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an update on how strong our gurly wanda is
The Scarlet Witch:
Name: Wanda maximoff
Age: 34-35 yrs
IQ level: 128
Title: The Scarlet Witch,
Goddess of chaos.
Languages: They know how to speak some Romani dialect, and “Transian” (whatever that is). From random panels I read, Pietro knows Russian while Wanda knows French and possibly Greek. I think the ultimate versions of them spoke German, but it's likely the 616-version also know it too.4/02/2014
The Scarlet Witch is able to shape the multiverse to how she wanted it. and searching through the multiverse to find america to take her reality transporting powers. and able to enslave the entire multiverse and decimate the entire omniverse .
Powers & abilities
- name of Power: Life force.
As her powers likely come at least in part from the Mind Stone inside of Loki's sceptre, Wanda's abilities include telekinesis, energy manipulation, and some form of neuroelectronic interfacing that allows her to both read thoughts and also give her targets waking nightmares, probability manipulation. and being able to fight and erase the existence of the litr embodiment of cosmic order.
- Chaos magic.
astral projection,
dimensional travel,
elemental & energy attacks,
energy absorption,
Extrasensory Perception,
flight & levitation,
iLlusionary margics,
matter manipulation ,
mind & soul manipulation,
power nullification,
probability manipulation,
protective barriers,
reality warping,
Various incalculable potential ,
made herself faster than the concept of speed. Etc
Fun fact: Her power isn't chaos magic, it's actually "reality warping" which was gifted by the god cthon. But she's still able to use chaos and any other kind of magic, because she was trained by Agatha Harkness to be able to use chaos and any other kind of magic.
And even if she’s facing against someone whom is immune to magic, her type of control upon magic itself make her magic immune to magical immune beings, meaning even if ur immune to magic, her powers in magic or not can still affect the person she’s facing.
Many are solely familiar with the MCU version of the character, which doesn't even hold a candle to the Scarlet Witch we know from the comics. Her powers go beyond just being able to manipulate matter and fly. She can warp reality itself, and get rid
of anyone she doesn't like with a mere thought.
SW vs ??? :
Scarlet witch vs zatanna.
Scarlet Witch is way more powerful than Zatanna. When one can change reality, they hold the upper hand in a lot of situations. However, Scarlet Witch doesn't just start a fight by changing the universe around her opponent.
It's impossible to downplay how powerful Scarlet Witch really is. Usually, it takes some kind of object of ultimate power to do some of the things that Scarlet Witch has done. Her feats during the "Avengers: Disassembled" storyline were amazing enough, but completely altering the reality of the planet? That's some next level power right there and that's not even taking into consideration that her little declaration of "No More Mutants" was revealed in Warren Ellis's criminally underrated Astonishing X-Men run to have affected the entire multiverse. Wanda Maximoff is easily one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe.
Who can beat Zatanna?
Here are five heroes/villains Zatanna can not defeat, and five she wins against.
Defeat: she loses
Lose: She wins
10/10 Defeat & 0/10 lose: Vix Divyata.
The power of Vix Divyata is unknown.
Though their power doesn’t show how powerful they are in the comics, They are able to do more than just flight and or levitation, illusions, corruption, and mind control. They are able to do much more. Like stealing powers, stopping existence, controlling emotions, corrupt minds and souls, and even corrupt the reality not just around them but other universes and or even multiverses from long distances away, no matter the distances and much more.
And not just corrupt but control their entire multiverse and more than just one, no matter any amount and or size of the controllable matter or none. Controlling existence and none-existence either at the same time or not.
Being able to control Any natural and unnatural species and or objects.Being able to control fate itself and much more than any organic or not beings can comprehend. and beyond fate and balance being able to control mightier beings even beyond gods and or cosmic beings.
8.5/10 Defeat & 1.5/10 Lose: Scarlet Witch.
Scarlet Witch is way more powerful than Zatanna. When one can change reality, they hold the upper hand in a lot of situations. However, Scarlet Witch doesn't just start a fight by changing the universe around her opponent. She can easily control and or mind manipulate anyone, and even cause pain to them.
8/10 Defeat & 2/10 Lose : Doctor Strange.
Zatanna is a powerful sorcerer but Strange has her beat. If she was ruthless, she could beat him quickly, but that's not who Zatanna is. That's why Strange is going to win; in a prolonged magical duel between the two, Doctor Strange's magical skill and power will carry the day.
7.5/10 Defeat & 2.5/10 Lose: Captain Marvel.
Now a question arises how someone like Zatanna would fair against Carol Danvers. Chances are she'd fare well. Captain Marvel is a powerful foe, but one that has no experience fighting against magicians.30
5/10 defeat & 5/10 Lose: Silver Surfer.
Silver Surfer is a powerhouse that can put to shame almost anyone. There's a lot Zatanna could throw his way, maybe she could even do some critical damage. Unfortunately for the DC heroin, that's as far as she would be able to take the fight.
4.5/10 defeat & 5.5/10 Lose: Magik.
Magik is a mutant that's become the queen of Limbo and developed a knack for sorcery over the years. She may be a worthy opponent, but one Zatanna can still outmatch based on experience and level of expertise
5.5/10 defeat & 4.5/10 lose: Thor.
Zatanna's chances of defeating Thor are low. The Norse god in this scenario is essentially Superman, only without the weakness to magic. This means she'd have difficulties weakening his strength, speed or durability, all of which would prove the most difficult to overcome.
The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs was Wanda Maximoff from Earth -9602 of the Unsacred Timeline. She is a lieutenant of Barbatos, and the leader of the Dark Knights during the first Dark Omniverse invasion. She convinced The One Above All, the original creator of the Multiverse, to choose her as his lieutenant over Thanos as his vision was too limited by his ego. The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs continued on with her own plans, eventually acquiring cosmic power and becoming a greater threat than The One Above All himself.
The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs
Real Name
Wanda Wayne (formerly)
Wanda Maximoff
Current Alias
The Darkest Witch
The Scarlet Witch
Formerly The One Above All, Dark Knights, Judgement League Avengers, Justice League, Avengers, Legion of Doom, HYDRA
Natalya Maximoff (mother, deceased)
Thomas Wayne (foster father, deceased)
Martha Wayne (foster mother, deceased)
Earth -9602
Base Of Operations
Mount Wundagore (formerly), Dark Multiverse, Gotham City (Earth -9602)
5’7” (1.7m)
132 lbs (60 kg)
American, Serbian
Conquerer, Serial Killer, Former Vigilante
First appearance



Heroic Origin

In Earth -9602, unlike its multiverse counterpart, Wanda Maximoff was merged with Bruce Wayne, instead of his childhood friend, Zatanna Zatara. This resulted in Wanda having Thomas and Martha Wayne as her foster parents, and becoming the caped crusader known as The Scarlet Witch. Wanda was a member of the Judgement League Avengers. When the Green Skull decided to become a hero and tried to convince the league to let him join, The Scarlet Witch was the only one to oppose his acceptance, as she knew Luthor didn’t really believe in being a hero and was only interested in himself.

Joker’s Attack

The Joker from an unknown universe went on a killing spree across Gotham City; the clown had discovered that he was dying from the same chemicals that had turned him into what he was and wanted to take everyone with him. He murdered all of Batman's enemies including the Penguin, Catwoman, Killer Croc and the Ventriloquist. The Joker also killed Batman's friend Commissioner Jim Gordon, who accidentally sprung an acid trap in his notebook and melted his face off. Wanda sensed the imbalance in the multiverse and travelled to that universe by dreamwalking. The Scarlet Witch was later drugged by Joker, temporarily paralyzing her body but not her mind, so she could witness the chaos he caused without being able to do anything about it. The Joker bombed a hospital in front of Wanda and, to make it personal, shot dead the parents of many young children in front of her before proceeding to inject the children with an incurable, irreversible strain of Joker Venom. According to the Joker, he did this in order to create a hybrid of both Scarlet Witch and the Joker.
The Scarlet Witch eventually regained movement and, so traumatized and angry over what she had witnessed, grabbed the Joker and broke his neck. Unbeknownst to the Scarlet Witch though, the Joker exhaled a toxin contained in his heart, which infected anyone close to him if he died. In this case, it was the Scarlet Witch.


