Classic caillou get grounded

PA is not worth it…. (Mostly)

2023.06.03 14:07 Stock-Attempt-5368 PA is not worth it…. (Mostly)

Just wanted to express caution seeking a PA role speaking as a PA for about a year in a half. Took me about a year to become a PA. You are a manager without the pay in one department and a overpaid ambassador in another. Its adult babysitting. If you are not a people person, PA is NOT for you. Even with a lively personality you leave the shift mentally drained. Its not worth it for most. Yes you get paid slightly more (with a new step plan) My site starting $21.75 and less physical work. Your experience as a PA is entirely up to: Department, AM, OM and the people and culture at your facility. Some PA spots are the most relaxed jobs in the world. On the other hand, they can be one of the worst. Point is, use caution as if you become a PA you can be thrown anywhere. Shift, Department ETC. Your mostly blind to the experience you will have and you have little to no say. A lot of people like to think they can handle it but dont realize the full scope of our job. The worst thing about the job, You get it from both ends, AM’s OPS and T1s. Youre the middle ground, point of contact. Its not a job id recommend long term unless operations is a career path you with to pursue as its great for moving up internally. If you have 0 intentions on becoming an AM. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
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2023.06.03 14:06 PandaNo513 Fights I like this

9 fights
Blackshear Vs Lacerda
Lacerda has power and his leg kicks are made out of concrete for sure! But he fights extremely flat footed and doesn’t have much activity. If he wins I believe it would be by knock out or if he catches blackshear in a submission during a grappling exchange. I think Blackshear wins this fight by unanimous decision! He has come out and fought with high volume in the past and Can do it again.He’s good enough on the ground to mitigate Lacerdas grappling.
My pick: Blackshear wins, I think he wins by decision
Grishin Vs Lins
Lins could potentially win if he takes things to the ground. But Grishin should be a certified hit man! He picks his shots really well and uses his leg kicks well. Lins keeps his hands really low when he’s in exchanges. going against someone who picks so well, I think Linz will find himself in trouble.
Pick: Grishin by TKO
Elliot Vs altamarino
This is one is a lot closer than people are making it to be. Could easily go either way. I just feel like the experience will come into play here. Altamarino seems to be a good fighter, however I don’t know if he’s good enough to handle the unorthodox style of Elliot. Altamarino has huge heart and I don’t see a finish! If altamarino wins its by submission.
Pick: Elliot by decision (30% chance altamarino by sub)
Santos Vs Johnny
This is one of my sure bets of the week. Santos is a very good fighter. Johnny just seems to be a bit out matched here. Submission is probably Johnny’s only path to victory.
Pick: Santos decision
Pineda Vs caceras
Caceras has above average striking and he’s long. However he doesn’t us the height. He’s doesn’t control distance well. Pineda has the power! If he gets close enough he can definitely knock Caceras’s head out of the octagon. But I believe it’s the grappling that takes over. Pineda will get control time and take this to decision.
Pick: Pineda (ML)
Castaneda Vs gafurov
Castaneda all the way!! Ton of hate coming his way. gafurov has not fought anyone as good as Castaneda. Castaneda has very good striking and does a good job mixing up his striking.
Pick: Castaneda (ML)
Reed Vs Frey
Reed has a lot more volume. Frey picks her shots we’ll but doesn’t have a hammer fist at this point in her career.
Pick: Reed by decision
Silva Vs Souza
Souza has a small chance in this one. I like Silva a lot I think she could definitely finish the fight in the distance. Very confident pick this week.
Pick: Silva in the distance
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2023.06.03 14:06 Beneficial-Code8026 Putting the Bastard songs in a random order and trying to justify the ranking

15: VCR / Wheels - Good production but the rapping isn't very impressive and it gets boring quite fast.
14: Jack and The Beanstalk - Weird production but pretty decent lyricism.
13: Blow - Good production however the message isn't very good and it can get old sometimes.
12: Bastard - Cool story but the production gets super boring and it is too long.
11: Pigs Fly - Great atmosphere but the rapping has a little room for improvement.
10: Slow It Down - Good rapping and energy but production needs some work.
9: Seven - Great lyricism and cool production.
8: Parade - Super catchy and a great message.
7: AssMilk - Classic Odd Future song with great lyricism and duality.
6: Odd Toddlers - Very ahead of its time. Good rapping with a good feature and classic sample.
5: French! - Amazing production and a great music video. Super energetic and chaotic song.
4: Session - A classic rap song with tons of great bars and a nice mellow instrumental to compliment it.
3: Inglorious - Amazing song with great production and really sums up the album perfectly.
2: Tina - A perfect joke song with hilarious bars and very fun, chaotic production.
1: Sarah - Amazing production and a great way to enter the dark mind of Tyler during this era. Perfect.
View Poll
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2023.06.03 14:06 Jeevesmyfriend 33 [M4F] Online/Sweden - looking for day to day chats and connections but whatever happens is fine


Want longterm but whatever happens is fine and im mostly a texter but probably open to some voice/vid/real life later too. If we seem to get along i would prefer to move to a different platform. For timezone maybe european is easier but it doesnt really matter to me and my schedule varies.

Im a loner, at first it was preference but now it's difficult to break out. Pretty non-judgemental but not without opinions and if you think I sound sure of something im probably not, it just sounds that way in text. Occasionally witty when I've got enough energy and sleep. INTJ-A if you're into that stuff. Center-left-ish. Right handed. Sarcastic. Would be a stoic if it wasn't for all this gloomy melancholy. Listen more than I speak but might come across differently in text chat, but with that said please be able to ask questions too and not just be responding. I’m single (duh) and will probably throw in some flirts because my dating life is error 404 missing but i'm not really looking for a relationship on here. Apperence wise im 181cm/89kg/blue eyes/brown haiwhite/just ask for a pic if you want. You can be anonymous for a while but not for too long please. It's fine if you're in a relationship but tell me early. Im more chill and cuddly than my short and direct chatting style gives the impression of (self reported). Be okay with slow responses sometimes please.

Quick list:
Electrician by education but work with cnc machining.
Listen to a lot of different kinds of metal music and some classical.
Do some DIY stuff like kits or building/repairing stuff.
Walk around in nature and look at the flowers and bees.
Read and audiobooks daily.
Some cooking.
Video games but only single player these days.
...and more (scientific, political/societal, in the process of moving, architecture, some art, mental health managment and so on...)

So write me something but don't worry about making a strong first impression. If you're blanking on what to say just say hi and i'll take it from there, and if we don't vibe just be chill about it.

Peace <3
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2023.06.03 14:03 treelo1878 My Wishlist For The Sequel

I know everyone has probably done one of these and thought about what they want in the sequel (assuming we get one) but I thought I was share some ideas too.
(I've not read anyone else's so I'm sorry if these ideas have been said before)

  1. Obvious choice: Morality System. Not as in depth as some triple A games but it would be nice to see that your actions have consequences. Maybe they could have auror's in the game that aren't happy about you using unforgivables or burning other students (outside the grounds). Maybe if you don't chose the bad choices they ignore you or give a friendly greeting if you pass by them or help if you are in a fight close to them.
  2. More customisation. I know this is a common one too but some more choices for the character creation would be nice. Extra face types, voices, hair, etc. It would also be nice if you could add a bit of facial hair to your character. Different builds for the characters would be nice to not everyone is a lean student and there is some variation.
  3. Make it year 7. This could work because there is a couple years from the first game and your trace wears off on your 17th birthday so it would make sense when including aurors and facial hair. It could also include apparating as a new form of travel, maybe to coincide or replace the floo flames just to make it feel new.
  4. Quidditch. It would just be nice.
  5. A couple more spells to show we've learned new ones since 5th year. The Patronus charm comes to mind but there are plenty of other spells such as 'reducto' I would like to see.
  6. A bigger map? Or somewhere more to travel too, a quest to the ministry of magic could be fun to see.
  7. Potions. I thought the potions were done very well so I'm not complaining about them I just want more now. I think you could use Polyjuice potion to get past certain areas that you can use stealth for?
  8. Please just keep the fantastic beasts they were my favourite part of the game.
I'm not complaining about the game I think it was incredible and was executed brilliantly. The devs did a great job, I'm just excited to see what they do next. I hope they don't change it too much because the engine felt great.
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2023.06.03 14:02 Brief_Chance_8674 AITA For kicking my brother out of a business plan we were doing together?

