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2023.03.30 04:12 x3nevetsx3 Andrew wiltse’s new video: Why You Still Suck at BJJ

Turn off the flying triangle and buggy choke instructionals on YouTube. In my opinion Andrew Wiltse’s new video is the single best video I’ve ever seen for getting better at jiu jitsu. Better than any technique video you can find. He teaches you how to think about you’re training. Anyone else agree or have an opinion on it?
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2023.03.30 04:11 GenghisQuan2571 Appreciation for Borderlands worldbuilding, from a game design perspective

One of the things that strikes me is how the Borderlands themselves are actually designed very well from a game design perspective, for example:
TLDR version: the Borderlands are hard but ultimately not without mercy, the whole thing is difficult, but it's not so much I Wanna Be The Guy, and more like getting 102% completion on Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
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2023.03.30 04:11 HauntingKiwi5389 chance me as a junior for these reach schools, don't know a specific major yet:

I don't particularly know which colleges I want to go to, but I maybe want to apply to WashU/NYU (major reach but worth a shot), and maybe Boston/Northeastern. I'm a junior and figuring it all out but what's the chance I get into any of these selective colleges? Idk if this matters too, but I'm South Asian
GPA: 96-97% weighted in fresman/junior year(around a 4.0?), and 93-94% in sophomore year. Not sure unweighted since our school only puts weighted on transcript
12 APs, 2 in soph, 4 in junior and 6 as a senior. I might drop one as a senior to make it 11 depending on how I handle the workload.
SAT: 1520, taking another in June
ECs: 80 hrs of community service from 3 places total, 2 clubs, acapella, state music festival twice, marching band, national honor society for senior year, and a summer research program at a lab/university
I have honohigh honor roll all quarters through high school
That's all for now, since I haven't written a college essay yet. How does it look so far for me though?
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2023.03.30 04:11 Sufficient-Hyena2247 Med spouses in Atlanta?

My partner is really hoping to get an away rotation at grady (we find out on Saturday if she does.) But I’d love to get some input on how you like living in Atlanta? Pros/cons?
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2023.03.30 04:11 nilidool Wifi stops working multiple times per hour

We recently switched to unlimited data. In doing so, it was less expensive to use the Xfinity hardware instead of our own. Everything has worked great up until about a week ago. For some reason, the wifi will just stop working for a few minutes but then turn back on. It does this at least once or twice per hour. I reset the modem, but that doesn't seem to help. Any tips on how to get this working correctly again?
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2023.03.30 04:11 Worldly_Marsupial808 I’ll always be difficult to love

It’s not just because of the self-harm. That’s part of it, but not a big part. It’s just further evidence people can use to prove I’m not a sane or functional adult. And they might even be right.
I’m difficult to love because of my autism. I need a lot more support than most people and there’s a lot I’ll never be able to do or understand. I can’t work full-time. I can’t get groceries by myself. I can’t move out on my own. I can’t drive. I can barely even even leave the house.
I can’t wear clothes made of the wrong fabrics. I can’t go without socks. I can’t eat foods with the wrong textures. I can’t be in public without ear defenders.
I can’t be spontaneous. I can’t do small talk. I can’t keep from repeating people’s (or my own) words under my breath as they’re said. I can’t ‘read between the lines’ or understand subtle implications or be a good emotional support person. I can only tolerate physical contact when I initiate or get significant prior warning.
There are only two things I have ever wanted from life. The first is medical transition, which I am having a hard time accessing because I have to prove to the doctors that I am sane and capable enough to know who I am. They always treat me like a child who can’t hear or understand them, and they always ask my support person the questions instead of me. People think that autism ‘makes me trans’ so it’s not real, and they use my self-harm to prove that I am incompetent or unstable. They don’t want to let me give informed consent because they think I don’t have the capacity.
The second thing is for someone to love me for a reason besides obligation. To want to spend time with me because they like me and not because they are a relative or volunteer who is just there to help me do things then go home, or someone who pities me because I’m disabled.
I’ve been so lonely for my entire life and I have no idea how to make friends or even talk to people without scaring them away. I don’t even need a partner, I just want a real friend. Someone who sees me being weird and awkward and repeating things under my breath and rocking and having strange habits and not being able to talk sometimes, and who cares about me anyway and doesn’t see me as an incompetent child who can’t make my own choices or a charity case who doesn’t have the mental capacity to care about other people. I know I’m weird, but I’m still a whole entire person and an adult who is at least doing their best to be functional and capable and empathetic like everyone else.
But I know that it’s harder to love me than it is to love most people. I know it takes more effort and more energy and more learning, and I understand why people don’t want to do that. I don’t blame them. I’m not mad. I just wish sometimes that someone would think that I might be worth it.
Sometimes I just want to give up and not even try anymore. I will never be able to live a normal life, and I probably won’t be able to be completely independent. I might not ever find the friend I’m looking for. I feel like I’m just burdening my family too. They wanted children who would grow one day into successful adults and people they could gush about to everyone. I won’t be that. Chances are they will have to help me with things forever and I won’t even be able to become someone they can be proud of. I know I’ve made their lives very difficult and at this point I don’t even know the point of me. Why bother to stick around?
I have attempted before. Two times, once at 11 and once at 15. I failed both times, obviously, and the second time in particular was pretty traumatic. Lately I just try to distract myself with self-harm (which I have done in various forms since I was 5), but I still contemplate it a lot. It’s getting worse since being an adult and still not being able to function by myself.
Maybe this post was better suited to suicidewatch. I don’t know. I’m sorry if I’ve put this in the wrong place, I just wanted to vent. Maybe someone can relate.
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2023.03.30 04:11 Upstairs_Evidence_45 One hour later he's still crying lmaooo saying he can't compete with agencies. He supposedly is taking a trip to Mexico because he's broke and telling ppl how much he's making. Hope you get lost in Mexico and never return

