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2023.03.30 04:23 fastloris_ My boyfriend's (M31) best friend (F30) is trying to drive me (F30) away. Advice?

I hooked up with a man named Jon two years ago while I was in a committed open relationship. We hit it off and continued to see each other casually about once a month over the following two years. My primary relationship ended 6 months ago, during which time Jon and I began to spend a lot more time together and deepen our connection. We love each other, and we have intention of seeing if we can become life partners. I have recently had the opportunity to meet his family, all of whom are lovely, welcoming people.
I have also recently met his circle of friends, three couples plus Jon. They are very tight-knit. They have attended burning man together, and regularly get away to cabins where they do molly and bond with each other. Needless to say, it is an intimidating group to try to break into. The first time I met them, one of the women, Ella, who is recently married, was hostile towards me, particularly when Jon was not within earshot. Her behavior included interrogating me about why I chose to move closer to where Jon lives, casting judgmental looks towards my waistline, showing Jon photos of a sex worker and trying to coax him to say how hot she was, all the while glancing up at me with a smirk. She also constantly wanted to discuss the groups’ plans to travel to a cabin the following weekend, which I was not invited to. When others would try to politely change the subject, she would find a way to bring it back up.
I left the evening feeling confused and insecure, which Jon and I talked about at length. He told me that they do have a close and intimate friendship, but that it had not ever been romantic or sexual. He believed my account of the evening, but felt confused, so he decided to ask Ella about it. She denied all of it. I have since learned that Ella's marriage is in trouble, which increases my unease over her territorial behavior with Jon.
Fast-forward three months. I am invited to attend a joint birthday celebration for Jon and Ella, again at a cabin with a plan to do molly together.
In preparation for this, Jon asked if I would be willing to try to re-connect with Ella, on the chance that my first bad impression was a misunderstanding. Out of a desire to please Jon, I agreed to host a dinner in my home just for him, Molly and her husband.
The dinner went as badly as the first visit. Ella again spent a good deal of time discussing their friend groups’ upcoming travel plans, which I am not invited to. At one point she fed Jon food out of her hand while smirking at me. The most uncomfortable moment was when she announced to the table her memory of their friend group almost having an orgy before someone put an end to it. I was shocked by this. We sat in silence until I excused myself to clean dishes. Ella’s husband, on the other hand, went out of his way to be kind and get to know me throughout the evening, at one point seemingly apologizing for her behavior.
This time, at least, Jon witnessed her hostility towards me. After they left, he denied any incident of a near-orgy with their friend group, and again expressed confusion about her behavior. He told me that this has not happened between Ella and any of his previous girlfriends. I think he is being naive about her attachment to him.
I’m perplexed about the situation I find myself in. I love Jon, and neither of us want to me be driven away by Ella. I have no desire to do drugs with this woman, but I also don’t want to miss out on important events in Jon’s life, such as this upcoming birthday trip. This experience recalls for me the petty drama of middle school, and I don’t want to stoop to her level. How do I draw boundaries without cutting myself out of Jon’s life? Any advice would be helpful!
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2023.03.30 04:22 robnosy Any tips/ideas for 83 K5 Blazer

Any tips/ideas for 83 K5 Blazer
My dad and I work on a 1983 Chevy K5 Blazer together and Im looking for ideas on it. I love it already, drives amazing at all times. I want to give it more oomph after spending nearly $1200 on the headlights and front end. It already has a ~4” lift and a good sound system/interior. And ideas for better suspension or off-road capability upgrades? Give me your thoughts!
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2023.03.30 04:21 Machka_Ilijeva Prospective Argentine Tango Dancer

