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Prescriptions from different pharmacies cause different side effects?

2023.03.23 06:08 np3est8x Prescriptions from different pharmacies cause different side effects?

Have you ever gotten gabapentin from different pharmacies and experienced different side effects? When I get gab from CVS, I don’t have any issues, it does what it’s supposed to and I feel the way I always have for the last ten years. Today I got gab from hyvee and I am super angry and agitated. I lost my insurance and had to use GoodRx and hyvee was the cheapest. Right now I have to smoke a bowl because I am irrationally mad about nothing. It’s a 90 day supply, I can’t feel like this for the next 3 months everyday . Do I have any options? I have a doctor, but no insurance. Only thing I can think of is, trying to use GoodRx again and pay more at CVS?
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2023.02.24 08:51 alarycia98 RANDOMLY FIRED? With no notice??? Iowa, feb 2023

I'm at the Coralville #1 hyvee or was. I wonder if anyone else here is there so that's why I'm posting the info since I'm terminated anyway lol.
EDIT: apparently I wasn't even fired or taken off the schedule entirely. My manager was apparently told to just not schedule me for the next few weeks and I should only come back when I'm negative- but he didn't even respond to my message when I informed him that im now negative. I quit and said I have other things lined up and working for me and don't want my job back- to which he said again that I'm not actually fired, but he'll pass on the message that I no longer want to come back and I won't suffer any consequences such as not being able to work there again theoretically (yeah, no, never going back there even if you bribed me.) and the changes on the app are just their new shit company policy like no more plus membership and discount. Either way this company fucking sucks.
So I had my hours cut from 35 to 0 within the last month I had Covid and told my boss 3 weeks ago and was positive until last sat. He marked my absences as unexcused and I sent a text saying that I'll let him know when I'm cleared and that I'd like to return. No response. Today I notice I'm terminated. No warning given. Is this normal??? I need my w2. Fuck this company. My coworkers today didn't even know I'm fired lmao when I got my rx at the pharmacy. They just told me all the drama I missed while having covid thinking I'm still working there. Do I even bother to reason with them? I screenshotted my w2s and am otherwise primarily self employed. Have they just been firing part timer's left and right without notice at all lately? What the fuck?... I'm in Iowa for reference, I've legit got no clue if this will even impact my resume because I WAS NOT GIVEN ANY MESSAGE OR WARNING. Just an email to reset my workday login. Turns out I was only able to get in using retiree and Terminee login but no message AT ALL saying I've been fired. Seriously, screw this company. I feel fucking shafted.
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2023.02.12 00:32 stoned-and-anxious Friendly reminder that hospitals have pharmacies that prescribe adhd meds

It might seem obvious that that’s an option, but I called 5 grocery store pharmacies that were out and one suggested calling a hospital and when I called they didn’t even have to look anything up to tell me they had some in stock, so if you’re struggling to get your prescription from pharmacies like Walmart, hyvee, cvs etc. try looking for a pharmacy in or associated with a hospital
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2023.02.05 22:54 311Sunshine What’s being built?

Hey does anyone know what’s going in at the former Fazoli’s building on Alden or what’s being built to the right of the 151st\Black Bob HyVee pharmacy? TIA
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2023.02.03 02:29 lifewithleia ADHD med shortage

Not sure if this is something allowed to be posted in here lol but does anyone know what pharmacies have IR Adhd Medication in stock? Doctor wants me to call multiple locations all over and ask since the nation wide shortage but I figured reddit might be a quicker solution. Tried Walgreens on 30th dodge and hyvee 50th and center, they’re out of stock. Someone pls help!
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2023.01.28 17:44 andruw_neuroboi ADHD Med Shortages

Hi all! If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed many of the pharmacies around here are experiencing a shortage of stimulant medication for ADHD. I’ve been on these meds for 20+ years and I’ve never seen anything like this. Has anyone had any success finding certain medications at different pharmacies neaaround the area? What I’ve found so far is I’ve had zero luck with CVS on Forum, Mizzou’s pharmacies, and HyVee pharmacies while trying to find 15 and 20mg XR generic Adderall.
I’m just looking if anyone else knows places that currently stock it so I can get my prescription location changed! I appreciate any and all help. Thanks so much ❤️
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2023.01.16 22:14 jay7171 Good Pharmacy Suggestions?

Until it was closed, the Hyvee pharmacy on N. Kiwanis was the only one I'd use. They would have my refills ready before I knew I was out, they were fast when I picked up my meds, and they were personable and friendly. They went out of their way to watch out for me. I never appreciated how spoiled I was.
None of these qualities seem to be present at any of the Hyvee pharmacies. If I want teeth grinding frustration, glacial speed, and frosty politeness at the best of times, I have plenty of locations to pick from.
Does anyone have suggestions for a good pharmacy? Are there pharmacies in Sioux Falls that still do the little extras that make getting meds a pleasant experience?
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2023.01.14 18:11 Conscious_Writing_76 Switching pharmacies.