So I had this idea a while back for a business and my brother came to me one day with a similar idea so we decided we would pursue this business together.
We draw out a plan of the things we need to do to get each part off the ground and decide we are going to aim for speed to get the product out there. My role is to build out the application, since I am a developer myself and have worked with the technologies used then this makes the most sense. My brother works as a dev but is very junior and doesn’t have experience in the technologies for the app. He comes to me one morning after I mention my progress and says he is going to look into something for the pricing as he has some experience in that area. I say that I will look into it myself and then he kicks off about it saying that it’s a part that he wants to do and I’ve already got the app side. But all I am wanting to do is to have a look myself?
This then proceeds to be an argument and he says that I am trying to be controlling of the way this all goes. But it seems that he is just being egotistical because he can’t stand me having a look myself.. I then tell him that I don’t want to work with him and that I am going to do it myself, because I can do it without him and he just kicks off and gets annoyed and argues all the time.
He then says that I am emotionally manipulative and toxic.. saying I always escalate it to unnecessary levels. Saying that’s not what a friend or brother will do, bring up the fact that I said I was going to move out (we live together) because of an argument we had a couple of months ago. I pay more on the rent for a slightly bigger room and office, but he wouldn’t be able to afford a place like this, or even to live away from our parents if he didn’t live with me..
This all ended in a big falling out and me saying some things about how he can’t hold onto a relationship (recent breakup) and him saying that I will be lonely and without friends if I don’t switch up my attitude. Slamming doors and not speaking to one another.
Am I the asshole? I think he is too emotional and has an ego that he won’t let go when i try and do things. But I could be wrong.
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2023.06.03 13:59 NemoHobbits Help with sloped yard drainage and erosion problems?

Help with sloped yard drainage and erosion problems?
Slowly I'm trying to improve my mostly dirt yard. I'm in zone 9b central Florida and our soil is mostly sand. The sand is clumpier than I expected and when I water the plants the water doesn't really absorb it just runs to the street. I also have a lot of erosion when it rains with dirt washing into the street. I signed up for chipdrop so eventually Santa is going to bring me a truckload of mulch, and will eventually plant a tree and a bunch of ground cover. What else can I do to get more water to my plants and help the erosion?
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2023.06.03 13:58 Creative-Hall7103 Tournament of ragnarok match 1: The dazzling magician vs the greatest magician

Round 1 match 1
Deep down in the underworld of crime there is a tournament that is set by the gods themselves. We then cut to an arena filled with both the audience and blood stains on the floor of the arena. Then we see a man in a tux with slick back golden hair . This man smiled, his gold eyes shined as the light hit them. You see this man wasn't mortal, though he was divine. This man was known as the Roman god Mercury. As soon as Mercury held up his microphone he spoke, his voice enchanted the audience.
Mercury: Hello mortals! Is everyone ready to see some people kill one another in the name of their gods?
The crowd cheered and Mercury smiled at these mortals who were ready to watch their own kind kill one another.
Mercury: All right well, let's start with the rules. There aren't any. That's right. Anything goes in these fights. It just makes it more fun.
Just then Mercury held up something. Then it shot up a beam of energy which spread to form a hologram screen showing 16
fighters. The crowd watched in amazement as it showed clips of each fighter.
Mercury: Now let's honor these soon-to-be dead men. First thing, though, is we need to start the first match. Now fighting in the blue corner is this man who once was the greatest magician there ever was but lost his title to a younger fellow. Now known as the dazzling magician and blessed by Sun Wukong, the great sage equal to heaven. This man is none other u/AdLegitimate1637 .
Just then, out of the left hallway walked out a man with gray hair and dressed like a ringmaster. He smiled at the crowd while waving. Once he got into the arena, a cane fell from above and Ad caught it and twirled it around.
Ad: Who's ready to be amazed?
The crowd cheered as Mercury ready himself for u/AdLegitimate1637 opponent.
Mercury: Okay, everyone calm down. Now fighting in the red corner is this man. In a twist sort of fate, this man rose from just being a humble street performer to the greatest magician of this era.
As Mercury spoke, Ad realized who he was talking about and the old man's smile faded and his eyes filled with rage.
Mercury: Behold the man who was blessed by Loki the trickster god u/PleasantPhotograph66 .
Just then a young man with long red hair walked out. He wore flashy clothing that shined in the light. As the man got onto the stage he pulled out glasses that just like his clothes shined in the light. As both fighters gazed upon one another, Pleasant smiled and spoke.
Pleasant: It's been a long time, old man. I wonder you ever approve of your shitty magic tricks.
Ad didn't speak a word but just waited for Mercury to speak that one word so this match could start.
Mercury: Now FIGHT!
Just then Ad slammed the bottom of his can on the ground and from that smoke rose and once it cleared, two canons appeared. Pleasant saw this and once the canons fired he tapped two times on his glasses and from that his body twisted and his bones snapped as he turned into a dove and dodged the cannonballs easily.
Ad: Now that might just make me sick.
As the dove landed, it's body twisted and its bones broke as it formed back into Pleasant. Many people in the audience almost threw up just from watching this act. Then Ad once more slammed the ground with his cane but this time from the smoke eight floating swords formed behind Ad in a circle shape. All pleasant did was tap his glasses three times and then his body started to transform into a cheetah and he rushed at Ad.
Ad: Die you idiot.
Just then, the floating swords flew straight at Pleasant, but still in his cheetah form, he barely dodged each blade only but on the last one he quickly turned, slamming onto the ground. Sadly, though, the last sword stuck into his eyes, cutting it. As Pleasant transformed back, his glasses still in perfect condition, ager filled the young magician.
Pleasant: I'll kill you. YOU PEASE OF SHIT!!
Just then, Pleasant started to run straight at Ad and his arms started to twist and turn as they formed into a blade and shield. Instead of metal for these, the material was his own flesh and bones. Just then, as Pleasant was inches away from Ad, the old mage raised the top of his cane and shouted.
Ad: blessed art: the storm of magic!
Just then, the top of Ad cane started to be covered by electricity and as these two mages made contact, an explosion of bright light formed, blinding the crowd. When the light died down, we saw both fighters on the ground breathing heavily. Ad was badly burnt by the electricity and Pleasant's left hand was fully destroyed. As both fighters struggled to get back up, Ad smiled.
Ad: It's time for the closing if we shall.
Just then, as Pleasant stood back up, he saw two boxes that were the size of humans. Pleasant knew this was the forbidden sword box. A trick where they use real swords instead of trick ones only the best magician could survive.
Pleasant: So that's how you want it to end. Then so be it. We are entertainers first and killers second.
Ad nodded as he looked into the crowd.
Ad: Now everyone, if you throw be so kind, once me and my opponent go into these boxes and once they are mixed, you may choose which box will have the sword stab thrown, killing the fighter.
The crowd was confused for a quick second, but that changed to excitement. Once both fighters got into each box, they both smiled.
Both: The show must go on!
Just then, the box closed and mixed and they started to mix where the crowd couldn't tell which was which. Then they stopped moving and floating swords formed, floating above both boxes. Mercury just smiled.
[Backstory] It's no lie that these two once knew one another. A long time ago when Ad was a the greatest magician he did his act all around the world. Then one day Pleasant showed up his story is that he rose from a street performer to the out doing Ad but that was a lie. The truth is Pleasant was a rich kid who bought his way to the top. Once Ad respected the fellow mage and was happy to step down but when he learn of pleasant truth he was disgusted. Now in a cruel sabotage pleasant rig Ad trick to cause it to be a disaster which cause him not just his job but also his granddaughter. Now armed with sorrow Ad realized his last goal is to honor his God a bring him to victory and Pleasant well loki just offered him more money. [Backstory]
Mercury: Now, audience, which box shall we stab into?
The audience cheered as they shouted which box they wished to stab. But after a good 5 minutes it was decided the box on the right would be stabbed, killing its carrier. As the blade stabbed into the box you could hear the dying screams of the human who was in the box.
Mercury: Now that sounded like that hurt. Now let's see the results.
Then, as the box doors open, we see Ad walk out of the unharmed box, but sadly, as the other box opens, we see Pleasant's dead blades stabbing through his dead body. As the audience stared at Pleasant's bloody body, a blade stuck out of his face and his other good eye ball falling out of his skull. His body was also twisted like he tried to transform into something.
Mercury: It's decided the victor of the first match is u/AdLegitimate1637 and the next match will be fought by these two.
Then as the hologram screen showing two new fighters these are u/MUI-Tojo and u/Kinsey916
We cut to a room with a door only described as holy but in it was a full white room with 16 people. They were the gods who were sponsoring these mortals.
Sun Wukong: Man Loki, your guy sucks.
Loki: It wasn't that he sucked, he was just an idiot.
But then the gods argued, then they froze as a pair of hands landed on both their shoulders and this god was known as Chaos.
Chaos: That's enough. Both fighters put up a good show that was their main goal more than anything else. True, they needed to kill one another, but it isn't wrong to make it entertaining like that.
That's the end of chapter 1. Hope you all had fun reading this. also if you wish to join you still can. We have 8 spots still open.
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2023.06.03 13:56 SunbeamSailor67 Spacesuit instructions for explorers.