Two days after the murder of The Joker, The Scarlet Witch and Superman talked about what happened. Though she felt no guilt, she affirmed that she was not planning to make it a regular thing. Superman assured her that the S.T.A.R. Labs branch in Metropolis had agreed to take care of all the kids who had been infected by the Joker Venom. When Superman mentioned how one of the children bit one of the doctors, The Scarlet Witch let out a small laugh which surprised both of them and alarmed Superman.
Three days later, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Red Robin were training in the Batcave and talked to Wanda (dreamwalking through Bruce)’s worsening condition. Though they all offered to help the Bat however they could, Batman rebutted that he didn't want any help and revealed that the real reason he called them was that he knew they would be the first to notice something was wrong with him and warn the other heroes, something he couldn't allow to happen. And then he surprised them by doing something they were unprepared for: pull out a pair of hidden machine guns and shoot them all dead.
Almost two weeks after the Joker's death, Batman slaughtered the rest of the Justice League by using the stockpile of various villains' weaponry they had built up over the years. He synthesized a strain of Black Kryptonite and used it against Supergirl, driving her insane and forcing her to kill her own family before killing her.
On the Justice League Watchtower, he cornered Superman by releasing a Kryptonite-infused gas into the air and stated that he didn't want to hold back anymore. Bruce then brought Clark's wife Lois and his son Jon before him, and told the Man of Steel to lie to his family that everything would be okay, which Clark refused. Bruce tossed a shard of Black Kryptonite at the Kryptonians and watched as father and son went crazy and ripped Lois apart before they killed each other. As such, Wanda’s transformation into "The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs" was finished.

Ruling the Universe

The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs, being an amalgamation of both Bruce Wayne and Wanda Maximoff, is able to dreamwalk to a universe where Wanda exists. She then uses her body and begins a rampage to destroy everyone in the universe. She utters the words “no more heroes”, and erases the meta gene from existence, wiping out the entire metahuman race.
As her world began to fade from existence, Barbatos arrived and revealed the rest of the Dark Multiverse to her and his plans to go after the true Multiverse as well. Believing her to be the next suitable Bat to help him, Barbatos made Wanda the spearhead for his plans to drag all of creation into darkness.

Invading the Multiverse

The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs began another Dark Multiverse invasion, realizing that she was destined to become the one who laughs. However, she had the ability to warp reality at a whim and was determined to use her chaos magic to invade the entire multiverse. She steals America Chavez’ powers and re-assembles the Dark Knights, enhanced by the Darkness. She lets the re-awakened knights lose and attacks the Avengers. Wanda watched her knights destroy the Avengers and the Justice League throughout several worlds, fulfilling what her predecessor started. Wanda kidnaps the Over-Monitor and links him with the Anti-Monitor’s astral brain, but realizes it isn’t enough. Another battle between all the world’s heroes takes place with a resurrected Barbatos. Wanda retreats and travels to The One Above All. Shortly after, Wanda attempts to sever the link but is ambushed by a resurrected Witch Hunter Batman, who obtained weapons that can nullify witchcraft. Wanda battles him and eventually wins, but is heavily injured. After the weaponry’s effects wear off, Wanda heals herself and speaks to The One Above All, who warns her that the cosmic entities will come after her. Wanda transfers her conscience to a lobotimized version of herself like her predecessor, and regains her strength. Finally, she changes form once more and becomes a thin being of pure darkness and chaos and renames herself the Darkest Witch. Eventually, the Darkest Witch grows in power and steals energy from Barry Allen. She remakes the multiverse to her image at her whims. The Witch travels to The One Above All, and, informing him that it was her all along behind the plot, reveals that her intent is to kill him. She seals The One Above All with Chaos Magic amplified where it surpasses the power of every other user in the omniverse. She summons her followers and they attack those that oppose her. In her victory, she is confronted by every hero in the omniverse and she reveals that she can erase everything in the omniverse from existence, so they must join her. The heroes use the hands from the DC Multiverse to attack her, and she plummets to the last embers of the Death Sun. The other versions of Wanda erase the Darkhold and its temptations through her Chaos Magic and the Joker’s chemicals from existence, and before she could erase the Omniverse, she is realizes everything that happened. She reverts to a humanoid form and breaks down, fixing everything she has caused at a whim. Unable to cope, she flees to a distant universe and lives in isolation.