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2023.03.30 04:11 gslakes Tales of the Queer Islands - Book 1.5 - Origins, interlude 3 - Chapter 012

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Origins, interlude 4: Sam
Sometime in 202x

Another uneventful ride share, home from Priti's workplace. Another point added to the expanding list of skills and services - driving lessons.
Sam's return is unmarked by the otherwise empty sharehouse, and they're grateful. Girlmoding - as exhilarating as it's been - has created unfamiliar stresses. The gaze of others carries an weight they're not yet used to.
Sam takes off their makeup - it's rapidly becoming a sensory bother - and settles back into their room.
In their absence, Sophie has - wait, set up an entire chat server?? This is surely going overboard. Sam accepts the invite Sophie has sent them, and joins the server.
It's already chaos. Sam skims the messages.
"... so is this a real thing or is this a thought experiment? ..."
"... so I'm a agritech scientist, we're going to like, work on solving world hunger, right? ..."
"... hey, I'll do research for free if someone gives me food and somewhere to sleep..."
"... I just need $300 for my rent, can anyone help? ..."
"... so hey, who has the money? Anyone know? Who should I be asking? ..."
Sam's stomach drops reading this - there could be people in trouble today that they could be helping.
"... I need $200k for this neat little particle accelerator design I have, I totally think I could crack desktop fusion..."
"... hey for $200k, I'd build you whatever you want, I'm handy with electronics..."
"... hey I have some cool 3D printing ideas, wanna team up? I totally think I can etch some 10 nanometre features..."
"... ohh, cool, that'd be really helpful for the microfluidics arrays I wanna build to make medicine, hormones..."
Sam nods thoughtfully - this might work, if resourced properly.
"... anyone else here a friend of Blahaj? ..."
"... I'm a friend of Dorothy if ya get what I mean? ..."
"... I have, like 3 Blahajs, I love them... best sea doggies..."
Sam smiles at the queer in-jokes and the trans community memes.
"... so like we're going to build a commune right? That's what Sophie said, right? ..."
"... I totally heard her say that on the call, but where are they going to build it? ..."
"... I can't leave the country, I sure hope they're going to make a commune here in South Africa..."
"... hey can we call the commune Nerdtopia? ..."
"... can we buy an island? That'd be *sooo* cool! ..."
"... what about land back? ..."
"... oh, yeah, maybe we should do some seasteading thing instead? ..."
"... hey has anyone heard of seacrete? Like, you put an electrode into seawater and you can make rock..."
"... oooh, let's *build* an island! ..."
"... I always wanted to call something the Geek Islands... like the Greek Islands, gedit? Gedit? ..."
Sam is surprised. People are already making plans and solving problems together. Without a leader, just by talking.
Just by feeling empowered to make decisions, just by feeling that there's resources available to invest in those decisions.
Sam sends a direct message to Sophie.
"Heyy Sophie, I saw the server, I mean - wow. What the heck, though? Is this... for real, do people really think they can do all these things?" Sam sends.
Sophie replies instantly - does she ever sleep, Sam wonders? "I just told them that some mysterious benefactor has $80 million dollars to spend to look after queer people."
"Huh, okay. So like, they think they're putting together proposals for someone to approve?" Sam sends back.
"Yeah, pretty much. I'm kinda surprised it's going so well without moderators, I just... kinda... told them the benefactor would be dropping in later. I think a lot of people took it that they had to be on their best behaviour."
Sam ponders this. Thinks really hard about having the responsibility of making all these decisions. Of knowing what's best for a group of people that's already way bigger than they ever imagined would be invested in this idea.
It's way too much. Sam's never been a leader before. Never been trusted with this kind of thing. A kind of panic sets in.
"Hey, so, what if I... couldn't make a decision? Like, how do we make a decisions without like, a leader." Sam types after a pause.
Sophie clearly has a bit of think too. Sam wonders what's going through Sophie's head. Eventually Sam sees Sophie's reply - "So hey, you know how I've talked about direct democracy stuff before? Like, how representatives and leaders and politicians are bad news, they just get corrupt? Maybe we could try something like that?"
Sam feels a sense of relief wash over them. Of course Sophie has an answer from her depth of political theory.
"Okay, great! Yeah, that makes sense. So I guess if I tell people I have the money, they're all going to start looking to me to lead, aren't they? And that'd spoil the whole thing?" Sam responds, a little more enthusiastically.
"Yeah, we could play it that way? Maybe we could just say the benefactor has something they want to hide - which is true! - and they want to do this on the down low. How did you want to be introduced, by the way?" Sophie queries over text.
Sam ponders again. "I guess just say that I'm someone with a background in artificial intelligence - computational linguistics. Here to help out with any automation that gets developed. It's the truth, that's my PhD after all."
Sam pauses, and pulls out their phone and opens the skills and services list again. They add leadership, project management, acting, and community moderation to the list.
They remember with a start that they haven't messaged Priti yet. They write a small essay outlining the plan so far, swearing Priti to secrecy - and - beg for Priti's help in learning how to be more assertive.
It's an anxious few hours' wait for Sam, waiting on Priti's reply. It's well after sunset when Sam gets a reply, with their introduction by Sophie on hold.
"Hey boss/not-boss, sure I can do that. Appreciate that you've come to learn from the best! I'll whip those bratty scientists into shape for ya - you just need a mistress of ceremonies to bring some order to the chaos."
Sam's relief is palpable. They send a message to Sophie to invite Priti and Rehema, and to make them moderators on the server. Along with Sophie and Sam.
Sam uses their new powers on the server to make a new hidden channel for the newly minted 'mod squad' and outlays the plan.
"Hi all! This is the channel for us moderators to talk about how we're going to make this work. We're the only people who know who has the money, but we're going to keep that to ourselves, yeah? We'll try to keep everyone working on making things better for all of us queers, all of us outside of society. And we're going to use direct democracy to make that happen. We only get as much say as everyone else does - all we have the power to do is direct the flow of conversation, and once everyone's in some form of agreement, we make the money happen. Everyone okay with this?" Sam composes and sends.
PriticalHit20: Yep!
TehRehemedy543: Yes!
SoapyGrrl420: You got it!
S4mG4teOne: Alright! Let's get to work 🙂
[first] [prev] [next]
Author's note: And that's the end of the Origins interlude! Hope you liked it!
(Hopefully I'll have Book 2 ready by the usual time next week. Or more likely, another little side story, as I'm in the middle of writing a flash forward with a concept I like.)
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2023.03.30 04:10 norahmorr needing advice about hating a coworker

