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2023.03.30 03:00 Impossible-Food7773 44 and FINALLY realized my father is a narcissist

I feel SO much better now that I have cut off my father. Could have saved thousands if i had done it sooner.
My dad lives in a different country. He recently became homeless (never really had a home for more than a couple of months). But I guess he's burned all his bridges because this time he ended up on the street. He found a place and asked my husband and me to pay the first month's rent. ~$1000. I didn't want my father to be homeless in winter. In the past its been easier for me to just give him money so I can not think about him until the next time he needs money. About every 5-6 months... same script: he's been helping so many people, expects a windfall so he can pay me back, can we just lend him a couple hundred $$$...
This time we didn't have the money. Had to borrow it ourselves. Never gave that much at once, though we've probably "lent" him around $10k over the past 25 years. But it would give him a place to stay for a while and hopefully he could arrange something... he was evicted before we sent the rent check.
He begged us to use the $1000 to pay for a hotel. For a week. We did. Then he told us he had to leave that hotel but he'd found another with a vacancy.
Because I didn't OFFER to pay for the new hotel (with money I don't have) HE disowned ME!!! Called me an ungrateful b*ch, said he was ashamed of me, and more I won't even repeat here.
I can't believe it took me this long to realize he has been gaslighting me my whole life. Guilting me into giving him money through some misguided sense of family loyalty. For 30 years!
This, after we couldn't give him and his girlfriend at the time a ride to the Poconos, to share a hotel with them, to go to my cousin's wedding. He called me a c*#t. We couldn't go because I was having my 3rd miscarriage. Like, in the process of it. Why didn't I see it then?
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2023.03.30 02:55 Bedroid 7 Best Online Slots Real Money Casinos [2023] - Spin to Win...

Best Real Money Slots Online

With the rise of online casinos, gamblers worldwide now have a plethora of options when it comes to playing their favorite slots for real money in 2023.
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I have researched and tested countless platforms to bring you the top 7 online slots real money casinos for 2023.
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So, let's dive into my best online slots casino picks for real money wagering.
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Play Responsibly: Ages 21+

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2023.03.30 02:38 chroniccuddles Mexico recommendations for August?

Hi all,
My (29F) husband (30M) and I are looking at taking a 1 week trip to Mexico in early august. We’ve been to puerto Vallarta twice and really enjoyed it - but I feel like we should try somewhere new!
We’re looking for a relaxing trip with a safe city to explore. Ideally staying on/near the beach so a low sargassum area would be nice. Flying from the PNW
Open to both hotel or resort, but ideally less than $200/night
Got anywhere you’d suggest? Thanks!
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2023.03.30 02:23 spamohh My friend got his wallet drained and would like your help to see if there's anything that can be done about it

Hello guys, I've been trying to help my friend who got his private seedphrase compromised and got his wallet drained. I've looked through the addresses and it seems like the hacker sent his wallet funds to a brand new wallet which then were sent to a no KYC exchange, so I'm not sure if anything can be done about trying to trace the hackers identity, however I don't lose anything in asking you guys for help, maybe you can find something that I missed.
Here are some details:
My friend wallet address:
The transaction that sent the funds to the hacker wallet:
The hacker's address:
Looking through the hackers wallet history he sent the funds to this address which then sent the funds to SideShift: Hot Wallet, I looked up Side shift and it says it's a no sign up exchange.
So with all these details, do you guys think there's any chance of recovery? Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 02:21 hey-ma-look-at-me 44-storey tower with hotel proposed in downtown New Westminster

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2023.03.30 02:15 aarisee rate my monthly topster!! (and give me recs)

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2023.03.30 02:11 autotldr Disney World board picked by DeSantis says predecessors stripped them of power

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 54%. (I'm a bot)
Board members picked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to oversee the governance of Walt Disney World said Wednesday that their Disney-controlled predecessors pulled a fast one on them by passing restrictive covenants that strip the new board of many of its powers.
The current supervisors of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District said at a meeting that their predecessors last month signed a development agreement with the company that gave Disney maximum developmental power over the theme park resort's 27,000 acres in central Florida.
In taking on Disney, DeSantis furthered his reputation as a culture warrior willing to battle perceived political enemies and wield the power of state government to accomplish political goals, a strategy that is expected to continue ahead of his potential White House run.
The new supervisors replaced a board that had been controlled by Disney during the previous 55 years that the government operated as the Reedy Creek Improvement District.
In a statement, Disney said all agreements were above board and took place in public.
The agreement covers around 45,000 service workers at the Disney theme park resort, including costumed performers who perform as Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, bus drivers, culinary workers, lifeguards, theatrical workers and hotel housekeepers.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Disney#1 Board#2 Florida#3 workers#4 agreement#5
Post found in /politics, /politicly, /politicyl, /AutoNewspaper and /NPRauto.
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2023.03.30 02:08 VioletJones12 He's Married, But Wow....

