mum died from something or got divorce from Andrew dad abuse and his dad was very drunk alcohol abuser and Andrew has babysitting or Andrew’s grandad (the man sitting has blanket with no hair) is watching tv at night before Andrew dad came home, one years later after William kill Susie, Jeremy, Gabriel, Fritz and Cassidy in 1985 and William use binoculars to watch Andrew in the bedroom window and think how to lured Andrew out of his house and his plan to make glitchtrap suit to lure Andrew to Freddy Fazbear pizza restaurant William knew he can’t use Springbonnie suit because of raindrops!, Andrew looking out of his bedroom window and saw William in Glitchtrap suit is standing and look at Andrew and William in glitchtrap suit to tell andrew to come and follow him to Freddy Fazbear pizza restaurant in 1985 and Andrew walk backwards and walk to his bedside table with drawer, andrew open his drawer and pick up his flashlight and walk to his bedroom window and smash his bedroom window with flashlight and climb out of his bedroom window with his flashlight and walk toward William in glitchtrap suit and William in glitchtrap suit lured Andrew to Freddy Fazbear pizza restaurant and they arrived at Freddy Fazbear pizza restaurant william afton open the door for Andrew and Andrew walk inside Freddy Fazbear pizza restaurant and William walk toward part and service room and open part and service room door for Andrew and Andrew is suspect of William in glitchtrap suit and look at the stage where is unwithered animatronic is singing to children and William said to Andrew “Hey kids, is something wrong…” and Andrew said “oh nothing…” Andrew is still suspicious of William and didn’t trust him and Andrew walk toward part and service room and walk inside the part and service room and William in glitchtrap walk inside part and service room with Andrew and close part and service door and locked part and service door, William turn the light switch on to turn light bulb on and Andrew look at unwithered animatronic with unwithered Golden Freddy suit is covered in real blood, Andrew got confused and he didn’t know that fake red paint is a real blood with original five missing children in unwithered animatronic with unwithered Golden Freddy suit, William take glitchtrap mask with suit out of his body and head, Andrew turn around and look at William is taking glitchtrap suit out and Andrew
said “sir, why is there a blood on their mouth?”, William start to act to be dumb “umm, I don’t know why is there blood on their mouths…” and Andrew feel that something is not right with these unwithered animatronic and he said “Oh okay…”, William pull out the a black bag with kitchen knife with blood and William walk toward behind Andrew and throw a black bag over Andrew head and Andrew drop his flashlight, Andrew fall on the floor and turn around, Andrew remove black bag off of his head and look at William, William has narcissistic smile and Andrew turn angry at William and knew something is wrong and Andrew put a fight at William and Andrew punch Williams face and William drop kitchen knife on the floor and look at Andrew with anger and rage and William start to punch Andrew face very hard and Andrew fall on the floor and William look at Andrew flashlight on the floor and William pick up flashlight from the floor and walk toward Andrew with flashlight and grab Andrew purple jumper with narcissist smile, Andrew look at William and got scared with angry face and William laughing at Andrew, William said to Andrew “I know you’re suspicious of me but I’m won’t let you escape from me!”, William laughed at Andrew again, Andrew got shocked and angry at William and Andrew said to William “you are sick , You are psycho freak!” And William got angry because Andrew talk back to him just like Evan as foxybro, William hold flashlight so tighten and hit Andrew with flashlight so hard Andrew got shocked and look at William and William let go of Andrew purple shirt on the floor, Andrew fall on the floor again , William is now full blind of rage and anger, Andrew look at William face and felt fear because William is reminded of his abuser father, William hit Andrew head multiple times with flashlight and Andrew is full of pain and William goes too far to murder Andrew so bloody with brutal and gruesome death to Andrew and William stopped hitting Andrew with bloody flashlight, William look at Andrew and start to manic laughing and Andrew got killed so brutal of gruesome death by William, William look at withered Fredbeaunwithered Golden Freddy suit and William think unwithered Golden Freddy/Fredbear suit with Cassidy corpse won’t fix with Andrew corpse and William remember unwithered Fredbear suit will fix Andrew corpse, William dragged Andrew corpse and stuff Andrew corpse in unwithered Golden Freddy/withered Fredbear suit and William got surprise that Andrew corpse with Cassidy corpse willi fix in unwithered Golden Freddy/Fredbear suit and William finished stuff Andrew corpse in withered Fredbear suit and walk out of part and service room and Andrew soul is now possessed in Fredbear suit with endoskeleton and Andrew wake up as soul and got confused and don’t remember how he died and remember William face with narcissist smile and hurt Andrew so brutal and gruesome death and Andrew got so much rage with anger and sadness and Andrew part of his soul is now possessed in William soul and Andrew soul walk out of unwithered Golden Freddy/Fredbear suit Andrew saw Cassidy with four missing children as soul, and Cassidy and four missing children as soul, they don’t remember how they died and they remember William face and they are all angry with sadness at William Afton and Andrew with Cassidy is now possessed in unwithered Golden Freddy/Fredbear suit with Fredbear endoskeleton, after Andrew was killed by William and Andrew