Powers and Abilities


  • Nigh-Omnipotence: The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs acquired the powers of Doctor Manhattan, due to her conscience inhabiting the corpse of a Wanda Maximoff who had said powers. This transformed her into a quantum being with nearly unlimited power. After absorbing the energy of every crisis in history and Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs became more powerful than ever. Her power was such that reality shook in response to her Nigh-Omnipotence, the possibilities of Hypertime to burn out and the last denizens of the Sphere of the Gods shudder at her power.
    • Bio-Fission: The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs is able to split and replicate herself. She is capable of dividing her quantum consciousness among other separate physical forms resembling her physical appearance.
    • Bio-Fusion: Likewise her Bio-Fission ability, Wanda can bring his sentient copies back into her body without any adverse side effects.
  • Witchcraft: Wayne is a human of magical birthright which means she possesses the ability to manipulate magic since the very beginning. She was born a human with the affinity to control magic, allowing her to use the witchcraft she was born with and that her powers were never gave to her by the High Evolutionary as it was believed rather, he had altered her so Wanda is more receptive to magical energy. She was chosen to be one of the candidates as the next Sorcerer Supreme.
  • Chaos Magic: The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs is able to manipulate the powerful magic known as Chaos magic, a dark magic which allows her to alter reality and control various forms of mystical energy. Wanda received the "blessing/curse" of the old God of chaos, Chthon, who came to her, the day she was born, which would allow her to use his chaos magic as her own and this would increase Wanda's natural ability to magic.
  • Darkness Manipulation The Darkest Witch can fire beams of darkness from her hands. She can also generate chains from her darkness. This is further amplified as she is currently merged with the Darkhold.
  • Darkness Constructs
  • Dimensional Travel: Wanda can traverse between the various realities in the multiverse as well as reach into these worlds at will. She is also able to do this by Dreamwalking.
  • Energy Absorption: Wanda is able to absorb both Crisis Energy and Anti-Crisis Energy, in order to add to her immense power. She is also able to absorb various different mystical energies.
  • Energy Projection: After her conscience entered into the Final Wanda Maximoff's corpse, The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs became a being made up of a positive cosmic energy known as Anti-Crisis Energy. Wanda radiates this energy from her body, and was capable of projecting it on a massive scale.
  • Flight: Wanda is not restrained by basic physical laws and can levitate and fly at will.
  • Geokinesis: The Darkest Witch’s laugh was described as a terrible sound that shook the entire Earth.
  • Immortality: After her transformation, Wanda never appears to age physically and mentally.
  • Infection: Wanda is also able to infect other energy sources at will. She was able to find cracks in the Speed Force and corrupt it.
  • Interstellar Travel: Wanda is immune to the nature of space and is not inhibited by its lack of gravity. She can travel the reaches of space where no human body could probably be without the aid of technology or protection.
  • Molecular Reconstruction: The Scarlet Witch Who Laughs was able to restructure and alter her appearance at will. She is not limited to using this reconstruction power only on herself, as he can also take apart most inanimate objects and human beings.
  • Disintegration
  • Regeneration: The Final Wanda Maximoff reintegrated her body's molecules after she was disintegrated.
  • Shapeshifting
  • Size Alteration: Wanda can manipulate her physical size at will. There is currently no known limit to how much she can grow. She has shown herself capable of growing from the height of an ordinary woman to the size of several planets. Wanda had also displayed the abilities to shrink her planets and place them safety within herself and release them later back to their full size.
  • Power Absorption: Wanda was capable of instantly removing powers.
  • Reality Alteration: After being empowered with more Crisis Energy, Wanda gained the power to alter reality on an omniversal scale. She was able to create her own universes of madness.
  • Resurrection: The Darkest Witch was able to bring her Dark Knights back to life.
  • Summoning: Wanda was able summon an army of zombie Flashes to chase down Barry Allen, Wally West and Jay Garrick.
  • Time-Travel: Wanda’s strength is to the extent that she was able to shatter time and space through sheer strength. By hitting hard enough, Wanda was able to send himself back through time to the dawn of creation.
  • Telekinesis: Wanda is capable of manipulating the movement of objects and people with her mind.
  • Telepathy
  • Nigh-Omniscence: Wanda perceives time in a non-linear fashion. This means that he sees the past, present and the future simultaneously. Her powers allow her to view everything throughout time as well as the workings of the multiverse. Wanda is also aware of every Batman and Scarlet Witch from the Dark Multiverse, and was able to pull aspects of the most terrifying and vicious of them, including their skills and experiences, and stitch them into her own mind.
  • Cosmic Awareness: Wanda possesses an understanding of the workings of the universe on a cosmic scale. She states she is able to feel the Dark Multiverse as if it were a part of her.
  • Precognition: Due to her ability to see the past, present and future simultaneously, Wanda is able to look into the future of her own timeline, as well as the future of every Batman and Scarlet Witch of the Dark Multiverse.
  • Retrocognition: Due to her ability to see the past, present and future simultaneously, Wanda can look into her past, as well as the past of every Batman and Scarlet Witch of the Dark Multiverse.
?/10 defeat & lose ?/10: Hulk.
Unsure, no results come up(New and up to date results) and or are available.
0.5/10 Defeat & lose 9.5/10: Brother Voodoo.
Brother Voodoo is a respected mystical genius, by all means necessary. Chances are, however, that Zatanna would beat him to a pulp since her skill range casts a far wider net than Drumm. There's a reason why she's one of the most powerful magicians in the DC universe.
Scarlet witch vs Phoenix jean.
Scarlet Witch has the ability to resist the Phoenix Force and can cause pain to its hosts. When Cyclops killed Professor X, he took on the persona of the Dark Phoenix, forcing Wanda and Hope Summers to join their powers and take him down.
The Scarlet Witch has enormous powers as a Nexus Being and user of Chaos Magic. She has also defeated the Phoenix Force in battle.
Seeing how she could easily kill Mr. Fantastic, Blackbolt, Peggy Carter AND Captain Marvel, while simultaneously dream walking (which holds back her full power), really shows how powerful she is. Also, seeing how easily it was for her to kill Professor X, she definitely wins. Jean Gray is very durable and better at hand to hand combat, but considering The Scarlet Witch can enslave a whole town AND create the Vision from nothing. I mean come on, does creating a whole town from chaos magic not show how powerful she is. In the end, the Scarlet Witch has way too many hax up her sleeve for Jean to handle.
Can you understand the delicate mindset of a woman, a person, who has control over reality? It means reality controls her. Imagination becomes the enemy. Structure disappears. Reality, eventually, as she knows it, starts to slip away. Elude her. Blur. Drama, conflict, tragedy. They become excuses to change the world to fit the image that she has for it. Anything she doesn't like, she can change. No matter how slight. People. Places. Things. Everything is hers to change. But every time she does that, every time she gives in to her desires, no matter how noble they may be... a little more of her slips away. She loses herself. Her reason. But she struggles quietly every day to keep it in check -- to keep it all together. For a person of strong mind and body, for a person of pure spirit... the task of coping with these powers would be all-consuming. But here's a woman for whom, by the nature of her upbringing and occupation... every day is stressful, chaotic... and after a life lived with lost love, violence, and drama, what does she do? She says to herself: “I deserve happiness. I want to bring something into this world that is good. That I can love”. And she gives birth to children... even though she can't. She played mommy to make herself feel like someone she thinks is normal. And that ends tragically as well? If I told you a story like this, you'd say to yourself, this sounds like a person who has lost control of themselves on a deep psychological level. You'd say this sounds like a disturbed person. Now, does anything I have described not sound like Wanda Maximoff? „ ~ Doctor Strange Contents 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others 5 References 6 Discussions Summary Wanda Maximoff is a Romani Transian sorceress and twin sister of the speedster Quicksilver. Once believed to have been mutant children of Magneto, the twins are in truth orphans enhanced by the High Evolutionary at Mount Wundagore. Wanda became a conduit of chaos magic, allowing her to shift probabilities and warp reality itself in the form of "hexes". After being saved from an angry mob by Magneto, the Scarlet Witch and her brother joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to fight for Magneto's mutant supremacy cause. Disagreeing with Magneto's ruthless approach, the twins left him and joined the super-heroic Avengers instead, as the Scarlet Witch. Source: Marvel Database Powers and Stats Tier: Unknown physically. Varies with powers. 