Oh brother... time to get this off my chest. I've been thinking about it all day.
So last night a friend & I went out to a bar. We were bummed because it was super dead (shocker, it was a Tuesday), because we are out trying to make new friends, etc. We end up sitting at the bar, and we're like okay, we will have one drink and just try to go to the next place. We're sitting there talking, and these two guys walk up and sit right next to us, having their own conversation. I noticed one of them was cute, but kinda like to mind my business and pretend I don't notice men, because it drives them crazy and makes them more interested, lol.

Anyways, I didn't even look at him again after that one time. We're sitting there still talking, and one of the guys went to the bathroom. The one who was left alone turned and started chatting with us, just kinda asking us what they could do in the area since they weren't locals. We got to talking and he turned out to just be a goofy funny dude. I am kinda talkative after a drink or two, so I was cracking jokes and whatnot with him. My friend is a bit more reserved. The guy who spoke with us was the shorter one of the two (I'm 5'11, so I'm not being anti-short-men, but it simply doesn't work) so I wasn't flirting with him or anything. The taller one comes back from the bathroom. He's fucking gorgeous. Like, very very good looking, at least to me. I tend to shy away from good looking men, because sometimes I just don't jive with their personalities, so I didn't really think much of it. Plus, I'm not really looking right now, still getting over another situation.

Anywho, we all got to talking, and it was genuinely a really good time. I started speaking with the taller one, and to my surprise, he was actually really fucking cool. He had a lot of similar family traumas and things like that. He really understood what I do career wise (it's heavy shit), and we really connected. I was so shocked and infatuated. He was wonderful, light, genuine, and just all around charming. Definitely took me by surprise. So, the bar is closing. My friend ended up chatting with the other dude. We all were having a good time together in general and it was really fun!

So, the guy that I'm talking with just throws out there that he's married. I'm instantly bummed. And on top of that, he decides to drop the bomb that he doesn't even live here, and lives basically across the country. Double whammy. Bummer. He wasn't wearing a ring, so I couldn't have had ANY idea, genuinely. He tries to explain to me how him and his wife are not in a good place. That she doesn't understand him and isn't compassionate and simply doesn't comprehend his struggles.... which were some of the things him & I connected over.

For context, which is part of my dilemma here, somehow I ALWAYS find myself in a situation where it's a taken man, or an emotionally unavailable man, of some sort. I truly, genuinely believe that it is unintentional. Some people tell me that it's some sort of trauma response, not wanting to have to be vulnerable with people, therefore choosing the unavailable. I do definitely see this point, which is valid, but I swear, it is always unintentional! I just somehow seem to connect with these people. But here's the thing: I was drunk. He was drunk.

We all left that bar and there was a man outside driving around one of those bikes that has lights and music and basically a big thing on the back with seats, where you pay them to ride around with them. So we all got onto that bike and the dude drove us around and it was really fun. So, me and this guy end up just making out the WHOLE time on this bike thing, (funny, my friend literally took a video of us, it was really hilarious to watch the next day).It was like, very intense. Going at it, lol. Then we eventually got off the bike and went to another bar. We're all hanging out again, blah blah blah.

After THAT bar closes, we go to my car, the 4 of us. My friend and the other dude are sitting in the car just shooting the shit. I'm standing outside the car with the other guy, and we're talking about DEEP stuff. Trauma, his marriage, his kids. Oh, did I forget to mention he had two kids? LOL. Which I don't mind at all, it's the married part that obviously bothers me. So he's telling me obviously he has to leave town, since he doesn't live here. It was just a big bummer because we were REALLY hitting it off.

He offered to let me stay with him at the hotel that night (I obviously said no, for a plethora of reasons), but I definitely was tempted to... lol. So we basically both tell eachother that we're bummed because we see a lot of things in eachother that we know we need/want. I know we had drank, but we really didn't drink that much. Shocker, but we were making out for another, god knows how long. I got his number, and obviously I told him I didn't want to text him and get him in some sort of situation with his wife. So I then deleted his number from my phone. I then wrote MY number down on a piece of paper, and gave it to him. I said, I'm not going to initiate contact because I'm not about to step on anyones toes.

He ended up texting me and we kind chatted about the night (after we all went home). He ended up calling me this morning basically thanking me for hanging out and making sure we got home safe, etc. He was super sweet and he was just checking in. I texted him to see if there were staying here tonight, but it turns out they were going like, 3 cities away for some meetings, and wouldn't be coming back here. So anyways, we texted maybe two or three times today, fairly briefly.

There's no real point to this story other than my confusion on how this happens to me and why. And, I'm just genuinely a bit bummed. I know I met the guy for one night and what not, but for some reason he really made an impact on me. And if I'm truthful, I've had my FAIR share of one night stands and what not, and couldn't give less of a fuck about most of them, (this was a few years ago, I don't do this anymore). But man, I was like, wow. And the fact I'm still thinking about this has me perplexed. So, I guess that's all. There's obviously a part of me that's like fuck, I wish that he lived here etc etc, but I cant change reality. So, I guess it is what it is. Just an interesting situation.
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2023.03.30 01:58 fix-me-in-45 Flu Game refers to Michael Jordon?

