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For all fans of the musical platforming game Geometry Dash, developed by RobTopGames for Steam and mobile platforms. Post your videos, levels, clips, or ask questions here!

2023.05.31 16:07 NoProgrammerx The Demonlist but everyone decided to change the names to the ones SDSlayer's mom came up with (No thumbnails because it kinda ruins the joke seeing Acheron or something when it says something else)

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2023.05.30 20:49 NickyBrain Fuck everything. New best demonlist just dropped

Fuck everything. New best demonlist just dropped
All Rated Extreme Demons List (AREDL) is, as the name says, a demonlist that contains every single rated extreme demon. I really like this, and, even though it is in progress (not every extreme demon there yet) and some places might be unnacurate, I think it's the list we've been all waiting for. It has even its own roulette.
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2023.05.30 18:00 Haikyuu4444 Where would VSC place on the Pointercrate Demonlist?

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2023.05.30 03:31 KingDragon931 Does the community need a separate 2.1 demon list?

Warning: This is just my opinion on this topic and please don't harrass people who disagree with you on the matter.
This is something that I've been thinking about for a while, but I decided to make my opinions known.
So ever since the 1st sneak peek of 2.2, and even before that, I noticed that the update of 2.2 is so different and groundbreaking that its going to be pretty much impossible to compare 2.1 levels and 2.2 levels in difficulty because they vary so much. For example, how would you compare a platformer level to a like slaughterhouse and silent clubstep? Even comparing non-platformer levels in 2.2, they would so different from what we currently see in 2.1 that it would be practically impossible to compare the two because of camera controls and stuff that we would be less prepared for than we were for 2.0's move triggers back in 1.9. Although there were changes in previous updates, they weren't NEARLY as foundation-changing for the game as 2.2 is going to be when compared to 2.1. So, because of this, I suggest there being two demonlists. There would be one for the pre-2.2 levels, and one for 2.2 and beyond.
Now, you may ask, "What would happen to the current demonlist?" Well, there's two routes the demonlist could go down. The first route is where the demonlist doesn't change at all and sticks to levels from 2.1 and before, thus creating a new 2.2 demonlist separate from pointercrate. The second, and more likely route (at least in my opinion), is where the current demonlist changes to a 2.2 demonlist and the same owners that would own the list at that point would create a separate demonlist for 2.1 levels like what we see currently.
So, what is your opinion on the matter? Do you think that 2.2 and 2.1 levels can co-exist on the same demonlist, or would they have to be on different lists, and if that's the case, how would it occur?
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2023.05.28 19:40 setorict Why does it take so long for the demonlist to add a level?

It's been a week since Saul Goodman, Kocmoc, and Solar Flare has been rated and I still don't see them added onto the list.
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2023.05.27 18:50 GarminBro finally got my first list points!

finally got my first list points!
i think i have the best pointercrate profile
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2023.05.27 04:42 Cracked_legsGD EXPOSING THE DEMONLIST (theory)

