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2023.06.03 12:23 LogAffectionate3306 I'm deciding between relationships, and it could cost me her life.

I've met this girl through a dating/friends app and since then we got connected deeply instantly. She lived only 3 hours away from me which was actually near some family of mine, but we never got to meet in person due to her family. Her dad was a very bad person, and would verbally abuse her constantly. She knew her dad and grandma (Who she was staying with at the time) would never let her meet let alone date someone she met online. After about 2 and a half months she moved back to Sweden (I live in texas) to live with her mom and finish school. It's now been about 6 months into our relationship, and I don't know if she can keep her promises and move back after school due to money, living situation, and simply being allowed. She used to be suicidal before we started dating, she was on meds, etc. After we started dating that was no longer the case, but she still has a very fucked up relationship with her dad who she loves deeply. I feel like if I were to break up with her (since I'm the only healthy relationship she's ever had) it would be the last thing she need to tip her over the edge and off herself. When she first moved to Sweden and I realized I'm 99% sure I'd never be able to see her, and I couldn't break up with her even though I still loved her. I started talking to this girl in my town and eventually became fwb (friends with benefits) and we started to gain feelings for eachother and I think it would really workout. I'm now in this position where I can't be in the relationship with this girl, but can't break up with the girl in Sweden because she'd off herself and I have no clue what to do. Am I the asshole for wanting a relationship where I can be with the person physically, but can't break up with the one im in because she'd off herself?
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2023.06.03 12:21 espressoBump Rent: What the hell is this "Water Metering Chargeback" on my bill and why is it so high?

I live in Arium and when I started renting a few years back I called them to see what it was and the worker had no idea what I was talking about and said "it's for water the bill can be really weird". I let it go because it was only about $20. Everyime I checked it was quite low so I didn't bother diving into it. But that last few months were more expensive. My rent went up but there was an additional ~$150 on my bill.
You can see below the first two charges are quite high so I complained then I didn't have a charge over $10 for two years, so I didn't bother putting those items below. But recently, I started paying an a** ton and I have no idea why. I wasn't even home for the month of May:
6/1/2023 Water Metering Chargeback $151.14
5/1/2023 Water Metering Chargeback $140.93
4/1/2023 Water Metering Chargeback $146.87
3/1/2023 Water Metering Chargeback $54.96
2/1/2023 Water Metering Chargeback $20.98
12/1/2021 Water Metering Chargeback $37.20
11/1/2021 Water Metering Chargeback $35.12
There isn't a leaking pipe or anything so I don't know what the hell this is but it's ridiculously high.
Am I an idiot, what's going on here?
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2023.06.03 12:20 lfg-ilvl6000 Moved to Germany 3 weeks ago and picked up this pretty thing last week! Only complaint is I can’t figure out wireless CarPlay

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2023.06.03 12:20 Digitallifero1 skin and hair clinic - skin treatment clinic

Melasma & Pigmentation is a common skin disorder. Loosely translated, the word means “black spot.” If you have melasma, you’re probably experiencing light brown, dark brown, and blue-gray patches on your skin. They can appear as flat patches or freckle-like spots. Commonly affected areas include your face, including the cheeks, upper lip, and forehead, as well as the forearms. Melasma & Pigmentation typically darkens and lightens over time, often getting worse in the summer and better in the winter.
Causes Of Melasma & Pigmentation
  1. Sun exposure
  2. Certain birth Control Pills
  3. Genetics
  4. increase in estrogen
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Skin Inflammation
Trentment Of Melasma & Pigmentation
  1. Chemical peels: Chemical peels involve applying a chemical solution to the skin, which exfoliates the outer layers and promotes the growth of new, healthier skin.
  2. Laser therapy: Laser treatments use high-energy light to target and break up the excess pigment in the skin.
  3. Microdermabrasion: This procedure involves exfoliating the outer layer of the skin using a handheld device with a diamond-tipped or crystal-tipped wand. Microdermabrasion can help reduce the appearance of pigmentation by promoting skin cell turnover.
  4. Dermabrasion: Similar to microdermabrasion, dermabrasion involves removing the outer layers of the skin. However, dermabrasion is a more aggressive procedure typically used for deeper pigmentation issues or scars.
  5. Topical antioxidants: Certain topical products containing antioxidants like vitamin C, kojic acid, or azelaic acid can help lighten pigmentation and even out skin tone.
  6. Sun protection: Since sun exposure is a major trigger for melasma and pigmentation, it is crucial to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.
It's important to note that the effectiveness of these treatments can vary depending on the severity and underlying cause of your melasma or pigmentation.
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2023.06.03 12:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] Chase Reiner – AI Profits (