so I(25f) work in a medical practice in very close proximity to an annoying and jealous coworker (23f), who i’ll call Sienna. I have been at the practice for few years and even trained sienna when she started. She takes her job seriously and is a big people pleaser, even describes herself as a big teachers pet. She presented herself as overly nice and bubbly and I genuinely liked her at first. I started to see this facade crack when a new employee started. The new girl is a little slower and made a few mistakes here and there , but she’s very like-able and catching on. Sienna, who worked mostly by herself initially, was not willing to adjust to working with new girl. She didn’t like that she was getting attention.Sienna would snatch things , expressed extreme frustration ,gossip about new girl and was just plainly mean. This went on for months. It was so jarring to see Sienna go from overly nice and bubbly , to essentially Regina George , and back to nice when manager was around. It all came to a head when Sienna completely snapped at new girl and then played victim to our superiors. She manipulated the situation to get new girl moved to another department. Now Sienna is happy and bubbly again, but our department is now short and I’m having to do more work. I can’t help but resent her now and i’m finding everything she does to be annoying. She is very liked by the managers due to her brown nosing , so going to them would not help as they haven’t seen the nasty of her. I really would like to get over this and move on as i don’t like this feeling. I like to be kind to everyone and i can’t bring myself to drop this . I do the bare minimum contact with her and leave the conversation very short when we do talk. this change is very noticeable to her, but i can’t unsee how mean she was. i’ve contemplated getting a new job even . How do I detach and not be miserable working with her?
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2023.03.30 04:10 nootdetective Chatbots and Aliens