Try to imagine your physical body as a spacesuit, your life support/sensory system for navigating Earth. Inside this spacesuit is an augmented reality screen overlaying the inside of your visor. The operating system for your spacesuit displays all the information you need, data to keep the spacesuit working and data that helps you survive.
This spacesuit however doesn’t come with an instruction manual so you have to figure it out on the fly. The operating system inside your spacesuit is constantly displaying pop-up ads about the world around it (these are thoughts). These pop-up ads have free reign inside your helmet because you haven’t figured out yet how to turn on your ad-blocker.
After a while you begin to believe you are the spacesuit, you begin to believe that the pop-up ads are you also, so you click on and watch every ad that pops up, every second of every day when you’re not sleeping…No wonder you’re going crazy in there!
When your spacesuit is damaged or malfunctioning, you think it is you, so you cry…when the pop-up ads display something unpleasant, you believe them all so your emotions ride the same roller coaster that your thoughts (pop-up ads) do and you end up depressed or anxious or mad, or all of them at once.
Remembering who you are as the eternal awareness inside this helmet, is your key to escaping the madness. Imagine that you are an eternal explorer…a ball of pure light that has never been born and will never die. You have been dropping into new spacesuits every few decades after the old ones wear out and although they all look different on the outside, they are all identical on the inside.
One day you bump into another spacesuit who reminds you that you are an eternal awareness inside a temporary spacesuit and that you can turn your ad blocker on and have a much more peaceful experience inside that helmet. After remembering this, you pay no attention to those pop-up ads anymore except for when it needs to tell you that rope looking thing on the ground is actually a snake (useful survival tool). You don’t cry anymore over a damaged spacesuit because you remember that nothing can touch the real you and that you are an eternal explorer just having a temporary experience in this spacesuit. This is ‘awakening’.
Most of us wear out many spacesuits before we bump into the one that reminds us that we are just an awareness, here to observe, enjoy and love.
But it gets even more interesting. That ball of conscious, curious energy inside your spacesuit (the real you) has a livewire connected to a much larger ball of conscious loving energy. So now imagine a large ball of energy the size of a galaxy, and all the spacesuits exploring the universe are connected to this giant ball each with a cosmic thread.
As you zoom out you begin to realize that all these billions of independent balls of loving eternal energy floating around inside billions of spacesuits, are all actually just shards of the larger single consciousness. You now realize that all those spacesuits are piloted by one single consciousness. This whole time you thought you were a unique explorer amongst billions, only to discover that there is just one mind in the entire universe looking through trillions of different eyes at the same time.
You are that eternal awareness. You are it. The seeker is the sought, as above so below.
You are the creator of the universe and it has taken this long for your creation to evolve spacesuits that are finally capable of recognizing its true self (enlightenment). The creator is finally looking at and discovering and enjoying itself (the universe) in recognition…through your eyes.
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2023.06.03 13:56 Lapst About to buy first Jazzmaster - What to look for?

I think I'm about to become one of the club.
I've paid a deposit to have the Fender Vintera '60s Jazzmaster delivered to my local guitar shop so I can try before buying.
From what I've seen, Jazzmasters in general can be relatively finnicky to get into a state where you're fully happy with them. I've had a look through this sub and aficionados recommend all sorts of changes, including: Shimming, using flatwounds, using .011s, swapping the bridge, adjusting the bridge, swapping the trem, swapping the nut, etc., etc.
My question to you is:
When I try out this guitar in a few days, what should I be looking for in terms of:
  1. Things I will just get used to over time?
  2. Things that may need to be swapped out/upgraded soon after buying?
  3. Things that would immediately tell you not to purchase the guitar?
Obviously the most important factors I can look out for myself - whether it sounds good, whether it plays nicely and feels comfortable, whether there's no obvious defects or cosmetic issues.
I guess I'm mostly curious as to what's usually problematic in this particular model of Jazzmaster.
I would have loved to go for the American Vintage II 1966 models but my budget can't really stretch to that as things stand. I'm hoping the Vintera satisfies me in the meantime - I really wanted those classic Jazzmaster features like the pickups, the rhythm circuit, the tremolo and of course the matching headstock.
My usual guitar is a Baja (MIM) Telecaster which I love. I'm used to the chunky neck and bright sounds but I'm hoping a Jazzmaster will give me more tonal choice and variety.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 13:55 Tall_Comfortable5309 the crow man

the crow man submitted by Tall_Comfortable5309 to NoRules [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:53 ShadowBionics Perfect World Anthology (PHase 1)

I'd been thinking of doing this for a long time, considering all the questions I've gotten asking where to find the other mods in this series and just to clear up some questions, especially with some of the recent attention these have gotten. So here are the most current download links to the first four mods in the Perfect World Anthology: Carpe Diem, Shattered Time, Captive Heart, and of course Tainted Love.
PWA Phase 1
Given how screwy Reddit is with Mediafire links, I've compiled them into a Google document. There, you can choose whichever one you want to download. That way if you've missed any or are looking for an easy way to re-download them, there you go. As far as any programming or troubleshooting issues, I cannot answer those since I wasn't behind the initial programming. I am the one who wrote the stuff, Mr.Rocketman999 is the codeprogrammer here. Given his recent departure, however, I would rather not speak to him or about him very much, if possible.
Now then, with that out of the way, let me give you a rundown of these mods as a whole. These mods deal with love, drama, and the supernatural. In other words, there are fantasy and sci-fi elements embedded into these stories or have themes that would not make sense in grounded reality. So, as I typically say when approaching these mods, suspend all beliefs of reality. Likewise, approach with caution, as some of these mods carry themes on par with the original DDLC. As such, I will say this only once: If you are expecting mods that have happy endings, you may not find them here. A lot of these stories take inspiration from some of my favorite games and anime with especially darker themes, so approach with caution and keep in mind that there may be some dark moments and possibly no happy endings, keeping with the theme of the original game of how there is "no happiness" to be found in the Literature Club.
While each mod takes place in its own universe and follows its own self-contained stories, they do reference one another and are linked in a way that will eventually be revealed in the finale project of the PWA. And with that, here are some brief descriptions of the mods themselves.

