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It had been a year since Hela's defeat, and Asgard was finding its way to their normal routine again. Everything had been going smoothly as it could be until one day everything changed for both the Avengers and Asgard's youngest princess. During the events of Hela's reign whilst the kids were in New York things changed between them. The twins continued their training in the city, Signir went his own way and Frida decided to train in Wakanda. And now everyone was back home. Frida stayed in her room reading as she decided she wanted a break from training and fighting. She stayed in touch with everyone in Wakanda, King T'Challa was her teacher after all. He was the reason she managed to defeat Hela with the help of everyone around her. One afternoon she had a knock on her door.
"Frida…" Loki's voice spoke as he poked his head around the door. His voice was a soft yet saddened tone. He didn't want to tell her the news of what he had just found out. even Thor and Valkyrie didn't know yet as they were busy with meeting most of the day.
"You need to come downstairs for a moment… someone from Wakanda is here to see you" Frida looked up at her uncle confused, if it was someone from Wakanda they would've spoken on the beads she had gotten while training with them for two years. Loki gestured to her to join him as he waited for her to place the book she was reading aside on the bed. He watched as she ran down the corridor to the main room. Her face lit up seeing the Dora Milaje guards, Okoye gave the Asgardians a soft smile as she stepped forward to them, the guards stepped aside as two figures walked towards them from the Wakandan ship outside.
Shuri and her mother Queen Ramonda walked between the guards. Shuri gave Frida a tight embrace since they hadn't seen each other since the fight with Hela. Loki watched the girls sadly, he had a happy smile on his face. He sensed the tension in the air as soon as the girls pulled away from their hug. Frida looked around at the guards slightly wondering if T'Challa was still on the ship. Before anyone could stop her Frida ran onto the ship to try and find her teacher only to find disappointment once she had a look around. finding no one else on the ship, she heard footsteps behind her then a voice that spoke.
"you've grown but you're still the curious kid you were when my brother began to train you…"
"Is he still in Wakanda?" Frida asked Shuri in a hopeful tone confused at why her tutor for two years wouldn't be with his family when he visited. His family visiting was weird enough but for them to be without him didn't feel right. Shuri looked down, sensing the disappointment on the young girl's face. "Frida you may need to sit down for this news… even… even your parents don't know about this yet." Shuri began, her eyes began to gloss over with slight tears as she spoke, sitting next to Frida. "Why what's going on?... why hasn't T'Challa come with you guys… this is weird for him to not come.-"
"Frida… we… We lost my brother almost a month ago." Shuri finally told her friend with tears falling down her cheeks. "we didn't know how to tell you that's why we waited a bit to come here. Plus Asgard is still recovering from Helas reign so I think you'd not want more stress on your shoulders. I thought it would be easier to tell you in person… Frida, I'm so sorry. my brother wouldn't have wanted us to be upset like this. He wouldn't have wanted you to find out this way-" Frida stayed in silence processing what Shuri was saying. she couldn't believe what she was hearing. her teacher. the one who had gotten her through the worst two years of her life was gone.
"my parents don't know… do they? Does Uncle Loki know?" Frida asked despite knowing the answer. Shuri nodded. "we had to tell him once we arrived. He wasn't able to tell you. we knew he wouldn't be able to. That's why he brought you down to us so it would be easier… but trust me this is the hardest thing I've had to do. my brother loved you while he was training you… you became like a sister to him as we both watched you grow from that scared kid to the one you've turned out to be…" Frida looked down sadly, still not believing what she was hearing, she curled up next to Shuri who cuddled her close, running a hand through her hair in an attempt to calm her down. "shh it's okay Frida… it's okay, it's okay. T'Challa wouldn't want you to be sad about this. he'd want you to remember he was proud of you while you were fighting Hela and alongside him when he wasn't ruling. he'd want you to remember your training and everything he taught you." Shuri continued stroking Frida's hair gently still cuddling the younger princess close to her. She watched as Frida slowly fell asleep with tears falling. "that's it…"
(dream sequence) Frida slowly fell asleep on Shuri who didn't seem to mind at all, the girls had become like sisters and they needed each other at this point. As Frida slept she suddenly found herself in a savannah typed grassland. She looked around, extremely confused. this place seemed familiar as if T'Challa or someone from Wakanda had told her about it while she was there. "Hello?" she called as she began to explore her surroundings she began to see black spots in the distance and soft growls. then a familiar voice. T'Challa's voice. "It's been almost a year since I've seen you young one… but you were happy the last time I saw you."
Frida turned around to face the former King of Wakanda, he was dressed in traditional Wakandan robes instead of his Black Panther outfit which he used in the battle against Hela. Frida managed to hold her tears back for a few moments which failed in the end. "hey now what's this? the youngest daughter of the mighty Thor and Valkyrie of Asgard in tears. this isn't the reunion with my student that I expected. you're stronger than this Frida. I've seen how strong you can be, especially in battle. but this is a battle I never thought you'd have to go through." T'Challa spoke as he approached his pupil. He lifted her chin to wipe the tears from her face and gave her a soft reassuring smile. Frida let out a shaky breath letting out a small giggle afterward.
"I need you here… what if Hela comes back? or something else happens…-"
"Frida. you fought with everything you had in that battle. I was there in case you needed backup. Hela was defeated because of you and Signir. not because of me. you're stronger than you realize. I don't want you to forget that okay"
"Now walk with me… we don't have much time until you wake up from your nap-"
"Wait, this is a dream?... it feels real"
T'Challa ruffled Frida's hair softly before she followed him walking by his side for what she felt had been ages since she had done this. The two walked around the grasslands as T'Challa listened to everything Frida was telling him. Their time to catch up with each other was limited so they made the best of it. Frida told him everything that had happened in the past few months after Hela was defeated. "Signir had to go back to New York to get ready for fashion week. when it gets closer I'm gonna help him. we lost touch after I came to Wakanda but we're closer than ever now. he said he has a surprise for me when it's time but he won't even give me a clue as to what it is."
"You always were a curious one, Frida. you're stubborn too. mostly like your mother. you have her temper when in a fight. I may have found that out the hard way while training you"
Frida couldn't help but let out a laugh hearing her teacher say this but at the same time she knew he was right about her being like Valkyrie. "even when it Okoye training you, she and the other Dora Milaje guards said you had the heart and spirit of a warrior when in a fight." T'Challa gave his pupil a soft yet proud smile. "it seems my time with you is done for now. you're going to wake up at any moment. now I want you to remember that just because I'm gone doesn't mean I won't be with you when you need me. Frida, you have the spirit of the Black Panther and the heart of a warrior. now no more of these silly tears. It's time to be a big girl now. and big girls don't cry…"
Frida forced herself to hold back more tears as she repeated what T'Challa had said. "don't cry… don't cry." The Black Panther pulled her in for a tight and much-needed hug. Frida didn't want to let go knowing that when she woke up she would be in a world where her teacher wouldn't be. Then finally she woke up.
(end dream)
"breathe Frida breathe…" Shuri told her once she had woken up from her dream. Frida then turned to the princess of Wakanda with a shaky smile on her face. "I saw him… ha I saw him." Shuri gave Frida one more cuddle as she said this. "Come on. I think everyone's wondering if we're okay we've been in here for a while" Frida finally nodded, ready to face whatever was next. She remembered T'Challa's words before she woke up. 'Big girls don't cry' she wiped her face getting rid of whatever tears she had left trickling down her cheeks as she and Shuri exited the ship holding each other's hand tightly. Queen Romanda was waiting for them and now stood next to Val and Thor, who gave their daughter a saddened look knowing she had been close to the ruler of Wakanda. Val approached the girls first. She gave both of them a hug to comfort them. Then turned her focus to her daughter, who just gave a sad smile at her mother. Frida leaned in Val sadly and remained quiet for the rest of the Wakandan visit.
That night while the twins and Signir were with their parents downstairs for dinner, Frida stayed in her room, hidden under her blankets, not wanting to come out. Not even for a little snack. bedtime soon came and Frida still stayed silent. She barely whispered 'night' to Loki when he came to check on her before her parents did. Luckily Thor and Val were waiting outside for Loki. he gave them a defeated look to say nothing was cheering her up, and that he was running out of ideas on how to make her smile. "this has hit her hard guys…" Val spoke quietly to not wake anyone up after the kids had gone to bed. Thor, Val, and Loki went back downstairs.
"I honestly don't know what else to do. This isn't normal for her to be this silent"
"says the one who wasn't himself during the years of the blip" Val and Loki both shared a sarcastic smile at one another as they recalled the time when the world was broken by Thanos. Thor was over by the window thinking. "no this is different, she hasn't had much to eat all day after she found out about T'Challa… it wouldn't have been any different if we were the ones who told her if we found out before she did… he and Shuri looked after her when the kids were sent away while Hela reigned through those two years… Frida more or less grew up with them when we weren't able to be there…" Thor told them as he sat beside Val, still thinking of a way to cheer up Frida despite knowing nothing would be able to bring her teacher back.
"Unless what? Thor, if you're thinking what I think you're thinking then stop thinking it…"
"what? what is he thinking?" Loki asked Val, giving the couple a confused look. Thor sighed quietly and went to speak when Valkyrie stopped him. "no. Stephen told us we can't mess around with time any more than we already did when we brought Nat and the boys back!-"
"even if it was for a day Val-"
"No. It wouldn't feel right. and if we did go through with this… what would be your plan when T'Challa disappears the same way Natasha and the others did? how would you explain all of that to Frida without making her more upset?" Valkyrie asked her partner as she walked around the living room, folding her arms knowing she had pretty much won this fight. "worm your way out of that one… besides if we did go through with it there's no chance Stephen or Ruby would let us after last time. and we'd have to ask Shuri if she wanted to see her brother again even if it was just for a day…"
"You can do that?" a voice asked from the stairs. Val froze as she instantly recognized Frida's voice. Her eyes were red showing she had been in tears after everyone else had gone to bed. "Nice one Val…" Loki muttered, soon falling silent as almost a death glare from Val met him. Valkyrie's eyes softened a little, turning to Frida, not knowing what to say first. "Frida, listen… there is a way you could see T'Challa for a day but there's one problem standing in the way of that happening.-"
"no there's not," Thor spoke up through slight laughter to lighten up the mood for his daughter's sake. "Nothing is standing in the way of bringing your friend back." "except for a wizard who told us for the first time, we did this, that this was a bad idea on so many levels! Thor, this plan could mess up the timeline! It was a risk the first time when we brought Natasha, Tony, and Steve back! even if it's just for a day! It's risky!"
"we're going through with it-"
"You did not just say that. Fine. but don't run to me when this blows in your face! cause I'm just warning you,, Thor, that this might not work. Stephen and Ruby might not even let you go through with messing in magic"
“Val, I'm only trying to cheer her up!”
“Dad! If mom says whatever you’re planning is a bad idea, it means it's a bad idea… but what is it that you’re trying to do?” Thor sighed softly as Valkyrie gave him an ‘i told you so’ look with a small smile. He turned to his youngest. "The plan was to bring T’Challa back for just a day…” Frida looked up at her parents and uncle in slight surprise. “okay not what I thought you’d say.- Wait, wait, wait you could bring him back?... I don’t know dad… even for a day it wouldn’t feel right as much as I wanna it wouldn’t be right and it wouldn’t be the same either”
Thor sighed quietly, knowing Frida had a point, then glances at Val with a defeated look on his face. “Go on… say it,” he told her. Val just hid a smile as she spoke. “I told you so! Thor, you tried, but it didn’t go the way you wanted…” Val gave him a small smile, then turned to Frida sadly, not knowing what else to do or how to cheer her up. Before either of her parents could say anything else, the younger Avenger headed back upstairs to be by herself once again. Loki watched sadly as he hated seeing her like this, but he also had no ideas