5-B, up to 2-A, possibly Low 1-C at peak and with preparation 2-A, possibly Low 1-C Name: Wanda Django Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch Origin: Marvel Comics Gender: Female Age: Unknown Classification: Human genetically altered by the High Evolutionary (Previously depicted as a mutant), superhero, formerly witchcraft tutor, housewife, mutant terrorist and member of Avengers, Force Works, Secret Defenders, Lady Liberators and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Powers and Abilities: General Powers When Amplified by the Life Force Reality Warping, Probability Manipulation, Magic, Chaos Manipulation, Flight, Sleep Manipulation (Teaches pixie a sleeping spell; Knocks out the Avengers and the X-Men), Extrasensory Perception (Can see Moondragon's psychic attack, Can see an invisible minotaur), Disease Manipulation (Causes the germs in the Wrecking Crew's stomach to multiply and incubate, overwhelming their immune system; Clears up someone's cold), Magnetism Manipulation (Magnetizes a wall), Summoning (Shown here and here and here), Telepathy (Talks to Captain America telepathically at speeds where the world is frozen around them), Portal Creation (Shown here), Resurrection and Immortality (Type 4; Can resurrect herself[1]), Temporal Summoning (Summoned different versions of herself from across time[1]), Clairvoyance (Looks into a boy's mystical ancestry), Fusionism (Merged Magnir to a rock.[2]), Stamina Manipulation (Shown here), Made Hope miss her punch, Technology Manipulation (Made Ultron's circuits disrupt and his molecular rearranger malfunction), Gravity Manipulation (As seen here), Pain Manipulation (Performed against Nefaria), Vector Manipulation (Made an arrow lose all momentum), Made Hawkeye's bowstring randomly snap, Manipulated Iceman and Beast's equilibriums, Made a swordsman lose his grip and caused Quicksilver to fall over, Caused a robot and Cyclops to fall over as well, Creation (Created a steel girder), Light Manipulation (Draws light from all probabilities into Spectrum.[3]), Causality Manipulation (Reverses a field of non-causality.[4]), Teleportation (Performed on several occasions), Energy Manipulation (Notable example), Power Nullification and Power Bestowal (Got rid of all the powers within Rogue and sent them to their previous owners, Stated that with sufficient time and power she could wipe out the mutants again, Got rid of all of Nuclear Man's powers), Telekinesis (Shown frequently), Force Manipulation (Seen here), Time Manipulation (Slowed down time), Water Manipulation (As seen here), Fire Manipulation (As seen here), Forcefield Creation (Showcased against Phoenix Force Namor), Air Manipulation (Created a hurricane), Earth Manipulation (Created tremors), Existence Erasure (Her hex blasts cause 'instant calamity' to whatever they strike. Seemingly erased the Phoenix Force from existence), Illusion Creation & Perception Manipulation (Put a spell on She-Hulk, so that no one who wished her harm could recognize her in that form), Electricity Manipulation (Created a storm), Transmutation (Done multiple times), BFR, and Statistics Amplification (Wanda cast a spell that boosted the powers herself and the other Avengers to the point they could overwhelm and defeat the Challenger.[5] Wanda casts a spell that increases Quicksilver's powers.[6]). Resistance to Time Stop, and Mind Manipulation (Charles Xavier was the only psychic powerful enough to communicate with her), Acids (Her "magic" can protect her from the acid that could dissolve Thor and Odin) Attack Potency: Unknown physically (Rarely fights physically. Has been trained by Captain America and Mockingbird. Briefly kept up with Cable.). Varies with powers, typically Planet level (Fought against an enraged Thor, although she was injured and only able to BFR him. One-shot Doctor Doom.[7]) up to Multiverse level+, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level at peak and with preparation (Stated that she could replicate her multiverse-wide mutant-negation feat again with enough time and a great enough source of power. Seemingly erased the Phoenix Force from existence with the help of Hope Summers. Along with her mother and Agatha Harkness, she defeated the abstract being ''Chaos'' after combining their powers.[8]) Multiverse level+ (Stated by Doctor Doom to surpass the Cosmic Cube Beyonder. Created the House of M reality and wove her spell into all existence. Depowered mutants all across the multiverse, in the process forming cracks along all realities), possibly Low Complex Multiverse level (Her Chaos Magic was stated to equal the Phoenix Force) Speed: Massively FTL+ combat speed (Could fight Thor and keep up with him) Massively FTL+ combat speed Lifting Strength: Unknown Unknown Striking Strength: Unknown Unknown Durability: Unknown physically. At least Planet level with Forcefields (Shields herself and an unconscious Thor from the Destroyer’s energy blast.[9] Wanda has blocked a blast from an angry Phoenix-powered Namor.[10]) up to Multiverse level+, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level at peak (Briefly shielded herself from a blast made of Chaos Energy from the Abstract Entity Chaos.[8] Should be comparable to her AP.) Unknown Stamina: Unknown Unknown Range: Tens of kilometers normally, Multiversal+ with preparation Multiversal+, possibly Low Complex Multiversal Intelligence: Gifted. She is a very talented sorceress and has been acknowledged by Doctor Strange. Has been trained in hand-to-hand combat by Cable. Has extensive experience fighting with groups like the Avengers and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Has learned to control her by nature chaotic powers. And currently teaches at the Strange Academy, teaching various magic related topics she had learned by herself, and from Agatha Harkness and Doctor Strange, such as Elements of Chaos magic. Weaknesses: None notable Mentally unstable, does not have full control of her powers Key: Base House of M Notes: Before making any changes to this page, please read and follow the Power-scaling Rules for Marvel and DC Comics. In Uncanny X-Men #465, Wanda’s creation of the House of M reality itself was stated to be a threat to the multiverse, it was not only her mutant eradication feat. Scaling to Scarlet Witch should be avoided due to the variable nature of her powers and the influence of the writer(s) in how the potency of those powers are depicted.
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I am a guitarist and love a wide range of music. Little by little I am creating YouTube playlists for my favorite songs so this post will be pinned and updated. Bands that have too many good songs get their own list. Bands with a few hits get grouped by style, genre, etc (see end of list). One thing I LOVE about these is I can access my YouTube account through my TV's Roku system and stream these playlists through our TV's soundbar all using our TV remote. Great for music while I paint or code.
added 1/4/2023 - Puddles Pity Party and Postmodern Jukebox, The Doors, Repo Man soundtrack, Garbage, Jimi Hendrix, Probot
added 1/16/2023 - Billy Strings, Junior Brown
added 2/28/2023 - Joe Walsh, Sly & the Family Stone
added 5/13/2023 - Billy Idol, Sublime (Clutch link fixed)
Adam Ant
Al Green
Billy Idol
Billy Strings
Black Sabbath
BNNY RBBT part 1
BNNY RBBT part 2
Butthole Surfers
Celtic Frost
Concrete Blonde
Cry of Love
Dread Zeppelin
Flaming Lips
George Benson
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Iggy Pop
Iron Maiden
Joe Walsh
Jimi Hendrix
Judas Priest
Junior Brown
Led Zeppelin
Lenny Kravitz
Louisiana's LeRoux
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Marilyn Manson
Masters of Reality
Meat Puppets
Of Montreal
Pink Floyd
Puddle of Mudd
Puddles Pity Party and Postmodern Jukebox
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Repo Man soundtrack
Rufus Wainwright
Sly & the Family Stone
Stevie Wonder
Stone Temple Pilots
Suicidal Tendencies
System of a Down
Tenacious D
the Breeders
The Cult
The Doors
Violent Femmes
White/Rob Zombie
Widespread Panic