Doki Doki Shattered Time: Chronologically the first in the series. Upon learning about the death of Natsuki, MC performs some twisted ritual with the help of Amy to travel back in time to learn about the circumstances of her passing and prevent it. The story takes inspiration from Makoto Mobius and the original Corpse Party. The true end is unlocked by getting all the previous six endings in numerical order.
Doki Doki Carpe Diem: Our first ever mod and the only to not be coded by MrRocketman999. MC wants to celebrate his anniversary with Monika by taking her out and having a special day together after being dedicated to one another for so long. This takes inspiration from the kinetic visual novel Carpe Diem and illustrates the importance of what it means to seize the day and live with no regrets.
Doki Doki Tainted Love: After graduating, MC spends the summer at his grandmother's home in the country with his childhood friend Kotonoha. He invites the other girls from the club, although Monika is the only one who is able to meet up with him. There, Kotonoha and Monika find themselves at odds when old feelings and conflict arise. This mod is heavily inspired by School Days and Yanderella. It is one of the darkest in the series by far and illustrates how something innocent like love can be tainted by feelings of anger and jealousy. When I first made the original download post, I was very coy and secretive about the mod's shift in tone. However, after the backlash I got, I'm just going to straight-up tell you that there are A LOT of dark moments in this story and a major shift in tone around all three endings. There are no secret endings here, just two optional endings and one true ending.
Doki Doki Captive Heart: In a universe where the Literature Club does not exist, MC finds himself confessing to his longtime crush Monika after a bit of "divine intervention." To his shock, Monika accepts and invites him over to dinner at her house. As the evening progresses and he goes down a rabbit hole of cryptic diary scraps hidden around her house, he starts to question just how much he knows about the girl he's pined for. This mod features an interactive map that allows you to explore Monika's house as you search for clues and is named after the song Captive Heart. The mod takes inspiration from Mikoto Nikki and some from Mirai Nikki/Future Diary. It also takes and reuses a lot of themes and elements from Doki Doki October Horizon, but adds a very sinister twist to them. Monika is not self-aware in this universe and goes through life as an ordinary high school student enduring a lot of stress and high expectations. There were plans for a follow-up to this mod, but those were scrapped. There is a secret true ending to this game, which you can unlock by going through the game a second time after obtaining all previous endings. This ending provides a bit of a clue to the final mod to the PWA.
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2023.06.03 13:53 ThePixelbrain [FTB Ultimate 1.4.7] Join the longest-running FTB Ultimate community on Bedcraft – featuring custom achievements, prestige system, and offline chunkloading!


Modpack: FTB Ultimate 1.4.7
Server IP:
Discord Server:
Installation Guide: #getting-started channel on the discord

Server Features

Welcome to Bedcraft, the ultimate FTB Ultimate server!
With a history dating back to 2013 and a range of custom modifications and challenges, we offer a truly unique and enjoyable gameplay experience. Our server is centered around the community, striving to create the most enjoyable experience for everyone. Plus, our server runs TickThreading, a mod that multithreads Minecraft and greatly boosts performance. This allows us to achieve a smooth 20 TPS and support ambitious projects like 288 Fusion Reactors.
But that's not all – we've also created custom achievements to provide engaging challenges in the late game and give you some serious bragging rights among the community. Moreover, we have a prestige system that allows you to to boost your next playthrough by spending prestige points on items after resets. And as a special bonus for our players, we offer free offline chunkloading from the moment you join the server. This means that all your items will continue to run 24/7 without the need for you to be online, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of your base even when you're away. We believe this rare and valuable feature enhances the overall gameplay experience and are thrilled to offer it to all our players.
Our modpack, FTB Ultimate, is a true classic and a nostalgic journey. Notably, it offers the ultimate IC2 experience by including GregTech 2, a version of GT that maintains the spirit of the game without excessive grind or disruption to vanilla gameplay.
Feel free to join our community and experience the ultimate FTB Ultimate experience, join us on Our Discord server also has a #getting-started channel with an installation guide, as well as a (very recommanded) custom version of the modpack with quality-of-life improvements. We can't wait to see you in-game!
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2023.06.03 13:52 Big-Basis-2872 I just wanted to share. Hope this brings a deeper understanding to others.