Eventually, Loki gathered the guts to go and talk to Frida who was, to nobody's surprise, still awake. She was making it obvious she didn’t want to go to sleep at all after the day she had, despite being exhausted. The God of Mischief hesitated faintly as he poked his head around Frida’s door, seeing her cuddled up with every teddy she could fit on her bed. “Frida, come on talk to me… you didn’t come down earlier and it’s obvious you’re hungry-” Frida stayed silent at her uncle's request to talk to him. She just managed a small smile as her eyes glanced up at him through the fur of her plushies. “I'm not hungry… and I'm not tired…” she whispered, curling up sadly. “Because I know when I wake up he won’t be here… it's not gonna be the same. No one can bring T’Challa back!” Frida told Loki, her voice cracking through tears despite trying to hide it. “I just wanna be alone right now…”
“Listen I know what it's like to miss someone like crazy and through that time not feel like yourself. Be lucky you won't be like that for five years'' Loki began as Frida gave him a confused look as he said this. “Long story. But the point is that you’re not alone in this… you have all of us. As well as Shuri '' he continued barely managing to sit on the bed. “I know we can’t bring him back even for a day. I know you want to see him one more time but some things don’t work like that… we couldn’t even use magic to bring him back for a day because you saw how that idea worked with your mother…”
“What's your point?”
“The point is that you’ll get through this even though you think you might not be able to. Come on he wouldn’t want to see his pupil upset like this would he?”
Frida sighed softly listening to what her uncle had to say then gave him another small smile, crawling out of her teddy fortress to cuddle up to him as she did before the events with Hela. “you know me too well” she mumbled softly, letting Loki hug her close to him. Frida snuggled into her uncle gently her tiredness soon getting the better of her. Loki looked up a little hearing Valkyrie and Thor join him for a few moments. He hushed the two so they didn’t wake the sleeping teenager. “I don't know how with you it always works brother. Yet you didn’t have much luck with the twins…” Val suddenly gave her partner a look. “Oh. and you did? I think Wanda had more luck with those two than we ever did. Especially when this one came along” Val admitted as she referred to Frida then watched Loki somehow place her between the teddy fort and blankets finally watching her youngest get some sleep. Val thought for a moment thinking of a way to cheer Frida up.
“I think we might need to ask Ryker and Ruby to bring the girls along… I might have an idea. They always seem to get how they’re feeling out through music whenever Frida’s with them.”
“So if she managed to get the sadness she’s feeling out through music she could be back to her cheery self. That could work better than the first plan” “Hold on don’t expect her to be back to normal at the snap of a finger… that didn’t happen with me as soon as you returned Thor” “He has a point. Honestly, it was tough just trying to get him to go along with the plan to beat Thanos before you came back.” Valkyrie spoke up agreeing with Loki remembering those awful five years when Thor was amongst those blipped. “Getting Loki to help go back in time was a mission all of its own. Ask Bruce 'cause he’ll agree.”
“And that raccoon or whatever he is”
"And you're certain that this will work, Thor?" Loki asked his brother curiously with a hopeful look. Thor replied with a soft sigh. "it's worth a shot otherwise I don't know what else to do..." Val glanced upstairs slightly, hearing silence so she knew all the kids were getting some sleep at least. "well whatever you're planning Thor. I hope like hell it's gonna work... Come on. It's not just the kids who need rest. Plus it's my turn to help keep watch for an hour-"
"Nice try Val. That might work on any other day but not today. You need sleep as much as we all do. Didn't you learn your lesson with Hela?" Thor told her, Val rolled her eyes at the mention of Hela, but she knew the God of Thunder had a point and reluctantly gave in after a while, eventually following the boys to bed.
The next morning, Frida had decided to sleep in, not feeling like she wanted to get up to do anything. As of yesterday, her world had come crashing down around her once again. Only this time it wasn't a power-hungry Goddess who was after her. Her teacher of two years was no longer here. Val and Thor still didn't know what else to do. "I'm still saying we should use magic to bring him for a day.-" Thor noticed the stern look in Valkyries eyes as he mentioned this suggestion once more. She gave a small smile and shook her head a little.
"Ruby and Stephen would never let you go through with it. Remember it was a risk last time but we could take Frida to see the girls. I think I have an idea." Val told Thor in a hopeful tone. "besides she needs to get away from everything for a bit... Yesterday was hard for all of us but -"
"She took it the hardest" Thor finished in agreement, looking towards his daughters' room. Frida eventually came out of her room, wrapped in her duvet and cuddling a giant teddy. She glanced up at her parents sadly knowing that they were planning something. Thor approached her calmly, pulling her into a hug. He hated seeing any of the kids depressed like this. "go and get ready... We're going into the city for a few hours. You need a break from here." Frida nodded sadly, still saying nothing as she shuffled her way back to the room then returned a few moments later dressed and ready.
Val joined them before they headed out of the door. "we were going to wait until your birthday but... I think you need this surprise now..." Frida looked at her mother confused, following her and Thor outside where Val's Pegasus Aragorn was waiting for them. Beside them stood another pegasus. One Frida had never seen. She glanced at her parents not knowing what to say. Valkyrie gestured to Frida with a soft smile.
"go ahead. War-songs yours. You showed you were ready when you were fighting Hela, and Frida, after what happened yesterday you can go on a flight whenever you want. As long as you stay close and let us know where you're going... Okay"
"yea, I'd rather not go searching in the ocean again if you got caught in a storm"
Val let out a faint laugh seeing Frida's confused expression as Thor said this, remembering the chaos that occurred through the proposal. "don't ask... But it could be worse... Could be another concussion from me" Valkyrie told him through laughter before walking towards Aragorn. Thor stayed silent for a moment before he followed her, immediately agreeing with her. "If Fridas anything like you Val. Her punches will hurt almost as bad."
"you're not gonna let that go, are you? I punched you a little too hard. I get it. But I didn't deflate the kids until around 8 at night when training was supposed to be for an hour. Now that one you're never living down! And you're lucky Natasha isn't here -"
"Okay, Val you've made your point... And if Nat and the boys were here aha Stark would've never let me live it down -"
Valkyrie went to speak when she was nudged by Aragorn who was becoming impatient by the second. Val lifted herself onto the horse's back with ease then held a hand out for Thor. "come on. Let's get to the city and hopefully cheer this kid up." She told him as she referred to Frida. Val smiled a little glancing behind her as Thor joined her, then at their youngest as she joined their side on War Song.
Having a Pegasus like her mothers cheered Frida up a small bit, she was still down after hearing the news of T'Challa. Soon enough the three of them were flying over New York City. Frida glanced over at her parents. "what are you two up to..." She asked with a slight sigh. "Uncle Loki couldn't even cheer me up... I don't know how much luck you guys will have..." She told them, feeling defeated. Val wasn't giving up so quickly. "Frida, look down. We're here"
Below them was Avengers Compound. Where all the team members came for meetings and to practice. Frida watched her parents land first before reluctantly following them. She laughed slightly as she let Thor lift her easily, not allowing her a chance to get off the horse herself. Frida looked at the building in front of them, still not knowing why her parents would bring her there. Even at the Avengers Compound, everything reminded the young Asgardian of her teacher but she managed to hide the pain in her eyes. The three of them were halfway down the hall when they heard music coming from one of the rooms. Frida immediately recognized the voices. The younger Avengers who had helped defeat Hela in the final battle against her. She ran ahead of her parents hoping to meet up with her friends. Valkyrie looked up at Thor a little. "Do you think this is gonna work?"
"hope it does... Because I don't have any other ideas if it doesn't..."
Val and Thor heard the music stop once Frida entered the room, watching from a distance as she, Majestica, and Dawn were now in a group hug. They heard about what happened with Black Panther from Majestica's parents. Frida snuggled into them sadly. Majestica glanced at Frida sadly.
"come on... We might have a song that could help but might not at the same time..."
Frida hesitated faintly but agreed. "okay" she hadn't performed with the girls for a while since they had defeated Hela. Val and Thor watched from the side of the room, listening to the kids as they began the music.
If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Lord, make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother
She'll know I'm safe with you when she stands under my colors
Oh well, life ain't always what you'd think it ought to be, no
Ain't even grey but she buries her baby
The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time
If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song
The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time
And I'll be wearing white when I come into your kingdom
I'm as green as the ring on my little cold finger
I've never known the lovin' of a man
But it sure felt nice when he was holdin' my hand
There's a boy here in town, says he'll love me forever
Who would have thought forever could be severed by
The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time
Ooh-yeah, ooh-woah
So put on your best boys and I'll wear my pearls
What I never did is done
A penny for my thoughts, oh no, I'll sell them for a dollar
They're worth so much more after I'm a goner
And maybe then you'll hear the words I've been singin'
Funny when you're dead how people start listenin'
Oh, if I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song
Oh-oh (Oh-oh)
The ballad of a dove (Oh-oh)
Go with peace and love
Gather up your tears, keep 'em in your pocket
Save 'em for a time when you're really gonna need them, oh
The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time
So put on your best boys
And I'll wear my pearls
After the song was over Frida fell silent, her hair had fallen over her eyes to hide the tears. She thought this was what she needed but it may have made it worse. Val instantly pulled her daughter in for a tight hug, holding her close. "that's it..." She told Frida softly "it's okay" eventually Frida looked up at Val who brushed her hair out of her teary eyes. Soon Thor joined them, Frida hugged her parents sadly and then looked up at them. "thanks"
Later that evening the three of them returned to New Asgard. Frida was feeling a little better in herself despite being drained after letting her emotions out. The young Asgardian said nothing as she passed Loki and went straight upstairs to her room. Loki looked at his brother and Val with a hopeful look in his eyes. "is that a good thing? Or did your plan not work?"
"I think it worked... But she's exhausted after the events that have happened. If it hasn't worked. Loki, I don't know what else to do except give her time..." "I hope you're right Val."
Frida flopped onto her bed, curling up in her blankets almost immediately falling asleep and beginning to dream once again, finding herself in Wakanda's savannah lands surrounded by former rulers.
(dream sequence)
"Frida" T'Challa's voice spoke calmly with a soft smile as he approached her. The teenager forced herself not to tear up once again at the sight of her teacher. This time she was calmer than before and managed a small smile. "I told you you're strong..." Silence fell on T'Challa for a few moments as he thought. "someone I knew once said pain only makes you stronger... I'm sure your parents have told you the same thing more than once. And you're the strongest kid I know. Frida, you're not just my student. You became like a little sister to us. As I said before you have the heart of a warrior. And the spirit of the Black Panther. Don't forget that." Wakanda's former king told Frida as he pulled her into a tight embrace.
"I miss you"
"I know. But I'm here whenever you need me young one. You're welcome back to Wakanda at any time when you want to get away from Asgard for extra training." T'Challa kneeled to Frida's level as they converted into a gentle head nudge. "whatever happens. Whether Hela returns one day or another threat appears. I'll be here when you need me, little sister" small tears made their way down Frida's cheeks as they pulled away from each other.
"I have something for you but only if you promise to stay the brave girl I trained you to be for two years," T'Challa told his pupil as they walked around the grasslands, once again time was limited. Frida looked up at him and nodded. "I promise" T'Challa smiled softly as he pulled a medium-sized panther plushie from his pocket. "This is to remind you to stay strong and that I will be with you when you need me most. And remember -"
"Big girls don't cry... I know" Frida finished with a smile, barely holding back tears, now snuggling into the panther plush.
"next time I see you I don't want to see tears. I know that's not what you wanted to hear but you made a promise to stay brave for me and I expect you to keep it." T'Challa gently ruffled Frida's hair before turning into his panther form. That's when she woke up, Frida looked around her room realizing it was halfway through the night and that she was cuddling the teddy T'Challa had given her. With a sigh she eventually accepted the fact her teacher was no longer in the world she was living in. It would be weird but she did make a promise to him to stay brave. And she was determined to keep that promise, then slept peacefully for the rest of the night.