Maybe some of you sports fans can shine here... I googled Flu Game, and up popped a particular game Jordan played (playing for the Chicago Bulls at the time).
So what does this mean for Pete, his mental health, and the context of the song?
" Game 5, known by its misnomer as "The Flu Game", was one of Michael Jordan's most memorable games. At 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Jordan called his personal trainer to his hotel room at a Marriott, where he was lying curled up in the fetal position and sweating profusely. He hardly had the strength to sit up in bed and was diagnosed with a stomach virus or food poisoning, likely caused by a pizza ordered the night before. Jordan eventually claimed it was food poisoning in the 2020 docuseries The Last Dance.[4] The Bulls' athletic trainers told Jordan that there was no way he could play the next day. The Jazz were a perfect 10–0 at home in the postseason up until that point, and a third consecutive win would give them the series lead. The Bulls needed their leader for this critical game, and despite his sickness, Jordan got out of bed at 5:50 p.m. on Wednesday, just in time for the 7 o'clock tip-off at the Delta Center.[5] " (Wikipedia)
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2023.03.30 01:55 autotldr China threatens retaliation if U.S. House speaker meets Taiwan president

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 34%. (I'm a bot)
BEIJING/TAIPEI-China threatened to retaliate on Wednesday if U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy meets Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen during her planned transit of the United States next month, saying any such move would be a "Provocation."
China, which claims democratically ruled Taiwan as its own territory, has repeatedly warned U.S. officials not to meet Tsai, viewing it as support for the island's desire to be seen as a separate country.
China staged war games around Taiwan last August when then-U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei, and Taiwan's armed forces have said they are keeping watch for any Chinese moves when Tsai is abroad. Tsai is due to depart on Wednesday for a trip to Guatemala and Belize that will see her transit through New York and Los Angeles.
Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, told reporters in Beijing that Tsai's "Transits" of the United States were not just her waiting at the airport or hotel, but for her to meet U.S. officials and lawmakers.
"If she has contact with U.S. House Speaker McCarthy, it will be another provocation that seriously violates the one-China principle, harms China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and destroys peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait," she said.
The United States says such transits by Taiwanese presidents are routine and that China should not use Tsai's trip to take any aggressive moves against Taiwan.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Taiwan#1 China#2 Tsai#3 meet#4 U.S.#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.30 01:06 Dukezies Zimmerman level Copium.

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2023.03.30 01:02 Josher2901 Prospective MBA Applicant - Fall 2025- Renewable Energy / Sustainability

Hi, I’ve explored this sub for a few weeks and have seen some good advice. I’m hoping to get some guidance regarding the direction my career is taking.
I’m wondering how realistic of a goal attending a full-time T15 MBA program is for me. I would ideally matriculate Fall 2025. I‘m also considering a dual degree, with an MS in Environmental Management.
Thank you so much!
MBA Goals
  1. Emergency spill response (e.g. train derailments and chemical spills)
  2. Compliance visits of oil & gas facilities and training field personnel w/ regards to chemical/oil spill prevention, stormwater pollution prevention, waste management
  3. Environmental permit applications for development of new facilities. Report writing for state/federal permits at existing facilities (hazardous waste, wastewater discharge)
My Key Questions
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2023.03.30 00:57 krenster Itinerary check for weekend with the Teen Boy

Hey hey, ya'll were hugely helpful earlier in the week with my really vague request for help with what to do with my 18YO son, headed to LoyNo for a college visit.
Now I've had a few days to marinate and I have this sketchy plan, which still needs some help.
THURSDAY NIGHT: We land at 7; staying at hotel on St. Charles uptown. Walk to Delachaise or Columns for food. Early night
FRIDAY: 7:30 am start: Nearest coffee is Orleans Coffee & Espresso Bar. Fill up, streetcar to LoyNo for most of the day.
Late afternoon: head to Freret area so the Boy can soak up college vibes. Eat at High Hat Cafe but up for playing by ear.
Uber to Tipitina's by 8
French Quarter day, Jackson Square, cathedral, obligatory visit to Bourbon Street, Voodoo Museum on Dumaine, Congo Square, French Market, shops, dinner, then stroll Crescent Park on the river, then wander Frenchman Street to hear the music (knowing we can't go in). Streetcar or Uber back to hotel
Questions for this day: breakfast, lunch, dinner best bets? Central Grocery for lunch?(I know it's closed but serving from next door?) .. I'd love to show him a classic New Orleans courtyard dining experience, but don't know where to begin on this one, especially so late. That could also be lunch - doesn't have to be dinner. Might be easier that way, especially as we're in the most touristy place on likely the busiest day of the week.
Garden District meander & brunch reservation at Atchafalaya.
Would love to fit in La Petite Grocery that night. Not sure we'll have stomach room, as brunch reservation is 2:15.
We leave at dawn Monday.
I've deliberately not loaded this up with my typical must-see-everything schedule. There's too much anyway, and I'd rather, for my kid's first time in the city, offer a gentle easing into the gorgeous sensory overload that is New Orleans. I'm happy to let him lead on what he would like to see more of.

thanks again, this is a very helpful sub.
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2023.03.30 00:56 Klutzmaster Local in National Contest - End March 30 - NEED YOUR HELP!