The demonlist planned it all
This is one of my biggest conspiracy theory yet.
Let me explain:
Do you realise by how bad the list is currently? It is filled with bad and inconsistent 1.9 gameplay. Most of the top 10 just feels.. unapproachable. It feels like every level will have frame perfects and tight wave sections.
What if everything is intentional? What if the demonlist really wanted this?
If they wanted it, why?
Well here's where the theory starts, the mods ruin the list to make it inaccessible for players to play. When players can't play the levels, they can't tell the true list placement. So whenever the demonlist start swapping the places, everyone went wild and no one can object their statement simply because they're not good enough for the game.
They make players HACK verify most of the top 10. Paqoe, Zoink, Trick and doggie could indeed be involved with the demonlist. All of them get to hack levels. And the levels must create history while also making the level inapproachable. This leads to the list being intentionally ruined and also creating hype for the community so that the demonlist gained more recognition simply by LYING and HACKING.
They would make sure their list will keep getting ruined. They will make sure more people create shitty sequels. And they will make sure nothing come after it's way.
In fact, there are some levels that come after it's way. For example, LIMBO and kyouki. They both are probably the only truly verified levels. And they are the only good levels. But sadly, demonlist slowly tries to throw them off the demonlist so the list can stay to be terrible and bad.
And isn't it suspicious that when kolo exposed spaceuk way before, the demonlist completely silence them. While when the "top" player paqoe exposes spaceuk, the demonlist immediately take action. It is as if no one should try to expose the
"But wait, if paqoe is involved with the demonlist, why must paqoe sabotage spaceuk?"
Very good question. Since spaceuk is like the most popular pro gd player, it would be the biggest news ever to reveal that spaceuk is a hacker all this while. It would be the worst case scenario and probably the biggest drama the community have ever seen. And guess what? The drama led to an amazing success and recognition to the demonlist. Karl jobst even made a video dedicated to the hacking scandal.
But why spaceuk revealed he was cheating? That's because he is tired of playing it. There are many times he tried quitting gd time to time. and now it has all led to this very moment of shock.
So to sum it all up:
• The demonlist get "top players" to hack bad hard levels • They get creators to create bad sequel levels • They make all the drama and hype to receive more recognition • They try to be influential so more people will make bad levels.
My best guess in the distant future is that when the demonlist gets bored of lying, they will soon reveal everything was a lie and then delete their account off to every platform.
This is exactly why we will never get to experience actual fun and good hard levels. They fooled us all
Moral of the story? Never trust too much for the demonlist. The demonlist isn't exactly a bad thing because it rises the popularity of the gd community. But it would really be a better thing if they don't lie to the community.
Of course, this is just a theory. A GAME THEORY! (cringe) if you guys have anything to prove me wrong, go ahead. Because I actually do wanted to be proven wrong. While creating this theory as a joke, turns out the demonlist do have something quite suspicious.
Remember, prove me wrong by providing a point. Not to respond like what the demonlist did to kolo (You are wrong 👍)
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2023.05.27 02:42 DontTrustLies Geometry Dash Nightmare Showdown ( All fictional Players )

Once upon a time, in the vast and vibrant world of Geometry Dash, where rhythmic melodies intertwined with pulsating geometric shapes, there existed a phenomenon known as the Demonlist. The Demonlist showcased the most challenging and formidable levels within the game, and only the bravest and most skilled players could claim their spot among the top five.
These top five players were legends in the Geometry Dash community, celebrated for their mastery over the game's most treacherous obstacles. However, as the sun dipped below the horizon and the moon ascended to its throne, casting an ethereal glow over the land, a peculiar event unfolded.
One fateful night, as the top five players settled into their beds, a mysterious force gripped their slumbering minds, entwining their dreams with their deepest fears. They found themselves in the nightmarish realm of Avernus, a world conceived from their most haunting phobias.
The first among them, the esteemed player known as "SpectralBlade," awoke to find himself trapped within a labyrinthine maze. Every corner he turned revealed new terrors, with distorted geometric shapes closing in on him. His heart pounded with each step, his once steady hands trembling as he navigated the abyss of his fear.
Meanwhile, "NebulaNova," known for their unmatched precision, found themselves suspended in a vast void. Every surface they touched disintegrated into an endless abyss, threatening to swallow them whole. NebulaNova's heart raced as they desperately sought solid ground, their flawless rhythm shattered by the chaotic nightmare.
As for "BlazingPhoenix," a player renowned for their lightning-fast reflexes, they discovered themselves caught in an inferno. Flames danced around them, licking at their heels with a voracious hunger. Their agility was put to the test as they sprinted through the fiery landscape, trying to outrun the impending doom.
Next, "LunarEclipse," the player revered for their unwavering focus, awakened to a world cloaked in darkness. Their vision reduced to naught but shadows and silhouettes, they stumbled blindly through the twisted realm, unsure of what awaited them around every corner. Their mental fortitude was pushed to the limit as they battled against the consuming dread.
Last but not least, "AetherSoul," the prodigious mind behind complex strategies and flawless execution, found themselves trapped within a nightmarish puzzle. They faced intricate mechanisms, their every move dictating the shifting paths before them. Their cunning intellect was pushed to the brink as they navigated the labyrinthine enigma.
As the night progressed, each player fought valiantly against their fears, striving to escape the clutches of Avernus. But just as their nightmares reached their climax, the first rays of dawn breached the horizon. With a gasp, they awoke, their bodies drenched in sweat, trembling from the intensity of their dreams.
However, their relief was short-lived as they noticed a figure emerging from the shadows. It was their rival from their nightmares, the very embodiment of their fears. The five players exchanged glances, realizing that the nightmare had transcended the realm of dreams and entered their reality.
Determined to conquer their Geometry Dash frights once and for all, they understood that their only hope lay in challenging their rival's level. They would have one chance to triumph, but a single mistake would seal their fate. Failure was not an option.
With hearts intertwined with courage and determination, the top five players embarked on a perilous journey through the level, the embodiment of their combined nightmares. Each obstacle presented a relentless test of their skills, pushing them to their limits. They dodged, jumped, and maneuvered through the treacherous landscape, their fingers dancing upon their devices.
Their rival's level mirrored the amalgamation of their deepest fears, as the labyrinthine maze merged with the disintegrating void, intertwined with flames, darkness, and intricate puzzles. The players relied on their individual strengths, supporting one another in their shared endeavor.
Time seemed to distort as they neared the end of the level, each moment etching itself into the annals of Geometry Dash history. The air crackled with tension, a symphony of electrifying energy accompanied by the players' racing hearts.
And then, with a final leap of faith, the top five players emerged victorious, the level conquered. Cheers erupted in the virtual realm, echoing through the Geometry Dash community, heralding the triumph of courage over fear. They had faced their nightmares head-on, emerging stronger and more united than ever before.
Their rival, now stripped of their malevolent power, dissipated into the ether. A sense of peace settled over the land as the top five players basked in their hard-earned victory. They had not only conquered their Geometry Dash frights but also forged an unbreakable bond, forever etching their names into the chronicles of gaming legends.
From that day forward, the top five players became beacons of inspiration within the Geometry Dash community, showcasing the indomitable spirit that resided within every player's heart. Their story served as a reminder that even in the face of the most daunting challenges, unity, courage, and unwavering determination would prevail.
And so, their journey continued, forever chasing new heights, pushing the boundaries of what was once thought impossible. The legend of the top five Geometry Dash Demonlist players would forever inspire a new generation, serving as a testament to the extraordinary power of dreams, nightmares, and the human spirit.
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2023.05.26 05:29 adumdumonreddit [Geometry Dash] How one account, a few dozen videos, and one level created one of the best trolls in the entire Geometry Dash community