Miss you Chadwick!
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Bonsoir Reddit, a l’heure où j’écris je suis juste blessé et je veux exprimer mon mécontentement, les noms ont pas été changés car aucun des deux utilisent Reddit. Merci de lire également ma lettre ouverte
J’ai F/23 ans et mon fiancé M/23 ans et Gwendoline F/38 ans environ
Salut, j’espère que tu vas bien, moi actuellement non.
J’ai perdu mon papi, puis je découvre par instinct féminin la relation que tu as entretenu avec Dorian sur discord. Rien ne sert de nié dorian m’a tout dit sur t’es avances en premier lieu.
Pourquoi je t’écris alors, non pas pour t’engueuler loin de là. Juste que pour rappel tu n’es pas à ta place, c’est la mienne et c’est avec moi qu’il couche et avec moi qu’il vit.
Car oui c’est bien de lui dire ce que tu sais faire, ce que tu pourrais faire sexuellement, mais c’est pas ça qui va le faire partir de notre couple car c’est que des paroles.
Tu as osé me parler et demander de mes nouvelles tout en appelant mon fiancé « bb » (il déteste ce petit surnom.) pendant que je me demandais ce qu’il clochait dans notre couple ? Crois moi ça ne nous as pas empêché de coucher ensemble, pendant que tu lui chuchotais des mots doux et que tu lui faisais des crises de jalousie, moi je le faisais monter au 7eme ciel entre temps et je m’occupait de lui quand il était malade.
Actuellement, oui on est encore ensemble parce que votre « liaison » n’est que virtuelle et tolérée, comme ta présence dans la vie de dorian et la mienne. Car il te considère plus comme une simple amie, qu’une femme a qui il peut répondre à ton amour l’année dernière.
Oui tu as mit fin à cette relation car tu as un eu un élan d’intelligence parceque votre relation ne tenais qu’à un fil « vos téléphones » et crois moi que dorian n’a pas le sien h24 et que désormais j’ai accès à son portable avec son accord en perdant ma confiance, pour me prouver que tu n’étais qu’un passage.
Donc merci d’avoir appris à Dorian que la tromperie mérite d’être punie et ensuite pardonné, car je suis beaucoup plus intelligente et que je tiens à notre couple malgré votre « accident » et qu’au moins il sait ce qu’il peut perdre face à une distraction. Et merci de m’avoir montré que je peux encore moins faire confiance aux femmes aujourd’hui.
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2023.03.30 02:30 xKaleidoscopexEyesx PRIME Hydration Drink - “Do not consumer this product with other supplemented.”