I thought this was interesting. I posed this question for both the Bing chatbot and the GPT chatbot:
"What are the differences between reptilian and praying mantis-type aliens as claimed by "experiencers"?"
As an AI language model, I cannot confirm or deny the existence of extraterrestrial life or the accuracy of claims made by individuals who claim to have encountered them. However, I can provide general information on the characteristics that are commonly attributed to reptilian and praying mantis-type aliens by those who believe they have had encounters with them.
Reptilian-type aliens are often described as humanoid beings with scales, slitted eyes, and a snout-like nose. They are said to be intelligent and technologically advanced, with a hierarchical social structure and a tendency toward aggression and domination. Some people claim that these aliens have infiltrated human society and hold positions of power in governments, financial institutions, and other influential organizations.
On the other hand, praying mantis-type aliens are described as tall, thin, insectoid beings with elongated limbs and a triangular head. They are said to be highly intelligent and possess advanced psychic abilities. Some people who claim to have encountered these aliens report feelings of awe and reverence in their presence, as if they were in the presence of a wise and benevolent teacher.
In summary, the main differences between reptilian and praying mantis-type aliens, as described by some individuals who claim to have encountered them, are their physical characteristics, social structures, and general demeanor. However, it is important to note that these claims are highly controversial and are not supported by mainstream science or accepted as factual by the majority of people.
There are many claims about extraterrestrial life forms, but there is no scientific evidence to support them. However, some people believe that there are different types of aliens, including reptilian and praying mantis-type aliens. According to some sources, praying mantis-type aliens are tall creatures that resemble their Earth insect counterpart. They have a long-segmented exoskeleton with spindly back legs1. By far the most striking aspect of the Mantis alien is its physical kinship with the praying mantis, the carnivorous and bipedal insect of its namesake. Many report these beings as 6-7 feet tall, with long, thin torsos. Their necks, arms and hands have additional joints2. On the other hand, reptilians have scales, claws or talons, and a lizard-like snout or muzzle. In most cases they have eyes with a vertical slit pupil and a yellow or red iris. In contrast to the Grays, reptilians tend to have very well-defined musculature. They also have pronounced tendons and heavy bone structure3.
I hope this helps!
Learn more:1. paranormal.lovetoknow.com2. gaia.com3. whatsupwithufos.com4.
It's been fun finding out how much information we can get about this subject from chatbots:)
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2023.03.30 04:10 lemnisc8te If my direction is 2-3x the revenue, how should I negotiate my salary and bonuses?

If my direction is 2-3x the revenue, how should I negotiate my salary and bonuses?
Hi guys, I am a Lao Creative Director and YouTube Manager with over 5 years of experience. I specialize in product (video essays), management (workflow, writers, narrators, editors, etc) and YouTube system optimization. What I do best is identifying potential (new & profitable) niches through research and data analysis, and creating a self-sustainable team with a high probability of longterm growth. Essentially, I generate better odds for the content (mainly YouTube) department.
In the past, under my direction & management, my old YouTube project (owned by someone else) doubled its revenue twice, from $7k -> $14k -> $30k/month in around 1 year, with minimal increase in budget (Also, not mentioning the money from bookings that comes with the higher views). Sadly, my salary wasnt going up, and I also didnt get any stake in the company. So I left. After I'm gone, revenue dropped. And with the way things are being run now, it'll probably never hit $20k again, or at least will take years.
Recently, I moved to a new company. Their YouTube monthly revenue for ~10 months before I joined was ~$3k, sometimes less. Before I joined, revenue never passed $6k. But now, after 5 months and a lot of hardwork, their revenue/month is situated at ~$8k, fluctuating betweek $6k and $10k, with projections indicating that it will reach ~$20k/month at the end of this year (again, not counting money from bookings). Thus, my boss has agreed to reopen negotiation for my salary.
Now, my fixed salary is quite high in the company ($1.5k/month), since we're a startup (higher than that from my old company). It's a bit lower than what I want and what my position is getting at another city, but I'm sorta okay with that. I see myself working here longterm, so I wanna convert the salary raise and bonuses to a fixed % rate with the revenue. I'm thinking somewhere between 2-8% of the total revenue from YouTube. Because my objective is the increasing the money generating power of YouTube, thus I want my salary to be tied to it.
I'm a technical kinda guy, so all this money thing is quite new to me. I knew that I undersold my self at the old company, therefore I dont want to repeat the same mistake twice. So... business owners, or people with experience in dealing with this stuff, is tying the revenue of a project to the salary of the one responsible for that project's growth a sound decision? Am I asking too much? Or should I just go for a bigger fixed paycheck (thinking somewhere between 20-30% increase)? How do I solve this problem?
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2023.03.30 04:10 No-Focus-444 Pass/Fail option inquiry

Hey, I am in my third year and was wondering how the pass/fail option works? Will this be looked down upon by grad schools? This is a 6 credit course that im trying to pass/fail and im taking this course as an elective to complete the "Courses outside major" requirement, so would it be allowed? do I still get the credit for it?
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2023.03.30 04:10 Secret_Opportunity68 will being a nursing assistant in hs help me get into bsmd?