Disclaimer: First post, sorry if it takes on a narrative tone partway through or if some things aren’t explained properly. I started writing at 8:30, and finished now at 12:15 AM. When I wake up I can edit it, so please add any feed back to the comments.
Was lurking through this sub, can't believe no one has done anything on Geometry Dash yet. It might be one of the craziest, still active video game fanbases out there. CW: a one-liner about pedophiles, potential photosensitivity warning.

Background Information

Geometry Dash is a 2013 platformer game released by RobTop Games. If you're a Gen-Z or a young Millennial, you might remember people playing this game in primary, middle, or high school. Although the game was primarily targeted towards children in its early years, it began attracting a more adult playerbase over time. Being a pretty big game with an audience of mainly children and teenagers, you can imagine the community got up to some... antics over time. (If you know what the FnF community is like nowadays, you have a pretty good idea of what Geometry Dash was like.)
Stuff like bimonthly pedophile exposals, a 70 minute video of every Geometry Dash drama in a 4 year period (which, is also 2 years out of date), and cheaters, hackers, and grifters everywhere.
There is tons of great stuff too, though, like incredible art, unbelievable minigames created in the built-in level editor, and very, very hard stuff.
Wait, what's that? Those last two things. Cheaters, hackers, and grifters, combined with very, very hard stuff? Oh dear.
Geometry Dash has had a bit of a history with hackers. From servers being hacked, to players being hacked, to consumer-tier hacks being sold to players and made commonplace, the game's history with hackers could be an extra-long hobby drama post on its own.
Back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth (5-8 years ago) the lifeblood of Geometry Dash content was basically hacker videos. Cringe clickbait hacker scarebait for kids? Check. Exposing hackers and clowning on kids trying to cheat? Check. Parodies of hacker-exposed videos soaked in three layers of irony? Check.
Infamously bad (or famously good) hackers such as WarGack, Pavlukivan, Noctafly: any old GD players who watched those hacker videos will recognize these names. Those hackers would get put in a blender by a circuit of 16 year olds posting on Youtube, all invariably racking up hundereds of thousands of views. Even when the content farm started to die down and the "hacker exposed" videos started declining in views, they were still subconsciously remembered in the community as a popular type of content
So, maybe you start to understand just how much the Geometry Dash community hates hackers, especially those who can't even be bothered to hack well. It seemed like the child hackers and infamously bad hackers were starting to die out approaching 2019 and the COVID era.
But, in 2020, an account on Youtube started posting. They were just like those of old: terribly hacked videos, default profile, and broken english.
Its name?

