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2023.03.30 04:44 Redfox2014 Things to Do (March 30 - April 6th)

The SD Reader's "Picks of the week"
Also: "The SD Readers list of "Fun Things to Do"
As well as, the "Best of List"
If you're visiting on certain dates You can plug in your dates at the San Diego Reader and see what pops for events that might be of interest to your family.
Another "cheap or free" page from the local news station
For those that are thinking of going down to Tijuana Mexico
A list of 69 things to do in Tijuana
Thank You, u/Matingas for this link <_ Brother Moderator of Tijuana :)
Of course, there's the regular weekly stuff:
Saturday's u/ thedaymayne organizes a semi-regularly about a flag football game Saturday at 11a at Jefferson Elementary (turf field). There's a solid core of 6-8 people and were always looking for new people to join. No ones D-1 athletes and we don't allow blocking to keep it clean and injury free. PM for more info.
u/lightwolv Suggests: Heads up for soccer players. We run a free meet-up every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 - 7. It's outdoor with big goals, cones and co-ed. If you wanna get outside and active, sign up. All skil All skill levels welcome, for those who played in college and stuff, it's competitive and it's a good work out.
Every Sunday at 2pm-3pm, free organ concert at Spreckles Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park.
Every Sunday Farmers Market at the Hillcrest DMV
Free yoga classes All around San Diego (Coastal) :
A good list of classes all over the city, Solana Beach
Sunset Cliffs, USS Midway Museum
Yoga on the Bay Every Saturday 10:30 am
There's a Sunday live video streaming of the classes in PB 10-11:30 am
u/YmcaAdultSports suggests: If you are interested in joining an Adult Sports League, come check out what the Dan McKinney Family YMCA has to offer (La Jolla)
IF there's something that you think is important or needs to have tickets purchased in advance... please post in the comments. IF there's a link that's needed, please try to not make it part of some text but the full URL string So I can just copy and paste it. (It'll make things easier) I'll try to retain these in the following week until the date of the event.
Please don't post events that are several months in advance. Try to limit it to 30 days or so - unless there's a real need for advance notice well in advance for ticket purchases.
Stuff from Last Weeks post: N/A
u/thepolyatheist suggested watching SDSU in the final 4 games this weekend. You can find some info on where to watch the game HERE
u/SD_TMI has suggested the following events
Monthly Yoga class at the South Embarcadero Rady Shell
The MsMargo activity section (welcome back!)
Free Guitar-Based Classic Rock Jam
Mondays, 6:50 pm-9:00 pm Our Savior's Lutheran Church 4011 Ohio Street San Diego, 92104 Age Limit: 18+ All levels welcome. Bring your own guitar, mandolin, flute, etc. or just sing along. Song chords and words are displayed via projector to a large screen. No practice required.
Gilbert Castellanos Presents: Young Lions And The Wednesday Jam Session - FREE!
Panama 66 restaurant, Balboa Park
"Every Wednesday Panama 66 at The San Diego Museum of Art comes to life with the sounds of jazz. San Diego jazz hero Gilbert Castellanos showcases young music prodigies with The Young Lions Series (7:00–7:50 p.m.) followed by the Wednesday Jazz Jam (8:00–10:30 p.m.) that transforms the James S. Copley Auditorium into a swinging speak-easy. Order a craft cocktail or draft beer, take in the view of the Museum’s Sculpture Court and Garden, and enjoy an evening of music from San Diego’s finest jazz musicians.
Visit the Panama 66 Instagram page for updates on performances, closures, and schedule changes.
FREE event. Drinks and food available for purchase."
IF there's something you think others will want to be know about please include it in the comments, reoccurring events can be added to the weekly post.
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2023.03.30 04:43 crustypineapple_ Roommate Advice

I am looking for some advice as I haven’t searched for a roommate in years. I am hoping to get out of my current living situation and find a room to rent for around $1000/month. Is this price realistic right now in southern Orange County? If anyone has any recommendations or advice/tips TIA.
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2023.03.30 04:43 jeremiahthedamned Mobile County pastor and convicted sex offender arrested again. Also accused of corpse abuse and operating an illegal cemetery.