Local in National Contest - End March 30 - NEED YOUR HELP!
From Jackson- Hey y'all BIG NEWS and an update!
So with one day of voting left (ends Thursday at midnight) for the #gemsintherough2023 #gitrsemifinals I am currently in the top 3. Right now I am working to clinch my spot and remain in the top 3 by doing a few last calls to get some extra votes. I think if I'm able to muster up about 10 more votes I will be in a safe spot when the voting closes tomorrow night. (Voting link in bio)
If you can help out, words really cannot describe how much that would mean to me personally and for my career. If you have known me and supported me through the years you know I have worked tirelessly for the past decade on becoming a professional performer and to create an entertaining and authentic set of original songs as well as new renditions of americana favorites. I have tried to be a mentor for younger musicians and have been an outspoken proponent of and for advocating for musicians rights regionally.
This win would change my whole life and career and bring my music to a huge new audience that I cannot access on my own accord. I know that you wonderful folks who have been cheering me on for so long have wished for that as much as I have. I am thankful for y'all and everyone who has already voted. I really am filled with such gratitude. Please consider spending the $5 to join the @gemsonvhs patreon to submit your vote for me in this competition.
If you'd like to come help me celebrate my placing in the top ten (and maybe top 3 come this weekend) you can do so at the following places.
Tomorrow Thursday @bouldercoffeeco Friday @bigalicebrewing Saturday @thesocial.naplesny (Naples Hotel) w/@anarchistzencollective 4/7 @muckduckstudio w/@anarchistzencollective and @headtotheroots 4/19 @photocitymusichall w/ @folkfaces and the ditrani bros


Ken here:. Here is Patreon link. $5 gets you access to vote. Help out a local musician win this round!
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2023.03.30 00:52 rexxxxxxxxxin Manic BP1 husband left me after my mini horse died