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2023.03.30 02:09 sapphicmage Genealogy of the Holy War No Boys Allowed: Chapter 2

Aaaaaaand we’re back. Last time we picked up Ayra, Edain, and Deirdre to back Ethlyn up and now we get to add a couple more units to the group (helpful since we’re about to lose Ethlyn and Deirdre). Having multiple fighters means this chapter starts easier than the previous two, but this is also a more challenging map in general (might be my least favorite maps of the game). We’ve got lots of people to recruit (starting with Holyn right away in the arena), romances to start developing, and a bunch of castles to storm!
First: saving Lachesis. Lachesis…is not the most combat capable unit ~yet~. Luckily for her, she has a trio of knights to help her out until Ethlyn can reach her (because for all Ayra’s badassery she still doesn’t have a horse). We lose the first knight during this initial skirmish so no knight ring for us. Still, the other two are bodies to use as we move to the first castle.
Second: taking Harhein. Very straightforward here. Ayra’s our strongest boss killer and takes him out with ease. She’s slowly amassing a collection of rings that Larcei will love. We’re also keeping her and Dew attached to the hip for this first stretch to start establishing some pairs. We give Lachesis what experience we can, but these early levels are a struggle.
Third: saving Lewyn and Sylvia. These two appear after conquering Harhein among a whole bunch of bandits which is lovely. Luckily said bandits are preoccupied with villages, so it’s not difficult for them to slip out and meet up with the others. We hold the main group back because fighting an enemy will attract the mercenaries with Beowolf, and we’re not quite ready for that yet. We do hit a first in this run: Sylvia visits our very first village! Sure she starts right in front of it, but still!
Fourth: recruiting Beowolf. With Lewyn and Sylvia in the clear, we send him back to the home castle for later and keep the rest huddled around Harhein for some arena battling. Between fighting herself and healing a stuck Deirdre, Lachesis slowly starts to make progress. We’re here for so long however that the bandits that were razing villages…finish razing villages. And when they finish, they come after you. Which would be fine since they’re spaced out and not difficult enemies. Once you fight one though, it attracts Beowolf’s group which I was NOT ready for. Fortunately Harhein is a great place to hole up at when the cavalry units don’t have any 2 range options. I stuck Ethlyn on one side and Ayra on the other and watched as they slaughtered the mob. Beowolf was the only one that was smart enough to NOT attack Ayra, so that concern was gone. Ethlyn (whose money will be useless soon anyway) recruits him so we can start working on pairing him to Lachesis. We get very lucky against Vortz: his adept activates against Ayra but she survives with one hp, and then she DOESN’T trigger a crit or Astra leaving HIM at one hp, allowing me to choose who gets the paragon ring (answer: Lachesis).
Fifth: taking Anphony. We do some more leveling while there’s no danger (much quicker now with the paragon ring) and get Lachesis to level 20 for that sweet Master Knight promotion (and I thought Ethyln’s Paladin gains were impressive!). She’s now a goddamn monster and we move to take the next castle and set up for Erinyes to show up. Sigurd, Lachesis, and Ayra go to take the castle, while Ethlyn goes to defend the home castle. Ayra hits level 20 against the mob and uses her return ring to get her promotion bonuses once she’s killed the boss. Sigurd takes the castle as Lachesis heads back home.
Sixth: Erinys. Pretty straightforward…Lachesis defends Nordlion from the cavalry while Ethlyn and Ayra take care of Pegasus knights. Unlike Beowolf, Erinys is NOT smart enough to avoid Ayra forcing a reset. Second time there’s no issue, and she buys the brave lance Quan gifted Finn to start her arena training. She gets four quick levels between a few enemy stragglers and clearing the arena, and three of them are empty because she does not like me.
Seventh: the last two castles. We let Edain get a few more levels with staff usage so we can promote her (though she won’t have money for a tome until after this chapter). That leaves only Erinys unprompted, so we try to feed her as many kills as we can. Actually taking the castles is easy, and Erinys ends the chapter at level 15.
Total turn count: 163, somehow exactly the same as chapter 1!
And that’s the chapter! Lachesis and Ayra are complete monsters, and I get two of my favorite units next time. Pairings are starting to happen. Ayra and Dew should be set by early chapter 4, and Lachesis and Beowolf are off to a great start with their conversation.
Fun stats: Ayra’s Silver Sword is at 96 kills and Lachesis has 26 strength…icons!
Again at this point my biggest concern is chapter 7. Nanna I’m no longer worried about (she has a castle and she’s gonna inherit some good things from Lachesis), but Patty is a killer. It’s not even rescuing her that’s the biggest issue (passing down a return band is easy); it’s saving her AND keeping Shannan out of combat. I believe the movement of the mercs WILL put at least one of them in range. They’ve got silver weapons, pursuit, and a higher speed than Patty can start with so having her try to tank one is very scary (and I’ve looked at maybe trying to stack her with a shield ring and defender sword but her starting defense is truly abysmal). They’re too far away from anyone for any kind of rescue strat. I considered maybe letting Shannan move TOWARDS the enemies in the hopes that maybe a mage would act first, but watching someone play it it looks like the Mercs have priority. It really might be Miracle Sword Patty praying for a miracle lmao. I just don’t want to have to have an asterisk here after making it through other tricky rescue segments you know?
Next time: Lachesis kicks her brother’s ass and we pick up the wrath goddess herself and the best but most troublesome mom ~dammit Brigid why can’t you just pass your stuff straight down to Patty~
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2023.03.30 02:07 cmaltais Qu'est-ce que le merveilleux?

