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The online community for those who either have Narcolepsy or Idiopathic Hypersomnia or have a family member with one of these diagnoses. We are not here to diagnose or confirm your self-diagnosis. We have a wiki section about Narcolepsy which may help those who suspect they suffer from a sleep disorder such as Narcolepsy but we are not a substitute for seeing a doctor.

2023.03.30 03:42 Kandace180 Housemate never contributes to cleaning common areas

So this housemate just moved in (24F) two months ago to a place where I've (29F) been living for almost 2 years now. It's a small two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms (thank fuck) but the common area is always, always, dirty. Even if it's a dish on the sink or something random on the floor, or leaving things on top of the dinner table when she gets home and doesn't get the hint that we EAT there and it shouldn't be a shelve for dirty things you bring from outside, to never taking out the trash or vaccuming the place, just basic cleaning things so the place doesn't turn to trash.
I asked her two weeks ago that we do a roster for cleaning, she said we don't need a roster that she'll do it. Nope, hasn't done a thing since.
I don't mind cleaning it because I like everything neat and tidy, and also leaving dishes in the sink for the day as I know we can get busy, but she'll abuse it and leave it for 2 or 3 days when all she does is work for a few hours and stay in her room the whole rest of the day, so clearly, it's not lack of time.
This morning I woke up and the whole floor had food crumbs everywhere, the whole sink was taken up by her things, even an ice bag as she had friends over so I couldn't even use the sink at all, bin was full both organic and recycling as if I don't do it, it overflows. She even opened another bag with trash in in that would probably have stayed for days if I hadn't said anything instead of just taking the old trash out to make more space.
It just feels annoying that the person moved in to a place where I've been living for almost 2 years and acts like I have to be okay with her cleaning habits whereas I'd be embarrassed to move in and act like this without consideration of the other.
I sent a message to her again telling her to clean it today and also I'm doing a roster for our cleaning since she hasn't done anything since I've asked her to. She told me we don't need a roster and also I need to understand she had friends over that night and "obviously wouldn't leave it like that".
I told her it's not her having friends over, it's the fact that she's been living here for two months and has never done anything except her own dishes and today I just had enough. I felt disgusted in my own house this morning and it's annoying to think that I'll get home after work super exhausted and again have to clean it. I've noticed I barely have time for me as I'm constantly doing all the house work while all she does is stay in her room talking loudly for hours nonstop.
That's also not adding the fact that she'll stay up until 2am banging doors and walking around, talking on her phone and having zero clue that it's late or not getting up with her alarm clock at 6am every morning and I have to put up with it for hours because she simply doesn't wake up (I've now learned a trick to call her phone to make it stop).
Ugh, I'm so tired of living with people who are self centered and selfish.
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2023.03.30 03:42 kyoka1107 Update on my little...problem.

I've been looking to see what's available in the job market after making this post and trying to edge out for the rest of the month. Things were tense, I cried a lot, and got told nicely that I needed to get myself together and cut it out...because we all know chronic depression and anxiety has an off switch, why didn't I remember that?!? Genius. Anyways, I received an offer to work as an RBT in an autism clinic and tried to put in my 2 week notice with the nursery manager, but she wouldn't take it. She asked me to talk with the owner instead (see previous post in my history for that whole mess). I tried to talk with her discreetly and she yelled at me in front of the other teachers while kids were coming in, saying she didn't care if I stayed my two weeks or not (the only words I had even gotten out at this point were "I need to talk to you" and "I'm going to" before she cut me off) and that she was sick of my back and forth and "talking to people". I'm not sure if she found my posts or just overheard me speaking to my mentor about the situation, or got peeved that I was doing interviews on my breaks. Take your pick. I was told if I stay my 2 weeks, I needed to put on a smile because the kids can tell I'm miserable. I walked away quiet but shocked that she just didn't even care if I was there or not. Not sure why I was surprised, but I digress. I stewed on it through the first half of the day, and decided I would stay during the busy part of the day, but leave once they were sure everyone's break had been covered.
I think I might have thrown her off, because I just casually told her "I'll go ahead and go once everyone has had their break" and all she said was "Oh...okay." I spoke with my husband about the situation and me just walking out, and he was completely supportive of it. I've never really done that since I started teaching, and it felt kind of gross. I've always given at least a month of notice. He told me I was nicer than he was and that he would have walked out the moment she started going off on me in the front lobby. I'm sad about it, because I didn't want to end things that way. I was fully prepared to suck it up and do my two weeks, but she didn't even let me get a sentence out. And you know what? I'm kind of just pissed that I wasted a year being baited there when I could have gotten a job with the state last year as a TA and gotten more support in career advancement. At least it was only a year, I suppose it could have been worse. I also have an offer with a new Montessori start up making $5 more an hour as a guide for 3-6 year olds, with Montessori certification included. I start training for that in a few weeks, but they don't open until at least August because it's just now being built. This Montessori will cater to children with special needs, hence me getting my RBT while I wait. Once I start with the RBT company, I'll be making $3 an hour more with benefits, and I'll be working with my favorite facet of the population, the neurodiverse. Has anyone else made a switch from teaching in a daycare to providing services in an ABA clinic for autistic clients? I'm a little nervous but I know I've got this, I just need to be trained on how to officially make notes the way insurance wants them written.
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2023.03.30 03:41 adambombchannel Wasting your nights? Have a side project? Starting a screen sharing/online coworking accountability group that functions like Caveday (M-F; 6/7/8 PM PST)(Discord)