Hi everyone.
I’ve wanted to dance Argentine Tango for about fifteen years, but never started for one reason or another. I haven’t had much experience in a dance style except a couple of years of classes and social dancing in street-style Cuban Salsa about ten years ago.
I am not super fit, I would say average and reasonably strong but I am recovering from a nerve issue in my left arm. I’m small and female so probably more likely to be a follow straight away (although I want to learn the lead role as well). I’ve decided not to begin for at least a few months to make sure my arm won’t be injured by dancing (I have a care team overseeing this). I want to be prepared for when I plan to take classes later in the year.
So far I have the following plan:
  1. Continue with rehab exercises, and gradually introduce aqua exercise, then yoga stretches and core exercises (under supervision of course),
  2. Listen to as much music as I can,
  3. Watch as many videos of good dancers as I can,
  4. Read up on culture and etiquette (although I don’t expect this to come into play for a while), and purchase good shoes and adequate practice clothes before starting classes.
My questions for you all are:
  1. Are there any exercises for posture, balance, feet/legs, breathing etc which I can start on now that I should know about? (All exercise to be cleared with care team of course)
  2. What is the best online resource to guide me through exploring the styles of different composers? I am pretty familiar with Piazzolla, currently planning to go through Gardel, D’Arienzo, Troilo, De Sarli, Pugliese to get a good foundation, but who would you all recommend after that? I am interested in getting a feel for the best/type example of all genres from 1920s recordings to 2000s electro tango, with a focus on Golden Age and mid-20th century Tango Nuevo.
  3. Which dancers should I watch? I am more of a musician than a dancer in my history so I feel much more out of my depth here. I would like to watch footage of great show dancers and social dancers exemplifying the different ways of dancing in different contexts.
  4. Is it necessary to try on shoes before purchase? There don’t seem to be a lot of mortar-and-brick stores selling a variety of tango shoes near me, especially ones I like the look of. If anybody has any tips for sourcing good shoes online (especially if they can be exchanged or returned if they don’t fit), or other ways to get my hands on a pair I would like to know about it.
Is there anything I haven’t covered?
Thanks everyone!
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2023.03.30 04:20 sarcasticinterest To all of the high school seniors sad about being rejected…

I applied to college nearly 3 years ago now. I ended up not getting into my dream school and it crushed me for a while. I thought for sure that school would be my home and was the place for me.
Now I’m in my second year at an amazing school that’s everything I wanted it to be, in a fantastic program. It literally sometimes feels like I’m dreaming.
But it wasn’t where I originally wanted to go. It wasn’t as prestigious, I didn’t give it much thought, and it still ended up being the place where I’m the happiest.
Consider your other options and put your hope in them. You don’t need to go to an Ivy League or UC school to be happy or successful. You’ll thrive wherever you find your home.
(And- If you’re still really set on your dream school you got rejected from, apply as a transfer after a year or two of community college. It’s an easier way to get in and a lot of schools have a bridge program to ensure you’ll be enrolled)
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2023.03.30 04:19 throwaway2847392837 26 [M4F] #Michigan, GR - Midwest Breeder

Experienced and successful breeder located in the Midwest. Have already helped 9 women conceive over the last few years and I would love to add to that number. Clean, discreet, no contact after, white, and a high sperm count. Willing to travel within reason or host near me at a hotel. Feel free to reach out if interested and we can go from there!
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2023.03.30 04:19 throwaway2847392837 26 [M4F] #Michigan, GR - Midwest Breeder

Experienced and successful breeder located in the Midwest. Have already helped 9 women conceive over the last few years and I would love to add to that number. Clean, discreet, no contact after, white, and a high sperm count. Willing to travel within reason or host near me at a hotel. Feel free to reach out if interested and we can go from there!
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2023.03.30 04:19 aeliustehman eBay "authenticity guarantee" says my card failed, return hasn't showed up

I had a card that went off for eBay authentication and failed. The authenticator said "Please update your listing to accurately reflect the surface of the card." This was a skyridge holo gyarados h10, I know I described it accurately. I didn't say it was near mint or anything, it had some scratches but looked pretty good overall.
I can link the listing/pictures if anyone wants to see.
Now the item has been "returned" to me and was marked as delivered in a mailbox at my address 5 calendar days ago, but it has not shown up. Neighbors say it's not with them.
Does anyone know how this item might have failed authentication? Or should I just have spoken more to the scratches in the listing?
If anyone has ever had any luck tracking down an item returned by eBay, or just has advice in general about what to do with this card (if I ever get it back), info would be really appreciated.
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2023.03.30 04:19 leon-the-omen Should I be dating my best friend???

Disclosure: (I’ve tried posting in love but don’t have enough karma : / )
I'm in my last year of college and will be moving far away from almost everyone soon for work. One of my best friends throughout college is in the same major as me and she'll be moving away too. We've been so close for so long and platonic as well, aside from playing boyfriend/girlfriend at parties to get out of situations. We can spend all day together doing anything. Deep down we are quite different and have different values (she's very religious and I'm not), so that has always kept me from even considering dating. I'm not sure if it's fact that we won't be near each other after graduation, but lately I have been thinking about 'what if? I had a dream last night that we were dating and it just seemed so simple and blissful. I've always wondered what it would be like to date her, but I can fathom bringing it up because I'm afraid that I could ruin our friendship by admitting that I'm curious if we could be more.
Is it worth the risk?
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2023.03.30 04:17 aeliustehman eBay "authenticity guarantee?"