La différence entre la s-f et le merveilleux ("fantasy"), disait plus ou moins Orson Scott Card, c'est que l'un a des rivets, et l'autre des arbres.
C'est amusant comme idée. Ça semble clair: c'est la même chose, avec un enrobage différent.
S'il y a des robots et des martiens, c'est de la sf. S'il y a des sorciers et des elfes, c'est du merveilleux.
S'il y a des robots contre des sorciers, on est mal pris.
C'est intéressant d'ailleurs, parce que le réflexe est souvent de définir le merveilleux par opposition à la sf. Est-ce l'indice de quelque chose?
J'ai l'impression pour ma part que si, d'un point de vue cartésien, les deux font essentiellement la même chose (raconter des histoires dans des univers inventés, en gros), ils s'opposent en effet malgré tout. Que la sf et le merveilleux sont des explorations de deux espaces connexes mais distincts de l'inconscient collectif moderne.
Peut-être que c'est aussi simple que l'opposition entre rationnel et intuitif, hémisphère gauche/droit, ce que classiquement on appelle le masculin et le féminin.
Je dis "aussi simple", mais toute notre psyché est basée sur ces deux principes, à la fois opposés et complémentaires. Et les profondeurs de notre psyché ne sont pas moins insondables que celles du cosmos...
Ceci dit, quand j'entend "planète du futur avec des dragons", je pense "fantasy/merveilleux", pas sf. Hercule contre des robots, ça sera jamais vraiment de la sf. Même si, il faut le dire, ça me plaît beaucoup.
Le merveilleux ouvre toujours vers une part de mystère, me semble-t-il.
Alors... qu'est-ce que le merveilleux?
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2023.03.30 01:54 xKaleidoscopexEyesx PRIME Hydration Drink - “Do not consumer this product with other supplemented.”