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2023.06.03 12:20 lmb_reddit June 3, 2023 - All States - PICK 4 - Number Combinations For Consideration

Lottery Website for Workouts and Tools - Lets Make Billion
Single Combinations: 0123 , 0129 , 0138 , 0147 , 0156 , 0159 , 0168 , 0237 , 0246 , 0249 , 0258 , 0267 , 0345 , 0348 , 0357 , 0368 , 0456 , 1236 , 1239 , 1245 , 1248 , 1257 , 1347 , 1356 , 2346
Double Combinations: 0012 , 0015 , 0024 , 0036 , 0038 , 0039 , 0048 , 0057 , 0068 , 0069 , 0078 , 0114 , 0177 , 0228 , 0255 , 0336 , 0338 , 0339 , 0366 , 0388 , 0447 , 0668 , 0688 , 1128 , 1137 , 1146 , 1149 , 1158 , 1167 , 1227 , 1266 , 1335 , 1338 , 1344 , 1446 , 1455 , 2235 , 2238 , 2247 , 2256 , 2334 , 2337 , 2355 , 2445 , 3345 , 3368 , 3668 , 3688
Double Double Combinations: 0033 , 0066 , 0088 , 1122 , 1155 , 2244 , 3366 , 3388 , 6688
Triple Combinations: 0003 , 0006 , 0008 , 0111 , 0222 , 0333 , 0444 , 0555 , 0666 , 0888 , 1113 , 1119 , 2226 , 2229 , 3336 , 3338 , 3444 , 3666 , 3888 , 6668 , 6888
Quads Combinations: 0000 , 3333 , 6666 , 8888
Good Luck Everyone
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2023.06.03 12:20 lmb_reddit June 3, 2023 - All States - PICK 3 - Number Combinations For Consideration

Lottery Website for Workouts and Tools - Lets Make Billion
Single Combinations: 012 , 015 , 024 , 036 , 038 , 039 , 048 , 057 , 068 , 069 , 078 , 123 , 129 , 138 , 147 , 156 , 159 , 168 , 237 , 246 , 249 , 258 , 267 , 345 , 348 , 357 , 368 , 456
Double Combinations: 003 , 006 , 008 , 033 , 066 , 088 , 114 , 177 , 228 , 255 , 336 , 338 , 339 , 366 , 388 , 447 , 668 , 688
Triple Combinations: 000 , 111 , 222 , 333 , 444 , 555 , 666 , 888
Good Luck Everyone
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2023.06.03 12:19 zetunuteas2113 Had to switch back from Buvidal monthly to Suboxone daily because of side effects. Anyone else? (Long)