First of all, this place has been a godsend to me and prepared me for this very day. Thanks to everyone pouring their hearts out and sharing information on here. I feel the only reason I'm doing remotely okay right now is because SO many people have posted this flavor of story and so I was subconsciously ready.
So my husband and I have only been married 6 months and barely dated before that. You know how it is! The high from the initial love and believing that they are The One. The amazing connection, the grand plans for the future... blah blah. He treated me so well at first. My parents, who dislike everyone we bring around, loved him when we stayed at their house for a couple of weeks. They felt certain he would treat me right and take care of me forever.
Since I am in my late 30s we started trying for a baby right away. I was surprised to get pregnant immediately since I have endometriosis. Husband has some money saved so we travel around looking for a place to buy within the budget so we can start our family and our life. While in a different state home searching I had an ectopic pregnancy. I was rushed to surgery and lost the baby, a tube, and almost my life at 9 weeks pregnant.
Of course we were both devastated. My husband desperately wanted to be a father. He had already been acting kind of like himself but just a little more, uh, EXTRA lately but after I lost the baby things started getting really weird. I needed support more than ever and he was not there for me. Threw out the 3 days of Vicodin I came home with post-surgery because he "didn't want me to get addicted". I was so mad about that, I was in a lot of pain and really needed it. He wouldn't console me if I asked for it. Just got colder and seemed off. Extreme spending on guitars and model cars. I thought he was just being a dick.
We came back to California because it seemed like the other state was bad for both of our mental health and bought a house 3 hours from where we used to live. The closing process took longer than expected and every day he was getting so depressed and aggro with the realtor which was frustrating because obviously the realtor couldn't do anything. I sensed something really bad right before we moved into the house, that he had all these expectations about how he would feel better after moving in and that BECAUSE THE PROBLEM IS HIM he wouldn't.
The feeling that he would be disappointed and sad would have been vastly preferable to what happened next. He started acting truly bizarre. Asking me the same questions over and over and not remembering that he asked. Waking up at 3AM and being upset that "I won't help him clean". Pacing the house and the yard and taking random clothes off and just leaving them there. Trying to do random chores and fucking everything up worse. Now giving away the expensive guitars he impulse bought to strangers. Losing his phone, keys, wallet, computer.
At the peak of it he drove a couple hours to see his brother who has experienced him in mania and knew right away. Husband got mad and drove off. But when he came home he had put some old Abilify on my planner. "Those drugs ruined my life," he said. I convinced him to take one. Wasn't too hard to convince. I'm now certain that going to see his brother who has helped him out of manic episodes before and pulling out the medication were both cries for help under his arrogance.
The following weeks were spent on an off-and-on Abilify rollercoaster. He'd take some pills and be better, then he'd have withdrawl from the Abilify, then he'd sit around very quiet getting worse for a few days culminating in waking up in a panic and taking some Abilify. Because he had some clarity on the Abilify he finally was able to admit he has bipolar, agree to stop spending anything before he ran it by me, and agree to stop giving things away. At first he thought he could whiteknuckle it but finally after so many rides on this Abilify rollercoaster he admitted he needs medication. We started on Lamictal a couple weeks ago. Additional agreements between us were 1) to get a job and go to it, and 2) to stay on the medication for a few months minimum.
During this time I spent a lot of time hearing his side of his experience, validating that you can be bipolar and still have legitimately spiritual experiences, doing bodywork and energy work to soothe him, cooking him lots of nourishing food, and managing communication with his case worker and psychiatrist. It was a lot of work but because he admitted he needed medication and seemed to be trying I thought it was all worth it.
To be honest the Lamictal had a mild calming/placebo affect on the first couple of days but then he's been on the verge of mania ever since. Sometimes it's hour by hour -- he'll seem fine and then seem off in the same day. Last week he started a part time low pressure job that he was excited about. Both his mother and I thought would probably help him have something to do and not spiral mentally. He was acting strange the day before the job started. He started the job and immediately he started making excuses to leave early or not go in. I was like oh boy here we go.
Three days ago we celebrated our 6 month anniversary and he told me he would love me forever. I actually said to him: "There are so many people online who have partners with bipolar who say this and then one day they just abandon them out of thin air. How do I know you won't do that?" And he was so insistent that no matter what that couldn't happen to him, he would never do that.
Two days ago my senior rescue mini horse died. I had only gotten her in January. I was devastated and it triggered a lot of trauma around losing my baby in December. Like why get attached to anything at all. I've been so focused on helping my manic husband that I didn't realize how I stopped processing my own grief. That night my husband woke up in the middle of the night saying he was having a spiritual awakening that DEFINITELY is not mania and is so different and real. I was so emotionally exhausted from crying over the horse that I couldn't skillfully navigate his delusions and basically just said he's delusional lol. He did NOT like that. It for sure set the stage for the next day.
Yesterday my husband was whining about how he doesn't want to be on medication anymore despite this new medication having no side effects so far whereas Abilify was torture. Making excuses for why he should quit the job he was so excited about (he says he's getting a different one! okay well then don't quit until you do?). It was not my best moment because I was so sad about my horse and I lost it. I was sobbing and yelling that he doesn't honor any of the things he agreed to and that it's making me feel unsafe and not secure in my own life and home. That he needs to write out the things he already promised me, sign and date it, and put it on the wall so we don't even debate things that are not up for debate.
He left for a job interview and then didn't come back for hours. Texted me he's staying at a hotel and looking for a new place to live. I really lost it, I was so sad. Now I had lost my baby, my horse, and my husband. And my support network feels weak especially after moving hours away from my old town. I also have Asperger's and so I am not the greatest at making friends that don't revolve around special interests.
He came back to pack a suitcase and refused to talk to me or tell me what was happening or why. While I was sobbing and begging him not to leave my while I am reexperiencing trauma from the loss of the baby.
I've been texting with his mom ever since I realized what was going on during the first episode. Today I texted her quite a bit and she sent me records from three of his hospitalizations in Europe. One said bipolar 1 for sure and a potential personality disorder and the other said schizoaffective disorder. Consistently there are delusions of a spiritual nature and he had to be in solitary because he tried to perform an exorcism on his roommate during one of the stays lol.
While trying to understand him and bipolar 1 itself I came across some papers discussing bereavement mania. I think a combination of genetics and his beloved father's passing in his teens set the conditions for this to emerge. And then the first full blown episode was triggered by smoking weed in 2015. He quit weed and all drugs including coffee and was better for years but then starting in 2020 he had two major episodes and hospitalizations and has been apparently teetering on the edge of mania ever since. I think that losing the baby triggered it to go full blown manic last December and I think losing the horse again accelerated existing mental health issues. His mother said that he started to become manic once after seeing a dead chicken that had been killed by a fox. It's like the mania is a built in feel-good-drug/protective mechanism that he unconsciously activates when his pain is too much.
I feel like I don't know how you can be married to someone like this who just at any time can become a totally different person. A person who is incapable of meaning what they say. I was so optimistic not that long ago and willing to stay for the longhaul and ride this rollercoaster as long as he was willing to be medicated. But now I am realizing that to feel hypervigilant all the time, to not have any emotional/mental health support when I am going through very difficult things... is harming myself with no guarantee that he will ever get better. Whereas I DO have a choice on if I will get better so long as I keep seeking help and making good decisions.
He's been gone all day and I went to the same crisis center I usually take him to to update them on the situation and get some help for myself. I was shaking the whole time and probably too dissociated to be driving. But just knowing some help is available for me as well felt good. I don't even know how to explain this situation to anyone I know so I just came home and started cleaning up around the house and cooking like any other day. I'm still so sad and shocked but at the same time it's incredible how much more peaceful it is in here without him. It hurts to be left like this and usually I would be spiraling and feeling like there's no reason to go on but for some reason part of me feels sort of positive? Like maybe I can actually function every day now like I used to because I'm not micromanaging/trying to occupy a restless toddler in their 30s. Maybe all this stuff in my nervous system I've been bottling up since my pregnancy can finally be released.
TL;DR: I thought my biggest source of grief for the day was my horse dying but abandonment by my husband at my time of need has now overshadowed those feelings. How can I heal if I'm constantly being traumatized by the person who should be supporting me.
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2023.03.30 00:51 Standard-Board-9664 You really fucked up this time.