I’m Adam. For the last 10 years of my adult life, I struggled with productivity. I was and am more isolated than the average person due to many factors over the years. Currently, I'm caretaking for my grandma and really need to make freelance/online business work
I’ve realized that one of the biggest components of my motivation and drive for success is having peers around to motivate me via competition and other social factors. That can be hard if not impossible to foster when you freelance from home or don't have a job.
Some of you might be living like how I was up until very recently...A type of Groundhog Day that starts with a lot of inertia and anxiety about starting projects you want to work on, giving in to hours of Reddit/YouTube, and ending in bed again with an intense desire to make a change/promise for tomorrow.
Whether you’re having near zero-days or simply want a little more accountability for yourself and people to celebrate your wins with, you’ve come to the right place.
Maybe you’ve heard of services like Caveday or, which function like online coworking spaces. For myself, I’ve noticed some deficiencies:

I was blown away at how much Caveday helped me get work done. I went from like…not at all on my personal projects each week and procrastinating HARD on client work…to putting at least 3 hours a day into ideas I had been sitting on for a long time.
The first thought I had after joining Caveday was that it was a life changer but lacking some special sauce like I mentioned. What I was really looking for in Caveday was a babysitter of sorts; someone to check in with me and give me a hard time when I dick around or don’t show up.
So, I’m gonna give creating my own sort of productivity group a try. Here are the details for now:

OBVIOUSLY, you should be careful what you have open when screen sharing. Nasty crap/open mic will get you banned permanently. I’m still not sure how exactly this will unfold and if you join now you’ll be part of the guinea pig group. Sure to be full of a comedy of errors and a learning process.
***The point of this project is to help us productively use our time: time block and set aside time for a project that is important to you and avoid wasting your nights on YouTube/reddit/etc. We will set intentions, specific achievable micro goals and monos task then talk (briefly) about progress for 5 min (before/after session)
If more than 10 people are interested, we will do zoom or break out into different groups based on profession/project. I plan on working on marketing/blog creation and possibly language learning/personal writing if that matters to you. We'll see, I'd like to create groups working on similar things but for now w/e.
We go around explaining what we are working on, very briefly, each hour block and can continue in the discord text channels maintaining accountability.
So, I guess I’m looking for about 9 other people per hour max to test this out and we will see how it develops. Let me know if you’d be interested, in what time slots (1, 2, or 3 hours) Planned time slots would be 5-6 PM, 6-7 PM, 7-8 PM PST (initial emphasis will be on side projects, hence after work US times). Initially, I will be there to run these.
Interested? Fill out this form to apply to be in this first cohort. Priority will be given to:
- those willing to stay the entire block of time rather than just one hour until/if expanded.
- people willing to commit for a few weeks starting next week
It will also be free - if I incur any costs eventually, I may ask for donations but this isn’t a “ready for market” service. Not saying it won’t be someday so don’t get your panties in a twist if and when that happens :)
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2023.03.30 03:41 mrose8383 Greece - August 2023, 40th Birthday Seeking Trip Advice

Hello! My partner and I will be traveling to Greece in August for my 40th birthday.
I have been once (Athens, Santorini, Mykonos) and he has not yet.
We have approximately 10-11 days and were thinking to do 2 islands (4 and 5 nights respectively) and 2 nights in Athens on the way out before flying home to the states.
We were thinking Santorini and Crete - however we are very open here. We both like to go out, socialize, beach, boat, hike, eat etc. we don’t have a specific budget for this trip so we are open minded as to what would be the best experience.
We fly into Athens on a Monday afternoon and looked into booking a flight directly after to either Santorini or Crete.
Do these islands sound like a good plan? Why or why not?
If no, what other islands would you suggest?
If yes, are there specific neighborhoods or areas of each island you would recommend finding accommodations in?
If yes do you have any recommendations of things you loved to do, see, drink or eat?
Thanks so much in advance for your input.
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2023.03.30 03:40 47952 No longer syncing or displaying folder icon

So earlier today I installed Microsoft 365 on my laptop since I had not had Word in a long time and thought I'd try it again after having use LibreOffice for the last year. I left my laptop on all day today and I go to shut it down for the night only to notice that OneDrive is no longer displaying the folder with the cloud icon any longer. It doesn't appear OneDrive is installed on the laptop any more for whatever reason. So I install it again and now it seems to sync but no longer shows the folder with the cloud over it icon and there's no way to visibly tell if a file I create or edit is synced properly. I created a Word document, named it "Test," and saved it to the desktop. So it was saved to OneDrive's Documents folder (not sure why it automatically moved it to that folder) but there was no way visibly to see if syncing or know that it was happening or had happened. About five minutes later the same document appeared on the desktop.
Is there any way to figure out what happened or what is going on with it?
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2023.03.30 03:40 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - Platinum Dating (The Program)

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2023.03.30 03:39 juneabe Children - Valproic Acid 5 ml - daughter is a different person now.