odd songs
great songs
heavy greats
from Peacemaker
misc electronica

80s - off the map - remo void - ? christmas carol
Alice in Chains
Beastie Boys
Bob Marley
Chris Cornell
Cypress Hill
Daniel Johnston
David Bowie
Depeche Mode
Eek A Mouse
Grateful Dead
Janis Joplin
Jerry Reed
Johnny Cash
Josho Stephan
Lionel Ritchie (also Commodores)
Pablo Cruise
Peter Frampton
Ray Charles
Skid Row
Steve Miller Band
Stevie Ray Vaughn
The Cure
The Misfits
The Ramones
The Strokes
They Might Be Giants
White Stripes
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2022.01.30 16:20 TheCardinalKing A (really long) prediction for every fight until S9 Premiers Part 3: Tetsuo vs...?

We've now made it to part 3 of this prediction series! Following my Thor and Vegeta analysis, we're going to be discussing not just Tetsuo Shima of Akira and one MU of his here, but rather his three most requested MUs. Why three opponents and not just one? Well I've got three great reasons for that!
  1. It'd be really short otherwise. Tetsuo and all three of his most requested/speculated MUs are pretty straight forward to scale, and only one of them has a wall of hax that's really lengthy (though I did dodge writing it).
  2. While most people (myself included) are pretty sure Tetsuo is going to fight a certain Marvel mutant, we are entering the territory of teased characters whose MUs aren't as certain as Tanjiro, Vegeta, and Scarlet Witch (who'll I'll be saving second to the last in this series). I'm picking three just to be on the safe side.
  3. Hopefully dodging Rule 4 on the sub. I had to avoid discussing the conclusion of Thor vs Vegeta because I was afraid of the post getting taken down like with my Tanjiro vs Jonathan one, however since I'm not advocating any MU/episode idea in particular and going just on the community's three frontrunners to fight Tetsuo, I think I've avoided it. Fingers crossed.
With that out of the way, let's start the analysis for Tetsuo Shima:
As brought up in the introduction, it's really easy to scale Tetsuo. Early in the story he either has his own feats of or scales to those with the same powers as he does, such as Takashi tearing up a canal which has been calc'ed at 6.45 Tons of TNT, Tetsuo crushing a warehouse at 16.15 to 129.29 Tons of TNT_Calculations#Tetsuo_brings_down_a_warehouse), and him generating a storm of unspecified size. The film version of Tetsuo is also stated to be approaching Akira's power, with Akira in the past having annihilated Tokyo. However near end of the manga, Tetsuo is able to shatter significant portions of the Moon, coming out to between 6.9 (nice) Petatons to 1.34 Exatons. Later his out of control giant fetus monster form is stated to have more power than Earth can contain and is able to destroy the world, however whether this means Tetsuo can destroy the planet all at once (which is at least 59.44 Zettatons to overcome Earth's GBE) or is a blanket statement on how he'd mess up the planet is debatable. Speed-wise, Tetsuo scales to dodging lasers from the ARASAKA HLR-12X Heavy Laser Rifle (which does fire actual lasers)), making him at least 26.4% The Speed of Light, which would match up with him flying to the Moon within a few panels.
Lastly at the very end of the manga and movie Tetsuo is transported to a different universe by Akira and the Espers as to safely unleash all of his power, with it being shown that he creates a Big Bang and has become formless (Sorry for the lack of original audio or Tetsuo speaking. This was the only clip of the ending I could find on YT), and Tetsuo and Akira's full powepotential has been presented as that of a universe/Big Bang and "the birth of a new universe", as well as their power being able to stop the flow of the universe. Whether this form for Tetsuo will be used and how his opponents would stack up will be reserved for the final comparison section. For now lets move on to Tetsuo's abilities:
And that's pretty much everything for Tetsuo. Relatively short analysis compared to everyone else I've analyzed thus far. And so we can sooner start with the first of our three opponents, Magneto:
To start with his physicals, Magneto without his powers is strong enough to knock away an Asgardian Troll, knock down a young Beast, and beat the Red Skull to death, with Red Skull being able to hold his own against Kingpin, who on his own can gain the upper hand on Captain America, who's comparable to Wolverine, who's able to tank a 13 to 333 Ton attack without needing regen. Additonally Cap himself has a 104 to 12,000 Ton durability feat. Speed-wise he's reacted to photons and can catch Quicksilver, who can run faster than radiowaves, as well as the slightly slower Northstar, who can run 1% over The Speed of Light. He's also able to amp his physicals to where he can overpower Rogue, who at the time had Ms. Marvel's powers, with Carol at the time being relative to, but slightly weaker than War Machine and Iron-Man, who at that time could perform a 283 Teraton feat.
In terms of his electro-magnetic abilities, Magneto has been able to block Cyclops' optic beams, which can rip apart a small planet by Cyclops' estimate, which would take between 59.7 Teratons to 96 Petatons. Additionally he's presented as slightly weaker but comparable to a full power Storm, who has performed a 539.58 Exaton feat as calc'ed in Korra vs Storm and has reignited an artificial star. Assuming the star is similar to our Sun, it should be able to generate 3.846e26 Joules per second (Note: A watt is a joule per second in case you didn't know) or 91.92 Petatons per second. We can go a bit higher than this and assume Storm provided a bit more energy to kickstart the star (after all, providing just a second of energy doesn't sound like much):
There's also the famous Breakworld Bullet feat where Magneto pulls a massive bullet from across the solar system at near light-speed. Now people try to claim out of context that the bullet is moon sized, but as linked above the bullet isn't even as large as San Francisco bridge or any wider than a few city blocks. Assuming we're generous with the feat and say it weighs at least as much as Manhattan and use Relativistic Kinetic Energy (assuming 99% the Speed of Light), we get 14.84 Exatons of TNT. Someone also gueestemated the weight of LA to be 26 trillion lbs (I'd look for New York specifically but unfortunately it's difficult to find people who were willing to do that kind of math), so using that value we'd get 1.541 Zettatons.
Now there's one really debatable bit of scaling for Magneto, and that's Herald Tier scaling. I've brought up in my Korra vs Storm post that in a majority of instances Magneto (and those comparable like Storm) never actually harms Herald Tiers, and when he does (despite usually losing to them) it's via blood controlling hax that lets him push Herald Tiers back.
That said there is one person Magneto legitimately does fight who have a strong case for being Herald Tier, that being clashing with Tony Stark in his Bleeding Edge suit. Now there are way too many instances of the Bleeding Edge suit being Herald Tier for me to try and debunk it, but thankfully we don't need to do that here. The suit Tony uses to face Magneto in AVX isn't the normal Bleeding Edge suit, but one made out of Carbon Nanotubes when the normal one is explicitly contains Iron and Platinum. While you could say "Oh but that isn't proof the suit is weaker", just note that Tony in the normal BE suit amped by New York's energy grid can knock down Mangog, the same Mangog that's superior to Ego, who's superior to a hungry Galactus and a serious Thor, yet the Carbon Nanotubes version needs Jupiter's magnetic field to overwhelm Magneto. I don't think this needs to be said but NYC's electrical grid shouldn't compare to Jupiter's magnetic field and Magneto definitely isn't comparable to Mangog. Feats-wise the suit just isn't anywhere near as impressive as the normal version and (correct me if I'm wrong) it's used only once against Magneto so there's no way to know if it does scale to the normal Bleeding Edge suit.
Moving onto abilities, Magneto has:
That's all for Magneto! We can now move on to the next opponent for Tetsuo, Mewtwo, who we'll be compositing between his anime, game, and manga versions as they're not overwhelmingly different and it seems most likely DB would do it given their leniency on compositing different canons (that said the manga is the most solid in power-scaling, so expect it to be the basis of most of his scaling):
Starting with physicals again, Base Mewtwo has fought against and pierced the core of Deoxys and can hold against its other Formes and nearly winning (though admittedly it is decently stronger than Mewtwo in its Attack Forme). Deoxys can telekinetically controlled the Grand Meteor Delta, which would've struck Earth with 24.9 to 896.53 Zettatons of TNT, a feat that takes the combined efforts of Primal Kyogre and Groudon to perform. Additionally Deoxys is able to fly alongside/within the aforementioned meteor across the galaxy in just 10 days, a feat that's equivalent to 986,174.91x FTL.
In its Mega forms, Mewtwo should be weaker than, but comparable to 50% Zygarde, who can hold against Ultra Necrozma and is able to fight it alongside Solgaleo along with arriving in Alola in the first place to fight the Ultra Beasts. Note that Base Necrozma alone can light up and absorb all the light from the universe-sized Ultra Space, a feat that would take anywhere from 1.79 Tenatons to 33 TeraFoe and even 1.198368e68 Joules, or 2.8641 YottaFoe. Note as well that Ultra Space has an argument for being infinite in size. Additionally there's Shadow Mewtwo and Shadow Mega Mewtwo X, who, on top of scaling to and above its normal Mega forms, can create its own dimension.
Onto abilities, Mewtwo has so many it would make Marvel and DC characters feel inadequate and make this post longer than my last two combined. For the sake of simplicity, here's all the moves he can learn across the main games.
And now for the last, but certainly not the least, of Tetsuo's hypothetical combatants: Shinji Ikari
On his own, Shinji should be physically on the level of a healthy (physically at least) teenager, with the argument to be made that he's closer to athletic levels due to his experiences as an EVA Pilot.
Within EVA Unit-01 is a completely different story though, as it's first feat is completely stomping The Third Angel, Sachiel, who tanked an N2 mine with the energy equivalent of 1.92 Gigatons, while in its berserk state. Even in it's normal state, Unit-01 and Unit-02 can bully The Seventh Angel, Israfel, and tank its self-destruction, which has been calc'ed at 112.49 Megatons. Unit-01 is also presented as the most powerful of the Evangelion units, as just the Dummy Plug controlled Unit-01 stomps the Thirteenth Angel, Bardiel, which took possession of EVA Unit-03, a feat also consistent in the Rebuild continuity, and is able to match and eventually defeat a berserk Unit-02. Speed-wise Unit-01 should scale to Unit-02, which can react and block one of the replica Spears of Longinus, with the real Spear of Longinus being able to move between 12.82% and 18.31% The Speed of Light.
Additionally there's factoring in the Rebuild of Evangelion Continuity, the continuation to the original series (Note: Yeah, you heard that right. Not going to elaborate in case you haven't seen the films yet), wherein Unit-01 is able to briefly hold back the Eighth Angel from colliding with Earth. While the original continuity's version of this Angel, Sahaquiel, was able to generate 1.98 and 3.98 Gigatons its Rebuild version could generate 70.80 Teratons#Sahaquiel'sBomb_Energy_Output(Neon_Genesis_Evangelion)).
This now leads us to the events of End of Evangelion, where Shinji and Unit-01 absorb the Lance of Longinus and becomes the Tree of Life (also known as the Sephiroth) and is absorbed into Lilith to start the Third Impact and Instrumentality. Not only does fusing with the lance mean EoE Unit-01 scale to its 22.86 Exaton feat, but near the end of the film Shinji rejects Instrumentality and the Awakened Unit-01 kills Lilith, who could generate 1.69 to 20.75 Teratons just by moving, and over 2 Zettatons with its wings).
And we're not done yet as we still have to discuss Rebuild Shinji, who was able to Awaken Unit-01 and (accidentally) enact The Third Impact by himself, and is stated to be "reclaiming its rightful shape", "transcending humanity, turning into a nearly divine being". By the final Rebuild film, Shinji in Unit-01 achieves an infinite synch-rate and clashes with Gendo Ikari in Unit-13 within the Anti-Universe, their fight altering reality around them. He is then given the Spear of Gaius, a spear representing "the will of humanity" able to pierce through the Evangelion Imaginary. The Evangelion Imaginary is an entity that’s imaginary and fictional and can alter both cognition and the world itself.
Rebuild also gives us the revelation that the events of NGE existed in a constant time loop, with the likes of Kaworu (who's really Adam's soul) being aware of and remembers every loop. If that somehow isn’t enough proof, Shinji brings up previous rewinds of time and resets of the world while footage from the original NGE plays in the background in his conversation with Rei (who has Lilith's soul), hence the title of the show. In fact it's hinted at as far back as the original NGE that the souls of Rei and Kaworu as Adam and Lilith transcend time and perceive it non-linearly. This all means that Awakened Unit-01 at its peak, which is comparable to Adam and Lilith, should be able to manipulate time itself as it's heavily implied that Kaworu/Adam can manipulate and/or plays a large role behind the loop itself.
With his stats and the scope of his power done, we can now discuss Shinji's/Unit-01's abilities and equipment:
And that wraps up Tetsuo and all three of his most requested opponents. Now we can finally move on to the final comparison section:
Tetsuo is screwed
No beating around the bush here, I don't think he's winning a fight against any of the three.
Starting with Magneto, I think this is the one fight where Tetsuo could win, but Magneto takes it more often than not. While Mags is close enough in speed to Tetsuo for the latter not to be blitzed and debatably you could give either one of them the significant AP advantage depending on whether or not you buy into Planet level Tetsuo, Magneto is just far more versatile and has the same and more dura-neg options as Tetsuo does. It is pretty much game over though if Tetsuo goes god mode as even if we give him Herald Tier scaling there's nothing Magneto can do against a formless, shapeless being. 7/10 in Magneto's favor.
Mewtwo is even worse as he horribly out-stats even in base, which is made even worse by the large amounts of abilities he knows. Of course there's God Tetsuo, but even then I'd say with Mewtwo's high-end infinite Ultra Space and dimension creation scaling gives him a chance. 9/10 in Mewtwo's favor.
Meanwhile Lance of Longinus-absorbed EoE Shinji/Unit-01 is not only is arguably stronger without Tetsuo's Planet level scaling, but can dura-neg even if it isn't on top of the nature of AT Fields being a reality-defying spiritual barrier would arguably keep Shinji safe from implosion within Unit-01. Awakened Unit-01 in the Rebuilds is basically just God Tetsuo, but better as he can literally "Time, huh" him if he wanted to. 10/10 Shinji stomps.
And this is I'll I've got to talk about for these four characters! Apologies for not being able to list all of Mewtwo's moves and abilities due to character limit restrictions, but to be honest given his stats he probably wouldn't have needed it anyways. Also while I feel like I overdid this post by including Mewtwo and Shinji, as honestly there's no way it's not Magneto fighting Tetsuo, it was nevertheless really fun to get to talk about the other two, especially Shinji since Evangelion and the Rebuild movies are among my favorite anime of all time. Not to mention I watched and read Akira for the first time in getting prepped for writing this and I really, really enjoyed the movie and it definitely deserves a watch at least once in my opinion. I'll also be much, much busier in the next two weeks so don't expect my next prediction post for a little while. Expect it to be about this season's other returnee, Boba Fett.
I really hope you enjoyed reading all this and feel free to tell me in the comments about anything I missed, you disagree with, or want to correct me on! Oh and before we wrap up I'd like to ask how many of you guys are interested in me posting my removed Tanjiro vs Jonathan analysis over on DeathBattleMatchups? I've been DM'ed about it at this point so I'm interested in knowing your guys' thoughts on if I should or not. There was a big change in my verdict after it was posted that I only got to edit in the day before it got removed, so I think even most people that did see it missed out on that.
Anyways thank you to everyone who made it this far and I hope you have a great day!
EDIT: Fixed a lot of links in Shinji’s section.
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2022.01.20 18:51 GoneRampant1 [Marvel Comics] She-Hulk and the 2010s: How getting put in a coma was just the start of an awful decade for Marvel's jade giantess