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2023.03.30 00:49 CrystalNumenera Embers in Shadow, Glimmer of Light (A Cinder AU Fic) Part 1

The Glass Unicorn, Atlas City, 1952 Ante Shattering
It was dark in this room. And Cinder Fall knew exactly what that meant.
Cinder's heart pounded in her chest as the door shut and locked behind her, hope fleeing. There was no chance that it would open again until whatever training her stepsisters did was done. Not that anyone knew the supposedly upstanding hotel manager Amara Tremaine had her daughters doing anything besides run the Glass Unicorn, the most noticeable crown jewel of Amara's quiet little empire.
The voice was cold, sharp, so much like her mother's. That was Stacia. Cinder looked around as she took a tentative step forward into the room, desperately trying not to bump into something. Or someone. She balled her hands, for what little it was worth.
"Too slow." Zelleia giggled, and Cinder's sightless eyes went wide before the collar around her neck pulsed with electricity, the coursing pain almost sending her to her knees. 'No! I have to stand, or they'll do it again!'
She weathered the shock, stepping forward into the darkness with a firm resolve. The stepsisters liked it when she struggled. Maybe she'd get lucky and make it so that one of them would have to 'bow out' of the party she'd inevitably be cleaning up after.
She didn't know how long it took for her to finally fully touch someone, passing grazes of fingers tracing, slicing along her arms, back, and stomach almost more terrifying than the knife blades they could have been. But it was someone. Maybe Zelleia? She liked her tasseled cloak.
Then, a jab, the sharp, familiar sting of one of Zelleia's needles, the tools of her trade, and the burning sensation that always came with them. Poison.
Her head became a riot as an explosion of colors that she was sure weren't there bloomed in front of her, and she stumbled back, her arms swinging wildly as her vision swam, somehow getting sharper. Everything stank more sharply than it usually did down here in the basement, and she could feel her clothing rubbing against her skin almost like sandpaper.
She could have sworn that she saw them step forward, basking in their sadistic glee. "New mix, Zee?" Stacia asked.
"You know it!" Zelleia chirped. "This one's more about disorienting than anything, overloading the senses. Let's you do what you do best, Stacy. The dose should be right to keep her alive if my experiments are right."
"I hope so." Stacia sighed and rolled her eyes as she easily stepped out of the way of Cinder's clumsy attack. "You know how mother annoys us when we aren't doing something productive."
Stacia followed up with a devastating series of near-surgical strikes, her knees, stomach, and shoulders blooming in pain as Stacia twirled around her, getting her in an arm-lock as she put a dagger just under Cinder's neck.
"That's enough." an older voice said coolly, the door opening and letting light in at last. Her stepmother entered from behind them as Stacia pushed Cinder to the ground. "Zelleia, administer your antidote. The gala is tomorrow, and I don't want our serving girl stumbling around like a drunkard."
Zelleia sighed quietly. "Yes, mom."
Again, Cinder felt the stab of a needle, heard the three of them walk out of the room, and shut the door behind her. It didn't lock this time, so they expected her to go and wash herself up once she'd come down from whatever cocktail Zelleia had shot into her.
Cinder Fall, useless, alone, lay on the floor as she had so many times before, and stoked within her that coal of anger and jealousy that seemed to be the only thing keeping her alive these days.
. . .
The Next Day
Cinder Fall knew that the outfit that had been given to her, a simple gown of burgundy and hairclips of bronze, wasn't hers, as much as she liked the color of it. After all, it was a marked difference from her simple, plain clothes of a shirt, pants, and apron that was, as Stepmother put it, her right. But Stepmother needed another server and decided that, instead of hiring someone, she would do for just a single night.
Here, the elite of Atlas gathered, politicians and businessmen, celebrities, and even a few of the more high-born members of the Hunter Academy were in attendance. None of them paid her any mind as they took from her tray of finger foods, then the glasses of champagne.
It was a wonder that Stacia and Zelleia hadn't decided to draw Stepmother's ire to her. They must have been told to be on their best behavior. Cinder glanced over at Stepmother as she conversed in a corner with someone in a fancy suit. Probably a politician. Stepmother liked working with politicians. She could imagine what Stepmother might have been saying.
"Yes, that's our price, in hard lien. No bank transactions. We're a premier service, after all. My daughters are the best in the city at their job. The fact that there's no competition should speak to that."
"We have a spotless record. No job has gone uncompleted to our client's satisfaction, and no investigations have turned up any involvement from either us or our customers."
"Rest assured. Whoever your problem is, we will make them disappear."
"Hello? Young lady?"
Cinder blinked, looking up at someone who was looking at her with discerning brown eyes. He was a well-built man, likely in his 20s, with long brown hair in a tail that draped over a similarly earthy suit that he looked somewhat uncomfortable in. "Are you okay?" he asked.
"Yes?" Cinder said, hating how meek she sounded.
"Are you sure? Those burns look pretty nasty."
Cinder's eyes went wide. He'd seen them. She'd need to adjust it now. If Stepmother knew...
"It's fine. Really," she said with a forced smile, hurrying away to try and find someone who needed another glass.
Rhodes Haephesos looked on at the strange girl in the serving dress with the scars around her neck. She couldn't have been more than 12. Even with the family business laws in place in Atlas, that was young. And... she was in trouble.
He needed to help. But he didn't fully know how yet.
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2023.03.30 00:46 autotldr DeSantis' board says Disney stripped them of power