We had known each other for about 3 years before our first union. I’ve always had this magnetic pull towards her but we never had a lot of time together. My mother randomly invites me to this festival I felt iffy about going to but I went anyways. As i was packing before leaving, I felt that I was about to meet someone very special.
The day we re-met (10/2022) was when I arrived at the fest. I was relaxing at my moms camp and there she was, in all her radiance. I spoke out to her, we instantly hit it off, and evidently her and my mom became friends the day prior. I felt this undeniable feeling of love for her which threw me off with how early it was. Regardless, I knew what I was feeling was as true. The conversations we shared felt so aligned. I remember her mentioning that she already started building a relationship with her future daughter and for some reason her name really stuck out to me. As we were talking with my mom, my mom invites her to stay and help out with our land in Brazil. She replies ecstatically and shared how she’s been wanting to move to South America since she was a child.
After the festival, the universe managed to align us both to attend another festival the weekend after. On the first day of the fest, we both thought it would be a good idea to host a little changa ceremony (smokable ayahuasca) to start off the weekend grounded before everyone indulges in other substances.
The whole ceremony was beautiful. She was taking care of all the little things I wasn’t thinking about and vise versa. I served her last, she didn’t finish her bowl, and I had this intuitive feeling to take a hit of it as it was still ignited. Although it was a small hit, I was blasted in along with her. I saw her in the most beautiful radiant light. She was a goddess, the divine feminine; the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. She told me she saw me as a god, the divine masculine. We looked around and saw that our entire soul family was there cheering us on and elated that we were aware of our connection. I remember crying with joy as I returned, thanking the universe for that experience. Shortly after we held each other as we shared our first ‘I love you’.
Later that day as we were sitting and listening to the music, she turns to me and says “so we’re soul mates right?” and I replied with “we’re at least soul mates, no doubt about it”. I begin to see this giant energetic vortex coming down straight from the sky in between the both of us as she says “we’re twin flames”. It instantly all made sense, the unexplainable connections, synchronicities, and signs from the universe. She then hits me with “you have (daughters name’s) eyes”. I was never really interested in having kids but this made me feel happy and excited. The relationship was already so beautiful and divine, I can’t even imagine what an experience it would be to raise and teach and learn from her. I knew there would be nothing but growth, love and healing emanating from that relationship.
As time goes by I notice that she sometimes doubts that experience. I almost had to remind her or reassure her at times. I also noticed she wouldn’t always reply with “I love you” when I would say it to her. It never bothered me for a second. I honestly thought it was cute that she felt overwhelmed with the feelings. It took her quite some time to open up into that space of love and vulnerability but I don’t think she fully got to that space.
Things were progressing beautifully in my eyes. We were serving changa whenever and wherever it was needed; we were able to offer so much healing to our friends and family. My future son came to me and she deeply resonated with his name and shared that she had been seeing it everywhere for months and knew she’d meet someone important with that name. We were making all the right moves towards moving to Brazil to build a healing center and homestead there. She got further in Duolingo than I got (I grew up learning Portuguese lol), got her dog all ready for the trip with vaccines and a passport, sold her valuables. We had told all of our friends and family that we were moving for good; we just didn’t buy out tickets yet.
She sits me down to talk and shares how she wants to work on how she’s always running. She shares how she never lived in one place longer than 6 months growing up so she never had any long lasting friendships/relationships and if there was any problems, she never had to work on them. She said she needed some space to think and be alone. Four days goes by and she comes by my house after work with all my things and says that she believes it’s time for our romantic relationship to end. She says that I deserve someone who knows and that she wasn’t sure herself. I asked if she still believed that we were twin flames and she said she didn’t know if she believed that concept but that she knew we have a strong soul connection. She said she felt that our soul contract was completed and that we taught each other everything we needed to. She did say that she wanted to still be close and that I am her best friend. I didn’t resonate with any of what she said but I accepted things as they were. My whole reality was shattered. That was the last possible thing I expected to happen.
3 days after I joined a mushroom ceremony my mom was hosting. I felt very very deeply but it was needed. My son came to me to reassure me that everything was okay. He taught me to step more into my masculine and become more of the ‘lion’ im meant to be to fully support my family. My daughter came to me the days prior and has continued to come to me through dreams and meditation. I saw her face in detail the other night.
I had the opportunity to come to Brazil with my mom later that month and I took it. I’m currently in Brazil and I’m glad I took that step. I’ve been dreaming of her here. I saw her meditating right next to me around the fire with my family. I had a dream of us in a style of home that is commonly built in this area (I didn’t know until the other day). I have been noticing a lot though. I spun fire for the first time and I thought she’d be the first to support me since she introduced me and taught me a lot of what I know (she didn’t). I noticed she unfollowed me on Duolingo and had blocked me from all her story posts and mine. I notice emotions that come up that don’t feel like mine. I feel like it’s coming from her. I can literally feel her the minute she reads a text I send. I find it interesting because she normally gets over relationships much faster than this (not that it was a normal relationship).
It hurts me but at the same time I have so much compassion because I know she’s going through it. I know all of this is needed and I know she’s my twin. Nothing can shake that out of me but it feels like there’s two sides of me that are constantly conflicting each other. My ego wants an explanation and to understand but my soul knows things beyond my ego’s comprehension. All I can do now is work on myself and trust. I know I’m not being punished and I know the best is coming to me. The universe has helped me get this far and I trust it doesn’t end there. This journey is like no other.
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2023.06.03 13:52 quickswitch123 I was on a company trip and the hotel glass shower door fell off and shattered…

I was on a company trip to visit my company’s other location in a different state. I stayed at a chain hotel and was taking a shower. The shower door was off the rail so when I tried to open the shower to get out and it just fell off onto the ground, shattered, and cut up my body. I have scars from it still.
I toughed it out and went out to dinner but didn’t go to the hospital. The next day I tried to go to urgent care to get stitches.
Can I be compensated for this?
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2023.06.03 13:51 Stunning-Public7074 The Beggar (spoiler review)