I had a card that went off for eBay authentication and failed. The authenticator said "Please update your listing to accurately reflect the surface of the card." This was a skyridge holo gyarados h10, I know I described it accurately. I didn't say it was near mint or anything, it had some scratches but looked pretty good overall.
I can link the listing/pictures if anyone wants to see.
Now the item has been "returned" to me and was marked as delivered in a mailbox at my address 5 calendar days ago, but it has not shown up. Neighbors say it's not with them.
Does anyone know how this item might have failed authentication? Or should I just have spoken more to the scratches in the listing?
If anyone has ever had any luck tracking down an item returned by eBay, or just has advice in general about what to do with this card (if I ever get it back), info would be really appreciated.
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2023.03.30 04:17 Huntermuze Burning/Stinging Pain From Left Elbow to Left Neck

Apologies in advance for the excessive length of this post. I want to provide as much detail as possible, because I am so damn desperate for a solution that works.
Context I am studying Computer Science, and used to work a desk job (programming), so I sit down a lot. I have been lifting weights for about 5 years and boxing for around 6 years. Three of those were years spent inconsistently at the gym, whereas I have been consistent for the last 2. I have had plenty of personal trainers, an Olympic lifter, and a few other knowledgeable people instruct me on form and technique. I won't lie and say my technique is great or even decent. Before I met my most recent PT, it was pretty poor, as these knowledgeable people only came later towards my fitness journey. It probably resulted in my partially torn patellar tendon on my left knee. However, I do have feet issues that have made me fairly flat footed (specifically talus misalignment), which puts my knee angled in-wards and caused feet pain (this is being sorted with a podiatrist though, and my pain has disappeared for my feet). This, coupled with fairly heavy lifting likely had something to do with it.
Diagnosis Journey Around 7 months ago I started developing this weird pain in the side of my LEFT arm (near the lower bicep, lower brachialis and lower brachioradialis). Refer to the diagram below (black circle).
This was also when I started getting pain in my left knee, however, it was only when doing weighted squats or deadlifts. Eventually, both started getting worse. I persisted, not paying much attention to them, until it became pretty unbearable for my knee. I got an MRI for the knee, and it showed a partially torn patellar tendon. So, I stopped doing legs and continued with upper body exercises. I tried to work out what was wrong with my arm at the same time as my knee, but I got nothing from my GP and physio. Eventually, the same fate occurred for my arm, and an oft-intense burning pain developed. I started seeing more doctors. I saw two different physios regarding my arm (on the advice of my GP).
In the meantime I had stopped going to the gym. I tried working around my arm as much as I could with my PT, but to no avail. I began resting my arm on-and-off, because the two phyios and my GP were telling me different things, which only confused me more. I began researching for hours each day to try and figure out what was going on with my arm. In the meantime, I found using B-Bars to do suspended dips, L-sits, pull-ups, and one-handed pushups was quite comfortable for my arm. However, the pain escalated, but I stubbornly persisted, while seeing the physios, who both told me (bad advice in retrospect) I could continue boxing, lifting weights, and the calisthenics activities. Strangely, I started developing a different constant burning pain in my left neck and upper trapezius. All of this has been happening on the left side of my body (including my knee injury). Eventually, I saw a new phsyio as the last two only made matters worse, and both the middle arm and upper trap/neck pain weren't getting any better. This one was great. He told me to stop working out all together, and to do very basic and simple exercises.
At around this same time, I saw orthopedic surgeons who specialised in the bicep/arm region, and got an MRI for the upper forearm/middle bicep area AND the shoulder. Both MRIs showed nothing. Mind you, I have also had ultrasounds and X-Rays for my middle bicep part. The specialists could not help. They gave me a referral to get a cortisone injection, and suggested I get a blood test to check for autoimmune diseases. This was the last time I saw them. I went through with the blood tests with my GP, and everything came back normal, and I tested negative for the autoimmune diseases associated with enthesiopathy (given the knee tear was at the insertion point, and my burning pain appears to be at my insertion points too - doctors thought it might be related).
So, I continued seeing this one physio, and after countless appointments, he still doesn't know what's going on. And so, we are testing out heaps of different solutions. So far, none have worked. Perhaps I'm not giving my body enough time to heal? Its been 2 months back and forth with this physio, and I have not been doing any exercise whatsoever - recently though, I have started going on long walks because my knee has gotten a fair bit better, and so I can finally walk properly again. We have tried strengthening my rotator cuff and scapula muscles with resistance bands, and 1-2kg weights for a month. We have tried all sorts of stretches, foam rolling, regular massages, therapies, and different exercises, but the pain is still there. It was at around a 8/10. Now it is at a 6/10. However, I believe that is the case because I haven't been working out at all, and not due to the physio's exercises. A lot of the exercises he gave me tended to irritate my middle bicep or trap/neck region more, so I had to find ways that barely irritated it and cut out a lot of the exercises.
Symptoms & Insights Here are all the things I have noticed whilst dealing with this incredibly frustrating issue:
Left Forearm/Middle Bicep Pain This pain is solely a stinging/burning pain. It does not feel like a typical muscular pain, and it does not respond much to massaging. The best way to describe it is as if you had sunburn on both forearms, and you were to rub the sunburned spots against each other OR if you had sunburn on your traps/neck, and your jumper rubbed against it. This is almost exactly how it feels. Massage lotions that create that burning/cold/numbing sensation do provide almost immediate relief when it is irritated. This pain can be constant for days at a time. Recently though, it has been on and off. Sometimes its great when doing everyday activities, but others its not so great.
Left Upper Trap/Neck Pain This pain is also a burning pain, but it feels more like muscular soreness, and it responds well to massaging and the same massage lotion described above. The only pattern I have noticed with this pain is that it is aggravated more so by excessively dropping my left shoulder, and I can feel a significant pull when I tilt my head. Physio said I have excellent neck range of motion, and that my neck appears to be very painful when he presses at "C4" and "C6" - not sure if that is helpful or not. This pain is quite constant and typically feels a lot better the next morning (after I sleep).
This is where I feel the pain (black circle):
Closing Question Does anyone have any idea what this could possibly be? It's driving me up a wall, and has significantly impacted my mental health and changed the way I live. I have purposely stopped researching this stuff for the last few months, because it made me depressed and anxious. My mental health is quite a lot better (not fully better) after doing lots of mindfulness practices since. Could it be a psychosomatic condition? Open to all and any suggestions at this point.
TL;DR I have pain on my left middle arm (burning/stinging) and left neck/upper trap (more of a muscular burning). I used to exercise a hell of a lot, but had to stop due to this and a knee injury.
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2023.03.30 04:17 5g_mongol My decay during a war