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2023.03.30 00:28 SIGH15 WiP Wensday: Trumpiter 2S1, Mini-art T-55A mod 1965.

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2023.03.30 00:18 East-Alternative-599 Jack should Learn the capitals of the US states

Jack should Learn the capitals of the US states submitted by East-Alternative-599 to JackSucksAtGeography [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 23:48 tw_bot Asa Hutchinson nods to future presidential run in visit to Iowa - Des Moines Register

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2023.03.29 23:48 loloreleen Je cherche un vieux jeu sur internet

Je viens de me souvenir d'une page internet très vielle que je n'arrive pas à retrouver. Ca date d'au moins 2013-2014. C'était une page internet où on pouvait voir une image dessinée d'une table bien garnit de fruits, légumes, pain et brioche avec des yeux. Tout était fixe au début, mais le curseur de la souris animait les personnages quand on bougeait vers eux. Certains fruits et légumes chantaient des chansons et d'autres disaient seulement des phrases/ répliques. Quand on cliquait sur certains d'entre eux, ça nous dirigeait vers un lien YouTube/internet avec la référence de cette musique/ réplique. Par exemple, je me souviens que la prune chantait "prune prunette, petite prune des bois", et les pommes "bumbumbumbumbum" (chanson comme dans la musique de meghan trainor I am your mother).
Si l'un d'entre vous reconnait de quoi je parle et a retrouver le lien ou comment trouver l'url du site, s'il vous plait dites le moi.
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2023.03.29 22:22 SHA-5 Vente d'appartement : le locataire est-il obligatoirement prioritaire ?

Notre propriétaire vend notre appartement. Il possède l'immeuble dont il fait donation à sa famille mais vend trois des appartements. L'agent immobilier mandaté nous a demandé si on était intéressés par le nôtre, on a dit oui. On lui a également fait part de notre intérêt pour l'appartement voisin. Pas de chance, elle nous dit que la locataire de l'appartement est intéressée pour le racheter, tant pis.
Mais retournement de situation, elle nous rappelle pour nous dire que le notaire lui a indiqué qu'on pouvait se positionner pour l'acheter sans avoir à "laisser sa chance" à la locataire actuelle. Le problème c'est que de ce que j'ai vu, ce n'est pas légal à moins de vendre à quelqu'un de sa famille (ce que nous ne sommes pas).
Est-ce qu'il y a une subtilité qui m'échappe ? L'agent immobilier nous a dit que c'était des textes récents qui avaient changé des choses mais bon...
Merci d'avance ! :)
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2023.03.29 22:05 umich82063 moving to dsm - would love some advice from a local!