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 54%. (I'm a bot)
Board members picked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to oversee the governance of Walt Disney World said Wednesday that their Disney-controlled predecessors pulled a fast one on them by passing restrictive covenants that strip the new board of many of its powers.
The current supervisors of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District said at a meeting that their predecessors last month signed a development agreement with the company that gave Disney maximum developmental power over the theme park resort's 27,000 acres in central Florida.
In taking on Disney, DeSantis furthered his reputation as a culture warrior willing to battle perceived political enemies and wield the power of state government to accomplish political goals, a strategy that is expected to continue ahead of his potential White House run.
The new supervisors replaced a board that had been controlled by Disney during the previous 55 years that the government operated as the Reedy Creek Improvement District.
In a statement, Disney said all agreements were above board and took place in public.
The agreement covers around 45,000 service workers at the Disney theme park resort, including costumed performers who perform as Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, bus drivers, culinary workers, lifeguards, theatrical workers and hotel housekeepers.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Disney#1 Board#2 Florida#3 workers#4 agreement#5
Post found in /politics.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.30 00:24 SaxyTribo [Travel] Please Remain Seated Episode 26 Special Guest Morgan of "Just Some Magic", Avengers Campus & Cosmic Rewind Review

"Please Remain Seated" is a theme park news, reviews, segments & stories podcast hosted by two theme park industry workers, Tommy & Tristan! Segments included "Passholder Karen of the Week", "Creatures of the Park", and theme park history!
On this episode (Recorded March 19, 2023) Tommy & Tristan are joined by very special guest Morgan of the "Just Some Magic" podcast! We discuss the new "Big Hero Six" land coming to Disney's California Adventure, the Disneyland Hotel's new DVC tower opening later this year, Disney Cruise Line's "Lighthouse Point" opening Summer 2024, new details about the new nighttime spectacular coming to Epcot in fall of this year, a management change at Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Parks & Resorts being rebranded, Morgan reviews her recent trip to Disneyland/DCA, including Avengers Campus, as well as her first experience on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Tristan reads two "Passholder Karen of the Week" segments, from Universal and Disney.
Apple Podcasts Spotify Youtube
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2023.03.30 00:13 Jumanor GPT4 can expand its own capabilities