Introduction: “Today, I'm judge, jury, and executioner.”
(photo for the mobile crowd)
In the late 1970s, Marvel's Not-So-Jolly Green Giant, the Incredible Hulk, was starring in a hit TV series. Known today for its incredibly melancholic piano intro and being the debut of Lou Ferringo as the depiction of Hulk, the series would run for eighty episodes between 1978 and 1982. As the series went on, Marvel began to fear that the show would go the obvious route of introducing a female Hulk counterpart. Wanting to have the rights locked in just in case of that eventuality (and because Hulk showrunner Kenneth Johnson had done that very thing in prior show The Six Million Dollar Man, Stan Lee would be tasked with making this character- his final original character until 1992's Ravage 2099.
Jennifer Walters is an timid attorney whose cousin, Bruce Banner, happens to have a gamma radiation condition which makes him dangerous to make angry. When the two meet, Jen is caught in the perpetual crossfire between the Hulk and the military, leading to Bruce being the only viable blood doner to save her life. Reluctently doing so, Jennifer gains lessened versions of Bruce's powers, but is able to control them to a greater degree. Growing to love the newfound lease on life that her powers gave her, Jennifer adopts the mantle of She Hulk,
Jen quickly became a beloved character during the 1980s, helped by a great guest tenure on the Fantastic Four during the John Byrne era which led to him tacking a solo series focused on Jen. Jen's biggest trait at the time was her more lighthearted and jokey personality, which often involved skits in the comics of Jen being aware she was a fictional character- years before Deadpool ran that joke into the ground so deep the Mole Men filed a complaint. Jen would even butt heads with the comic's version of Byrne and his creative team for the wacky situations they'd throw her into. This even extended to the covers, where Jen threatened the audience to support the book or admitting she was just posing provocatively to attract the eye of the reader.
Jennifer would spend the 80s, 90s and 2000s amassing a dedicated fandom. Even as her comics got more serious and her 4th wall breaking antics were slowly retired, she never lost that more light-hearted attitude, with fans loving her for making the most of her circumstances and becoming empowered by her abilities- she loved the power and freedom that being She-Hulk provided, whereas as Jennifer she was a more conservative and mousy individual. By the 2000s, Jen had set herself in stone as one of Marvel's leading ladies; a powerful, strong woman confident in her sexuality who was also a prosecuter defending the downtrodden in courts of law. To quote AIPT Comics on the matter in a retrospective of Mariko Tamaki's run of She-Hulk:
Jennifer Walters is, or perhaps was now, one of Marvel’s premiere female characters, and probably their best feminine icon depending on how you viewed her. Sure, she was very sexy, and many artists really loved playing up her sex appeal, but she was more than that. She was a woman in complete control of her life (depending on the writer) and someone satisfied with who she was. She loved her green form and lived in it, not ashamed that she looked different from others; quite a change of pace from other odd-looking heroes who have been very self-conscious about their looks. She is a skilled lawyer, one that rivaled Daredevil, and juggled that with the responsibilities of being an Avenger. She was incredibly smart, caring, and built many positive relationships and friendships with others, even acting as a teacher during Matt Fraction’s FF run. She was also probably one of the most sex-positive characters in comics, having been in several relationships over the years and even engaged in several one-night stands. People liked to mock or slut shame her for it, but she never cared. She knew who she was and wasn’t ashamed. You rarely see all of these traits in one character, making Jen truly one of a kind in the Marvel Universe.
That’s just my interpretation of She-Hulk, but it’s one that I feel is shared by many of her fans. She’s a great character and an icon, one that you can look up to and aspire to be (minus the green).
So of course the 2010s had to ruin all that, which forms the basis of today's drama.
The 2010s: Civil War 2 and Mariko Tamaki's run. "Soon the defence will rest... her fist upon your face.”
Jen starts the 2010s on a fairly good note. She gets to join the roster of the prestige Marvel vs Capcom fighting game series during MvC3's expansion pack, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in 2011.
Unfortunately, that would really be it.
In 2016, Marvel launched one of its latest universe-shaking status quo changing event comics that really only changed things for a few weeks before the status quo reset. Civil War 2, released as a clear attempt to piggyback off the Captain America film that year, saw Iron Man and Captain Marvel coming to blows over an Inhuman with precog abilities. Iron Man is against using his visions to predict crimes, Carol wants to go full Minority Report.
Civil War 2 is commonly seen as one of the worst events in Marvel's entire publishing history. It has left a long-lasting black mark on author Brian Michael Bendis (who was already on a downward slide in quality which was just exasperated by Civil War 2), and in trying to push Captain Marvel as the new leading lady of Marvel Comics, only led to thousands of fans swearing off her out of spite due to how ignorantly weak her writing is. If you've ever seen that panel of Carol calling Holocaust survivor Magneto "the guy online who compares everything to Hitler," this was that time in history.
All that matters from Civil War 2 in regards to this story however is the events of the opening act. Thanos comes to Earth for some reason, the Avengers fight him, and during that battle, She Hulk gets blasted by a missile from War Machine due to friendly fire. The blast is enough to knock Jennifer into a coma, during which time her cousin Bruce is murdered by Hawkeye after a confrontation. Hawkeye claimed that Banner gave him an anti-gamma radiation arrow with the knowledge that Banner wanted him to mercy kill him to prevent a Hulk attack.
(it's probably worth mentioning that Hawkeye traditionally has a no-kill rule or at least will insist that heroes shouldn't kill, but Bendis had a habit of ignoring continuity and he always hated Hawkeye. Man I can't believe he went from Ultimate Spider-Man to this shit)
The end result is that Jennifer wakes up from her coma different. Now sporting gray skin and with green veins of gamma energy visible on her skin as a nod to Hulk's "Joe Fixit" era, Jen would anticlimatically sit out the rest of the event because... cheap shock value. All that matters is that after Civil War 2, Jen was gray, Bruce was dead. And for the first time, Jen had a really different status quo.
In August that year, Marvel announced a new run for Jennifer, simply titled "Hulk" due to Bruce being six-feet under at the time. Helmed by Mariko Tamaki, the intention was to explore Jen through a new lens: that of Jen having trauma from the events of Civil War 2 and how she would recover from her coma and Bruce's death.
Tamaki's run was controversial. On the sheer surface of it, Jen was gray and more moody which immediately turned off lots of She-Hulk fans who liked Jen because she wasn't moody and angsty- it was what set her apart from the rest of the Hulk extended family. Jen had also done all these before- she'd been in a coma before, and Bruce had died in the past, leading many to wonder why now Jen was breaking. Hulk fans were more cynical and wondered if this was just Marvel turning Jen into a surrogate Hulk while Bruce had his vacation in death. This was something that Mariko even acknowledged, noting that she was aware that people were hesitant about the concept in a Cosmopolitan interview.
I think there’s a trepidation when a new person comes in and starts writing for a character, which I accept. I accept that trepidation, I understand it, I have the same trepidation when I see someone new is writing a hero or doing something different with a hero, but I think mostly people are just excited to see more Hulk.
Tamaki's run did start out with the premise locked in- Jen, still recovering from her missle coma, and saddled with a lot of trauma (I think most people reading Civil War 2 could relate), but a poorly-paced first arc in Deconstructed didn't get things off on the right page. The general opinion on Tamaki's run is that while the premise of exploring Jen (a character who was always characterised by her confidence and assuredness) now second-guessing herself and fearing her Hulk state was an interesting idea, the execution was a bit flat- not helped by Tamaki's run being abruptly cancelled midway through the third arc due to sales dropping heavily. Disassembled did get the most praise, especially when it was releasing, but the follow-up arcs in Let Them Eat Cake and Jennifer Walters Must Die didn't quite land the same way (Let Them Eat Cake faced criticism for being essential a soft re-tread of Disassembled wherein Jen meets a person with trauma that reminds her of her own, she tries to help them, but they reject her and wind up being arrested). What also didn't help was that Tamaki's run was a revolving door for artists, with their styles never quite matching up to create a cohesive whole. By the time the second volume concluded, critics were far colder on the run, with some even dropping coverage outright.
Tamaki seemed aware of the expiration date hanging over her head, so by the end of the third arc, Jennifer Walters Must Die, Jen has had an issue dedicated to her therapy that lets her shed her Gray Hulk persona and go back to her typical look, with Jen reflecting that she was "Better, I think. Sad, but better."
In retrospect, Maraki's run never quite felt coherent after the first arc. Perhaps she was aware of the dwindling sales numbers, maybe the mainstream superhero comic trade just isn't the right place to explore the ideas of trauma and recovery (especially as DC would have their own gaffe in that subject with the Heroes in Crisis event around this time) or maybe Jen's just not the kind of character that can fit that storyline. Tamaki had the difficult task of un-fucking She Hulk after Bendis all but shoved her into a fridge for Captain Marvel's development in Civil War 2, and while the results weren't great or under-appreciated at the time, she did at least reset Jen's status quo and have her resuming her confidence and charm. It's a hopeful ending at least of Jen getting back into law alongside a new partner.
So then of course another balding white dude comes in and fucks her up again.
Jason Aaron's Avengers: “She-Hulk smash! Heh... Imagine.”
Jason Aaron has a long history in comics. Best known for his seven-year tenure with Thor (including that time Jane Foster became Thor in 2014), Aaron had become a figurehead for Marvel. But much like their prior figureheads like Bendis or DC's own Geoff Johns, the 2010s saw Aaron's stories begining a noticeable drop in quality throughout the decade. This all comes to a head in 2018, when Marvel announce that Jason is going to be taking over primary writing duties on the Avengers.
I'll be blunt in describing the majority of Aaron's run with the Avengers as not very good. Fans didn't like how Aaron continued the Marvel writer trend of "Not understanding how Ghost Rider's powers work" by making Captain Marvel immune to the Penance Stare, alongside his hyper-specific wanking of Moon Knight that allowed a guy who's at best street level to hax his way into using Thor's hammer using the power of MOON ROCKS. And the less said about what he did to Thor's parentage, the better. A lot of readers and critics have slammed Aaron for trying to do big hype ideas, but failing to execute them and leaving the characters feeling under-developed.
But what really upset people, and what has cast a long shadow over not just Aaron's run but the perception of the character at large, is how he treated She-Hulk.