Hi guys! So basically I went to this event for a club organization last weekend and out of luck I was seated next to one of the sponsors and she was actually the head of HR at a big hospital nearby. She started telling me about how they are currently hiring upcoming hs seniors to be nursing assistants and paying for them to get certified through their program and she essentially offered me the job for the summer. I already have other stuff going on for this summer before senior yr but do you guys think this would be worth it for my apps to bsmd programs? (pay isn’t bad either) and also is it worth it to work as a nursing assistant?? It seems like a super laborious and tiring job tbh
Anyways lmk if you guys think I should take the job and quit my current job at Kumon lol
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2023.03.30 04:10 AutoModerator [Get] Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine Evolution 13

Get the course here:
[Get] Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine Evolution 13
ASM’s 8-module net class is comprised of over 120 video tutorials that provide a step-by-step information on find out how to create your Amazon FBA enterprise from scratch by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark
On this no-fluff Amazing Selling Machine Evolution 13 assessment in 2021, I’m going to stroll you thru every thing it’s worthwhile to learn about this course. It affords some massive guarantees and comes at a hefty price ticket, so let’s take an in depth look to find out if it’s actually all it’s cracked as much as be.
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2023.03.30 04:09 Snareman95 PSB AM5 vs AM3 with sub for home office??

This is a setup for my home office where I have been using some tiny Bose computer speakers with a small included sub. The sound is adequate given the size. I just got a pair of PSB AM5s to put in my garage, but hooked them up to my computer to see how they are and they sound amazing even without being fully broken in yet. I had planned to get a pair of the smaller AM3's paired with a SVS SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer as I don't have a ton of desk space.
So the question is since either would be paired with the sub to fill out the low end for my office, how much of a loss will there be getting the smaller AM3's?
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2023.03.30 04:09 Chronigan2 My Thoughts on volume 14