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2023.05.24 17:04 FamineArt Springbonnie in FNaF Movie Poster Style

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2023.05.24 12:59 wwwisteria- fnaf 3 tapes/springlock question

!!ANSWERED!!!!! im just unsure about some things in the instructional tapes phone dude finds in fnaf 3! in the first tape, phone guy talks about the springlock animatronics and says there are 2 at the location you work at, so he is presumably talking about fredbears. on night 5, he also talks about springbonnie being moved so i guess its confirmed that the listener is working at fredbears. on night 4, he talks about a springlock failure at a sister location. this sister location cant be fredbears because we already established that we work at fredbears. he also says the springlock suits have been deemed unfit for use. on night 5, he talks about springbonnie being moved. on night 6, all the safe rooms are being sealed, so springtrap has already happened by now. unless the sister location meant williams springlock failure at the other location, im unsure what this sister location is? please feel free to correct anything ive said, im always trying to learn more about the lore! also, if you know, please lmk what time the tapes take place
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2023.05.24 08:02 Haunting_Tale_5150 Why I think Fredbear plush was originally meant to be the Puppet and that the Puppet was originally meant to be Crying Child's sister

First before going into this theory, let me provide a glossary to make things go faster for me:
CC - Crying Child
Charlie - the puppet's soul, even though she may have not had a name at this point, it's way simpler to just refer her as this
Afton - William
Plushbear - Fredbear Plush
In fnaf 4, Plushbear is everywhere, he's in the house, appears a flower, and even appears in CC's final moments. What is his deal and why does he appear like this everywhere?
Well I think the answer was the Plush's original identity was meant to be that of the Puppet. Not only that, but the Puppet was also originally meant to be CC's sister.
Evidence of the death of CC's sister in the game, and the plush's possession
See the empty girl's room is a big question mark for many. Why is it here? What was it meant to tell? While some have proposed the girl could simply just be away, I don't think this was the intent. The girl is gone, there's no passing mention of her from any of the characters, not CC, not Mike, not the park kids, not even Plushbear himself. If the girl was simply off somewhere else, I think there would have been a piece of dialogue somewhere like "Oh its too bad your sister Blorbo can't make it to your party", but there isn't.
I think that the sister that once occupied this room died.
How long has she been dead? Perhaps pretty recently, this is why Mike lashes out at CC. It's an emotional response to his sister being missing or dead. This also explains the lack of mention of her, mentioning her brings up too many memories and negative emotions. No one in this family has gotten over her death yet. Perhaps the kids in the park aren't even aware she has died, or if they are, are aware its a touchy subject for CC and keeps quiet about it, or perhaps her death isn't even recent and they aren't aware that the family is still grieving.
For some reason, CC is the first and perhaps only member of the family that Plushbear can interact with. No one else in the game seems to acknowledge it, or interact with it. On night 4, when CC gets locked up in a room, its voice is "heard" after a delay in time, but the plush itself can't be seen.
I believe this is the greatest proof the plush was originally meant as a spirit and not an actual, physical object. Alternatively, Plushbear is a physical object that stays put in one space, but has paranormal properties that can cause CC to see it and hear the voice of the spirit inside of it, even when CC isn't carrying it around.
But how? Well this I think is the first piece of evidence the plush is possessed by the puppet. The puppet has some pretty odd properties, in fnaf 3 it can be seen reappearing and disappearing in hallways where its not supposed to be in. Puppet can seemingly float around everywhere despite the other animatronics unable to do so. Puppet can help spirits possess other animatronics.
But ok, I can see doubts on it, since Golden Freddy also is ghostly and has teleportation abilities. This leads into my next point.