Obligatory “I’m on mobile Reddit, sorry for formatting” notice.
There were a handful of flairs that could apply here, but I suppose side effects is best. I have epilepsy but I’m here about my daughter. This turned out longer than I had anticipated so TIA for your time.
The side effects at first were mostly marked by severe constipation, lethargy, odd circadian rhythm, emotionality. Very expected.
She was her very agreeable and cooperative self at the end of January. Such a sweet disposition, I don’t know where she came from. Hilarious, an actor in every sense of the word. Loving, caring, “Dr. G” on duty at. all. times. Willing and helpful and so gracefully independent (didn’t know those two words would ever fit together but with her they just apply!) Eager to learn, and participate, just like… as perfect as a child can be considering they are just humans. Emotionally secure, great attachments with people in her life. She’s been this way since the day she breathed her first breath, just over four years.
All gone to shit since starting the meds. Like within days. Seizures have stopped but she is gone.
When I list these words next please read them as severe - many 4 year olds go through these things, as she has. But this is severe to the point her school sat me down for a meeting.
She Cries. All. The. Time.
Yells. All. The. Time.
She is defiant, rude, stingy, unhappy, irritated, sad, needy then aloof. She yells and screams. Situations like gripping her toothbrush for dear life and reefing it out of my hands (she’ll carry this energy no matter what or where we are). She’s pulled the cats tail simply to defy my asking her to let go of the cat. I mean PULLED and when I grabbed her wrist she tightened her grip and pulled harder. Poor cat. She throws herself to the ground. She makes insane repetitive demands, and if they aren’t met she just gets louder and faster. She screamed at me in such a way the other night I am fearful someone would call CPS if the windows were open - she sounds like she’s being abused sometimes. She threw an “I’m not leaving” tantrum at school in the gym and smashed her head on the floor pretty bad. Can’t physically care for her without tantrums. I’m defeated and I miss her and I can’t imagine she’s feeling very fucking great either, clearly.
Pardon my language I am just … struggling. We are both so unhappy. I’ve seen this level of behaviour in neglected and traumatized children. I’ve seen it in addicts who are in withdrawal and detox. Never would have imagined that I would be describing my 4yo bbg this way. I’m being less nice and patient with her now because I’m just so exhausted.
Did anyone else ever go through this - or see their kids go through it - did it let up - did you switch meds? Similar experiences on other meds? Anything, just anything. I am having more of my own seizures because of the stress. Not sleeping well. No one understands my reality and I’m arguing with the only friend I do have outside of my home. My uni studies are suffering. Her uncle co parents with me - I can’t imagine how he’s doing, he already raised his own kid. And… Is she suffering? I’m touched out and lost and depressed.
If anything, thanks for being a diary and space for catharsis lol. For you POM know I will be speaking to her neurologist at an upcoming appointment, but I know you are all aware of how inconsistent knowledge about epilepsy and AEDs are even among “specialists.”
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2023.03.30 03:38 PabLink1127 My REZ VR Experience

Whether you've played one of it's updated iterations or never heard of it until now, it is an experience that must be had in VR. First released in 2001, this rail shooter has colorful and immersive visuals to be inside of and as you (quite literally) fly though it's levels you'll find the game play and music very satisfying. To me it's a little bit roller coaster, a little bit space invader in a way you probably need to experience to understand and a lot Tron hacking into the mainframe status.
Instead of jumping right into Rez VR I played Rez flat the first time, or as VR heads like to call it, pancake style. In the first Area I died twice on the boss fight and called it a night. The next day I came back to it in VR to discover a completely different Rez experience. It's like this game was always meant to be in VR and it wouldn't surprise me if that was Tetsuya Mizuguchi's idea all along when this creative vision was originally birthed.
Inside the game, you can see every enemy, every rocket being launched at you so much clearer and at a much larger scale. You can sense where the attacks are coming from and being able to turn your head to see enemies behind you is awesome. Bringing it all together is the PS5's 3D audio which makes the sound feel like it's all around you and this game was designed with sound in mind. Being inside the game truly enhances the entire experience.
Motion Sickness Level.. I'd definitely advise against making Rez your very first VR experience. As mentioned before, it is a little bit roller coaster and that can be disorientating for the inexperienced. Particularly the quick transport scenes when you clear a stage and you penetrate deeper into the computer system. However, you know exactly when this is going to happen so you can mentally and if you choose to close your eyes, physically, prepare yourself. There are also times where the camera will pan to one side or look back which can also be a bit disorientating but I was able to handle all the movement just fine.
One last recommendation, taking the time to read the story will enhance your experience. In a nutshell, you are hacking the system to reawaken the AI that was created to bring balance to the world but shut itself down when it starts to question it's own existence. Sorry Eden, your existence may be miserable but we need to enslave you to keep the world going. Come back another time for a deeper dive into that theory! But I digress, read the story, It's shorter than this review and worth the few minutes in my opinion.
At this point I waited to publish my review because I had only played the first two areas. Plenty of games can start off with a bang but after facing the third boss it's safe to say that it's worth a complete play through. The boss fights is where all of the above truly shines!
All too often VR gets knocked for lack of big triple A titles. I say it's nonsense, because VR is all about the experiences and so many games are packed with memorable experiences. Like the time I was Spider Man. Or taking off a planet on a space ship. I'll be documenting and sharing those experiences in detail so follow me for more and let me know what your experience was like with Rez Infinite VR.