I apologize that this is so long! Though in fairness I did quote a couple of passages. If you don't want to read all of this I understand. I would however like to ask you to at least read the last few paragraphs about Elle, Kou, and the girls relationships. I want to know if anyone else feels the way that I do and if things change in the future. Not spoilers, but if things evolve or does the chaste relationship continue.
Also I have a feeling the tea they mention is based on the real life tea Rooibos if you haven't tried I would recommend it. It is very good. Now on with the way tooooo long show.
I wish we had gotten to spend more time with Maki. She feels insecure, like something could easily take away her new life and her precious friends. She is desperate to have some kind of irreplaceable bond tying her to Kou. I guess she is happy about being in the Band of Knights but it doesn't really hit for me. It would be nice if there was some ceremony or maybe the all the knights could wear something. Like a ring. I am a little disappointed they didn't go with the collar idea just because I think girls in collars are attractive.
Sanae was Sanae. She didn't get much time in this one. I am curious how the two Sanae thing actually works, but I'm not going to get hung up on it, From the dialogue it seems like their thoughts and feelings are the same, they just express it differently.
Harumi was Harumi as well. Though I did like it when she realized Clan was in love with Kou.
I got further down writing this and realized Kiriha didn't have much to do in this one either then I remembered the strip scene. I don't know how that was worded in Japanese but that was obviously a setup. The same effect could of been had if he had asked her to take off her shirt and would of been much more logical for someone to say in that situation. Still Kiriha knows what he meant and happily complies. She even calls him onii-chan, though not loud enough for anyone else to hear.
I liked that she asked him to cook the meal they had when they first met. It was also interesting that both she and Clan were a little sad that the parts of Kou they could keep to themselves were slowly being shared with everyone.
I'm glad Shizuka got some time to shine in this one. Learning how her parents died, Seeing her at the family grave and her interaction's with Kou there were great. I liked watching her fall in love. She so quickly went from being friends with Kou to feeling like her place in the universe was by his side and that she would be safe and protected. She didn't fight it at all, she embraced it.
The description of the fire was intense. I could hear the house collapsing around her and feel the heat. I think it was very well researched.I would have like to see Kou tell her about Alunaya rather than learning about him the way she did. I was a little worried about her accepting his power, that there would be some consequence or she would distance herself from Kou and the rest of the girls. Should've known better, this series seems to stay on the bright side of everything.
On the way home Kou telling her that he only had borrowed power as well was an important moment. For him I think it was the first time he had every said that to someone he cares for, and for her it made her realize strength is more than what you can accomplish on your own. I loved it when they told each other they had saved the other. I was surprised when she told Kou she loves him, and more surprised when he said it back. I think she is the first girl he has said that too. It also led me to a question that I'll ask at the end.
Kou realizing Yurika's marriage points were OVER 300!!!! was quite amusing, more so when it was announced all the other girls were up there as well. I found it interesting that he thought the Band of Knights would solve that problem. It feels like he is going to try and hide from his feelings for the girls and use the band as a substitute for having a real romantic relationship.
I was thinking Yurika's dreams were a premonition or remembering past lives. I didn't think it had anything to do with the game. It was nice to see Yurika strive for something. Once again she only got as far as she did because of her friends helping her. It was also interesting to see how much Theia had changed in the year.
I think the time on Forthorth answered some questions but made me ask even more. I felt really sorry for Elle. It was nice to see the monument Alaia left in the cave. Which begs the question of how Alia knew where they were. Seeing Kou and Clan talk about how hard it was to leave their friends in the past and kou cry about it was nice to see. I loved it when the fight was about to begin Clan is so un-worried, "Yeah, he'll win" she is his partner after all. I would love to see Clan and Kou have a real heart to heart talk.
Elle falling for Kou so fast was understandable. I wonder if he was the first person she had ever met that felt the same tug between duty and desire. She said a fiance was picked out for her, I wonder if she loved him or not. Sounds like she didn't. Which is convenient as it avoids dealing with messy feelings. I was kind of hoping Kou would tell her about Theia in some way rather than accidentally overhearing it but I guess not. I'm still wondering how she knew to build everything the way she needed too and choose Ruth to be Theia's guardian.
Seeing Clan have a really close friend was nice too. Elle was also very insistent on being Kou's wife. Considering how she kept bringing it up I wonder if she hasn't given up yet. Clan and Elle have this conversation on the bridge
Elfaria and Clan both turned to look at Koutarou. He was currently in the middle of >a serious discussion with Theia and Kiriha.He didn’t look like the high school boy >Satomi Koutarou, but the legendary hero, the Blue Knight. It was the version of him that Clan had monopolized until today.
“In fact, I’m more worried now.” “That’s true. We’re currently in a very serious situation, and―” “No, no, I’m not worried about that.”
Clan had assumed that Elfaria was worried about the coup d’etat. However, she smiled >and shook her head. That wasn’t whatwas on her mind.
“Whatever happens with the coup d’etat happens. And if I am defeated walking >alongside the Blue Knight, then so be it. As long as I do my best for the citizens, >then I will have no regrets.”
“Then what are you worried about?” “That girl. The one who called herself Harumi...” “You’re worried about Harumi?”
It turns out what Elfaria was worried about was the girl behind Koutarou listening >in on the strategy meeting, Sakuraba Harumi. But Harumi didn’t look like a threat to >Clan. She couldn’t understand why Elfaria was concerned.
“She looks just like the Silver Princess. It’s like she’s her very reincarnation.” “Surely that can’t be... She might be able to control Signaltin and it’s true she >has Alaia’s memories... But Harumi is her own person; she’s not Alaia-san.” “If I had met you first... If... I had asked you to help me first... what would you >have done, Koutarou-sama?” “What?” “That’s what the Silver Princess said before Layous-sama left. I found it recorded >in the history of the translation device that came with the data you gave me from >the armor.”
Twenty years ago, Elfaria had asked Clan for the data from Koutarou’s armor. Since >the data had direct recordings of important history to Forthorthe, it was something >she was eager to get her hands on.
“Harumi met him before anyone else, and now she is serving as the Silver Princess’s >replacement. There’s nothing I’m more worried about than that.”
Elfaria flashed a pained smile. If that wasn’t by pure chance, then what did it >mean? There was nothing that worried Elfaria, who wished for her daughter’s >happiness, more than that.
“...Fate might not be on Theia’s side.” “There’s no need to worry, Your Majesty.”
However, Clan wasn’t worried like Elfaria was. Now it was Clan’s turn to smile. “Even if your worries come to fruition, Veltlion isn’t so simple a man that he’d >accept just Harumi.” “You sound confident, Clan-san.” “I guess you could call it a woman’s intuition.” “Well, that’s a problem. It seems I’ve found yet another reason to worry.” “I won’t back down easily, you know?” “My, my, heehee... But still, it feels very strange to hear Schweigers’ daughter >speaking of a woman’s intuition.”
She is Theia's mother after all do you think Theia, would ever let anything happen to keep her from being with Kou? While I do think Elle wishes for Theia's happiness above all else. I think there is a not so small part of her that hopes she can join Ruth and Theia. As she has said multiple times, she is really good at preparing the ground work
One of my favorite scenes is at the end (by the way I would love more scenes like this between Kou and the girls) when Elle and Kou are drinking tea. and Kou is about to ask her if she still loves him and he chickens out
“Hey, Elle.” “Yes? Do you not like the taste?” “That’s not it... Do you still—”
Koutarou was about to ask something, but he changed his mind midsentence.
“Do you know that you’re still beautiful?”
In the end, he said something else. What he was about to say at first was something >that required a great deal of courage to say to someone far older than him, even if >she looked young.
Elfaria blushed a little and smiled happily. As she did, she really did look like >her younger self. She looked just like she had twenty years ago.
“That’s right, Layous-sama. I have snacks as well.” “I know your game. I bet they’re spicy.” “Would you like to eat them together?” “Only one at a time.” “Teehee, okay.”
It was a clear Sunday afternoon. The sunlight was shining in through the window on >Koutarou and Elfaria. Only their calm voices could be heard inside of the normally >noisy apartment. The only other sounds were the ticking clock, the cars driving by in the distance, and the singing birds just outside. It was a gentle, calm, and >quiet Sunday.
“These are pretty good when you only eat one at a time.” “That’s how they are. I still... love them.”
And so Koutarou and Elfaria spent their first weekend together in twenty years like >no time had passed at all.
So I think she still loves him and wonder what Kou's feelings are and what he would say if she told him. Also how would that work between mother and daughter? Would they think nothing of it and welcome her or not? Honestly if she still has feelings for him it would be too sad if they didn't welcome her in. Every girl that has fallen for Kou has fallen hard, in that eventually they get to the point that if he died they would stop functioning. With the way Theia's birth was described it makes it easy to say Elle has never loved another man. Her living her whole life like that is heartbreaking. Alaia did as well but at least she could stay by his side as Signaltin. Luckily Charl was too young or the Mastir line would be cancelled.
This brings me to kind of my biggest complaint maybe or realization about this series. While all these girls are head over heels in love with Kou, they all seem content to stay by his side and bask in the warmth of his presence, but nothing more.
Except Yurika. But that doesn't look like it will happen again, as she got embarrassed just holding his hands this time.
It just seems so chaste, so sanitized. I don't want graphic depictions of sex acts but something beyond hand holding something not so perfect and clean would be nice. Something a little more real.
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2023.03.30 04:09 vampireheart326 Sleepy baby wants to sleep with big sister