The first blow
In fnaf 2, it's believed by fans that Puppet was the first victim killed by Afton. But how do you confirm that later on?
How about creating a game about her origin story and why she wanted to help others.
But how do you go about telling her story when no other children have died yet? How do you showcase her being special before the other murders?
First, make it clear no one else has died yet by having a child spreading rumors, then laughing them off.
Then, have a child she has a deep connection to, show she was caring and kind even before the events of the other games.
Show the other child being deeply afraid of the animatronics, to show how her murder affected children too.
Why CC is afraid of the animatronics
If his sister is Charlie, then she would have a sneaking suspicion that Afton might be planning to do something with the animatronic costumes to kill more after her death.
Whats the evidence of this? Well, there's one odd easter egg that has always began questions, its that of Afton masking a fellow employee. If seeing a random employee get masked was the start of CC's fears, he'd be crying on the floor like what happens during the other cutscenes. But he's not.
This is evidence that Afton managed to get a job or stay at the job as a security guard and costumed employee after killing his first victim. Since Afton was able to flee the scene before anyone could find Charlie's body, no one could arrest him or convict him for the crime.
But Charlie recognizes and remembers that an adult that possibly worked at the pizzeria, who is now a costumed performer, killed her. But she couldn't convey that well to her brother, who possibly saw the aftermath of her death and assumed from her warnings that an animatronic did this to her.
CC now attributes her death and her killer to ALL the animatronics at the pizzeria, regardless of whether they are stationary or not. This, combined with CC's older brother, Mike, not seeing/hearing Plushbear causes Mike to believe that his brother is just being a baby and continues to taunt his brother's fears.
Nightmarionne is not canon, but why? Well its probably because CC would have no reason to be afraid of the Puppet. Not only does he not visit Freddy's nearly as often as Fredbear's, but if he knew that the Puppet is possessed by his sister, than he would know to not be afraid of it. Perhaps this is the biggest flaw of all in Charlie's plans, if CC lived nearby Freddy's and shown a lack of fear to the puppet animatronic, Mike may have teased his brother less, or not at all.
In the case of Mike having the nightmares, it would even make sense there, as Puppet is a more passive foe compared to the others, only popping up if you fail to wind the music box.
Nightmarionne's teaser brightened has the animatronic nearby the Freddy plush, which turns yellow-ish brightened. The Puppet is ironically puppeteering the Fredbear Plush.
I will put you back together
I think this phrase is a sign that Plushbear was originally meant to be Puppet. Since the puppet is seen putting masks on the souls to help them become the animatronics. In a way, she put them "back together" by doing this. Giving the souls something to latch onto to be able to move and get revenge so they could move on in the afterlife. If she was able to "give life" to these kids to help them move on, then its highly possible that she may have planned something similar for CC to help him move on.
Fnaf World's beginning and ending
In the beginning of Fnaf 4, you see Fredbear's yellow eyes as he talks to the CC, these same eyes return in the beginning of FNAF World as he instructs the player to help put out the breadcrumbs for CC. The breadcrumbs being the clock ending, with each minigame in the ending representing one of the FNAF 3 games that unlock the happiest day.
These are CC's memories, lost after the bite and CC's death. Putting CC together means to put his memories together. This is ultimately important to create the happiest day.
Happiest Day and CC's potential original identity as Golden Freddy
Happiest day mirrors the setup to the bite of 83. Golden Freddy kid in this scenario would be CC, after his memories are put back together. The party is the party he was supposed to have. Puppet is the orchestrator of the party, an apology gift for not being able to prevent CC's death as well as the deaths of the other children.
Even other odd things such as Golden Freddy's body suddenly appearing in the Give Life minigame and the odd cutscenes of the two staring at Freddy could be explained by the two being siblings. For the former, its because she made a promise for his soul, even though his body is no longer physically at the restaurant. For the latter, its to establish a connection between the Puppet and Golden Freddy.
Fnaf 4 was Golden Freddy's story, but it was just as much Puppet's story.
What is in the box?
I think its interesting how it even is a box, because there's another iconic box in the franchise, before and after this point. The puppet's box.
A lot of people point the box to something owned by CC or symbolic (such as happiest day, fnaf 6). However, I don't think I've seen anyone connect it to the Puppet.
What if the FNAF 4 box was owned by Charlie before her death and inside it is something symbolic or more upfront that ties it to her. Such as a picture of her family, with her in the forefront. Perhaps even what's inside the box is what allows her to have such a spiritual connection to the CC.