Anyone else experience side effects from monthly injections of Buprenorphine? Anyone else had to switch back to suboxone because of the side effects? After almost a year of being on Bupe injections monthly (160mg, I believe - whatever it was it was the top dose you can have on Bupe injections monthly. I know it’s a lot please don’t judge, it was the only dose that would hold me at the time) I started getting not withdrawal symptoms but heart palpitations. Now initially I didn’t think it was the Bupe, in fact I got every test under the sun: blood tests, heart scans, brain scans, almost 6 months of non stop tests and blood samples. And nothing was showing up. I’m fact I was in perfect health, aside from these odd heart palpitations that would occur more frequently over time after a year on bupe. So six months after getting heart palpitations and not being solved, I had my 1/2 yearly appointment with my addiction specialist and prescriber of my buvidal and previously suboxone. He told me that recently he’s been getting more and more patients experiencing heart palpitations after a year or so of being on monthly injections of Bupe. Now I have to say these aren’t panic attacks, being in therapy for over ten years (I stopped just before the Covid shutdowns in 2020) I know what a panic attack or anxiety attack feels like very well and have learned to control and eventually stop any oncoming panic attacks pretty well. It’s just heart palpitations and eventually dizziness. No sense of adrenaline or anxiety at all. The specialist said that he’s been putting the patients who have been experiencing heart palpitations back onto Suboxone (under the patient’s authority, of course) and the heart palpitations have gone away for them. But the ones who have stayed on bupe have had increasing instances of heart palpitations. Some have even relapsed onto opioids too (because of the heart palpitations). So now I’m back on Suboxone and I haven’t had a single attack of heart palpitations or dizziness and it’s been over three weeks. It’s kind of a bummer because instead of monthly appointments to get the injection I have to go to the pharmacy once every few days to pick up takeaways of subs. Plus, subs started to stain my teeth (not cavities, as I initially thought, it was only staining the surface). Plus subs made me drowsy, which the specialist said is uncommon, so I like to take them at the end of the day.
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2023.06.03 12:19 HappyAndProud Quest 2 or Quest 3 if I mainly care about price and longevity?

So I've been thinking about getting one of those fancy Oculus headsets. The thing is, I can't decide whether I should get a Quest 2 or wait for the Quest 3. Not sure I would really appreciate the "better" tech in the Quest 3. I tried the Quest 2 but truth be told, I'd be somewhat satisfied with still using my Go if it still got new content. My main concerns are basically the price (don't wanna break the bank) and how long it will keep receiving support from Facebook and app developers. Certainly don't want a repeat of the Go where I buy it and then it immediately gets backstabbed by Facebook (not even 2 years after its release), and all the social apps stop working. I guess my question is, what are the chances that the Quest 2 gets dropped by Facebook in the foreseeable future? I've heard some people suggest that Quest 2 sold really well and that this might ensure that it lasts longer. Has there been any indication from Facebook on this?
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2023.06.03 12:19 Yoana199 PAP smear?

Hello. For the reference I have PCOS and Insulin Resistance. ( diagnosed 2014) My menstrual cycle began when I was 9 and I was bleeding super heavely for months for almost 5 years until I was diagnosed.... I did went to a few doctors etc...etc.. it's a long story. My first PAP smear was in 2016 (I was 16 years old) the result was PAP 2 and I had cervical dysplasia (the doc told me it was from the heavy constant bleeding), my HPV was negative and my doctor did colposcopy to be completely sure and my cells were fine, everything was normal. Then she treated my cervical dysplasia with Solcogyn vaginal solution and until 2020 I did the PAP smears every year and everything was fine. I haven't done PAP smear in almost 3 years but through this years I went to the gynecologist two times and everything was normal. My question is how often should I do it. I have had one boyfriend my whole life and I'm still with him,he was my first and I was his first. I don't have any complains. I'm have been on birth control since 2016 with a few stops but my cycle doesn't come anymore without the pill, even if I haven't taken the pill for half a year or more. I went to two different gynecologists for second opinions and neither of them took PAP smear. Should I ask them or not....
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2023.06.03 12:18 Iguesssowtfnot The Canadian peace with honour and post war paths for the British Empire.