Micosta GD: The Beginning of a Legend

In Geometry Dash, there are multiple levels of difficulty, 15 of them in total. They span Auto and Easy, all the way to the Extreme Demon. Many players (including me) will never beat an extreme demon in their lives. So, you might understand how weird it was that this Micosta guy started pumping out completion videos, one after the other, for the highest echelon in the game, just days after each other.
Naturally, this gathered a bit of consternation.

- lbrc583nebulilla6 (Youtube comments)
(it should be noted that Micosta promptly replied with "It is not noclip! It is my game hotbox problem [sic]. lbrc then replied with "ok, i'm sorry." That wasn't important, I just thought it was funny.)

........ I don't bother even pointing out Noclip anymore. This is a lost cause.
- mutty99 (Youtube comments)

- mutty99 (Youtube comments)

Omfg BEST PLAYER EVER!! Actually, no.
- mutty99 (Youtube comments)
(is this guy Micosta's number one hater or something?)
There was also at least one ye olde "hacker exposed" video made about Micosta, but sadly, as the video was privated or deleted, it is lost. Just for future reference, noclip is a hack that allows you to phase through solid objects and never die. It was also Micosta's weapon of choice. Check out some of his videos yourself to see the god gamer himself at work. (The green thing at the left is the icon, which Micosta controls, and hitting a block, a spike, or a saw is supposed to kill you. Clearly, thanks to noclip, it’s not)
Micosta wasn't making it any better for himself, either. His video descriptions all contained either incoherent ramblings about the level (mostly negative), or incoherent insults (usually towards the creator, the level, or the Geometry Dash moderators), or a completely unrelated comment.

nining circle
- micosta GD (Aquatic Auroras 100%)

level should be called mujigay! because many a rainbow color! i heard that rainbow is the color of gay! but i am not gay so i don't like rainbow!
- micosta GD (Mujigae 100%)

However, these were all small fries. Where the real crusade was taking place, was Twitter.

Micosta GD's Valiant Battles Against His Enemies and also Random Bystanders

Micosta GD, in an incredibly brave move, joined the hellsite Twitter. Immediately, he started beefing with every person nearby. While spreading the word of Micosta, he would ping random Geometry Dash personalities, leading to quite a bit of confusion and a quick reputation as the village idiot of Geometry Dash Twitter.
His attempts to start beef were usually ignored, but some would engage with Micosta, and he ended up on Geometry Dash Takes, which is basically what it says on the tin. Of course, he got roasted even harder the more and more people discovered his account, broken English, and painfully poor noclipping abilities.
In particular, he was fond of tagging the Demonlist. The Demonlist is essentially a ranking of the hardest levels and best players in Geometry Dash. Micosta would tag the Demonlist mostly to complain about his "ban". "Ban" is in quotations because as far as I can tell, he never actually submitted any runs to the list other than an "apology" video.
However, his actions were getting some attention: by May 2020, he was getting consistent attention on his Tweets, but the fire was gone. His Tweets weren't getting the infuriated and fiery reactions they used to- they were lukewarm at best. Everyone on Twitter had seen that he was an idiot hacker. Teenager at best, probably a child. No one cared about the funny broken English hacker guy anymore.
So, Micosta pulled out his trap card.