Mobile County pastor and convicted sex offender arrested again. Also accused of corpse abuse and operating an illegal cemetery. submitted by jeremiahthedamned to RitualAbuseAwareness [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 04:41 AlberSaber Help Hypatia See Her Father Again After 4 Years of separation

Hypatia, a 10-year-old girl (stateless), has not seen her father, Alber Saber, for four years. In December 2019, Alber had to return to Egypt to take care of his sick mother, and due to COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, he couldn't return to Switzerland to care for Hypatia after his permit expired in May 2020.
In January 2021, Hypatia was expelled from school and transferred to a shelter as her mother was unable to take care of her. Despite her father's request in February 2021, after two years, migration refused to renew his permit, leaving the family with no choice but to hire a lawyer to challenge their decision in court before April 16, 2023. Unfortunately, the lawyer's fees are high, and Alber Saber is unable to afford them. It may even go to multiple courts, including the federal court and the European Human Rights Court. We need all the help we can get to be together again.
Hypatia's father is a human rights activist and blogger who has faced many problems with the Egyptian government. He has been working tirelessly to fight for human rights and freedom of expression, putting him at risk of being arrested by the Egyptian government or killed by extremists in Egypt. Therefore, it is crucial to reunite this family as soon as possible.
#Why Do They Need Our Help?
The family needs our help to raise funds for the lawyer's fees and associated costs to challenge the migration's decision in court. Hypatia's father has dedicated his life to fighting for human rights and freedom of expression, and he deserves to be reunited with his daughter.
#How Can We Help?
We can help by donating to the fund set up to pay for the lawyer's fees and associated costs or signing the petition to support their cause and raise awareness of their situation. Additionally, if you know of lawyers, NGOs, or activists who can volunteer their services for this case, please reach out to the family. We are reaching out to the community for help. Alber has helped many people, and we believe in the power of society to come together to help them be reunited. Every (help-sign-share-minute-dollar) counts, and we are grateful for any thing you can do. Together we can make a difference.
Every child deserves to be with their family, and we must help reunite this family by supporting their cause. Hypatia needs her father, and we can make a difference by donating to the fund or signing the petition to support their cause. Let's help them fight for human rights and family reunification.
We ask the Swiss authorities to allow Hypatia to see her father as soon as possible.
Petition :
GoFunfMe :
PayPal :
For more information, you can contact Alber Saber at E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

Links about Alber Saber's case in Egypt:
[1] Alber Saber Wikipedia (
[2] Egypt Must Release Man on Trial for Criticizing Religion (
[3] World Report 2013: Egypt (
[4] Humanists Are Being Persecuted Too (
[5] Alber Saber Detained for an Online Video (AUCTV) (

Links about some of Alber Saber's works: Many of Alber Saber’s works are temporarily hidden since 2019 due to the risk of legal persecution in Egypt, Until he can go out of Egypt.
[1] Inquisitions in Egypt 2014 (
[2] Free Hesham El Masry Atheism Is Not a Crime (
[3] Alber Saber’s Blog (
[4] Alber Saber on YouTube (
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2023.03.30 04:38 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2023.03.30 04:38 jpgarvey District Court Upholds the Order Confirming the BSA’s Plan of Reorganization

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2023.03.30 04:36 Hortator076 In a war of 9 years to take over the kingdom of Sweden but Sweden turned into Estonia mid war?…

In a war of 9 years to take over the kingdom of Sweden but Sweden turned into Estonia mid war?…
i’m honestly really curious as to what will happen now lol. after 9 years i was at 50% but it’s now all the way back to 9%
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2023.03.30 04:36 dugumonan Christmas parade in suburban base

MADISON, Wisconsin — A man who was accused of driving his SUV into a Christmas parade in suburban Milwaukee on Wednesday, killing six people and injuring dozens felt he had been "demonized."
Darrell Brooks Jr., in an interview with Fox News from the Waukesha County Jail, offered no details about a possible motive.
"I just felt like I was being demonized," Brooks said, according to Fox.
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2023.03.30 04:35 GeorgeYDesign Man faces court over alleged rape of resident at aged care facility in Adelaide's south

Man faces court over alleged rape of resident at aged care facility in Adelaide's south submitted by GeorgeYDesign to ABCaus [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 04:35 Expensive_Pepper204 Injury after hit by Intoxicated Driver.