hi! im moving to dsm soon from a (very) small town in western iowa. im 22f, a professional, and hoping to live around other young people (not necessarily college students.) id like to live somewhere where it’s easy to meet people and there’s options for bars and things to do, but not super busy/loud/lots of traffic. would also like to be somewhere i feel safe, but I don’t really feel that any part of DSM is particularly dangerous.
i have two apartments narrowed down: one in west Des Moines, and one on the south side (near southridge mall.) based on what i stated above, does anyone have any advice on which neighborhood/area may be the right fit for me?
neither location is necessarily better than the other for work.
thank you!!
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2023.03.29 21:48 MyAstus L'aliénation heureuse

TL;DR : J'adore faire des trucs, je fais plein de trucs, mais je déteste travailler.
Un petit post fait a la va vite en "réponse" a tous ceux qui apparaissent sur ce sub et qui me semble complétement à coter de ce que devrait être le sujet principal de ce sub : l'abolition du travail (littéralement antitaff).
Alors bien sur je ne cherche certainement pas blâmer les gens qui cherchent a s'extirper d'une situation compliquée (harcèlement par ex) sans pour autant quitter leur taf ou alors les gens qui cherchent/partagent des "astuces" contre leur hiérarchie, ou encore pour faire simple les gens qui cherchent a 'survivre' dans ce monde ou on nous force a travailler. Par contre les gens qui cherchent le "meilleur taff" : allez sur vosfinances, je pense pas que ce sub ai comme vocation à devenir linkedin-like pour taffer "mieux" ("Quel est la meilleure ESN ?", "taff X ou taff Y ?", ...).
Ceci étant dit, ce que je veux partager depuis un temps, c'est justement cette "aliénation heureuse" que (de mon point de vue) cherchent de plus en plus de personnes que ce soit en cherchant un meilleur taff ou bien en glorifiant plus ou moins le travail.
Je pense (ou en tout cas, j'espère) que tous et toutes sur ce sub somme d'accord pour dire que les riches/patrons sont des parasites. Mais au delà de ça, c'est bien le capitalisme qui est a critiqueabolir non seulement pour ses aberration/contradictions économiques mais aussi pour ses aberration/contradictions écologique et sociales. Et le travail est intrinsèquement lié au capitalisme, non les être humains n'ont pas toujours travaillé. Et c'est bien parce-qu'il est une catégorie du capitalisme qu'il doit être supprimé. On ne peut pas créer une société sans capitalisme "mais en en prenant un petit bout, car c'est quand même vachement pratique le travail pour désigner plein de trucs". Ce qu'il faut comprendre, c'est qu'historiquement il n'y a pas eu une catégorie qui regroupait tout un tas d'activité (planter des carottes, forger des outils, remplir un tableau excel, ...) comme le fait le travail dans un but de tout pouvoir échangecomptabiliser.
J'ai prévu de faire un autre post dans les semaines qui viennent pour parler plus en détail de ça, je conçois que ça puisse être flou dans un post aussi brouillon. Mais ce qu'il faut retenir de ce paragraphe, c'est que oui, l'abolition du travail, au-delà d'être souhaitable, est nécessaire.
Pour revenir sur l'aliénation heureuse par le travail, c'est cette mentalité de ne pas pouvoir penser une société sans le travail, a la place, on va imaginer le monde sans le "travail capitaliste". C'est vraiment ce que l'on retrouve dans par exemple l'URSS qui se voulait une alternative au capitalisme mais qui en a utilisé les mêmes outils, mais aussi dans ces fameuses personnes qui veulent travailler "mieux" ou alors dans les SCOP (société coopérative). Sans dire qu'il ne faut pas chercher, quand c'est possible, a tendre vers ces deux dernier modèles ce que je cherche a dire c'est qu'ils ne résolvent rien aux problèmes cités plus haut (écologiques et sociaux) en plus d'être des pansements (et de petits et trop peu nombreux pansements) sur une jambe de bois. Cette aliénation heureuse par le travail, ou le "vouloir travailler mieux, mais travailler quand même", ne peut, a l'échelle d'une société produire qu'une réorganisation des classes dominantes et continuer de produire les mêmes effets néfastes. Exemple en URSS : on construit des usines pour toujours travailler et la classe dominante est remplacé par une autre classe dominante : les bureaucrates.
Et c'est un sujet que la "gauche" institutionnelle / parlementaire (EELV/FI/PCF/NPA) n'arrive pas (ou ne cherche pas plutôt) à se saisir bien qu'on a quand même eu des régimes de merde qui ont déjà essayés de sortir du capitalisme en gardant le travail durant le XXeme. Les figures de ces partis mettent en place un discours pseudo-révolutionnaire tout en vantant une certaine affirmation positive du travail (coucou Ruffin, Friot et consort) ce qui est, de mon point de vue, quand même très problématique.
Voilà, c'est un truc très brouillon que je voulais publier aujourd'hui, je sais pas si c'est super clair, mais j'essaierais de le refaire correctement plus tard. Mais en bref, je trouve ça dommage qu'il y ai des posts dignes de linkedin qui popent ici, mais en même temps, la création même de ce sub (et de antiwork) montre que la critique du travail progresse.
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2023.03.29 21:31 BestTopBest 7 Best 24 hour locksmith in Des Moines

7 Best 24 hour locksmith in Des Moines submitted by BestTopBest to u/BestTopBest [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:12 muffinloli Figured I’d share the Deaddybear I made!!

Figured I’d share the Deaddybear I made!! submitted by muffinloli to Metalocalypse [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 20:58 Designer_Motor2280 Double-cursus et alternance - surcharge ?