Micosta GD is a God Gamer

In the background, while he was entertaining the masses with his village idiot act, he had been cooking. He had been dropping previews and parts of his level on his Twitter for weeks, which had gone mostly unseen. Now, he was time to unveil it to the world.
On June 3, 2020, "elo2" debuted to the public.
Twitter lost its shit.
The entire collective conscious of Geometry Dash Twitter came to have a convention in the replies of Micosta's post. His biggest haters from just two months ago, converted to his side in seconds. The people he was trying to beef with with all this time, stunned into silence. The best creators in the game, the best players in the game, the biggest Geometry Dash microcelebrities, all in the replies trying to make sense of what was happening.
Micosta GD, the brainlet, the shitty child hacker that couldn't noclip to save his life, had just dropped an incredible-looking level out of the blue. It was stunning. The suble rainbow coloring, the tasteful minute-long length of it. Oh my God, it even had an end sequence.
The Tweet got 560 likes and over 100 retweets, the most successful tweet to date from Micosta. Even more confusing, Micosta would not hand over the level's ID (which is required to play the level, since the level wasn't uploaded to the servers). He would tease the ID, respond to people acting confused, and spark some slightly irritated posts wanting to play the level.
Well, irritated Twitter users thought. He won't come to us, looks like we'll have to go to him.

The Investigation

The one to crack open the case was Paqoe. Paqoe is an excellent player in her own right, having beaten many hard demons. She is, coincidentally, a moderator of the Demonlist, the account that Micosta was having beef with. From a Febuary 14 video where Micosta walks around an urban center, while (presumably his) squeaky Alvin-the-Chipmunk voice talks in the background. The camera is pointed at the ground, making it hard to see any identifying traits, but at some points in the video, logos can be seen.
Paqoe zoomed and enhanced, and eventually located the video as Singapore. So, the hunt went on for any talented creators living in Singapore. There weren't many to choose from, and the most likely option was a creator named Durianhead. This was narrowed down by looking at the gameplay- some of the gameplay ideas in Micosta's level looked oddly similar to those in Durianhead's past works.
Lucky for us, Durianhead posted a thread about the accusations on June 7. He debunked the video, claiming that he lived an hour away from the area where it was filmed, and it would be impractical to do so for an account, that at the time, was getting less than 5 likes on its posts. The gameplay, while admittedly very similar, was merely a coincidence. Building such a level in a few weeks was impossible for him, because he was already working on other projects and had school to worry about. He built levels on a mobile device, making downloading software to noclip levels impossible.
The excuses were good, and the evidence was inconclusive. It was unclear what Micosta would do from here on out: his hacking posts were getting stale, and his trap card was played. There was really nothing left for him to do except to

Quit: The Fall of Micosta GD

On June 8, one day after Durianhead's debunking thread, MicostaGDheads around the world would receive devastating news. Micosta was quitting. Through a 2-minute long video with poorly aligned text, broken English, run-on sentences, non-sequiturs, repeating sections, and ear-piercingly loud music, he communicated his desire to quit Geometry Dash, go fishing (repeated several times), throw his devices into a trash compactor, and solve his financial instability caused by his decision to "spe[nd] all [his] money on anime body pillow and gamer setup".
Garnering 669 likes and 100 retweets, Micosta GD sliced through another historic barrier for his Twitter engagement. The comments were full of mourning, crying, and grief for the best player the game had ever known.
However, one day later, a new tweet appeared in all Micosta's followers' notifications. A Youtube video. "Who is MicostaGD?", posted on the Twitter account of Micosta GD. The video was uploaded by a person named RedZod.
The video opened to two people in a voice chat. One was RedZod. The other, Durianhead. The video went over everything. Why they started Micosta GD, who was behind the videos, who created the level, everything.
Paqoe was right, well, partially. Durianhead was behind "elo2", Micosta GD's level. RedZod was the one to create the noclipped videos, and the one mainly running the Twitter account. I recommend watching the video, it is 37 minutes and you can put it on as background noise.

Aftermath and Conclusion

Micosta GD is one of many identity experiments and mysteries in Geometry Dash's history. QWER, GeraldBrown, Caustic, there have been many. However, I feel like this one was different. Maybe it was the unique personality behind the account. Maybe it was the shock value of the level next to the noclipping failures. Maybe it was the intrinsic comedic value that comes from good old fashioned trolling in the internet age. Micosta is now considered by the community an example as Geometry Dash trolling done right.
The Micosta GD Twitter account has been inactive since June 2020, the last post being a video of him fishing. elo2 was eventually uploaded to durianhead's account. Micosta never did get "unbanned" from the Demonlist.