  1. The parasite This is almost an improvement over the demo, however, giras vocals are too echoey at times and also get too loud. Like the song is relatively quiet instrumental wise, but gira just wanted obnoxious vocal spikes. I do however really appreciate the new (synthy??) Direction it took, it's good for what it is. Sadly I have another problem with it, it just doesnt end ever, like seriously, whatever energy hes trying to make me catch isnt working whatsoever. hopefully in time I'll enjoy it more. 87/100
  2. Paradise is mine This song is a good transitional piece, I don't think it does anything too interesting but that's fine. It doesn't really need that, it's got a catchy riff and that's all it needs, the song pulls itself together in classic swans fashion. 96/100
  3. Los Angeles city of whatever Official album mix is a billion percent better. This song does disrupt the flow of the tracklist, I'd rather this song had been removed but still released as a single. It's decent, just doesnt belong right here. 90/100
  4. Michael is done Not a fan of the layered vocals. The female singers voice does not mesh well with giras. Instrumental is solid though, I'll give it that. The chime or xylophone thing idk sounds good, very nice. Ear candy even. I hate how he keeps repeating the words "is done" like bro I get it, you're done now be done and stfu my God man. It's not even ironic it's just a bit annoying. The song gets filled in nicely after all that and makes up for its slightly subpar beginning. I like the heavenly choir in the back, it's a nice touch. Basically a better version of anything off of leaving meaning. Only bad thing about swans is that if I'm ever just slightly not in the mood for repetition most of their songs take a major hit, right now I'm tired so this is a little long winded. This means that when I'm fully awake it'll be a good song. But really though this goes on for a while please end please I'm bored cause adhd plz. I don't like the abrupt cut back to the chorus, doesn't work. 0/10 jk feeling maybe an 85/100
  5. Unforming It sounds like Annaline became a fucking nihilist but doesn't want to get violent. The album is pretty decently well paced so far. Annaline/10 (9/10) nice beautiful sounding song that does a good job and doesn't have a bad moment. I almost want to force the entirety of leaving meaning into this tracklist just to make it longer, but I'm sure the beggar lover will do that all by itself lol. God this song is slow, but it sounds good so I still can't knock it at all. Oh my God a switch up, freedom from fear guys omg. Swan reference? Remember that time on to be kand where he scream fredon? But fr tho it sounds fucking incredible, my brain is just schizoing out rn cause yes. The way the vocals are layered makes it sound like he's saying free yum instead of freedom, 0/10 now. Bad gira.
  6. The beggar I kinda wish it was 30 minutes long like the live version. Other than that fatal misstep it's a solid song with an atmosphere thick enough to be thick ig. Ominous sounding. Omg gira said he's gonna steal a child, guy's we gotta stop this mad man. What will he do next? 7/11?? Okay that build up was fantastic, song just picked up the pace but I'm gonna assume like with the live version, it's gonna get bigger.
Omg he said freedom again, America reference mayhaps?
Yk for how bitchy Michael acts on stage when a fellow band mate messes up a note, you'd think maybe he'd quit fucking up the vocal layering randomly. Straight up hypocrisy to an annoying extent. Oh for fucks sake, the shitty ass scream into the second climax took away all power it had. That was pathetic. The background vocals saved it, nvm. I still think that scream was ass tho. If your voice can't handle it, don't do it, it'll sound like shit and leave assholes like me disappointed. I didn't even really have that high of expectations but this kinda falls flat for me, the cracks are staring to show in this album and it's kinda just sad. 73/100, I really hope this shit will grow on me man
  1. Ebbing Okay already some interesting -nvm Shitty folk instrumental, thanks for the blue balls. I definetly needed that after the last pair you gave me. This female is not jarboe (the only real woman) background vocals are kinda mid, and also feel off. Like poorly spliced together. You can tell where they took shortcuts on this album and as a result it's really starting to piss me off man. There are areas where he just splices the demos over the instrumentals and it sounds terrible. I don't know how he thought these vocals sounded good. Please dear God grow on me please. This girls vocals are best suited for build ups, not for passive background noise. #bringbackjarboe My expectations keep lowering and - oh Okay now it's coming together alright, I am just an asshole. Song is music again, on the 7th day God said let there be swan. Genuinely very pretty sounding instrumental here, I'll quit bitching and enjoy it while it lasts. Wow, originally this was maybe a 60/100, this ending has really pulled it together though, 10/10 I like what they went for, it worked. The blue ball beggar still hurts though :( Omg 3 more minutes, really? It better do something else, as good as this sounds you can't just slap on 6 minutes of good music to make up for a mid intro. That'd be lazy, oh no that's what Mr swan is doing. sigh Gira, please, come on dude, I believe in you, do the thing that glow man did with big boom. This is me writing out of boredom, which isn't the albums fault, I'm just tired. Whatever still sounded good and honestly didn't drag as much as I thought it would, still a 10/10
  2. No more of this I'd really prefer if there were more of this. I'd also prefer if Mr gira wasn't a hypocrite, in this case it's not the layering, it's the way he attempts to drag out notes. Yikes man, really? Whatever, I'm being too negative, ill keep listening and give it a fair shot yk. Instrumental is nice, same as demo. I think I prefer the demo album over this one so far :( Please gira, just make it stop you're killing my heart and not in the good way. This album is really just not doing it for me. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep. This sure is a song. It sure does keep going. If there ain't a payoff for this slow build I'm gonna die. No really fr, I'll die, I have a weak heart. Oh no, the payoff isn't sounding too hot. I'm really trying to not be negative but this album just feels like a failed experiment. I will give this song credit tho, I think that the payoff is good but isn't for me. Or maybe it'll get better idk. Songs not over yet. Yea that was just okay. Idk man, I really don't like being this negative, it's just not working for me 78/100
  3. Why can't this song title be slightly shorter than that book report I wrote in the seventh grade? Sounds nice so far, please don't let it fall flat later on. It's very (I'm terrible with descriptive word so I hope this is the right one) despondent. The background vocals along with the riff makes this feel like the type of shit that zombies dance to at 3:37 pm est. Oh shit nice, now it sounds more menacing. "I feel wrong in this skin" me too buddy. If you really don't like it you should just peel it off. Peel off your skin. This song is kinda a vibe man, wishing we got more of this instead of yk, all the shit I've been complaining about nonstop. Haunting and loud, also it's the good repetitive that swans excells at. Nice nice. Builds up into something so the last 2 minutes don't drag, classic swan moment. 86/100
  4. The beggar lover (three) I will not bitch about this song even if it's slow, it's 40 some minutes it can take its time to impress me. Background vocals sound good again, like the first half of Frankie m. Oh nice, this song is going somewhere. It's using some bits from previous parts. The chimes are cool and nice sounding. I want them inside me (sexually). Big drum moment. I'm not closing my eyes, sorry. Oh, this is the 30 minute beggar from the live shows isn't it? Nice. But if that's the case, why have other worse beggar? To show you can improve? Congrats??? Whatever, I'll get over myself eventually don't worry. Holy shit this sounds so fucking good. This is the beggar I wanted. I don't know how swans pulled it off but this makes up for every problem I had earlier with all of these songs. Holy shit. I'm in love. Did they put all their effort into this one song and rush everything else? Like seriously, wtf happened. I love this man, 11/10 fucking hell. I love you Mr gira, send me more swan thx. This weird middle section with knick knack paddy wack is surprisingly not bad and actually dread inducing. Idk how but wow. And now gentle guitar strum. Hmm, interesting choice to have a song from leaving meaning called leaving meaning at the end of this song. It's good, just kinda lost me at the end. 95/100 it's incredible solid and I appreciate it for what it is.
  5. The memorious The weird vocals that have popped up on this album actually sound decent here. it's a good way of getting you into the groove of this song. The baby coos don't work here, on the demo they worked fine due to the lack of finished instrumental, but here it's distracting and sound like, and don't take this the wrong way, he just slapped it there because he thinks it belongs. This has happened several times during this album, things being placed wherever without care or effort. Really frustrating. Like actually annoying and pulling me out of the fantastic instrumental. Every time I begin to enjoy it I hate it again because the baby coos and I hate the fucking sound of children. Maternal instincts my ass, I'd football that little bitch ass toddler out a 10th story window. Thanks gira for ruining the 1 thing this song had going for it by having the crying baby continue crying throughout the song for no rhyme or reason and only at times where it'd be the most distracting. This would be a great closer without the baby coos and if the album wasn't overall mid. My God man, why? Gira, you can't just finish half the album and quit on the second half. The demos sound better. Well okay, mostly, the end here sounds good except for the baby coos because they only play at distracting times. I'm tired of being negative, this is genuinely disappointing and not worth the wait. I'd rather have not heard this, because if I hadn't I'd no longer feel this empty pit in my chest. 10/100 because the baby coos ruin everything that could be good here. Fucking annoying.
It's an 88/100 album, which is odd because the quality control has just completely disappeared. This is the worst swans album since the reunion and it's so disappointing I feel genuinely angry, yet somehow it isn't that bad. I guess what's upsetting is watching them just poorly splice shit together. It still sounds good, but I can tell 0 effort was put in. This album can't grow on me because every problem comes from the lazy ass production. This album had way less care put into it and as such it causes a frustrating and miserable experience, even if it occasionally impresses with you with the jingly keys (haha get it cause baby and last song had baby noise? HA Comedy.) Fuck it, if they're gonna be this lazy with the production then I'm just gonna score unfairly (like that will solve anything) 65/100, do better.
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2023.06.03 13:49 vegicom How do Vegetarians Get Protein