Hey! You know, my life started from a blank piece of paper on 24th of February 2022, when I woke up from explosions on 5 am. On that day I though this is my last day. I though I saw my mom for the last time, I thought I’m going to hear my girlfriend’s last words crying on the phone. But I’m here, alive. For some time, it even felt like life is normal again, but it’s not. It’s not going to be normal again. It has changed forever. You know, I would never think that I will think about every day life trivia during a time like that. But after war I released an album, I started to learn programming. But it feels different. It feels, like I have to hurry, like I have to do everything now, before it’s to late. For some reason, I’m very active, but overwhelmed. Every minute I spend on something else besides work that I need to do to finally get some job feels like something terrible. It’s almost torturing. Few days ago a game development company gave me a chance by giving me a test task to get a job. I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna make it, but I almost don’t eat, don’t change my clothes, brushing my teeth or cleaning the room. I just sitting in that dirty room with a dog that wants attention and code. It feels bad, and feels right at same time. I’m not sure. I skip my university risking being conscripted to army if I’m expelled. At the day time I think “okay, it’s time to change everything! I’m gonna go to sleep early, wake up and then clean my room, have a shower, cook a breakfast. But then I lay on the bad on 4 AM and think of my childhood’s best friend’s grave who died in a battle month ago. He was the only son. His father is at war now too, his mother is alone. Shouldn’t I be at war too? Am I a coward, or I’m making a right choice to stay alive despite everything? I feel like 19 years old is too young to die. Or I think about my dad, who lives in Canada now, and didn’t even try to ask anyone if I’m still alive. I don’t talk to him for a year now. But he feels okay with that. That hurts more then explosions near your house every night. But today is going to be the day when I change everything. I will wake up early, clean my room, play with my dog, eat normal food and stop being lazy ass. Again. I guess.
Sorry you had to read it.
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2023.03.30 04:17 Square-Problem572 Can't get over mistakes of my youth...feeling like this isn't exactly where I should be