As the title says, on the 8th of March I was hit by a 60 year old woman who overdosed on heroin in Cincinnati, Ohio. The lady and passenger both did not have seat belts on, and we later found out her son overdosed as well. They were both severely injured by the impact.
Little background for you guys, my mother was driving me in our Chevy Tahoe along a 4 lane undivided highway at 50 mph (speed limit 45) when a Chevy Trax with 2 passengers, both overdosed on heroin, came at us at 55 mph and hit us dead on. My mother broke her wrist and I now have major whiplash and neck issues. We both had seat belts on when the front airbags deployed, but the other driver did not. The other car's front and side airbags went off, and the driver and passenger were rushed to a level one trauma center. We later found out that this lady broke her femur and hip from no seat belt, and the other passenger had swallowed his silver grills. Our car was totaled, and so was theirs. Our insurance provided a rental up until last Friday, 24 March, but now we are paying $70 per day for a rental car. We just returned the car today. While our attorney was trying to communicate with the other driver's insurance, we found out that her insurance was nullified because she was driving for instacart.
She has a prior OVI conviction, and she also got out of prison in 2019. This is her 2nd OVI, and she was also charged with failure to control.
We are not sure what to do. I was told to come here. We don't know if this was an aggravated OVI because all 4 involved were injured, and we also don't have exact test results, we just know they are over the limit. We have over $2,200 in medical bills, and a totaled car. We got money for the car through our UIM/UM coverage through insurance, but we are going to try to put this lady to justice. This is not her first rodeo in the court system, and if we were driving our smaller car, this lady could have very well killed us.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.03.30 04:34 fizzythrow939 What would you do? Renting + can't get out of tenancy (Wales)

Hi all, I hope you're doing well.
So I have a tenancy agreement which lasts 12 months and ends July 1st this year. However, throughout the entirety of the tenancy the noise from the upstairs flat has been unbearable with stomping + running around at all hours of the night etc. and had been waking us up almost every night since last year, speaking with the upstairs flat didn't help.
We finally had enough and decided to move out and we were looking to use a clause in the contract which allows us to pay 1 months rent + find replacement tenants, and we would be free. I spoke with the agency and they told me it was a quick process, I found nice tenants that were desperate for a place until July and would put up with the noise, they were also willing to pay all of the remaning rent upfront (4 months were left at this point, now 3 months are left on the contract), so I figured there's nothing that could go wrong and we got accepted by a new landlord.
We have now moved into the new property but a few days before we expected the replacement tenants to be accepted and move in, we got an email stating the landlord has rejected them with no further reasoning. I've requested several times for clarification on why they were rejected and at most they told me it's related to their payslips, I do understand that they have minimum wage jobs but have enough savings to pay all of our remaining rent (they also just paid 12 months rent upfront for a different property!). I kept requesting clarification since it seems like the landlord will just keep declining replacement tenants no matter who we find. But no response.
I have conducted MANY viewings for the property and the noise is an issue for all of them, so I simply cannot find replacement tenants (neither can the agency find tenants to take over from July, and it's a student area so most of the properties are gone just after Christmas). Therefore, contractually I am supposed to pay the rent for two properties up until July but this is becoming quite the financial struggle.
Now, here's what I have found out so far: The building was built within the last 2 years which means that it should follow Resistance to sound: Approved Document E regarding the sound/impact sound proofing of newer built properties. I have spoken with the flats below us, and tested out the sound proofing/sound impact proofing and indeed their flats are properly sound proofed, whereas ours has essentially none whatsoever. Because of this, every other flat has stayed for more than their initial tenancy, and we have recently found out that the tenants prior to us also moved out due to the lack of sound proofing. Furthermore, for the first 1 year it was rented out to tenants before us, it had no valid EPC, only after my questioning did they get one before my tenancy started (but after I signed the contract). We were also not provided with any electrical installation certificate. I have requested evidence of compliance of both approved document E and the EIC, but have had no response for over 2 weeks.
Now it's coming up to April and we're expected to once again pay rent, with effectively no communication from either the landlord or the agency.
What would you guys do in this situation? Legally I should just pay the remaining rent and consider it an expensive lesson, but morally I don't want to be screwed over by dodgy landlords/letting agents. If I were to just refuse to pay the remaning rent (totalling £3150), what are the chances they would come after me legally given the facts above? Alternatively, if they don't have compliance with approved document E or an EIC, and I did pay the remaning rent, do you think I could go to small claims court and win it back?
Also note that I have left the flat in excellent condition, very clean with no damage.
Thanks for any advice!
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2023.03.30 04:33 dinh-van-tam Night Court Season 1 Episode 10 Cast: Who Plays Rand On Night Court?