How do Vegetarians Get Protein

Contrary to what some people might think, going meat-free doesn’t mean sacrificing your protein intake.
Plenty of delicious and nutritious plant-based sources can give vegetarians the protein boost they need to stay strong and healthy.
So, whether you’re a seasoned vegetarian or just considering dipping your toes into the veggie pool, let’s explore the wonderful world of vegetarian protein options together.
Get ready to discover some tasty and protein-packed alternatives that will have you saying, “Who needs meat?” in no time!
The good news is that plenty of excellent plant-based protein sources exist for those who choose not to eat meat.
First, we have legumes like beans, lentils, chickpeas, and peas. These little guys are like superheroes when it comes to vegetarian protein.
They’re packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You can make all sorts of yummy dishes with them, like a hearty bean chili or a creamy hummus dip.
Next up, we’ve got tofu and tempeh. Tofu and tempeh are made from soybeans and are super high in protein. Marinate and grill tofu for flavorful skewers, or try crispy tempeh bacon.
Ever heard of quinoa? It’s a grain-like seed that’s one of the proven ways vegetarians get protein.
It has all the essential amino acids your body needs and adds a nice texture to dishes like salads, stir-fries, and veggie burgers.
Quinoa is a winner when it comes to both taste and nutrition.
So, you might have heard people say that vegetarians must combine different plant-based foods to get all the essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) they need.
Well, that’s where complete protein combinations come into play!
For vegetarians who rely on plant-based sources, it’s important to know which foods to mix and match to ensure they get a complete protein profile.
Luckily, there are plenty of plant-based foods that are packed with protein. Legumes like beans, lentils, and chickpeas are fantastic sources.
They may not have all the essential amino acids, but they’re low in some and high in others.
So, by combining them with other foods, you can create a complete protein powerhouse.
Hummus, made from chickpeas, is a vegetarian’s best friend. It’s creamy, flavorful, and packed with protein.
Pair it with whole wheat pita bread, and you have a complete protein snack perfect for dipping.
Quinoa is an amazing grain high in protein and contains all the essential amino acids.
Toss it with various colorful veggies like spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, and some olive oil dressing, and you’ve got a protein-packed salad that’s both nutritious and delicious.
One of the main reasons soy-based products are where vegetarians get protein is because they are packed with complete proteins.
That means they contain all the essential amino acids your body needs to build and repair tissues. It’s like a protein party in every bite!
Soy milk is a fantastic alternative to cow’s milk, enriched with protein and other nutrients.
You can use it in your morning cereal, blend it in smoothies, or even pour it into your coffee. It’s creamy, delicious and gives you that protein power kick to start your day right.
We also have soy-based meat substitutes like soy burgers, soy sausages, and soy-based deli slices. These tasty treats mimic the texture and flavor of the meat while giving you a protein punch.
They’re perfect for grilling at your next barbecue or adding to your favorite sandwiches. Say goodbye to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on that burger fix!
Nuts and seeds are like tiny nutritional powerhouses that pack a punch for protein. Not only are they tasty and versatile, but they also offer a wide range of health benefits.
Let’s start with nuts. Whether you’re into almonds, walnuts, cashews, or peanuts, these crunchy delights are excellent protein sources.
Almonds, for example, are rock stars in the protein department. Just a handful of almonds can give you a decent protein boost to keep you energized.
Plus, they’re loaded with heart-healthy fats, fiber, and essential vitamins.
Now, let’s move on to seeds. Chia, flaxseeds, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds are just a few examples of the amazing protein-packed goodies in this category.
Chia seeds, in particular, are pretty incredible. These tiny black or white seeds are packed with protein and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
You can sprinkle them on your morning cereal or yogurt or mix them into your smoothies for an added protein boost.
So, as you see, my fellow, nuts, and seeds are some of the most reliable sources for vegetarians to get protein!
Now, let’s dive into protein supplements and how vegetarians can get their protein fix.
Protein supplements usually come in powders to mix into smoothies and shakes or sprinkle over your morning oats.
They’re incredibly convenient, and they can give your protein intake a little boost.
One of the great plant-based protein options is pea protein. Yes, we’re talking about those little green guys! Pea protein is another complete protein source, and it’s gentle on your tummy too.
It mixes well with liquids and can be a fantastic addition to your post-workout smoothie or a mid-day protein pick-me-up.
Another one is the marvelous hemp protein. No, it won’t make you high—sorry to disappoint!
Hemp protein is made from the hemp plant’s seeds and isis a wonderful plant-based protein source. It has a mild, nutty flavor and packs in all those essential amino acids.
So, how do you incorporate these protein supplements into your vegetarian lifestyle?
Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Add a scoop of your chosen protein powder to your favorite smoothie recipe.
Tofu is a classic vegetarian protein option. Slice it up and stir it with colorful vegetables like broccoli, bell peppers, and snow peas.
Add garlic, ginger, and soy sauce for a tasty Asian-inspired flavor. EnjoyEnjoy it alone, or serve it over a quinoa or brown rice bed.
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2023.06.03 13:49 queenliz2fr Voldemort's many victims

Inspired by the comment that I made in this post:
Harry dies in the forest but the sacrificial protection is enacted. When Slughorn and Charlie show up with reinforcements for the second part of the battle of Hogwarts, most of the Death Eaters are killed or neutralized and Voldemort, even if still powerful enough to fight Slughorn, McGonagall and Kingsley even with his crippled powers is still not powerful enough to fight an entire army alone. He gets apprehended and thrown in Azkaban isolated from everybody else. Normally he would have been sentenced to death but by now everyone agrees with Hagrid's statement that he has become too much less than a human to be able to die.
One night as he is pondering in his loneliness over his frustration that he knows so much more magic than anybody else but is unable to use it, he sees his mom who tells him to repent for his crimes because she saw what he will become otherwise and shows him the flayed baby from the King's Cross chapter. Voldemort disregards it thinking it's a trick of the mind and the dark room.
Then the next day he is visited by Myrtle who tells him she had always looked up to him. He was so charming and so good at everything and so popular, while she was a loser and Tom Riddle was the only one who ever acted nice to her when told some classmates who were bullying her to leave her alone. Voldemort just shrugs and responds that he was a prefect and was just doing his duty and doesn't even remember her name. He killed her by accident because he didn't know there was someone else in the bathroom and accuses her that it was because of her he was forced to forever shut the Chamber of Secrets.
Next day he is visited by his father and his grandparents. They all express shame about what Tom had turned out in life. Despite always hating the paternal side of his family, he surprisingly starts to feel a bit embarrassed while watching the disappointed looks on their faces.
The third day he is visited by Hepzibah Smith who is still shocked about Tom's betrayal. She reveals that she had always loved Tom and while she never expected a young handsome boy like him to love an "old hag" like her back, she still treated him like a son and a friend. She revealed her deepest secrets to him and welcomed him into her house, always gave him a nice tip because she knew Mr. Burke was a miser who underpaid and overworked his employees. Now what's this? Is Tom feeling a shadow of guilt.
And so it happens every night some ghosts being accusatory, others questioning his unnecessary brutality towards them, until he gets to James and Lily. Both mock him for being such a coward as trying to kill a defenseless baby, only to meet his downfall at his hands. They are followed by Bertha Jorkins, Frank Bryce, Cedric Diggory and the mother with the two children whom he killed in his quest for the Elder Wand. They all ask him what had they done wrong to him in order to deserve to be killed. Voldemort thinks he is going to collapse in tears after such a lengthy torment especially when the ghosts are joined by the envoy of Gringotts who yell at him for killing them just for being bearers of the bad news and with occasional flashes of Grindelwald toothless smile mocking him by asking him "Did you get what you were looking for?". The group is finally joined by Snape whose throat is still bleeding and says through gargles "I have always been faithful to you, my lord (the words are uttered mockingly) and put my skills to the best of my ability to your service. Yet when I came with a simple request of not killing a person that wasn't even on your target list, if fell on deaf ears. Serves you right!"
For the first time in many, many, many years Voldemort collapses to the ground and starts crying while saying to what may seem to an outsider no one in particular "I'm sorry! I'm sorry I killed you all!" and then everyone disappears except for two people. Voldemort suddenly feels at peace as Dumbledore and Harry, who despite their antagonism in life, look at peace and have kind looks on their faces. They point towards a light.
"Well I think Tom it's time to join us," says Harry.
"But why did all this happen?" asks Voldemort confused.
"Don't you remember Tom that I once told you there are worse ways of destroying a man," explains Dumbledore. "To be quite frank I hoped it would last longer but seems your mother's love saved you from beyond the grave from the fate I had in store for you."
"So am I dead?"
"I think so, your soul appears to be mended," responds Dumbledore. "It seems like you really came to feel remorse about all your victims after having to see their faces every night over the past couple of years. Unfortunately I don't think your body made it. Feeling remorse after making horcruxes can be quite an intense feeling. So much so that it will break the heart and kill the body."
"But then why didn't I die earlier?"
Dumbledore chuckles at this and for the first time Tom actually gets to see the infamous twinkle in the eyes, "Well you see Tom? It was all part of my plan. Remember when I told you that merely killing you won't satisfy me. I wanted to see you suffer through your neverending torment before you finally embraced death through remorse."
"What do you mean?" asked Voldemort confused. "I thought you had Potter destroy all my horcruxes so I would be mortal again."
"I might have mislead Mr. Potter here and his friends with regards to one of your horcruxes. I knew you managed to also turn Gryffindor's sword into a horcrux and I knew no one willingly helping you got access to it. I wanted to keep it intact so you'll have all eternity to finally die by your remorse," explained Dumbledore in a kind tone.
"But I never managed to get a hold of the sword of Gryffindor because that dumb hat would not let me," said Voldemort quite frustrated. "In the end I had to settle for Nagini just to accomplish my obsession with number seven."
Now it was Dumbledore's turn to look shocked, "Wait what? You actually made your pet snake - a living mortal creature with an average lifespan of 30 years - the container of your soul? Not even I thought you were that stupid, Tom."
Voldemort looked away in embarrassment and Harry also looked at his former teacher quite confused.
There was a long silence before Harry decided to break it by pointing towards the light, "Anyways, welcome to the afterlife Tom!". Tom realized that he was starting to change. His bone-white skin was starting to get a normal color and when he managed a glance at his reflection in toilet water he noticed that his facial features were becoming more human. He was ready now to step into the light. It was strange. All his life he had feared death but now he was at peace. He saw the light as inviting and he knew that nothing bad would ever happen to him if he were to step into it.
But then all of a sudden heavy chains started enveloping his body and they were all tied to the dead bodies of the people that had been visiting him so often lately. They were dragging his body to the floor and they were very difficult to drag. "What's happening to me?" he asked.
"Oh yeah by the way... you have to carry the weight of all the lives you destroyed for eternity. Just feeling remorse does not spare you from the eternal punishment for your crimes," explained Harry casually. "Also don't expect a warm welcoming party in the afterlife. Now let's go!"
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2023.06.03 13:47 Kiwimaseyi 29[M4F] Anywhere - Just a French single dad looking for something wholesome, with selfie inside! :)