So, I don’t know if this happens with you guys, but for me, every game where I’m not directly involved with the Entente/3I war it always ends the same way, Italy and SandFrance fall, Canada very briefly makes landfall in the UOB and COF before getting thrown back into the sea, but the 3I is never able to make its way over to Canada to actually invade and the 2 factions end up stuck in permanent war together.
And so I was thinking, why not give them a white peace route similar to the Japanese one or the Canadian one you get when losing to the CSA? It could be triggered after the war had went on long enough and if Natfrance, Italy, Sardinia and Portugal had already fallen to the syndies leaving Canada and her dominions on their own.
It would be one of those pop-up events that automatically happen for the PC, but players are given a chance to do it or opt out and what it would do is as follows:
1) it ends the entente/3I war immediately, the conquered lands in natfrance, Sardinia, Italy…etc would remain in the hands of the syndies, but any territory in Canada or her dominions would be returned.
2) The King-Emperor will have to formally renounce any claim to mainland Britain, he can no longer style himself as “King of the United Kingdom”, he is now the King of Canada and the Canadian empire.
3) enforce a long lasting truth between both sides and any casus belli either of them have is cancelled.
Now, once the peace with honour is finalised, Canada is now faced with a choice in the focus trees, it can go either one of two routes:
1) They support their emperor, the focus tree would Center around Canada reinventing itself as the new Center of the “Canadian Empire” erasing any distinctions between the “British exiles” and the Canadians and shoring up control over the dominions, maybe even bringing them more under a centralised government from Canada and appointing members of the royal family as governors-general of each dominion. And of course, getting new allies to protect themselves against any new danger that may come.
2) They go their own way, depose the emperor and announce a new republic. This tree will instead focus on decolonisation, releasing each dominion as its own independent nation and gathering them into a new “British Commonwealth” faction and focusing on economic, civil and military reforms so Canada can finally venture into the future as a truly independent and sovereign nation.
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2023.06.03 12:17 Foreign-Anteater-873 Broke Up

Hey y'all thus is a rant ....:
So i broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. A little backstory ( we've known each other since middle school, he was my best friend he decided to go into the air force. I supported him through everything went to his basic training graduation when his family wouldn't, stuck by his side helping him in tech school, even when he got to his now duty station in Kadena AFB in Japan I tried my hardest stick with him. He started becoming distant and showed lack of effort in our relationship.... I told him he's becoming more cold and distant towards me and he said he doesn't need to talk to me all the time, i'm a bit overbearing to him, he doesn't know hoe to fix the problem. I communicated my feelings with him for 3 months how i've noticed a change and him not having time for me but other leisure activities yet he didn't care... .. he said he's living his life in japan... so i broke up with him and now my whole heart hurts and i just don't know how to cope. I would have never expected someone that i've known for 8 yrs whose been with me through everything to just flat out hurt me like that. Now i just I’m numb… i can’t cry i’m just numb :(
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2023.06.03 12:17 AmbitiousPrinciple92 If you could pick 3 dead rappers to make a song together from any time who would you pick? (they don’t need to be on this list)

If you could pick 3 dead rappers to make a song together from any time who would you pick? (they don’t need to be on this list) submitted by AmbitiousPrinciple92 to u/AmbitiousPrinciple92 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 12:17 Maciluminous LR Awful Performance

Hi everyone, I've been in the industry for over a decade at this point. As the season kicked up and editing bega, I've notice a horrible trend. Lightroom Performance has gone to the gutter on the PC I built. It isn't a slouch by any measure but in comparison to my M1 Max it is GUTWRENCHING. Has anyone else noticed that LRC is utter dog$h1t? My catalogs are slow even with smart previews, my render time for selective masking is REALLY slow(even with a decent gpu).
All updates have been performed but I am speechless at how atrocious the performance is anymore!
My pc specs.Windows 10 Pro
Ryzen 7 5800x32gb // DDR4 3200mhz ram // Gen 3 SSD(3000mb/s read/write I think?) // RTX 3060ti
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2023.06.03 12:16 NikitaWolf6 How do I distinguish the difference between Withdrawing, Isolating and Reinforcing boundaries?