How do some of you price check pharmacies? Does your provider send scripts to all of them? I want to call around a find the cheapest since I’m paying OOP. I would like to try my coupon at cvs but I don’t want to have my provider send it there and then it not work and have it sent back to hyvee.
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2023.01.02 10:47 Okay_bozo Hy-Vee Pharmacy

Does anyone know what computer system hyvee pharmacy uses??
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2022.12.28 17:53 thrillhouz77 Insurance Disaster Incoming 😂

Ok…so I panicked a few weeks back and transferred my script to OptumRX to try and score a 90 day order for late this month (when I was scheduled for another pickup). OptumRX is my insurers PBM so all I had to do was click a button to make this happen, so thought, why not give it a shot (pun).
Of note my insurance has been paying to this point but I’ll pay OOP if I have to.
Weeks back Optum said, “we are out you might want to try somewhere else”. So I went Amazon Pharmacy and they are waiting for time to reorder (which is now-ish) from insurance but everything is a go if when insurance says “yep” or again I can pay OOP to them for a 90 day. As part of this Amazon transferred my script out from Optum (that my doc sent in the previous week bc I hit the 90-day supply button in the Optum portal).
Email doc last week to let him know how I am doing, he requested I periodically do this to let him know my B/S levels (NT2D but he wants me to keep track of them in case they shoot too low as we move up in dosing, this was one of his requirements for prescribing…I had a meter anyway so no big deal). Apologized to him in this email for the pharmacy run around as they did reach out to him, said it was just to try and score a 90 to make it through the supply issues. He said with shortage he could only do a 30 day script and that he sent in a new one (to Optum of course) without me even asking yet on the Optum side it looks like a 90 day. Optum put script on hold and requested I call them, I did and they asked if OK I am put on waiting list bc they are out of stock, “sure” I said. They also suggested I try to find local for this month and to just have doc send 1 month to the pharm that could fill it… “got it” 👍.
Now I look and my original Pharmacy, Hy-Vee (Midwest Regional grocer), has my order as “in-progress” for a 30 day supply. So I am thinking he sent one in there as well (without me asking)…..😂😂😂😂WTF IS EVEN HAPPENING!
So right now I have 3 scripts out that read as follow:
  1. Amazon - Waiting for refill date from Insurance (so I can get price). Honestly I just want a script at AP to pay OOP if needed as their rates are decent and I think I’ll get 5% cash back on my Amazon card.
  2. HyVee - In Progress (the script Optum initially transferred out as getting a 90 through them felt very iffy for MJ)
  3. Optum - Order Processing (after my phone call today, assuming this could mean any time-frame but at this point who the eff knows).
What happens if all three of these happen at once and I get 7 months sent to me of 10.0 (which I certainly don’t want)? I wanted to hang out on 10.0 for 3 months (skipped 7.5) as that dosage showed as effective but not go too far out in case I wanted to bump to 15.0.
Why did this happen…bc I clicked a button in the OptumRX portal for a 90 day supply that started this whole prescription dance a few weeks back.
For some reason I feel like an asshole for even starting this 90 day ‘option’. 😂
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2022.11.29 22:50 lazybutproductive Walmart coupon?

I have been using Hyvee pharmacy to fill my mounjaro since July. When I asked my doctor to call in my next dosage they told me hyvee is no longer filling for non diabetics. So I switched to Walmart. My question is how do I transfer my savings card? It appears Walmart applied some coupon because my cost is only 488.
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2022.11.14 21:16 justanorangehere Thanks to a stranger at the grocery store, here’s a great shot of the height difference between a Crosstrek and my Impreza Sport (please park responsibly)

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2022.11.12 10:54 ---OWO-- Because stinky gen Z-ers shouldn’t have lives outside of work

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2022.10.22 19:00 hoewenn When does CVS give you T?

So I just recently switched from Hyvee to CVS pharmacy for my T because it’s closer. My meeting was on Wednesday at the doctor and every time before at my other meetings, the prescription was put in the day of and arrived the day of. I don’t know if it’s because I switched but I still haven’t gotten my prescription and I’m almost two weeks without T because I ran out. I tried calling but you need an RX number for them to find your prescription and since it’s a new prescription and new pharmacy, the one for my last prescription is invalid. I tried going on the CVS site because I already have a medical record there for the COVID and flu shots, but nothing is there other than the shots. I’m not sure what to do now, does CVS normally take this long?
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2022.10.20 19:52 bravuralax INND 'Current distribution channels:❤❤❤Cardinal Healthcare/Home/2023🍺🍺🍺💎💎.Fucking amazing!!!

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2022.10.17 20:37 bravuralax Hyvee- Thanks for carrying over the counter hearing aids 🍺🍺🍺

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2022.10.13 23:47 bravuralax INND+ Hy-vee; Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota 🍺🍺🍺

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2022.10.12 21:11 Tjeetje We don’t do that here

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2022.10.12 04:02 bravuralax Innd- Amazing story. Perseverance, personal determination, ..🍺🍺🍺

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2022.09.02 23:14 magicalomivii what’s sick policy at hyvee?

friend of mine works at hyvee and has been vomiting and having diarrhea for two days- they’re telling him he has to stay despite vomiting while working multiple times. rubbed me the wrong way and was wondering what the policy is
UPDATE: friend threw up 6 times. tried eating and threw up again. He said he was going home. As he left a manager said “Well, when I have an upset stomach I don’t have an appetite”
UPDATE 2: He works in pharmacy, and they aren’t letting the pharmacist take a break whatsoever and the clerks don’t get breaks unless they ask? Idk how legal that is. They all work 8 hours when they don’t get breaks. The pharmacist today is the only one scheduled so they can’t go on break without closing pharmacy, and so she has to eat while filling prescriptions
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2022.07.11 22:40 hoewenn Testosterone not showing up on Goodrx at my pharmacy?

So I’ve been getting my T at Hyvee Pharmacy, and I’ve been using Goodrx to make it significantly cheaper for months. Today is my pickup day and suddenly Hyvee just isn’t there as an option? Any idea why this is, and if there’s other sites that use Hyvee? I can’t afford $100 T 😭
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2022.06.13 21:35 affairsofmydick Heads up, Hyvee Pharmacy no longer takes GoodRx coupons for controlled medications.

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