Bonjour, Après une période de vide depuis le bac en raison de problème de santé (j'ai 21 ans), Je finis bientôt ma première année de BUT où j'ai pour le moment obtenu de bons résultats. Je ne suis pas sûre d'aimer suffisamment le domaine d'activité pour y faire ma carrière par la suite, mais je veux au moins aller jusqu'au DUT (diplôme intermédiaire) pour avoir un bac+2.
J'ai la possibilité de faire de l'alternance l'année prochaine, et donc d'être la moitié de mon temps en entreprise, ce que j'aimerais faire pour gagner un peu d'argent.
En parallèle, je songe à m'inscrire en licence de droit à distance, notamment pour avoir une alternative si je me rends compte par la suite que je souhaite faire autre chose que mon BUT. J'en ai trouvé une qui ne demande de se déplacer pour les partiels que deux semaines par an, et n'a aucun contrôle continu, seul les partiels comptent. Ça me semble donc compatible avec le BUT.
J'ai toujours eu des très bons résultats, en cumulant beaucoup de cours et responsabilités différents et sans devoir passer beaucoup de temps à réviser. Mais mon entourage me dit que c'est une mauvaise idée et que cumuler un BUT en alternance et une licence à distance sera impossible.
Connaissez-vous des personnes ayant été dans ce genre de situation ? Est-ce que cela vous paraît faisable avec suffisamment d'organisation, ou est-ce que je me fais des illusions ?
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2023.03.29 20:56 DecentLurker96 Loi sur le travail des enfants : des Chambres de commerce demandent de la flexibilité

Loi sur le travail des enfants : des Chambres de commerce demandent de la flexibilité
Dans la région de Bellechasse, par exemple, de nombreuses fermes familiales mettent souvent à contribution des enfants de moins de 14 ans. La réalité rurale demande donc une plus grande flexibilité, selon le directeur général Frédéric Lajoie. On craint que les paramètres rigides d'une loi aillent venir briser une certaine pratique qui n'était pas si mal pour autant.
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2023.03.29 20:51 Papuche96 Chiot berger australien n'arrive pas à se calmer à l'intérieur

Bonjour à toutes et tous,
Je suis nouveau sur ce sub, et avec ma compagne c'est notre premier chien. Elle s'appelle Tara, berger australien de 3 mois (nous l'avons accueillie à 2 mois et 1/2). En tant que nouveaux maîtres, nous nous sommes renseignés et éduqués pour l'arrivée de Tara (Esprit Dog, Ecole du chiot et conseils avec l'élevage). Nous savions que les bergers australiens ont des besoins de dépense physique et mentaux élèvé. Ceci étant dit, nous sortons Tara en longe ou en liberté minimum 1h30 par jour en plusieurs fois, nous essayons de lui faire voir des chiens (difficile car perdu en pleine campagne), nous jouons avec elle au moins 3x10min (tirage de corde, lancé), nous avons commencé son dressage (assis, couché, pas bouger, panier) et nous cachons des croquettes pour stimuler son flair. Elle comprend très vite toutes ses activités et progresse rapidement. Nous avons l'impression de faire beaucoup pour la stimuler et la dépenser, cependant lorsqu'elle est dans la maison et qu'elle n'est pas occupé au dressage ou a la recherche de croquette, elle est à 100% entrain de faire des "bêtises" (mettre les pattes sur les chaises, sur la table, sur le canapé, attraper les choses dessus, manger les chaussures, lacet, vêtements). Nous disons non fermement, nous redirigeons vers ses jouets d'occupation, qui ne l'intéresse pas plus de quelques secondes avant de passer à la "bêtise" d'après. Elle ne se fatigue jamais et n'arrive pas a se calmer et a dormir à l'intérieur de la maison durant la journée, que ce soit dans son panier ou non... (La nuit elle met du temps mais y arrive) Par contre, nous, on fini par fatiguer, et la solution qu'on a adopté pour le moment, c'est de la faire sortir ou de la mettre dans une pièce sans stimulation, en prenant une voie enjouée pour qu'elle prenne ça le moins possible comme une punition. On l'a laisse quelques minutes et on recommence quand elle s'est calmée. Le comble c'est que dehors, elle se calme la plupart du temps très vite, se couche devant la porte et dort. C'est frustrant car on voudrait qu'elle puisse vivre à l'intérieur avec nous aussi pendant les moments calme. L'élevage avec qui nous sommes en contact nous dit que vous faisons ce qu'il faut et que ça prend juste du temps, mais nous ne voyons aucun progrès, contrairement à toutes les autres activités qu'on lui propose. Est ce que certains d'entre vous on des solutions ou des retours d'expériences à partager ?
PS: désolé pour le pavé, j'ai essayé d'être assez exhaustif pour que le contexte soit bien compris
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2023.03.29 20:37 Playboi_sjw Melflop qui préfère allé sur le stream de midmoo plus tôt de live

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2023.03.29 20:24 h3lope Si on proposait à ceux qui veulent payer moins d'impôts/cotisation sociales de réaliser des travaux d'intérêt généraux à la place. Est-ce que les gens accepteraient mieux le fait de payer ?

J'entends bien souvent des gens se plaindre de trop payer d'impôts et de cotisations sociales. Parfois même que "le gouvernement nous vole". Est-ce que vous pensez que si on proposait au gens de ne pas payer tout ça, en échange d'un ou plusieurs jours de travaux utiles à la société, ils seraient plus enclins à payer ? L'idée étant de donner des tâche dont le résultat soit mesurable, et dont le temps d'exécution soit supérieur au temps de travail nécessaire pour payer la somme d'impôt et cotisations dues. Exemple : ramassage de déchets sur un terrain pollué, sur une durée de 2-3 jours par mois.
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2023.03.29 20:21 Lordfab Aion Classic Old FR players Discord

Si vous avez joué sur Suthran/Urtem/Calindi vous retrouverez surement vos anciens potos sur ce discord. Venez Retrouver plus d'une centaines d'anciens TOP ou moin TOP joueurs pour parler ou jouer ensemble. On est juste la pour retrouver les anciens et evezntuellement faire quelque game ensemble :).
On retrouve sur ce serveur des anciens des guildes : Origine Online Creed Option ShonIX Empire Fureur PowerPvP Et Tellement d'autres ....
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2023.03.29 20:15 AdNew7817 allergy friendly places to dine

Hello! My daughter is allergic to several very common ingredients, but we'd like to eat out once on this visit to the Johnston/Des Moines area. What's a decent restaurant that has a good allergy menu?
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