This has been a roadblock in my recovery for a while now. I struggle to identify the difference between these three:
  1. Withdrawing, Witholding love/affection/attention, Silent treatment, Abandoning. (leaving as a punishment to the other person)
  2. Isolating, Hiding from reality/the outside world, Dissociating. (leaving to avoid dealing with with the person)
  3. Reinforcing boundaries, going (E)LC or NC, "Grey rocking" (leaving as a way of dealing with the person)
Personally I struggle to see the difference between grey rocking and giving the silent treatment, even though one is a method to deal with abuse and the other one is abusive. I also struggle to identify the difference between leaving for a period of time to listen to music and calm down and better deal with the situation, and doing this to dissociate from the situation.
I have been told my absence feels as a punishment. Sometimes I need to calm down (for 30-60 min even) and the only way to do it is listening to my music. I always tell people I need to listen to my music and self-regulate and i will not be responding to further arguments etc. at least until i am calm. To me, this is healthy boundary setting. Others say it is giving the silent treatment, which is abusive.
I am incredibly confused as to when it is abusive to step back and ignore disrespectful behavior or arguments that will just further upset me, when it is healthy to do this, and when it isnt abusive but not healthy either.
It doesnt really have anything to do with NPD but i figured people here might understand or have struggled with this themselves, and can maybe offer me some support or wisdom in this matter. Thanks so much in advance.
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2023.06.03 12:15 Foreign-Anteater-873 Broke up. M(19) F(20)

Hey y’all thus is a rant …. :
So i broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. A little backstory ( we’ve known each other since middle school, he was my best friend) he decided to go into the air force. I supported him through everything went to his basic training graduation when his family wouldn’t, stuck by his side helping him in tech school, even when he got to his now duty station in Kadena AFB in Japan I tried my hardest stick with him. He started becoming distant and showed lack of effort in our relationship…. I told him he’s becoming more cold and distant towards me and he said he doesn’t need to talk to me all the time, i’m a bit overbearing to him, he doesn’t know hoe to fix the problem. I communicated my feelings with him for 3 months how i’ve noticed a change and him not having time for me but other leisure activities yet he didn’t care…. he said he’s living his life in japan… so i broke up with him and now my whole heart hurts and i just don’t know how to cope. I would have never expected someone that i’ve known for 8 yrs whose been with me through everything to just flat out hurt me like that.
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2023.06.03 12:15 userwfe722256 Toddler keeps saying negative things about himself

Hi All, my 3 year old has been saying negative things about himself and in general the past few weeks. I am currently pregnant and had HG the first 6 months. During that time, I had to get some help from a child minder a few times on my very bad days when I had no one around to help. She told him that he is naughty, something my husband and I agreed we would never tell him. He didn't even know the word before that. We haven't had her back for a few weeks now and my LO still keeps repeating the phrase "I'm a naughty boy". If he drops something by mistake or crosses a boundary, before I even say anything, he looks down and sadly says "I'm a naughty boy" or "mummy and daddy are not gonna love me". We have gently/positively parented him from the start and have never once said these kinds of things to him. Sometimes he hits and when I tell him "Hitting hurts, I won't let you hit." He repeatedly goes on saying "I'm a naughty boy, no one will love me, mummy and daddy are going to hit me". This bothers us so much because we don't want him to believe that he's naughty when he obviously isn't and is just doing normal child things. Also bothers us that he thinks we won't love him if he does x,y,z, because we've made it a point to never do timeouts and be present during tantrums etc. Especially with another baby coming, I feel so stressed about him feeling or saying negative things because I don't want him being insecure about his sibling. Please help 💙
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2023.06.03 12:15 Ali_Muhammad_Mallah What would happen if the Earth suddenly stopped rotating, but continued to orbit the Sun at the same speed? How would this affect life on the planet?