Searching for information about the Night Court Season 1 episode 10 cast and who plays Rand? The ensemble cast features a number of well-known actors, including Melissa Rauch, John Larroquette, India de Beaufort, Kapil Talwalkar, and Lacretta. Abby Stone, filled with optimism, follows in the footsteps of her late father, the respected Judge Harry Stone, and takes over the night shift in an arraignment court in Manhattan.
detail in link:
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2023.03.30 04:33 origutamos Man who allegedly killed Quebec police officer had long history of violence

The man who allegedly killed a Quebec provincial police (SQ) officer on Monday had a long history of violence detailed in court documents. Brouillard Lessard had been charged with several violent crimes dating back ten years, according to court documents.
His friend believes that the killer should not have been released from institutional care.
While the officers were reading the alleged perpetrator his rights, the man reportedly picked up a blade and struck Breau. A police source told CTV News the weapon was likely a sword.
The mayor said he had learned from the building's landlord and police that the suspect was disruptive and had started conflicts with neighbours -- some of whom he had allegedly accused of stealing his cats. "Everybody was scared of him," he said. "He shouldn’t have been here," he told reporters. "He should have been in an institution, getting healed. He was sick."
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2023.03.30 04:32 TelTheSatyr 5e Volleyball Rules! I don't play that much, but I got a beach episode coming up! Thoughts?
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2023.03.30 04:32 charlie_iscontagious Starting today, I have no father