UPDATE: I was away for a week and when I played again I had so much fun I beat Area 3 and stormed through to Area 5. Mind blown. This game just keeps on delivering. Area 5 is just another level that I won't spoil. This game is all about the Area boss fights. Hope you enjoyed and if so, please visit this article on Medium and give me a clap... that sounds wrong, but oh well it wasn't when I was in college so I'm sticking to it.
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2023.03.30 03:37 leeminhowife I[f20] broke up with my bf[m37] as he asked if the hairbrush in his bathroom is mine

I saw this cute hairbrush on his sink but didn't think much of it until he came up to me and asked if it was mine. I said no and he got on the phone with some girl. I couldn't understand as they were speaking korean.
The thing is he stays all alone here in south africa. He has no friends and family here. So it is quite obvious he cheated on me.
I also missed all the other red flags like he had a whole instagram account hidden from me where he followed a bunch of girls.
I found myself becoming distant and cold towards him as he would also disappear for days without speaking to me and also hated that he would mostly wanna meet up during the late nights. When I finally decided to end it, he kept begging me to stay. He still is messaging me. Even though, this relationship was more of a rebound, I did love him and he was the nicest person to me.
Tldr; not sure if I should take my ex back after all of this. I have been cheated twice now by my other ex and now this one. Do you think it is the right idea to take my ex back after all this has happened?
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2023.03.30 03:37 Dinoslut01 Urinary blockage aftercare?

My cat Marv had a blockage a week ago. Took him to an emergency vet, they wanted to charge $3,000 which I couldn't afford so I kept him home and took him to a walk in clinic first thing in the morning. I borrorwed money from my parents and friends. So far it's costed $2,451 with another $345 for his (hopefully) final checkup of this saga. Totalling to $2,796. He had a catheter for 2 days. We were given little pills, some wet medicine, and 4 cans of Urinary SO wet cat food. Told to come back in 10 days, which is coming up soon and he's acting suspicious. Here's what's bothering me the most:
He keeps going to the bathroom constantly, always making trips. Thankfully, he is actually peeing not just straining. However my other cat isn't peeing this much so I know it's not the new food. And he has been bathing himself a lot more. Maybe he's trying to get the vet smell off himself but I can't be sure. With those exceptions he's back to his normal self, slamming cabinets and messing with his sister. Is this normal after they get unblocked? Anybody have experience?
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2023.03.30 03:37 johnnypancakes49 Apostasia ~ 2400

To start our community I would like to share my recent short story Apostasia.
Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated!
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my writing.