What would happen if the Earth suddenly stopped rotating, but continued to orbit the Sun at the same speed? How would this affect life on the planet?
If the Earth suddenly stopped rotating while continuing to orbit the Sun at the same speed, it would have significant and dramatic consequences for life on the planet. Here are some of the effects that would occur:
  1. Drastic changes in temperature: The rotation of the Earth causes the day-night cycle, with Sunlight evenly distributed across different regions. If the rotation ceased, one side of the Earth would be permanently facing the Sun, experiencing continuous daylight, while the other side would be in permanent darkness. This extreme temperature contrast would lead to extremely high temperatures on the Sun-facing side and extremely low temperatures on the dark side, causing significant challenges for life.
  2. Extreme weather patterns: The Earth's rotation plays a vital role in shaping global weather patterns. Without rotation, the equator would become much hotter than the poles, leading to intense atmospheric circulation and extreme weather events. Violent winds, hurricanes, and storms would likely develop near the dividing line between the lit and dark sides of the planet.
  3. Changes in gravity and tides: The Earth's rotation contributes to the centrifugal force that counteracts the planet's gravitational pull at the equator. Without rotation, gravity would be more pronounced at the equator, resulting in a redistribution of mass and potential changes in sea levels. Tidal patterns would also be greatly altered.
  4. Disruption of ecosystems: The abrupt cessation of the Earth's rotation would have severe consequences for ecosystems. Plants and animals are adapted to the diurnal cycle, which governs patterns of Sunlight, temperature, and behavior. Sudden permanent daylight or darkness would disrupt natural cycles, such as photosynthesis, migration, and breeding patterns, potentially leading to ecological imbalances and extinctions.
  5. Impact on the atmosphere: The Earth's rotation affects the Coriolis effect, which influences the movement of air masses, ocean currents, and weather systems. Without rotation, the Coriolis effect would weaken significantly, altering global wind patterns and circulation. This would have far-reaching effects on climate and weather systems.
Overall, the sudden cessation of Earth's rotation while maintaining its orbital speed would have catastrophic consequences for life as we know it. The extreme temperature variations, disrupted weather patterns, changes in gravity and tides, ecological disturbances, and altered atmospheric dynamics would profoundly impact the planet and make it extremely challenging for most forms of life to survive.

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2023.06.03 12:15 lmb_reddit All State - PICK 4 List Performance for 2023-06-02

Lottery Website for Workouts and Tools - Lets Make Billion
All State - PICK 4 List Performance for 2023-06-02
State Draw Date Draw Time Winning Number BOX Number VTRAC Number
CA 2023-06-02 Evening 3345 3345 1445
DE 2023-06-02 Evening 6996 6699 2255
FL 2023-06-02 Evening 1307 0137 1234
IL 2023-06-02 Midday 7972 2779 3335
IN 2023-06-02 Evening 5929 2599 1355
MA 2023-06-02 Evening 1118 1118 2224
ME 2023-06-02 Evening 2525 2255 1133
NH 2023-06-02 Evening 2525 2255 1133
OH 2023-06-02 Midday 6629 2669 2235
OR 2023-06-02 Morning 2148 1248 2345
OR 2023-06-02 Night 2315 1235 1234
PA 2023-06-02 Midday 7103 0137 1234
PR 2023-06-02 Evening 6162 1266 2223
RI 2023-06-02 Midday 2700 0027 1133
VT 2023-06-02 Evening 2525 2255 1133
Congrats all Winners and Followers.
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2023.06.03 12:15 lmb_reddit All State - PICK 3 List Performance for 2023-06-02