It enforces FNAF 4's theoretical theme of "twos". Two bites. Two restaurants. Two siblings. Two boxes.
Puppet would be in the box. The same place she's always in.
The Desk Man Ending
At the time no one got the meaning of the cutscene, however with some future perspective I think it makes sense.
Isn't it strange how Baby is represented by glowing yellow eyes? Not green or blue, but yellow?
The message is also strange. Particularly these sections:
"I don't know what to do, I don't want to disappoint people. But my mind isn't right. I've made something terrible. Her name is Baby."
I think this cutscene is a symbolic representation of the creation of sister location.
Desk Man is Scott, who doesn't want to disappoint people with the reveal of Puppet being CC's sister, CC being golden freddy and/or CC being the one to unlock happiest day.
Baby is the replacement for the sister character's role. Instead of being the pre-established Puppet, she is an entirely new character. The yellow eyes is a clue to who's role she is replacing.
The terrible thing Scott has done is replace his original story and intentions with something new. The context of the series was no longer about how a random family was torn apart by the purple guy, but now about the purple guy's family.
Sister Location further drill in Baby's role as the "new" sister to CC. Her eyes are in the sewer, like Plushbear's. Her design is similar to pigtail girl, who some believed to be CC's sister. The entirety of the Breaker Room tying William to the events of FNAF 4. At the time, people used this for evidence Mike Afton was meant to be CC all grown up. However now that time has passed, I believe that all of this was done to keep people happy, away from figuring out the original identity of Plushbear and getting disappointed.
Would they accept it?
Would have the fandom accepted this for the game? I am unsure for many reasons:
1) This completely changes puppet's character. Not only the gender, but the entire backstory.
2) The game puts a lot of emphasis on a new character that it would make it kinda disappointing if he was just the key to Happiest Day and not Golden Freddy or Puppet. Alternatively people would be disappointed if he was the key to Happiest Day and was Golden Freddy and Puppet's brother. Suddenly a random kid ends up being one of the most important characters could have been felt as a bit "mary sue"ish.
3) If the night sections were always meant to be Mike Schmidt's nightmares, then there's still some confusion between the connection of them and the day sections, unless they were also planned to be answered alongside the hypothetical sibling reveal.
4) Leaves out a backstory for purple guy, which a lot of people wanted at the time.
Common Rebuttals:
1) CC is scared of Fredbear's and Charlie died in Freddy's
Even though Charlie did die in a separate location, that doesn't mean that CC wouldn't be aware of what happened to her. He could have easily saw the aftermath of her death or heard about it from her spirit.
2) Puppet is referred as a him in fnaf 2!
Even though Puppet is referred in male pronouns in fnaf 2, future games and books have the character as a female. It's extremely possible that Scott considered changing the gender of the character early on.
3) The ONE true retcon, changing genders and the identity of the sister would be two retcons
The hint with the one true retcon is inherently flawed, this post goes more in detail in a better way than I ever could. This post also defines my way of thinking well.
4) If this is Puppet, why didn't she pick a Puppet toy to possess?
There were toys of the main 5, toys of the toys, even a Springbonnie toy. But there has never been shown at this point of the franchise there was ever a toy of the puppet. Perhaps this was an intentional choice to make the game trickier to crack or the character more mysterious.
Questions I have for myself I haven't come with answers with:
1) How does the nightmares play in? Are they the security guard's? Are they the little brother's? Are they both of their nightmares? Is Mike being haunted by his brother and that's why he's having them?
2) What's the deal with Fun with Plushtrap? Why is Nightmare BB canon?
3) Did any other murders happen at this point of the story during the original plan? Are ALL of CC's plush friends haunted'/symbolic representations of the dead kids? If no, who is giving out the "we are still your friends" messages during the ending?
4) Is there evidence for CC being Golden Freddy in the fnaf games besides the Happiest Day minigame during this point of the series? If so, what?
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2023.05.24 05:21 theQuadron I've pondered for a bit, and I have come to the conclusion that I won't draw dismanteled Springbonnie. So here are all the ones I did draw.

I've pondered for a bit, and I have come to the conclusion that I won't draw dismanteled Springbonnie. So here are all the ones I did draw.
Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy & golden Freddy.
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2023.05.24 04:55 Strong_Prune_5094 I made fredbear and springbonnie based on memory

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