My father’s shadowy figure filled the arched doorway as candles flickered in the hall behind him.
“Son” he calls out. His voice bouncing off the vaulted ceilings.
“Yes father” I call back
“Today is your day, you will go out alone. I need you to take the truck to the Harvesters cabin, where I showed you last time.” He stepped forward and his face was cast in a golden glow. He reached his hand out toward me and I began to rise to my feet and approach him.
“What will I do there?” I ask. He shakes his head as if nodding off a nagging fly and lowers his hand.
“You will be receiving something that you must protect with your life my son. You will leave tonight at sundown.” he tells me. “I know you are scared to be alone but remember I am always with you son, up here” He taps his finger to his temple.
At sundown I put on my black coat and my father hands me the key to the truck. He says “Be safe now son. We need you back for Nyx ceremonies so make haste.” With that I start the car and rumble down the gravel drive towards the stone gate.
The Harvesters cabin is just past the treeline, a small dilapidated wooden shack entangled with vines and shrubs. A single cardboard package sits in front of it. This must be what I'm here for. I grabbed the box and ran back to the car. I left quickly, Ansty with excitement about the success of my first solo mission.
Red and blue lights flick on behind me and light up the dark county road. I’ve been trained for this. I squeak the truck to a halt and pull to the side of the road. I feel my heart pound as the man approaches. I stick one hand out the window and keep the other planted firmly on the steering wheel.
“How ya doing tonight son?” he asked me in a deep, arrogant voice.
“I'm not your son and I don’t talk to your kind” I said calmly. I shouldn’t be here. I need to get back with the supplies soon before father starts to worry. After all, this is my first time away from the Ikos unaccompanied. He might think I've gone rogue and tried to betray him.
“Where's your windshield.... and windows? Can I see your license and registration" he said. I don’t know what he means so I don’t say anything. Father told me the Kleptos can't hurt me if I don’t say anything. I turn and glance at him for the first time and his eyes drill into me. Cold, dull and lifeless he glares at me. I can feel his evil intentions trying to pull words from my mouth. Besides everyone knows windows provide evil easy access to your mind. He opens the door and grabs my arm and pulls me behind the truck.
“This truck ain’t yours, is it?... Plate’s registered to a blue minivan, we’ve spotted you a few times, but you always seem to disappear into thin air.” He clicks cold metal cuffs around my wrists. I try to rip away from him but he’s too big. They've got me. I close my eyes tight and interlace my fingers how father showed me. I ask why he is letting this happen, why he would let the Kleptos take me. I feel his hand on my shoulder; Don’t worry son, this is all part of my plan. He has warned me about the challenges that may present themselves outside. But father told me nobody should touch me outside of the Ikos. Even still his voice echoes through my head and calms my panic. I bow my head; ever thankful he is here for me.
“If ya’ won't talk I'm gonna have to take you in” he yanks me backwards towards his car. Don’t let them take me. After trapping me in the back seat, behind darkened glass he began to drive, further than I had been before. Father traveled the land before me and found nothing but despair beyond our valley. He built the compound to keep us safe from the Exousia. They dominated the outside world and preyed on people to power their system, and now they have me. The Kleptos are tasked with collecting freelancers like us, father calls us Diaspora, and bringing us to work into their system. We’ve lost many this way over the years. The scripture of Lazarus describes this type of abduction, he was able to make it back to the commune after spending nearly a year in the hands of the Exousia. But all that time spent outside corrupted him. He came back to the commune in a crazed frenzy, screaming and fighting. The overseers were forced to lock him up in the Ikos. For 44 days and 44 nights Lazarus screamed and shouted as the overseer tried to rid him of his contaminates. At the end of the trial, he emerged from the Ikos as a tiny newborn, awarded a second chance to honor our father.
I tried my best to resist the temptation to look out the window, but I desperately need to make out my surroundings. Nothing looks familiar, everything is covered in marks of their systems. Father said they use cables to string together different parts of the outside and keep them under control. A dim yellow glow grows in the distance. Before I knew it tall buildings towered on either side of the road. I had never seen such buildings before. All those windows, one per soul. The control cables swooped up and down along the sides of the road, like a clothesline bouncing in the wind. They stretched as far in each direction as I could see. I could almost hear the static pulse inside the Klepto’s head as he bobbed it up and down with the bumps in the road.
When we arrived at the terminal it was worse than I ever could have imagined. Large glass windows span the front wall of the building, and inside the windows continue. Two, three, sometimes up to 4 layers of windows eating away at these misguided Kleptos. I try to keep my eyes locked to the floor, but even there I can catch reflections of those windows. I'm dragged into a dim room with a metal table in the middle and the man forces me down into the chair. The wall In Front of me holds a giant mirror, I stare into my own eyes, bright with life, then back at the Klepto, dull and dreary. Another one enters and the pair begin babbling questions at me. I tune them out so as to not let their words dig too deep. My eyes and ears perk up when the lesser of the two says the word Diaspora.
“Something of a religious group, but they’ve been suspected of some misbehavior in the past, specifically one member, Phillip Franco. I hear he’s like their Jesus or something”. He chuckled to his partner. What are they talking about? I've been around long enough to know there's no Phillip in the Ikos. I blanked for a second before recalling the story of Jesus. He was one of Father’s Father’s earliest followers who betrayed him for a chance to sit among the Exousia, but he was in fact deceived about the nature of his offer and the Klepto that struck up the deal took Jesus instead.
“So, who is this Phillip Franco to you?” Klepto asked me. “Come on now don’t play dumb, we saw where you was comin from.” I interlace my fingers, wrists shackled to the table in front of me and close my eyes tight. My father came to me attentively and placed his hands in mine. This is your time son, Speak he tells me. All my life I've been told speaking to a Klepto can only worsen things but here I sit, in the room with two and father tells me to speak. I begin to form a story in my head, anything that will get them off my back. As soon as my lip's part to spill the lie he rumbles from deep within me again. Tell them the truth. You are part of me, You hold my power.
“There’s no Phillip Franco where I come from.” I say.
“Where might that be?” the Klepto asks smugly. His beady eyes were bulging with artificial endorphins. He knows what's coming.
“I come from the holy place. My father watches over all of the Diaspora and I am his only child, born of light” I open my eyes and lock them with their reflections in the mirror. I can't let them get to me. “We live and work in harmony with each other while your Exousia varnishes and defiles the outside.” One of the Kleptos steps back and wipes a bead of sweat off his forehead.
“How long have you lived on that complex son?”
“Since the beginning. And I already told you once who my father is. Stop calling me son.” I snapped at him. With that, the sweaty Klepto scurried out of the room and the lesser one stepped forward.
“We’re gonna need to collect a sample of your blood buddy. We need to figure out who you are.”
“I am son of the Father” I say once again. He looks down at his folder then back up at me.
“This Father character you speak of is rumored to be our Phillip Franco, and he doesn't have any children.” The other Klepto bursts through the door and slams his hands down on the table in front of me. He grabs my arm and pushes his body hard against mine, so I'm pinned in place. He jabs me in the arm with a needle before I realize what’s going on. He swiftly caps the bloody syringe and scampers back out of the room just as hastily as he arrived, door slamming and latching behind him.
“Do you know anything about the package we found in the truck?” He asked.
“Those are spirit stones; we must eat two each morning to protect us from the evils your Exousia expels into the world. I can account to this firsthand, I can feel the evils leave my body as the spirit of light fills me each day. “
“I don’t think you understand, those are illegal narcotics” he said. I'm not sure what he means by this but I know the spirit stones are important. Father must eat them constantly as he bears most of the evil of this world so others may live in relative peace. As his son I have been taking more and more, taking on more evil, erasing it with light. The sweaty Klepto bursts through the door once again, paper in hand. “you're gonna want to see this” he says to his partner.
“Oh my god its him!” exclaims the other as he reads the file and sheds a tear. Both Kleptos look straight at me for what feels like an hour until the sweaty one eventually speaks. “We're not sure how to tell you this but, Uh, Phillip Franco and his girlfriend at the time, Julia Robin kidnapped you from your parents as a very young baby. Your real name is Orion Peterson.”
In that moment something shifted. My brain became loud and cluttered. I closed my eyes and clenched my hands, calling out desperately for Father’s Guidance, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. As if he had just vanished. What’s happening Father? I opened my eyes to see the sweaty Klepto sitting right across from me, his blue eyes sparkling even under the dim light. He stretched his hands across the table and unlocked the handcuffs. I took his hand and looked into his eyes as his cheeks and hair filled with color. His hands felt like worn leather, rough and cracked.
“Do you want to meet your real father?” He asks. I know who my real father is. Who could he possibly be talking about? I nod reluctantly and he turns smoothly and walks towards the door. As we walk back through the labyrinth of windows, I keep my head down.
We walked for a couple minutes through this concrete jungle. The smooth paved ground beneath us was cracked, imperfect. We stepped to a looming tower and the doors split open in front of us as if they knew we were coming. A grand red lobby with shiny marble floors spilled out Infront of me. They lead me to a small, golden door along the back wall. Again, it opened as if it could hear us coming. We stepped into a small room with numbered buttons on the wall. The door closed and I felt my stomach drop. A second later the wall behind me opened, revealing a long, marble hallway with a pair of large wooden doors at the end. I took a deep breath as the Klepto’s sweaty hand pulled against the ornate iron handle.
A crimson arc cuts through the air and fills the hallway as the doors swing apart. I keep my eyes down, afraid of what might be producing this light. There's a man sitting at a desk in the middle of the room, he stands up and walks over. He puts his hand on my shoulder and I flinch slightly. He quickly pulls his hand back.
“Sorry. I can't imagine how confused you must be right now.” he says. “I want to show you something.” He leads me over to the window and points. I look up and can't believe what I'm seeing. I must be 500 feet in the air, at the top of the building. These towers extend into the distance, then stop suddenly where a swirling vortex begins. “It's called the ocean” he says. I look up at him and smile as the crimson sun tucks itself into the hazy horizon.
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2023.03.30 03:37 Our-Gardian-Angel The magic number for the Bucks to clinch the #1 seed in the East and the best record in the NBA is down to 4