TL;DR: Troll hacks levels poorly and acts obnoxious on Twitter, shocks everyone by creating a banger of a level. Account revealed to be a social experiment.
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2023.05.24 20:35 No-Wolverine5144 Different lists for platformer

There should be different lists for platformer mode. Mario is nothing like Acheron. Platformer has no place in the demonlist with things like Acheron, Congregation and Killbot. You can't compare it. And there's definitely no reason platformer challenges should be in the challenge list.
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2023.05.22 19:26 TopPermission3168 The lists that change

The lists that change
OC, hope the idea isn't already taken
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2023.05.22 11:40 NickyBrain SHoD Unbanned

SHoD Unbanned
Show Hitboxes on Death has been unbanned in demonlist so it can be used in any level
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2023.05.20 21:49 Melonthecuber Show hitboxes on death

Is it considered cheating to use show hitboxes on death as I know it got banned on the demonlist and was wondering if it is accepted in the gd community
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2023.05.19 18:46 Scraptrap201 This is the impression of what the community thought the demonlist might look like in the future. As you can see, it is eerily similar to todays demonlist.

This is the impression of what the community thought the demonlist might look like in the future. As you can see, it is eerily similar to todays demonlist. submitted by Scraptrap201 to geometrydash [link] [comments]

2023.05.18 02:07 MaxCr7th An introduction for the GD community

We all know about the Demonlist, the daily chat, and other stuff, but for the new people (or the ones who have been absent a long time like me) could be difficult to know all main proyects that the community has created (e.g. GDDP, the challenge list, GeoStorm, APTeam, etc...). Is there any video / document which talks about every main proyect related to the GD community?
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2023.05.15 17:58 N_oob Geometry Dash Levels Lists Iceberg

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2023.05.15 16:52 NickyBrain Did you guys know that there is a 3Dash Demonlist?

There is even a challenge and impossible list
Challenge List:
Impossible List:
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2023.05.15 13:33 NickyBrain SpaceUK Banned

SpaceUK Banned
SpaceUK has been caught hacking.
The levels he has hacked are: Aerial Gleam, Kyouki, Abyss of Darkness, The Hallucination, Oblivion, Acheron and the full main list completion on 8th May 2022, excepting Wasureta and Kenos. This includes Slaughterhouse and Sakupen Circles.
Doggie has become the official verifier of Slaughterhouse and SpaceUK has been banned from the Demonlist by now
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2023.05.15 02:35 RmgRxg Do you guys think that SpaceUK can “reclaim his title”

The reason I’m saying this is because he recently has uploaded two videos of him completing The Golden and Tartarus legitimately. And they definitely are legit. He put many unlisted streams in the descriptions of both videos which show his progress and also has him going through his files to prove that there’s no cheats being used. I personally think he has a chance to “reclaim his title” by beating the demonlist legitimately, but that’s just me.
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2023.05.14 09:46 Negative-Phase-1485 kenos

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2023.05.13 23:58 likewthareudohere SPACERUKE

SpaceUK, also known as Samuel Kidler was a professional Geometry Dash player known for jumping from Clubstep to Tartarus in only three and a half days, an astounding feat for someone who had just reached the ripe age of 85. Space attributes a lot of his skills to the prosthetic arm he got after playing too much League of Legends. "Yeah you know it was hard getting my arm amputated, but at least it allowed me to verify Acheron after 13 hours of nonstop play." A lot of people disapproved SpaceUK's new method, some people calling it witchcraft, because after all most people don't even know what a prosthetic arm is. Unfortunately, this caused SpaceUK to seek asylum in the United States, where upon arriving, he downed 7 and a half hamburgers, which impressed the public and he was awarded the title of SpaceUSA. Ever since then, Space had been chairbound, causing him to get so good at Geometry Dash that he reached the upper limit allowed by the Demonlist point system, which caused it to roll back to zero. This caused the entire community to completely forget about SpaceUSA. He then died three years later on a hill.
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2023.05.12 10:01 setorict What was the best top 10 the demonlist ever had?

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