Lottery Website for Workouts and Tools - Lets Make Billion
All State - PICK 3 List Performance for 2023-06-02
State Draw Date Draw Time Winning Number BOX Number VTRAC Number
AR 2023-06-02 Midday 056 056 112
AR 2023-06-02 Evening 204 024 135
CA 2023-06-02 Midday 506 056 112
CO 2023-06-02 Evening 362 236 234
CT 2023-06-02 Evening 092 029 135
DC 2023-06-02 Evening 602 026 123
DE 2023-06-02 Evening 207 027 133
DE 2023-06-02 Midday 775 577 133
FL 2023-06-02 Midday 996 699 255
GA 2023-06-02 Evening 750 057 113
GA 2023-06-02 Midday 240 024 135
IA 2023-06-02 Midday 099 099 155
KS 2023-06-02 Evening 969 699 255
MD 2023-06-02 Evening 676 667 223
MD 2023-06-02 Midday 707 077 133
ME 2023-06-02 Evening 666 666 222
MI 2023-06-02 Midday 461 146 225
NC 2023-06-02 Midday 625 256 123
NE 2023-06-02 Evening 470 047 135
NH 2023-06-02 Evening 666 666 222
NM 2023-06-02 Evening 770 077 133
NY 2023-06-02 Evening 220 022 133
NY 2023-06-02 Midday 602 026 123
OH 2023-06-02 Evening 663 366 224
ONT 2023-06-02 Midday 696 669 225
PR 2023-06-02 Evening 654 456 125
VA 2023-06-02 Evening 146 146 225
VT 2023-06-02 Evening 666 666 222
WCAN 2023-06-02 Evening 843 348 445
WV 2023-06-02 Evening 362 236 234
Congrats all Winners and Followers.
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2023.06.03 12:14 OASISplayer1985 Does nobody remember the Ghostbusters Luigi model?

Does nobody remember the Ghostbusters Luigi model?
About 2 or 3 years ago, I stumbled across a cool model of Luigi as a Ghostbuster on the workshop for Garry's Mod. I tried it out for a little while before I got to work on my GMod movie, and I instantly loved the model and how well it worked. However, a little while after I had temporarily stopped messing with it, I had seen that it was removed from the Steam Workshop when I went to try to mess with it again, and there seems to be no real reason why it was removed. Links to its workshop page were still up for a little while last year, along with grainy pictures of the model in action, but eventually, the link and images disappeared from existence as of what seems to be recently. And last year, I found an image of the Ghostbusters Luigi model (not in Garry's Mod) on the Ghostbusters sub-Reddit that was done by the supposed "original creator," who is no longer on here apparently. I tried asking in the post the image was in if the model was available somewhere else on the internet or if anyone had a backup of the model, and if it would see the light of day again. However, I didn't get a response from anyone. I even asked someone on Steam if maybe they were the creator of it, but they said they didn't make it, and they didn't even know or hear about the model. In addition, I found a YouTube video where the model was used by someone in a Prop Hunt match, but there was no link to the model's workshop page in the description or the comments (since a lot of GMod Let's Play videos don't tend to do that). This is why I'm making this post: to ask if anyone even knew about the Ghostbusters Luigi mod and if you have a potential backup of it somewhere or if there's a possible archive of it on the internet somewhere. If anyone has answers to my questions, I'd appreciate the input. I'll provide the surviving images I have of it (including the original image of the model I found in the post on the Ghostbusters sub-Reddit), and hopefully we can find it again. I wish you all the best of luck in the hunt if there's going to be one for this model, and I would really like to see it restored for GMod. Cheers.
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2023.06.03 12:13 Far-Prompt-5776 What am I/We?

Everything about me points me in the direction of something I can only describe as divine. Divine as in balanced. Masculinity and femininity. Benevolence and necessary evil. Ego and self… sometimes lol.
I strayed from it once, but like a lost child it scolded me and took my hand once again. It invokes a part of myself I do not fully understand but I know exists. It’s something that has existed for a very, very long time under many different names..
So how many grams of shrooms I gotta do to meet this guy am I right 👉👉
No but seriously what the fuck am I. I’m not me cuz that doesn’t exist or even make sense beyond “pattern recognition” and learned responses. Also something to do with the number ‘3’ or something???
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