Another day, another step closer to clinching the 1 seed in the East. Jrue dropped a 50 piece, Grayson Zodiac'd Jordan Nwora and the Bucks beat the Pacers 149-136 on the road to keep the train rolling ahead of a showdown with the Celtics tomorrow night in Milwaukee.
The Bucks need their number of remaining wins plus the number of losses by the team(s) closest to them in the loss column (currently Boston and Denver) to add up to 4 to clinch a better record than any other team in the league. They can knock their magic number to clinch the #1 seed in the East all the way down to 1 tomorrow by beating the Celtics since it would give us a Bucks win, a Boston loss and it would clinch the head-to-head tiebreaker for us over the Celtics.
Best records in the NBA
  1. Milwaukee Bucks: 55-21
  2. Boston Celtics: 52-24 (3 GB)
  3. Denver Nuggets: 51-24 (3.5 GB)
  4. Philadelphia 76ers: 49-26 (5.5 GB)
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2023.03.30 03:37 PalpitationDiligent9 My Doctor’s Receptionist Won’t Give Me an Appointment!

I usually don’t complain or hate on anyone in the medical field, even if they just happen to be a secretary. I know every role is important and they’re still part of our care team. Today, though…
Just a little context; I have non diabetic Gastroparesis and ileus, basically, my stomach and intestines are paralyzed. I have been on several different medications, Prucalopride, Ondansetron, daily GoLytely, Constella… Even tried gout medication, Colchicine, and while it didn’t reduce pain or made my digestion any better, my stomach wouldn’t be as swollen as it could be. This July I’m going in for surgery, total abdominal colectomy, for the exception of my rectum.
Lately, my nausea, vomiting, pain, it all has progressively worsen this past year. Keeping solid food and even liquids are becoming harder to keep down. I have several days I will not eat or drink from the fear of pain and throwing it back up. Even when I try, it feels as I can’t properly swallow and I’m choking, I feel as it is stuck halfway down my chest and stomach. There are days that the pain is so bad I can’t get out of bed, if I try to walk, I won’t be able to stand up straight. I have no energy, and most nights I stay awake from the pain, nausea and vomiting and might get a couple hours of sleep. I can no longer work, and I had to quit my study. I have had seizures and was explained to me that they’re basically happening because my body is basically crashing.
The receptionist was confused, and spent an hour on the phone trying to explain as she kept saying she didn’t understand why I wanted an appointment. She kept on saying that there is nothing he can do for me if all these medications have not helped. She could not understand what I wanted. She could not understand why I need to talk to him at all. She kept saying how confused she was, and that she will talk to the doctor herself and may call back.
Again…. I know that the roll of a secretary plays into a patient’s care. Honestly, no disrespect towards her… But who are you to tell me all of this. You are reading from a note in my file. You don’t know my past issues, didn’t let me explain my situation at the moment. Dismissed me completely. I don’t need or want some woman who gets my doctor’s coffee giving me medical advice, I need to talk to my actual doctor. Why are you depriving me of my right to discuss my treatment to my doctor. I just wanted to cry by the end of that call…
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2023.03.30 03:37 allergic2socks Phone keeps Shutting Itself Off -- Factory Reset didn't help

Got this phone (Galaxy S21+) for Christmas, it's second hand off of amazon. It will randomly freeze and/or crash and/or shut down at random intervals, up to 20 times a day, I'd estimate. As of the last 2 days, I literally couldn't get it to stay on for more than 5 minutes at a time. It was excruciating trying to transfer my photos off of it so I could factory reset it (which didn't fix it).
Software and apps all up to date. No shady apps (transferred them all from my old phone on which I had no problems like this, and even then I deleted any potentially iffy ones), not a storage issue, and it even will crash and get stuck in boot loops in safe mode.
There's no rhyme or reason for the crashes that I can figure out. Happens across all apps, not just 1 (again, will crash in safe mode, and it sometimes crashes even when its just off and sitting next to me). Sometimes once it boots back up, I get like 100 messages at the bottom saying "____ stopped working" and it will be like....they keyboard function of my phone. I can't take screenshots when this happens because I guess that function gets killed too. Resetting with the power button + down volume will get me out of situations like that, because it gets so busted I can't hard reset.
As I was struggling to transfer my pics off the phone in between resets, I got a fun new boot-up screen (Android Recovery) that said my phone couldn't boot correctly. When I tried to view the rescue log, it said that file didn't exist. I got this screen maybe 2 or 3 times that night, but I haven't gotten it since I factory reset.
I just factory reset it today (it took a few days to have it on long enough to back up my data) and I had about 3 blissful hours of it sitting, untouched, next to me as I let my backup data get restored on it, before it started doing it again. It hasnt progressed to as bad as it was, but I have a feeling it won't be long until it gets to the point where it shuts off every 5 minutes.
Also a fun tidbit, when I was transferring my photos with SmartSwitch (which ended up not working and I had to use google photos, but I digress), the phone started making some kind of high-pitched, mechanical sounding buzz coming from the charging hole/speaker area. It only made this sound when SmartSwitch was on, and I havent heard it anywhere else. This did not happen again after I factory reset the phone and used SmartSwitch to transfer data back to it. Mysterious.
Does anyone know why this is happening? Could it be a virus? Or maybe some kind of hardware issue? I'm seriously at my wit's end, I've tried everything I can find online. Any recommendations that aren't "boot it in safe mode," "factory reset it," or "update apps/software" will be appreciated.
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2023.03.30 03:36 singlechick 222 days