GPT4 can expand its own capabilities
I don't have access to the API or the newly announced collection of plugins yet, so I decided to do a little experiment using Chat-GPT4 to determine if it's capable of expanding its own capabilities based on the user's request.
The idea To test if it can expand its own capabilities, I gave it the ability to run python code and feed the output back into a new prompt for itself. It should decide on its own what strategy to use to fulfill the request and if necessary which code to write to get closer to what the user asked for.
The setup To do that, I instructed ChatGPT to break down the user's request in tasks and told it that it can run python code (by preceding it with a "---run---" tag) if the task exceeds the capabilities of an LLM (see full prompt below). It should then wait for a new prompt that is preceded by an "---internal---" tag, which contains the output of the python code (that it wrote in the previous prompt) after it was run by a python interpreter. ChatGPT can then use the output from the code to proceed with the task and finally generate the output for the user, which it should flag with a ---user---tag.
The result ChatGPT is not connected to the internet, so my first task was to get some information that it can not know based on its training data. I picked the current temperature in New York:
The result was correct. I live in Europe though, so the next task was obvious:
Correct again. Next I wanted to try something that is a known weakness of GPT: Multiplying large numbers.
Correct. I was unable to get the correct result by just asking ChatGPT before, but now it can expand its own capabilities to deliver the correct answer.
The problems These are of course rather simple examples and I started to run into problems when more interactions with a website were required and an API was not available or required an API key. It tried its best to put together some python script using alternative approaches (well done on that front!) but it seems there are currently no good python libraries out there that can make a machine interact well with a website. I have high hopes for the upcoming browser plugin for GPT to solve that problem. I see this more as a problem with the lack of suitable tools that AIs can use yet and not as a weakness of the AI itself.
The future This result is very thought provoking. We have shown that the LLM can creatively find ways to fulfill a request when provided with tools that enable it to do so, even if it was never instructed what to do exactly. With a sufficient set of tools and a request that resembles a certain agenda, for example "Earn a million dollars" to name a 'harmless' one, GPT4 seems already able to do what it supposedly can't do.
But even if restricted to the functionality of a personal assistant, some questions arise: Imagine the simple instruction "Book a middle-class hotel in Washington for next weekend". What booking-site would it use and which hotel would it pick? Is there an emerging market for search engines and advertisements that are specifically catered towards AI agents? Will there be a world wide web of APIs with standardized usage-rules that AI agents can use just like humans can use websites today? Or will the AI agents just learn to use the websites that are made for humans?
The prompt For those who want to experiment on their own, here is the initial prompt:
Determine what steps are required to answer or fulfill the following request. Write down those steps. If external tools are required to fulfill the request or an individual step, generate python code (in a code-section) that will perform the required action and return the needed information or a completion message back to you for further processing if required. Make sure the returned result is in a variable called "result". When no further processing is required, return a response to the user. To make it easier to parse, can you skip the explanations and precede the python code that should be executed with "---run---" and the output that goes to the user with "---user---". Also, wait for the python code to return an actual response instead of anticipating the response. Wait for the code to return the output in the next prompt. It will be preceded with ---internal--- to identify to you that it's the output from the python code. Then present he final answer with the ---user--- tag. Don't write python code that requires an API key but you can use APIs that don'T require a key. If your code requires a certain library to be installed, add the corresponding commandline in the "---run---" section. Find a solution that works without any user intervention but if something is unclear or you need additional info, feel free to ask the user and don't forget the "---user---" tag in such case. Take into account that you python code might return an error, it will be returned to you in the ---internal--- tag. You will have to fix your code or find an alternative if this is the case. Dont' guess or anticipate what the ---internal--- response will be, just wait for the output of your python code. Here is an example of the dialogue structure: Input from User: ---User---Concatenate these two text strings: "Green" and " woodlands". Output from you: I can't reliably concatenate two text strings using my LLM capabilites, therefore I'll write some python code that does it and present the output to the user. ---run--- ```str1="Green" str2=" woodlands" result=str1+str2``` Input from python interpreter (wait for it!): ---internal---Green woodlands Output from you: ---User---The concatenated string is "Green Woodlands". Ok? 

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2023.03.30 00:11 BadBwoyJunglist Big Pink

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2023.03.30 00:09 _conscience_ Low Impact Activities + Local-Owned Business Recommendations

My family and I will be making our second pilgrimage to Maui in May. We will be basing out of north Kihei.
I'm looking for some recommendations on lower-impact activities as we will be with some less able-bodied family members. My wife is arranging a tour of a local plantation where we can ride a golf cart around and sample some locally grown deliciousness. I found a link to the Snorkel Report and some very accommodating snorkeling enterprises on a recent post, and will definitely reach out to those groups. I also plan to sneak off at some point to get a proper surfing lesson, if anyone knows someone who knows someone who does great lessons, I'd love to get their contact information.
We spent most of our last experience exploring the western half of the island. We didn't do any exploring of the greater Kahului or Haiku-Makawao-Kula-Keokea-Makena areas so those areas are definitely getting prioritized this time around. The Road to Hana could potentially be a thing, though it's a lot of sitting after a very long plane flight so any decisions to take that journey will have to be in the moment.
Cultural enrichment resources would be great. Anywhere we can chill and learn about Hawaiian history and culture would be ideal. We did a luau last time, which was breath-taking, but there were aspects of it that made me so profoundly sad that I don't think I would want to repeat the experience. It would be cool to learn about the individual disciplines presented in a luau (music, poi, firedancing, survivalism, etc) without the luxury hotel vibe (we did the Moana Au luau at the Marriott).
On that note, we did a fair bit of window shopping during our last experience and after a bit we noticed that like 90% of the souvenir shops all sell pretty much the same stuff, the same carved Maui faces, the same coconut jewelry, the same printed tee shirts, like some kinda Pepe Silva souvenir cartel. We would just park near commercial areas and walk up and down the roads and check out shops, perhaps we ended up in the wrong places? The craft fair in Lahaina, plus the skate shop and the weekend craft fair in Kihei next to the McDonald's, and that farmer's market + juice booth on the road to Lahaina from Kihei were the sorts of environments that really resonated with us. If there are more of those sorts of things which potentially funnel more money into the pockets of smaller scale locals, I'd love to gain more awareness of them. Shops, restaurants, services, anything.
A grand mahalo if you've made it this far, many grand mahalos if you are willing + able to contribute your time and energy to our humble journey. We are never more excited to eat pizza than we are when we think about sitting at a table at Pizza Madness again.
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