Is it me, or dating is becoming harder and harder? :/
Anyway, hi! I'm Raphaël, a French single dad living near Paris with my 8 years old son. It's been just us two for a while now, and the dating scene have been pretty rough on me, so I though I'd try it out here!
A little about me :
Anyway if you're interested in chatting feel free to contact me, maybe mention your age location, and add a picture so we can get the conversation going? :) I'm looking for a relationship based on trust and respect, pretty classic you might say. I'm also looking for someone that agrees to relocate, as being a single dad makes it hard to move around the globe. It's not for tomorrow of course but it's important enough to mention it. I'd be more than happy to help with the move as it's scary and expensive, money being not a problem for me!
So yeah, see you soon I hope :)
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2023.06.03 13:46 Kiwimaseyi 29[M4F] Anywhere - Just a French single dad looking for something wholesome, with selfie inside! :)

Is it me, or dating is becoming harder and harder? :/
Anyway, hi! I'm Raphaël, a French single dad living near Paris with my 8 years old son. It's been just us two for a while now, and the dating scene have been pretty rough on me, so I though I'd try it out here!
A little about me :
Anyway if you're interested in chatting feel free to contact me, maybe mention your age location, and add a picture so we can get the conversation going? :) I'm looking for a relationship based on trust and respect, pretty classic you might say. I'm also looking for someone that agrees to relocate, as being a single dad makes it hard to move around the globe. It's not for tomorrow of course but it's important enough to mention it. I'd be more than happy to help with the move as it's scary and expensive, money being not a problem for me!
So yeah, see you soon I hope :)
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2023.06.03 13:46 lyntonelectri Shocking Truths: 5 Common Electrical Safety Hazards at Home (And How to Prevent Them)

Electricity is a powerful and beneficial tool that we use every day to power our homes and appliances. However, it can also be dangerous if not used properly. Electrical safety hazards are a common cause of accidents and injuries at home. Shockingly, many people are not aware of the potential dangers and how to prevent them. In this article, we will explore five common electrical safety hazards at home and provide you with tips on how to prevent them. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or simply someone who wants to be more informed about electrical safety, this article will provide you with valuable information to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  1. Electrical hazard: Overloading Circuits
One of the most common electrical safety hazards that people face at home is overloading circuits. This occurs when too many electrical devices are plugged into a single outlet or circuit, causing the circuit to overload and trip the breaker. This can lead to overheating, fires, and other serious hazards. To prevent overloading circuits, it's important to distribute electrical devices evenly throughout your home. Avoid plugging all your devices into a single outlet or circuit. Instead, spread them out to different circuits. You can also use power strips to distribute power evenly across different devices. Another way to prevent overloading circuits is to identify which electrical devices use more power than others. Appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, and large entertainment systems can be power-hungry and require dedicated circuits to operate safely. It's important to identify these devices and make sure they are on separate circuits to avoid overloading. Finally, if you're unsure if your circuits are overloaded, it's a good idea to have a professional electrician inspect your home's electrical system. They can identify potential hazards and help you understand how to best distribute your electrical devices around your home. By taking these precautions, you can ensure your home is safe from electrical hazards and 10kW Solar System Sydney prevent the overloading of circuits.
  1. Electrical hazard: Damaged Cords and Wires
One of the most common electrical safety hazards at home is damaged cords and wires. Over time, cords and wires can become worn, frayed, or damaged due to excessive bending or pinching. This can lead to exposed wires, which can cause electrical shocks, burns, or even fires. To prevent this hazard, you should check your cords and wires regularly for signs of damage or wear. If you find any damage, replace the cord or wire immediately. It is also important to use cords and wires that are appropriate for their intended use. For example, don't use extension cords for permanent wiring, and don't use indoor cords outside. Additionally, avoid running cords and wires under rugs or furniture, as this can damage the insulation and create a fire risk. Finally, don't overload outlets with too many cords and wires. This can cause the circuit to overheat and create a potential fire hazard. By taking a few simple steps, you can prevent damaged cords and wires from becoming a dangerous electrical hazard in your home.
  1. Electrical hazard: Wet Conditions
One of the most common electrical safety hazards at home is wet conditions. Water and electricity don't mix, and when they do, it can be a recipe for disaster. Wet conditions can cause short circuits, electrical shocks, and even fires. This is why it's so important to make sure that your electrical outlets and appliances are kept dry. If your home has any areas that are prone to getting wet, such as the bathroom or kitchen, you must take extra precautions. For example, you can install ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in areas where water is present. These devices can detect any electrical current that is flowing through water and will shut off power to the outlet immediately. It's also essential to keep any electrical appliances, such as hairdryers and curling irons, away from water sources. It only takes a small amount of water to cause an electrical shock, so be sure to keep all electrical appliances and cords dry. By taking these simple precautions, you can help prevent electrical hazards and keep your home and family safe.
  1. Electrical hazard: Outdated Electrical Systems
Link:e of the most common electrical safety hazards at home is outdated electrical systems. Many older homes have electrical systems that are not up to the current safety standards. These systems may have exposed wiring, overloaded circuits, or other issues that can cause electrical hazards. Outdated electrical systems can also be a fire hazard, which can put your family's safety at risk. To prevent this hazard, it's important to have your electrical system 10kW Solar System Sydney inspected by a licensed electrician. They can identify any issues and provide you with the necessary upgrades to ensure your home meets the current safety standards. Upgrading your electrical system may include replacing old wiring, upgrading your circuit breaker, or installing new electrical outlets. These upgrades can help keep your family safe from electrical hazards and give you peace of mind knowing that your home is up to the latest safety standards. Remember, electrical safety is not something to take lightly, so it's important to stay vigilant and take the necessary steps to keep your home safe.
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2023.06.03 13:43 Denizozy1 One of each class in one image

One of each class in one image
Marksman: Telling dad jokes to rifleman Rifleman: About to strangle marksman Medic: Why don't you pay attention to your surroundings next time? I am tired of you getting you off the ground 3 times in every mission we go on! Shotgunner: Sorry doc... Specialist: Trying to unjam his rifle after dropping it in mud Gunslinger: How is your pistol better than mine? Shield bearer: I have no clue H. Pilot:Humming stereo heart
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