I don't feel like my life is where it is supposed to be. I feel like I have made bad decision after bad decision since I turned 17. And while they have seemed like they were good decisions at the moment they were made, I feel like the years have demonstrated that they were only good decisions in the short term, and that in the long term they were actually mistakes. This is contrary to how I felt in the moment, where I felt like I was making good long term decisions.
Now here I am at 50. I lost one grandfather at the age of 56, another at the age of 67. While both my parents lived into their 80s, neither one of them had exactly the best health, especially my mother, who had extremely limited mobility for more than 10 years. I live in fear that my days or weeks are really short and that I will die in misery...or worse, that being so miserable for so long will hasten my demise. What's worse, my wife recently had a near death experience and I am afraid that one of us will pass and the only thing we could say is that our marriage was "adequate".
I have been unhappy in my marriage for 10+ years (been married 20). Sure, there have been bright spots here and there over the past 10 years, but overall the level of intimacy and affection have been disappointing. My wife denied there was a problem until we finally had a discussion about the issues after my second therapy session. I explained the issues and she resolved to do better. I feel like so much time has been wasted, and it didn't help that she consistently shut me down for years when I tried to discuss this with her before. Despite her efforts though, I feel like we're trying to breathe life into the dead, and just putting on a brave face. My "emotional tank" feels like it has been on empty for too long, and not enough is being done to revive it. I feel like I have a roommate, a business partner, and a friend who likes to spend time with me on occasion. Her attempts at trying to fix things feel scripted, preplanned, and mechanical. It does not feel like there’s any real emotion behind her attempts at change, and she would be content to just going back the way things were between us before I told her how unhappy I was. Intimacy feels cold and forced, not warm, playful and loving like I remembered it was early on.
My thoughts are terrible and I am not sure what to do. Therapy (about three months worth at this point, once a week), feels like it is getting me nowhere. Instead of a raging dumpster fire, I feel like I am "in control" dumpster fire, but a dumpster fire none the less. The practical advice I receive of "be happy with what you have!" and "appreciate what you got!" seems vacant and placative, mantras people try to tell themselves so they don't feel like they are drifting deeper into the void. Sadness? Despair? Ennui? Unsure of the cause, I just know I want it to stop.
We have built so much...we have two wonderful children. One of them, is quite young. They keep me going and bring my joy, but it won't last forever...sooner or later the sadness with just overtake me, or the kids will move on and I will be 65 and thinking that now I have been unhappy and unfulfilled for 25+ years. We've talked about it, but my wife hardly seems dedicated to working on the marriage and making meaningful change. Instead, her focus seems to be doing "just enough" so that I am not unhappy and content. And yet, I know walking away isn't an option either, as the pain and sorrow it is likely to cause my children, and yes, my wife, isn't fair to them.
To my wife's credit, she understands the big stuff, like most people do. If I am in the hospital, she will come to me. If I am really, sick, she'll keep the house going until I recover. My car breaks down, she'll come pick me up. But that's where it ends. My mental health isn't good? She avoids me, and refuses to discuss it why I might be sad, or upset, or angry. Stressed at work? Find someone else to talk to. Lonely? Spend time with the kids, or the cat, is her solution. Date nights often us driving to a restaurant while she plays on her phone. Then she plays on her phone during dinner, then as we drive back home. I get maybe a couple dozen words out of her. I've tried to instill little rituals that supposedly help with building intimacy and affection, she bristles at them. Eventually she started doing them, saying "Well, you wore me down with your nagging, so I will do it." Which has made we swing back the other way and now I don't want to do any of them. Now she wonders why I don't want to do the things I was so insistent upon, like kissing her goodbye, or saying good night, when it used to be important to me.
Long ago I was involved in a serious, long term, long distance relationship. That relationship was good at first, but turned toxic, then emotionally and psychologically abusive, both ways. Despite how bad things got with that woman if she had asked me to marry her, or said yes to me when I asked her (we were always talking about marriage) I would have, but she hedged and played games, and eventually I walked away. Now I find myself constantly doubting that decision, reanalyzing that relationship, and trying to figure out where we would be, or even if we could have been, if I had stuck it out just a few months longer. My ex-girlfriend, having been out of my life more than 25 years, is constantly on my mind. In going down the rabbit hole, I have discovered that she is separated from her husband for more than 15 years, and he husband trots the globe with another woman. In my most absurd thoughts, I consider contacting her and seeing if there is any chance in rekindling a our old relationship that felt so right and true back then. I can't even look at photos of that woman now without bursting into tears and thinking I made a colossal mistake, despite knowing that my wife, early on, made me feel more secure (but not necessarily more loved) in our relationship than my ex ever did.
I feel like I am the only one putting in serious effort at a marriage repair. I feel like the clock is ticking and something needs to be done NOW to salvage the time left, and my wife does not understand the sense of urgency. She thinks that things will improve has the kids move out, but we're talking 12+ years before the youngest goes to college...I don't want to wait. I want to live NOW. I want to love NOW. I want to be happy NOW, not at some undetermined point in the future. This isn't working, I can't do it alone, and I am not sure what to do next.
I want to convince the wife to embrace ALL aspects of our life together now. This means embracing our marriage whole heartedly like we did when we first met. I want the ex out of my head for good. I don't want long for a reconnection, or spend any more time trying to figure out why the relationship didn't workout.
Is this something I just need to invest in the therapy on and give time for improvement, or is there some other way to make the necessary "shift" to get to where I feel like I should be? Or maybe I am continuing down the wrong road? Maybe I should reach out to the ex, who maybe having the same thoughts I am? Or maybe I should strike out in an all new direction? I'm not sure, I only know I don't want to wait, and I feel like I have no good decisions.
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2023.03.30 04:16 Lllllame Looking for an original manual for Pfaff 1171 Tiptronic