A bit of context for the time was that around 2018, Bruce was back as Hulk but... different. Al Ewing's Immortal Hulk run is something that's best experienced with little context going in. It's a remarkably meta takedown of the entire idea of "Comic book death," that segues into one of the best character examinations in a superhero comic, and Immortal Hulk is now rightly hailed as the Hulk story. It even got nominated for an Eisner in 2019. Just for the love of Christ, don't look up the artist.
But what that meant was that for the remainder of the 2010s, Bruce was effectively off-limits for big team comics. No one was to touch him or add him to a team. But the problem? Jason Aaron wanted a Hulk, and angry that he couldn't get Bruce, he immediately latched onto Jen due to remembering that she was gray and angry after Civil War 2. Without checking to see that Mariko Tamaki had already written Jen recovering from the Civil War, Aaron nosedived Jen back into a forced state of mind so that he could get a Hulk on his Avengers roster. Aaron did claim in 2018 at the time that, due to having already done a Hulk run he wasn't eager to write Bruce again, he would eventually let slip on his Substack that "I just wanted a Hulk who looked like a Hulk." Seemingly ignorant of all the other Hulks available- Skarr, Amadeus Cho, just making a new one, etc.- Aaron latched onto the She Hulk of Civil War 2 and consequences be damned, he would use that version.
Aaron's writing of Jen subsequently is... awful, to be polite about it. Fans were hyper-critical of his handling from the word go, as it became clear that Aaron was just using Jen as a surrogate Bruce, to the point where it almost feels like the scripts were written for Hulk before Aaron hasily added "She-" to the front of all his lines. Due to absorbing an intense barrage of gamma radiation, Jen's Hulk form had severely regressed in intelligence, meaning that she was now reduced to snarling and grunting while speaking. All of the fun personality and charm that made Jen stand out and not just be "Hulk with booba" was gone. And even fans outside of the comic sphere weren't happy with this, as it was yet another sign that Marvel in the 2010s was being run inadequately. Between her post-Civil War 2 run being seen as "Making another light-hearted character dark and broody" which was all-too-common at the start of the decade, and now Jason Aaron blatantly not caring about Jen's characterisation because he "wanted a Hulk who looked like a Hulk." And boy did he get his wish.
It's clear though that Aaron was getting mad at the people who hated his She-Hulk direction, to the point where he eventually devoted an entire issue to lashing out at the criticisms that his handling of Jen had faced. In retrospect it's very evocative of the whole "Joss Whedon talks over women while insisting he can write women well" thing. Which is something that especially rang true here given Aaron walking all over Tamaki's run so he could have his giant green rage monster.
Issue 20 of the run is a huge blatant response to the critcisms faced by Aaron over his handling of She-Hulk. Aaron has lashed out at critics in the past such as having a self-proclaimed "King of Trolls" spout off some of the talking points used to criticise the female Thor run, but this was an entire other level of blatant. The opening sections of the comic see Jen in a spiritual courtroom where her old, classic Sensational She-Hulk form rails into her bulky, current self with the fan criticisms of Aaron's handling of Jen. It's almost word for word the exact criticisms Aaron had been facing, but underneath it is a layer of seething rage. Aaron goes to bat for his depiction of Jen, complete with her wearing a "No fun" shirt and calling the issue "No fun," as if he's labelling the criticisms of Jen as coming from un-fun people.
It is legimtately one of the pettiest moves a Marvel creative has taken in recent memory, second only to Dan Slott retconning Franklin Richards into not being a mutant so that he didn't have to share with the X-Men writers. What was meant to be a tie-in to a larger event of the time became a paid therapy session where Jason Aaron just whined that "People who don't like my version of She-Hulk don't like fun." It would be one thing if this was approached with an attempt to justify it in-character, like when Ultimate Marvel had the infamous "Do you think the A on my head stands for France" panel before another writer had Captain America singing the praises of the French Resistance, but this was blatantly Jason Aaron being pissed off at people (correctly) going "Wow he must be angry that he couldn't get to write Hulk thanks to Immortal Hulk."
What really didn't help Issue 20 as well was Aaron trying to retcon that Jen had always been bitter about the success being She-Hulk provided. That she was self-conscious about the leers and being hit on by both villain and hero alike. To quote an AIPT Comics article discussing Issue 20:
Then there is the work to add new dimensions or layers to She-Hulk’s past. Aaron reframes She-Hulk as a target of sexual harassment by villains and even fellow heroes during the Sensational period. To be fair, Jen has had run in with these problems, in particular, the Fantastic Four issue the comic alluded to and even Thing/She-Hulk: The Long Night. There could be an argument to make of Jen not being a fan of the unwanted advances or attitudes she experienced. On that same page, I’ve heard arguments from people who find this new angle to be refreshing. It adds a new context and new lens for which to view the old stories She-Hulk was in, touching on modern movements such as #MeToo. There is certainly an idea here the could be used to support a Savage She-Hulk (not like the one during the 80’s when she first debuted).
However, #20 outwardly ignores a lot to make its point. Like, plenty of the Sensational period to the present: the smiles, the laughs, the flirting, the openness, the happy days. The comic, whether intended or not, ended up making things darker for She-Hulk, sort of like with the Justice League during Identity Crisis. Just focusing on the negatives and downplaying the rest feels like a needlessly cruel retcon to a happy character who has been dealing with so much trauma. This is also something that deserves a full story arc and exploration with careful thought and effort put into it. It is not something to be casually introduced and moved on from, especially not as a prop to justify a writer’s creative choice.
We then have the idea itself of why Jen likes being this new form and a big point Aaron makes: If she is ugly, she won’t be invalidated or sexually harassed by others. As the comic puts it, “Free to be ugly” or “…things are about to get ugly. Which sure sounds beautiful to me.” She’ll be free of her problems by being this impressive, hulking force. Nothing feminine or lady-like about her at all.
Which means in trying to defend his poor writing of She-Hulk, Jason Aaron accidentally argues that "Being ugly means you don't get sexually harassed as much." In trying to address the meta criticism of She-Hulk being oversexualised, Aaron just comes off as a very dim-wited "white guy thinking this is what feminism means," by having Jennifer shed her beauty and rejecting it so she can rough-house with the rest of the Avengers. And given how Aaron was doing this while running roughshod over the words of Mariko Tamaki's run, it does come off as condescending.
She acts like one of the boys, getting in on all the powerhouse fighting, while saying the old her would never be taken seriously. It’s a very 80’s take on female empowerment when there is so much more to it than just that. And by doing all of this, he cut out her wit, a lot of her intelligence, her compassion and understanding for others, and her humor. He removed the core of her personality for something that is lesser and lacks the uniqueness of the character.
Regardless, the damage had been done. Issue 20 really only served to bring the issues fans had with She-Hulk to the limelight, and forever framed Jason Aaron's handling of the character as "He got pissy that Bruce was off-limits so he went and just made Jen into Hulk without any forethought."
Jen would play a supporting role for the next few issues, but then early in 2021, Marvel would announce "World War She-Hulk," a new arc starting in Avengers issue 46. The Twitter replies are something else as everyone alternates between begging Marvel to fire Jason Aaron, begging for She-Hulk to be freed from him, and lamenting that Marvel were officially out of ideas if they were just doing World War Hulk again but for Jen. This also coincides with a Screenrant article that April where the author bluntly opines that Marvel didn't give the sense of knowing what they wanted to do with Jen outside of just retreading Bruce's footsteps.
And then it got a little worse.
For issue 48, the solicitations revealed that Jen would lose a fight in Russia that led to her being kidnapped by the Black Widow programme. After being trained by them and the Omega Red programme alongside being brainwashed by them, Jen would be released as Winter Hulk. Even outside of comic spheres, this was met with wide derision and seen as another nail in the coffin of Aaron's Avengers run.
The reaction to Winter Hulk was so overwhelmingly negative that within two issues, Marvel walked that shit back with Jen going "Actually I was only pretending to brainwashed." To me at least this reeked of "The editor said no, Jason." Two issues later, in issue 50, She-Hulk would absorb gamma radiation meant to be used to destory Atlantis. Jen would release a gamma explosion from this pent up energy that finally, after five years, returned her to her original body.
Now, fans knew Jen was always going to be back to normal eventually. The blessing and curse of Marvel Cinematic Universe synergy is that however controversial the character development is, you just have to wait it out until the character gets a movie or show and they'll be made 'presentable' for the comic-going audience. Despite how revilled the Superior Spider-Man content was, fans could at least rest easy because "Thank God, Amazing Spider-Man 2 means Peter will have to be back in the saddle for 2014."
She-Hulk is getting a Disney+ series this year with Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany playing Jennifer. With this announcment, She-Hulk's fans knew that there was a ticking clock over Aaron's despised run; that he would eventually be forced to restore Jen to her status quo ahead of the show's release. Sure enough, in October 2021 it was confirmed that Jen was getting a new solo run helmed by Rainbow Rowell & Rogê Antônio, with the cover art promsiing a true return to form for She-Hulk. Finally, five years after Bendis first put Jen into a coma, she was back to her roots in fighting crime, enforcing the law and looking great while doing it.
Conclusion: "How's that for a little courtroom drama?”
The first issues of the Rowell/Antonio She-Hulk run have just started releasing at the time of writing, but early impressions are very good. Critics are praising the back to basics approach for Jen, with the first issue especially being seen as a giant step up in quality after Aaron's Avengers run with peppy dialogue mixed with Jen having to keep track of the financial cost of a battle she's having with Titania. Fan reception has been very positive going off Twitter searches as people delight over She-Hulk's fun-loving self being the norm and not the exception for the first time in years. Still, it will be an uphill battle for Jen to regain the popularity she lost in the 2010s. The Disney+ series will bring eyes on her for sure, especially as Tatiana Maslany will undoubtably turn in a stellar performance going off her Orphan Black history, but if it'll be enough to match the glory days of her time with creatives like John Byrne remains to be seen. But at the very least, things are finally looking up for She-Hulk, which is more than she could say last year.
Thanks for reading.
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2021.11.09 15:02 nasserg19 MCU Speedy Powerhouse Duo vs MCU Hax Sorcerer Duo