So we're in the 4 month sleep regression (yay!) and I've noticed a pattern. 4mo (aka "Autumn") has only been going to sleep when I tuck in my 3yo ("Maple"). For reasons I don't want to go into, I usually have to stay with Maple until she falls asleep so I try to get Autumn to bed in her crib beforehand. Again, sleep regression is in full swing and Autumn is never asleep by the time Maple needs to be in bed so I've been taking Autumn in with me to lay with her as long as she's drowsy enough. I can lay with Autumn alone in bed or on the floor but she won't fall asleep. Tonight and last night I've had to take Autumn in to tuck in Maple. Both fell asleep at the same time. The girls absolutely adore each other and Autumn lights up when she sees Maple or plays with her. It's the cutest thing.
As for Maple, we're in the process of breaking bad habits but will have to see how things turn out after some health problems are resolved.
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2023.03.30 04:09 redvariation Question on luggage for a Europe trip

Hi all, we are traveling from the US to Europe. Flying KLM to AMS, then train to Frankfurt, then Lufthansa flight to Lisbon, and finally return Porto>CDG>USA flights.
Since we will be traveling some on trains, we want to travel light. The entire trip is 3 weeks but we will have accomodations where we can do laundry.
My wife has a 25" Travelpro suitcase that has great wheels on it even after many years. So we wanted to get some smaller carry-on sized Travelpro (Crew) spinners with really good wheels. This will allow us to walk a mile or so from train stations to lodging, also make it easier to travel light on trains.
So question - Travelpro isn't that cheap compared to our previous Samsonite/etc. They seem to have 22", 21", and 20" rollers/spinners. We checked out the 22 and 21 and compared their dimensions to the official luggage allowances for carryons with our airlines and even the 21 is technically too large when including wheels. Yet getting down to the 20", that is pretty tiny.
We could check our rollers on the flights and still be light for the trains, but it would be nice to just carry them onto our flights. So the question is - I know that we might be technically violating size limits on Delta/KLM/Lufthansa/Air France, but how strict are these airlines? We don't want to buy expensive "carryons" and then find out we can't carry them on. But we also don't want to limit the storage we have unnecessarily.
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2023.03.30 04:09 OKahunaSea Avoiding mom as much as possible because I resent her (M22) (F57)