Looking for an original manual for Pfaff 1171 Tiptronic
I have a Pfaff 1171 Tiptronic, but I don’t have a manual for it. The Pfaff website has a PDF of the manual, but the scan has degraded the quality of the images, they’re kind of hard to see. I’ve found other PDFs of the manual online, but they all have the same legibility issue.
I’ve looked on eBay, but can only find people selling their machines with the manual.
Does anyone in this group have a manual that they could make better copies for me? I would pay for that.
Or does anyone know where I could find an original manual?
Any ideas?
I’m probably out of luck, but I thought I would ask.
Thanks for your time!
(Also, the sewing machine in this picture is a screenshot from eBay, my machine looks the same, but I’m not near my machine right now to take a picture)
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2023.03.30 04:16 m66x Help! For some reason my Forza Launcher won't install the new update. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I've literally spent the entire day making sure my drivers are up to date, repairing the files (including gaming services and microsoft store) and even reinstalling the entire application. I've tried nearly every thing to get FH5 to update and nothing has worked. The game can open up, but whenever it gets to the rally adventure update, it just tells me there's an error and doesn't allow the update to progress at all despite clicking the download button again and again. Has anyone else been having this issue?
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2023.03.30 04:16 AreUEmployedSir Haworth chair owners - I'm really struggling with Fabric choices for a new Fern

Haworth owners on here - what seat fabrics do you like on your chairs?

I have been considering going w/ the "Blanket" fabric, but I'm having final doubts as I'm nervous that it will end up feeling too hot to sit in. I frequently work wearing shorts, so will often have bare skin contact with the fabric. But also in general, I really just hate feeling too hot when I'm sitting. The rep I am working with swears that it's a great choice, but just describing it as a "blanket" feel is already making me think I will end up finding it very warm to sit in.

Any recommendations? Sadly I cannot get to a dealer near me to see any of these fabrics in person first, so I have to base my purchase on online reqs. The rep I am working with has also mentioned their Tellure fabric, as well as the Hobson fabric (which I think is fairly new for them), and Diagonale as well.

Anyone have any experience with these, or any comments on which fabrics they have and how warm they feel to sit in? My biggest concern is staying cool if possible. Thanks!!
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2023.03.30 04:15 OfficerGibbie Why do I have to be scared of my mother?