MCU Ikaris and Carol vs MCU Wanda and Strange
They start 30ft apart on the Eternals Volcano Battleground.
Who wins between the MCU’s most powerful and most haxed
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2019.06.04 07:52 avikdas99 minor nitpick mauler severely overestimates captain marvel

mauler consistently considers carol op based on her movie and her fight with thanos where she tanks thanos headbutt.
the thing is iron man In Infinity War he put up much better fight. He pushed back Thanos, survived moon being thown at him by the power stone,his shield was able to tank power stone and iron man himself took couple of hits from Power Stone, made him bleed before getting taken out the only other character who was able to make thanos with ig bleed was thor with stormbreaker at the end of infinity war.
thor was also able to cut through power stone like butter in the end of infinity war and could have easily one shotted thanos then and there.
compared to that carol's feat is not all that impressive since she got one shotted by the same power stone.
also the reason that iron man did not perform well in endgame was because Tony is several years older and hasn’t put the suit on in years. He’s out of practice and likely out of shape, so he obviously won’t be as effective in a fight.
same goes for thor but far worse since he was depressed after the events of infinity war and in endgame he was basically a depressed overweight alcoholic.
the only person who was not rusty was steve.
captain marvel/carol comes of as so strong in the movie because at that point there was no real power creep.
her strongest power also comes from her light speed dash however from what we see she does not seem to have good control over that,that is she can not change the direction during her dash and can not dodge nearly as effective compared to iron man or spiderman that is iron man and spider man has omni directional movement while carol has mono directional movement.
this also means she can be intercepted very easily like how thanos was able to easily intercept her when she was carrying infinity comparison thanos heavily struggles to intercept spiderman who dodges thanos's attack really well which is why thanos considers spiderman an annoying pest.
basically speed=mobility.just because you are fast does not mean you can dodge better basically difference between a train and a bike.train is faster than a bike however movement is limited to the track whereas a bike does not have such limits.
since her strongest attack requires this high speed dash it can be easily countered by intercepting the attack before she can generate enough acceleration and therefore force to make this leathal which can be done by iron man,spiderman via spider sense,thor,thanos,hela and dr.strange.
carol also lacks most of the hax that other members have/had.
vision had his intangibility hax.
dr.stange has his time and warping hax.
spider man has his spider sense hax.
we do not have any feats for Mysterio however Mysterio and scarlet witch has mind control hax.
loki has his illusionary hax.
thonas with ig,hela,surt and thor with storm breaker can outright overpower her.
spider man and iron man has more than good enough reaction speed to intercept and counter her.spider man is mobile enough that with the help of spider sense she could dodge carol effectively while iron man can tank carol if he can tank power stone multiple time and a moon thrown at him by ig.
carol may by op at her movie during her time however currently in the mcu there are more than enough power creep and haxes avalable to deal with her and there are more than enough individual capable enough to deal with her.
also context and circumstances also matter since if everything was logically iron man who even in his mark 2 was moving at super sonic speed and his missiles was cable of one shotting military grade tanks and himself tanked multiple military grade missiles and with mark 3 and help of the new element was able to one shot an army of mark 2 with the focused laser should utterly curb stomp captain America and Bucky in civil war.
the thing is The writers strategically nerfs the opponent that needs to be beaten either through characteristics or through outside scenario so that they could be stooped down to the protags level it does not atter how strong the enemy is.
same could also be done to captain marvel.
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2018.12.25 06:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Carolyn Hax: The difference between a carol and the same old song Washington Post

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2018.12.25 06:11 AutoNewsAdmin [Lifestyle] - Carolyn Hax: The difference between a carol and the same old song

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2017.02.26 19:51 pprsrs my IOC is tomorrow give me tips and stuff

I'm literally handwriting transcripts for extracts I might get tomorrow..if any of yall have life saving hax, i would greatly appreciate it. Aaaaalso I have a small question about this Carol Ann Duffy poem "And How Are We Today?"
"I might take my eye out and swallow it to bring some attention to myself. Winston did. His name was in the paper. For the time being I make noises to annoy them and then I go BASTARDS."
what can be interpreted from this stanza? I guess poet is referencing some kind of a historical event about Churchill or sth I don't know the historical context behind it and it's bugging me so much, why tf is she mentioning churchill?
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2015.12.11 01:15 BeeqeePee ~ ~ motion picture on Carol (2015) 1080p- ability to accept. ALL

Set in 1950s New York, a department-store clerk who dreams of a better life falls for an older, married woman.
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[Carol (2015) Streaming Now!!]()

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Carol, carolina panthers, carol burnett, carolyn hax, caroline wozniacki, carolina panthers 2015 schedule, carol wright catalog, carole king, caroline kennedy, carol channing, carol wright, carolina hurricanes, carolina herrera, carol ann susi, carol\u0027s daughter, carolina panthers schedule, carolina, carol alt, carol wright gifts, carolina carports, carole radziwill ~ ~ motion picture onCarol (2015)1080p- ability to accept. ALL
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