I’m currently 18 years of age, I’m gonna move out in 2 months after I graduate high school.
Just a few hours ago, my father and I got into a very heated argument that I’d like to call a long time coming. Around this time last year, and again this year, he grew super religious out of fucking nowhere and started coming into mine and my siblings rooms, for no reason, trying to tell us about Jesus, clearly ignoring our uncomfortable body language. At some point he came into my brothers room and blasted Christian music, it was very early and even I could hear it.
But this isn’t really about his religious side. It’s about how horrible he is when it comes to confronting us about something. Like getting into trouble at school or getting bad grades, or us siblings fighting with each other, he always goes on a huge tirade about how he “woks his ass off to provide for us, I want to see you graduate and you can’t fucking behave in school?” And I agree, he did work his ass off, I know he had to get hard jobs because he didn’t finish school, I know he had to be gone for months at a time, I’m not stupid. But that’s not the problem. There’s a reason I’m scared to ask for help with homework, or just talk to you in general. He’s just so bad at controlling his anger, he screams at us, he throws things, it’s not often he does it but it still happens regardless, when I get into trouble it’s not him taking my phone or TV privileges I’m worried about, it’s his fucking reaction, one time I didn’t do my math homework and lied to my dad about having any, and then my teacher said that she was gonna call him, and I begged her not to because I knew he was gonna “go crazy” and he did, when I came home that day he LITTERALLY screamed right in my face so badly y that he practically spat in it, I even peed myself a little, he said he was pissed because I told the teacher he was gonna “go crazy” like idk dad maybe that should’ve been a fucking wake up call, but you’re the one who had a bad life so what do I know? And my sister got in trouble the same day for curing his name to her friends on our shared phone, again wake up , pops. My mom wasn’t the best parent either, as she neglected us for drugs, let Strange people into the house, did drugs, but the thing is, she got better, it took a while but she got better. She’s got a therapist, she has the sweetest boyfriend. I don’t see her often because she lives 12 hours away but I’ve seen her growth through the past 5 or so years.
In the argument, my dad said I’m always in my room or on the phone, but that’s because I walk eggshells around him, yeah he’s not always in a bad mood, in fact I quite like when he’s happy, he’s fun when he’s happy, in fact there was a time where I wasn’t afraid of him, abs I looked up to him, I was a child, him and my mom had a good (or decent) marriage, even though things were tough, we were happy. Snd then, as I mentioned earlier, my mom started doing drugs and other stupid things, then they started fighting. A lot. And I guess that behavior reflected on me because I found myself having outbursts at school, at home, in public. And I guess that’s when my dad stopped being good at handling conflict because every time I acted out I would get met with a spanking and screaming. I know I was a hard kid to deal with but that didn’t fucking help.
I’m not gonna tell my whole life story, I mean you get the drill at this point.
My sister left because my dad’s religious craze was too much to deal with and in our argument he told me she left because he quit his job (but the thing is, the day he quit his job, he fucking lashed out. Why? Because I “gave him attitude” and how was that? Answering a question, which was “how was your day?” And I simply and bluntly responded “fine.” And then he started screaming at me (this was a year ago, I don’t remember the details, but he gave my brother a beating, and I KNOW he did because I heard him screaming and later I saw him with several bruises, you should keep in mind that my brother is autistic and nonverbal,
he’s 22 years old but still needs to be looked after. My pathetic excuse for a father hurt my brother. I’ve been wanting to confront my dad about it since then but I haven’t. Because I’m scared. And now he wants to keep my brother with him. I don’t trust that. My mom plans on taking his ass to court and I fucking hope she does. He needs to be humbled. But suddenly I’m this argument, he loves him.
Their (my dad and step mom) only argument for being good parents is that they provided a roof over our heads, like okay, that’s the bare minimum. I never asked to be born, neither did my sister (19) nor did my brother. By the way I have two step brothers, (19 and 22) the 19 year old left BECAUSE of my dad, to live with his dad, and I don’t blame him. They used to argue a lot too.
Yes, my step mom provided me with therapy, yes, she listened when I needed to, but as of late? She doesn’t fucking care. In fact, she got upset at ME because she’s sick of cooking and cleaning all the time. Keep in mind, I do help around the house when they ask me to, we even have a schedule, we do laundry on weekends and dishes on week days, we clean our rooms, etc. I even cleaned the bathroom the other day just bc I felt like it. I don’t know why they want to see me as an uncaring bitch just because I hide in my room. Honestly even I don’t know why I don’t talk to them. Actually, I don’t talk much to anyone. Only my teachers. And that’s by choice. I’ve been bullied for so long, living in the same place my entire life.
I don’t know how else to say this. I lost faith in my dad forever ago. He’s a good provider but he ain’t a good dad. I understand that he was abused by his dad. (My grandfather) and I’m sorry he was. But I’m just tired of him excusing the way he acts. He and my step mom have no right to talk shit about me or any of my siblings. If you treat your kids si badly that they think you hate them, or that they have to beg their teacher not to call you because they’re scary, you better fucking shake up or your kids won’t be yours anymore.
And go any one whose facing something like this, you gotta keep going. You can cry, you can hide away in your room, but don’t let your patents try to tell you you owe them. Because you don’t. I sure as hell don’t, Lmao. Be good to yourself.
Sorry for any spelling errors. I’m still pissed and my eyes hurt from crying.
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2023.03.30 04:32 Syylvari Did puberty do me dirty?

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2023.03.30 04:30 That_Car_Dude_Aus Can car companies legally give a 3rd party (Bank/Repossession Agent) access to your vehicle in Australia remotely?

So there has been this post circulating the internet regarding how Tesla can apparently move your vehicle remotely to allow the vehicle to be repossessed?.
I have noticed that there is quite a number of Australians sharing this post and saying that "this is the future of repossessions."
I find this hard to believe because I do not believe in Australia this is something that is a legal process for repossession of a car.
The way it is generally presented is that:
1) You miss payments
2) Someone just arrives at your house one day and takes the car
I assumed there was always a step between 1 and 2 where a court order had to be made, and that the actual court order was enforced by a sherrif, not a random agent?
For those that cannot see the image post on IMGUR, the post is by a lady whose "friend" is a Repossession tow truck driver, and that the vehicle company Tesla was involved in the process, and remotely drove the vehicle from it's parking space, and then unlocked and prepared the vehicle for towing.
I personally could not see this as being a valid process in Australia, despite the people implying this would be the case.
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2023.03.30 04:30 MsMargo PSA: San Diego County Residents Now Have Until Oct. 16th to File Federal & State Taxes