Some days she is a wonderful person. I call her every day and like tonight was no big deal. We talked for maybe fifteen minutes and everything was good. On other nights she goes on and on about things to the point that I have honestly considered telling her never to call again and hanging up.
I honestly feel sick to my stomach every time I see that it's time for me to call her or I see her calling me. It makes me sick to think I will have to spend the entire summer with her when college goes on break. I'm doing whatever I can to find jobs on-campus but I feel scared that I won't be able to and will have to go back home. I lie to her about anything and everything in order to try to keep her calm in hopes that I don't have to deal with listening to her talk down to me for an hour.
She never physically abused me growing up, I truthfully can't even remember why I feel this way anymore, I just know that since an early age, I always told myself that at eighteen I was leaving home and not looking back. Then eighteen rolled around and I didn't leave, then nineteen, then twenty, and now we are near twenty one and I am just feeling miserable at this point and have no idea what to do. She told me over Spring break that last year she didn't recognize me and was "happy that whoever that evil kid was stayed in [COLLEGE TOWN HERE] and let her son come home." That was back when I was dealing with depression and was suicidal, her saying that was like a punch in my gut but I didn't say anything to her and just let it go.
If it was earlier in the day I'd go vent to one of the college psychologists, but for now, all I have is Reddit.

edit: I'm not suicidal now, thought I would mention that for the bot and anyone else worried.
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2023.03.30 04:15 seekdelicious Which TurboTax to Get as a Freelancer & Employee?

Hello All,
I've used Turbotax for many years but I've ran into a dilemma.
I worked as a freelance writer first three quarters of 2022 while living in New Jersey. I have paid quarterly taxes throughout the year.
I got a job in New York so I moved near work. I now don't do freelancing anymore. I've lived here in NY since August. I got my W2 and ready to do my taxes.
  1. Which version(s) of TurboTax do I get?
  2. Can I do tax reporting for both scenarios with the self-employed software?
ChatGPT tells me I have to get both deluxe and self employed - not sure if this is correct though.

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2023.03.30 04:15 DieselPickles Is this margin too thin?

I currently make $1968 a month (that’s with tax already taken out)
My friend makes $2000 a month (cash from restaurant)
We need a third ofc.
Rental duplexes near us are 2195 a month. Split 3 ways this is about $730 per person, per month.
My question is with our monthly earnings do you guys think that what remains of our earnings with rent taken out is still enough to live off of? Do you think we have plenty of wiggle room or is margin too small?
I should also add I’m starting EMT school this month and the starting EMT wage near me is $20 an hour.
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2023.03.30 04:14 Embarrassed-Deal7708 Is the Final Shape campaign truly the end of the Light-Darkness Saga?

The titles a bit vague, so let me explain...
I'm sure everyone knows each annual expansion is followed by four seasons that build off of that expansion. However, looking at things right now, the end of a near decade-long experience is something unique, where our ultimate enemy in the Witness will likely be the final boss in the Final Shape campaign, since I definitely don't see him being a seasonal boss. With whatever information we have right now, can we tell that the light-dark saga will conclude with the Witness's defeat? Could its defeat indicate the end of the saga? And if this happens in the Final Shape, how would the following seasons proceed, seeing as they will be linked to the saga?

Basically, could the light-dark saga end with the Final Shape itself, or it's associated seasons?
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2023.03.30 04:14 moreteadventuretour Tours in uvita costa rica