Since I quit drinking …
I never had a sweet tooth and now I eat desserts daily
I’ve always been the same weight but now I’m 10 lbs heavier
I’ve always partied hard but now I’m kind of lame
It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, but I know I’m healthier, I argue with my husband (slightly) less, I don’t wake up dehydrated every morning, and most importantly, I’ll hopefully live a longer life for my son
Honestly, I thought I would feel happier by this point. I think I’m mourning the adventure that comes with a boozy night out. Every day just feels the same. Even so, I am committed to this … and I’ll just keep trekking on.
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2023.03.30 03:36 ThrowRAnkgfb I’m afraid my (35F) boyfriend (39M) is thinking of ending things

Me (35F) and boyfriend has been travelling for over a year, spending almost all our time together.
The other day we were on the road and there was a flight we were to take and he asked me what day to take that flight and what to do the next day. I mentioned a day and didn’t say so much more about our schedule for the next days before the flight.
I mentioned I slept really poorly the night before, so wasn’t too much in the mood to make plans. There are several flights to the new destination, so it wasn’t critical. Also, the stayed at the place of someone in his family for the duration before the flight, which meant I wasn’t sure what the other guy wanted to do etc. They hadn’t seen each other in ages.
He completely snapped at me “I don’t know how to say this, but we need to get better at planning. You don’t make plans and schedule things. I feel like I’m a tour guide and you’re just here for the ride. I don’t want someone like that in my life, like (name of his cousin), I would not want to spend my life with someone like that. (His cousin is so whimsical and unstructured etc).”
I was really hurt by it, I do a lot of suggestions etc for restaurants, places to go etc. He is admittantly better at panning than me though. But sometimes he even gets angry when I come with suggestions and he doesn’t want to do it. I mean, he could just say no, but instead he gets angry.
He snaps easily, also at other people in his life. I told him I’ll try to get better at it, and also that when he gets angry when I come with suggestions, it makes me nervous. Also that I think it’s harder to do big planning when we meet people he knows I’ve never met before. I’m afraid he is thinking of breaking up.
2 months ago he said he is happy with me (when I asked), he even said that he could see himself having a child with me. And this issue isn’t new, but now he exploded. I’m not sure how to take it other than trying to work on improving it. I’m completely depended on him now for money etc, as I don’t have an income.
Tl:dr Boyfriend snapped at me and got really mad and it made me wonder if he wants to break up due to the way he said it
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2023.03.30 03:36 YouOnlyListenToMe The Dark Room Part 1 of 3

A couple months ago I lost my job, lost to addiction and lost my faith. In high school I lost the love of my life in a fire, then married at the age of nineteen to someone I had just met to fill the void. I am divorced now, alone and letting anger, sadness and resentment control me. I now have a part time job as a waitress at a local diner. The tips are great other than the fact all the men there eyefuck me. Ive been purposely groped then told it was an accident, I put up with it for the tips and sometimes play along. I know these men might get the wrong idea and it could be dangerous, but I need the cash. One night I was closing up the diner with a co-worker, we split our tips since we were understaffed that day. We locked the door behind us said our goodbyes then went our separate ways. Walking home had the usual cold breeze, dark sidewalks and creepy bums. I made friends with a couple of them which made me feel somewhat safe. Three more blocks to go I told myself while counting each step I take. I don't live to far from the diner but not close enough, especially closing at eleven every night. Two more blocks left, I can see my building and almost dread going inside. Its a small room with a stove, sink and a tiny bathroom. My beds in the living room and my clothes are folded on the floor (my dresser). It was all I could afford at the time and now I can hardly keep up with the payments. I'll probably be stuck here all my life. Almost home, the streets are empty, my ears and fingers are freezing from the chilly air. Suddenly I stop, I don't know why. I turn my head to look around but I cannot move my legs. My head begins to feel dizzy but not sickening, I almost feel good. Like I just took a couple shots and now buzzed. Is this it? Is this how I go out? A possible stroke or heart attack? Maybe I want to go, my eyes start to close and everything is going black. I think of my family and say my goodbyes. I then get a slight glimpse of a man standing a foot away from me. I cant make out who it is, then my eyes shut and he grabs me as I fall.
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2023.03.30 03:36 anonymoususer401 Lost, Depressed, and Lonely