You do NOT have to prove you were affected by the weather, you just have to live in San Diego County.
"The IRS and FTB may grant individuals and businesses additional time to file or pay when a major disaster in their area is declared by the federal or state government. California generally follows the IRS extended deadlines to file and pay taxes. Impacted taxpayers may also be eligible to claim a disaster loss on their tax return."
California FTB:
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2023.03.30 04:30 oneofthesethingsis Replacing a fence between two properties in an HOA

We live in an HOA in Colorado and have houses to our right and left that share fences. The fences were built almost 30 years ago when the development was built and they are now rotting away in several areas, as well as the bottom of the 4x4 posts. This has caused the fence to lean to one side (theirs) and one section is about to fall over with a good wind. We have an extremely contentious relationship with the neighbors (a whole nother novel worth of things) with them and when we initially mentioned needed to replace the fence they didn’t say anything about it in the positive or negative. This was when they first moved in and we were on a talking basis. They do not maintain their front or backyard (have never mowed and don’t pick up/throw away their dog excrement, leave weeds up in the front and back even though the HOA has policies about it, had their older parents fly out to weed their lawns instead of doing it themselves) and have also built a garden up against one portion of the fence, so even if we replaced the fence in our own, that would need to be disturbed.
The previous owner (they bought the house almost 2 years ago) laid a cement porch down and the cement comes right up to the fence as well with no room to remove the posts that have cement bottoms in the ground that would most likely damage the cement. It’s also not a permitted cement porch, since there isn’t the minimum distance between our house/property and their cement. They would also refuse to allow builders on their property side either.
HOA won’t help, we’ve gone and asked and they won’t get in the middle of fence issues. We no longer speak a word to the neighbors, and vice versa. We would make arrangements to share the cost of the fence, but that would require them being rational and us being willing to talk to them again after they have made false police reports against us. We thought about just replacing the fence on our own and taking them to small claims court to cover their half of the cost, but builders would need access on their side, and they would have to at least move the garden that they don’t upkeep. What are our options? Is there any options other than to sue to replace the fence?
TL;DR - replacing boundary fence with neighbors we have an awful relationship with.
ETA: state of residence
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2023.03.30 04:27 kajoycat Declaring personal property?

Hey all,
So I moved back to STL last year and never received anything in the mail to declare personal property. I found a form online to fill out if you're new to the city, so I filled that out and mailed it in like February. With April 1st right around the do I know that what I did worked? I never received any sort of confirmation. So I I have a hard time doing that. City, not county, btw.
Advice on how to check if I'm good? I don't remember it being this weird to declare when I lived elsewhere in Missouri. I can't declare online because I don't have a PIN since I've never had personal property in STL before. Do I just call and ask? Surely that's too simple.
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2023.03.30 04:27 Paladin_G Career Clerk Questions

Accepted a position at a nearish office. Sales/Svc/Distribution clerk, career job with benefits. How long am I obligated to work at that station before I am able to use ereassign? I don't mind working there, but do have plans to move out of the state ideally 2-3 years down the line. FWIW I'm not picking a destination state in high demand (going to South Dakota).
Additionally, how long is the probation period? Is it 90 days like pre-career or shortelonger? Are clerks given minimum guaranteed hours? I ask because it's in a smaller town of about 1,500 residents.
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2023.03.30 04:22 Alexander_Publius Challenging an Unconstitutional Immigration Policy in the Philippines

Juan and Maria are Filipino citizens with all necessary travel documents, including a return ticket, who were offloaded by immigration officers because the officers suspected that they would work abroad and not return to the Philippines. The immigration policy requiring Filipino citizens to go through immigration when leaving the country is being challenged in court as unconstitutional and a violation of the right to travel.
As a law student/lawyer, analyze the constitutional issues involved in this case and argue for or against the constitutionality of the immigration policy requiring Filipino citizens to go through the immigration process when leaving the country. Consider the principles of constitutional law, including the right to travel and due process. Should the court uphold the policy as a legitimate restriction on the liberty of travel in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health, or strike it down as unconstitutional and a violation of fundamental rights?
Article III, Section 6 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution guarantees the liberty of travel, which shall not be impaired except in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health, as may be provided by law. The provision covers the right to travel both within and out of the country. This means that Filipino citizens have a constitutional right to travel freely and cannot be prevented from doing so unless there is a compelling reason based on national security, public safety, or public health.
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