My mom has been a hoarder my whole life, this affected my brother and I socially since we could rarely have our friends over and there have been year long gaps between friends visiting. I would either hang out with them or at their place.
It is stressful to always having a cluttered environment, seeing her stuff all around. I have tried on my own or with my father’s help, its not an organization issue its a space issue. I cleaned, organized, got rid of as much as I could. I got yelled at and things reverted shortly after.
I have talked to my mom several times, sometimes in tears about how this negativity affects our family and she admitted its up to her to fix it. She knows that, we all do, its her stuff after all.
She runs off to work and makes herself busy, during covid she was out of work for 3 months, nothing changed besides small cosmetics like the handrails to the stairs being cleaned or the cabinets being dusted. She isn’t the bread winner, spent 80k on a new car, she could make the time in the past 20 years we lived here.
She said she “gave up her career,” to take care of my brother and I. I was hurt by this, as if we were a burden.
She knows its an issue, my whole childhood we couldn’t talk to her since she can’t handle criticism. She would yell at us.
Last year she said she would rather get in a car accident than be home with us. It was after I threw away some of her food in the fridge that wasn’t expired yet (I have a history of doing this since its full of crap that is rotten) That was the last straw, I immediately cried and told her she cannot say that to her son/family. She apologized.
She has caused so much stress and hurt I don’t want to be around her as much as possible. Even normal days like today, she made dinner and is normal acting, but I still don’t want to be around her. I believe family is number 1 but at what point do I love from afar?
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2023.03.30 04:09 _heisenberg__ Is there a power up to add images to checklist items?

I do design work and i typically get feedback that refers to something visual (duh). Based on how I have my board setup, I compile to feedback as checklists since they refer to a specific project.
But what id like to do is post a screenshot with the specific checklist item so I have a visual frame of reference. I’d hate to create cards for every piece of feedback I’d need to address.
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2023.03.30 04:09 noidontlikealmonds I’m getting closer to my suicide date.

This is my first post, I need somewhere to vent, so why not. Lots of trauma dumping in this (sorry but it’s my first time getting these thoughts out of my head) For context, I don’t think I’ve ever felt necessarily right in the head. Ever since i was small i felt as if I wasn’t supposed to be here. I’ve endured lots of trauma in my life (emotional, sexual). Each wound only making death seem so much more peaceful than life could ever be. I could go into specifics, but it’s too much shit to even type out. I’ve never had a person I could just talk to about all of this. I have to keep all of this inside me and it hurts. My family, who have always provided for my physical needs(i am grateful for that,truly), have always neglected me emotionally. I don’t feel comfortable expressing my emotions around them, as they have always mocked me for my sensitivity and “craziness” growing up. My mom specifically, hated me in my childhood, giving me mommy issues and an ED. She’s better now, but I try to keep our interactions short. I have a few friends, but none that I can be this honest with. I got into my first relationship a few months ago, but they dumped me right when I finally felt comfortable enough to let my guard down. They made me feel so safe, just to trigger all my abandonment issues within 5 days.The day things ended led me into a dark spiral where I came very close to harming myself. I hadn’t cried that hard since I was a child being verbally assaulted by my mother. Everyday feels like I’m fighting a battle with myself, and i know that someday I won’t be able to fight anymore. I don’t have access to a diagnosis as of now, but I would compare ALL of my symptoms to that of Bipolar 2 disorder. I scare myself sometimes, as I never know how I’ll feel each day. I was so happy and hyperactive yesterday, but today I had 2 panic attacks back to back and cried myself to sleep on the floor. I’ve been telling myself for years that if things don’t get better by the time I’m 25, I’ll have one final, peaceful day where I can go to the zoo, have some drinks, listen to my favorite music, get dolled up; later that evening I would swallow a bottle of pills, then drive into a lake. Just turned 19, and things aren’t looking too good for me. I’m thinking of changing it to 23. I hate when people tell me “you have your whole life ahead of you” because I know i truly don’t. I know that my mental illness will catch up to me and kill me someday. The worst part is knowing I won’t be missed too much. Love is the one thing I desire the most in this world, and I feel like it’s the only thing that can save me at this point. I know it sounds embarrassing, but for someone who has had to pick up the pieces of my own heart for every mental breakdown, I just need someone who can be there to help wipe my tears.
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2023.03.30 04:09 Engine_06 I'm 5'9 130lbs and desperate

Hey guys, as said in the title I'm 5'9 and I'm trying to understand how the anatomy affects a runners ability. I'm measured roughly 57.5% legs and I ran a 11.5 as my first season in the 100m. I recently became curious on how noah lyles wack proportions help him move so fast and whether this really helps a runner in the high school scene or if training is literally the thing that gets people faster. I was wondering what your proportions are and whether it has made a positve impact (things like improved hip flexion/extension) or a negative impact on your journey in a much more moderate level. Not sure if I'm asking the right questions since I'm getting desperate to increase time before penn relays so my team can do better
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