Tours in uvita costa rica
ATV Uvita, Costa Rica
Uvita is one of the best places in Costa Rica to experience the thrill of off-roading on an ATV. The rugged terrain of the area provides the perfect backdrop for an ATV adventure, and there are plenty of tour operators in the area to choose from. Here are some of the reasons why ATV Uvita, Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience:
The tour duration is around 4 to 5 hours, during which you will have the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes that Uvita has to offer. To make the most of your experience, we recommend that you wear light clothing and comfortable shoes, and bring along additional items such as swimsuits, repellent, sunscreen, water shoes, and towels.
Snacks and Water
We understand that staying hydrated and energized is important during a long and adventurous tour. That's why we provide spring water and fresh fruits throughout the tour, along with the best cookies you've ever tasted! And to top it off, you'll get to taste my grandfather's famous traditional homemade coconut rum recipe.
Tour Itinerary
Our tour departs at 9 am, and we recommend arriving at 8:30 am for a training session to improve your driving skills before the activity. From our private location, we'll set off on a thrilling tour through the mountains to our first destination, La Mano del Morete. This is the highest point of the tour, and depending on the weather conditions, you will be able to appreciate the stunning view of the whale tail from here. Atv adventure tours, Atv adventure tours costa rica, Atv in costa rica, Atv rental costa rica, Atv tour company, Atv tour costa rica, Atv tours costa rica, Atv tours in uvita costa rica, Atv tours near me, Atv uvita costa rica, Best atv tour costa rica, Best atv tours in costa rica, Best places in costa rica to ride atv, Costa rica atv tours, Honda atv costa rica, Real adventure atv costa rica, Tours in uvita costa rica, Whale watching tour costa rica.
The second stop on our tour is the San Luis waterfall, also known as "beauty" by locals. It's just a few kilometers from La Mano del Morete, and the activity consists of a short walk to the waterfall. You can take your time to appreciate the natural environment or move on to the next stop, depending on your physical performance.
The third stop is about 30 kilometers away, and you'll get to see beautiful views of the countryside, incredible coffee and banana plantations along the way, and the stunning Devil's Waterfall, also known as "Diablo" by locals.
At ATV Tours Uvita, your safety is our top priority. We ensure that all our ATVs are duly registered and insured before the relevant authorities of Costa Rica (MOPT - INS). We also provide helmets and other necessary safety gear, along with a briefing before the tour to ensure that you are comfortable with the operation of the ATVs.
In conclusion, ATV Tours Uvita offers an unforgettable experience that you shouldn't miss out on during your visit to Costa Rica. With our state-of-the-art ATVs, experienced and knowledgeable guides, and breathtaking tour destinations, we guarantee that you'll have a great time exploring the beauty of Uvita. So, whether you're a local looking for some adventure or a tourist looking for a unique experience, book your tour with us today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!
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2023.03.30 04:14 wobblyguks Need someone to talk to

I(33m) am having a rough night. My wife(30f) is over 1000 miles away with a partner she's been communicating with long distance for a little under a year. We've been open for nearly 6 years but this is a first for us with this kind of distance and time frame. The communication since she met up with him has been pretty limited, i do know she's having a good time and that he's really a good person, so im sure the time they're spending together makes it difficult to communicate much and I don't want to be too pesky. All that being said, I'm able to the handle the feelings of jealousy and the anxieties you generally get when you know your partner is with someone else. What's eating me up is two things, the fact that I'm not near enough that, should anything go wrong, I cant do much to help, and the absolute isolation I feel in my house. I'm sooo fucking lonely knowing this isn't just a day or two, but several days... I've tried the usual techniques of distracting myself with hobbies, inflecting upon my feelings, etc. The one thing I cannot shake is the sheer fucking loneliness.
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2023.03.30 04:14 JRoss824 A Simple Trick To Get More Job Applications For Your Business

Hello everyone! I'm glad to be passing on some knowledge here because while I would love to do SEO for all of you that just isn't the case so let me pass one of my favorite techniques off that many people believe it or not have no idea it even exists. This trick will be called job schema and let me go into a little more depth as to what it is and how it can help you then I'll drop a link to a free tool for you guys to create it.
So job schema is essentially a markup code written for search engine crawlers making it easier to understand information, now why is this important well by adding job schema to your job postings you are now eligible to appear in "Google's Job Search" section which for those of you who don't know it's the box that appears when looking for things like "Full-time jobs near me" or "Full-time jobs (insert city name" which is super important because I know many average people looking for jobs are looking for them in that exact section and won't even look at anything else other than maybe LinkedIn and Indeed.
Now how do you implement this onto your website, well it's actually pretty simple because while it's all HTML/Coding the link I'm going to provide you allows you to just easily plug in the information creating the schema for you. Then all you have to do from there is copy it once it's completed and paste it into the HTML of your job posting page. Many builders have ready-to-go HTML options so it shouldn't be too much backend work, also I do recommend creating individual pages for each career and creating a schema for each individual job. This will help you to increase the relevance of all your individual positions available at your company.
For those of you wondering about the effectiveness I use this technique for all of the companies I work with in my SEO business that are looking for employees, and some of them have been able to really drive traffic to these pages by adding this onto their site with some of the best results I've had coming from trucking companies looking for different types of drivers or even just local service businesses looking for laborers or stuff of that nature
Free Tool
TLDR: Job schema will help you appear in Google job-related sections giving you an advantage over others
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