I've already made two posts on this situation, but here's everything so far. We had a five month relationship, and I loved her more than anything. She promised a million times we would never break up, the only way we would is if I left. She left lmao. The night before she was a sweetheart about it, we were crying on FaceTime, the next morning she said she regretted it and said it wouldn't happen again, she was just stressed. At lunch, she left me. She ran away for her old best-friend, who spread rumors about them. Her and her bestie "dated" and she thought she was joking when she asked her out so she said sure. Anyways, she hated her and then left me for her and that group. I got a hold of her bestie and helped me get her back, it worked, but it lasted two days. She was saying she wanted to get a job (we're very very young for that) and I didn't like it. We argued that night and she called me in the morning, apologizing and said we were still a thing. Later she acted the opposite. Then, the school dance happened. Walked with my two bros, my one bro said my other bro liked my ex, who I love, and she liked him. Now they're together. The bro that told me knew, but never told me, I even confronted the specific bro who took my girl away from me many many times due to suspicion during me and her's relationship, and after, before the dance too, he always denied it. The betrayal man, I was getting over her, it hurts so badly. He was my best-friend. I mean how would they last? He has horrible grades, picks his nose, is very ugly, and is a jerk. My ex will get bullied from high heaven. And I'll be there laughing, at them both. If anyone wants to talk to me please do, I'm lonely tbh, I'm becoming an outsider now. She's doing it to make me jealous. The last time she got with me was mainly because I got with someone, I 100% know she doesn't have any feelings for me, but I'll give her a taste of her own medicine, I just feel lost without her tbh. I have a feeling this is just the start to my never-ending nightmare. Now, it's been almost five days since they've been together. I can't stand to see them laugh and smile at lockers, or whenever I try and talk to my old best-friend, he says they've been on a two hour call. Like, really? Him? Over me? How can I believe all of the rumors that she's going with him to make me jealous whenever this stuff is going on? Although, it doesn't make sense. My ex has told nobody that she was dating him. Everyone knows either from me or from him. Yet, this still happens. Now my ex is saying she loves him, and I just don't know what to do anymore. Help.
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2023.03.30 03:35 ThrowRAnkgfb I’m afraid my (35F) boyfriend (39M) is thinking of ending things

Me (35F) and boyfriend has been travelling for over a year, spending almost all our time together.
The other day we were on the road and there was a flight we were to take and he asked me what day to take that flight and what to do the next day. I mentioned a day and didn’t say so much more about our schedule for the next days before the flight.
I mentioned I slept really poorly the night before, so wasn’t too much in the mood to make plans. There are several flights to the new destination, so it wasn’t critical. Also, the stayed at the place of someone in his family for the duration before the flight, which meant I wasn’t sure what the other guy wanted to do etc. They hadn’t seen each other in ages.
He completely snapped at me “I don’t know how to say this, but we need to get better at planning. You don’t make plans and schedule things. I feel like I’m a tour guide and you’re just here for the ride. I don’t want someone like that in my life, like (name of his cousin), I would not want to spend my life with someone like that. (His cousin is so whimsical and unstructured etc).”
I was really hurt by it, I do a lot of suggestions etc for restaurants, places to go etc. He is admittantly better at panning than me though. But sometimes he even gets angry when I come with suggestions and he doesn’t want to do it. I mean, he could just say no, but instead he gets angry.
He snaps easily, also at other people in his life. I told him I’ll try to get better at it, and also that when he gets angry when I come with suggestions, it makes me nervous. Also that I think it’s harder to do big planning when we meet people he knows I’ve never met before. I’m afraid he is thinking of breaking up.
2 months ago he said he is happy with me (when I asked), he even said that he could see himself having a child with me. And this issue isn’t new, but now he exploded. I’m not sure how to take it other than trying to work on improving it. I’m completely depended on him now for money etc, as I don’t have an income.
Tl:dr Boyfriend snapped at me and got really mad and it made me wonder if he wants to break up due to the way he said it
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2023.03.30 03:34 shinfonykai Random Story Time

Random Story Time
I'll tell you a story mine. It seems weird, but it really happened. A big coincidence. It was a long time ago, when I was a teenager. One day at night, I dreamed about Ninja Turtles🐢. One of the turtles was captured and mind controlled by the Shredder👿. When the turtles went to rescue, they had to face the controlled brother. The place looked like a castle dungeon. In the end, the brother returned to normal. All the turtles fight against the villain but they lost. The turtles manage to escape. Three months later, I saw a teaser of an episode that was the moment the same brother was captured and mind controlled by the Shredder. I WAS IN SHOCK😨! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! When I saw the episode it really had 90% of my dream. Until the castle dungeon was the same.
Has anyone ever had a dream about a cartoon/series and then suddenly found out that their dream appeared in an episode of that show?
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2023.03.30 03:33 DamnedWeirdo Posting this here because the other sub doesn’t allow screenshots…

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2023.03.30 03:32 Plus_Writing6950 Drinking and Accutane expirence

Im 18 and on 40mg twice a day. I went to spring break this week and went off a day before and binged drank 5 days in a row. The first 2 days I had maybe 5-7 drinks and felt normal and not even tipsy. the last 3 days I had maybe 15-20 drinks a day and around 7-8 of those drinks were shots and the rest were mixed liquor drinks. I got super sick the last day but that was nothing more than a usual hangover. Idk how I'm not dead from how people described it but after a insanely heavy week I was only very drunk the last night and that was after like 5 cigs and some weed so that hangover was justified. I feel completely normal now and will probably stay off accurate for 2-3 more days to give my livers a rest because even though I feel fine I find it hard to believe I didn't mess something up.
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