Greeting card display racks wholesale

Do I include credit cards if they’re paid off monthly? Or how much can I afford?

2023.03.30 03:24 Rezistik Do I include credit cards if they’re paid off monthly? Or how much can I afford?

I use credit cards for all of my purchases and they rack up to 2-3k each month, but I pay them off and maintain a low balance.
Some calculators say not to include monthly expenses under monthly debt payments but I have been.
Income is 180k in a mcol/hcol area and some calculators say I can afford as much as 600k which sounds so absurd but if I don’t include my “credit debt” they go up to like 800k….
How is that possible?
I don’t have any other debt except margin loans on my brokerage but that isn’t really a monthly expense
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2023.03.30 03:02 TimberOctopus Interpretation input

Interpretation input
Called Ellis(job lead) to talk about his mood today re the fuel mix up for the kerosene heater.
He said he had a bad day and wasn't trying to come down on me. He then switched the subject to tension between Dan and I.
I did a let-go/move-forward and got Strength/5P Rx. – let go of strength and determination and move forward into the release of lack mindset. Makes perfect sense to me. I recently completed a Vipassana meditation retreat and have been exploring my personal power more intentionally ever since. My agency at work as improved a ton and I've been feeling strong. But I've been struggling to find balance and not lose patience with some others for not displaying much awareness.
Follow up 8 card spirit guide spread. Focused on guidance around how to set my energy to be a source of harmony and positivity on site. & Gain clarity on previous let-go/move-forward spread.
1 Card to represent my guide - 6 swords- end of hard times. Transition. 2 How to listen better and deepen our connection. - The star Rx- pessimistic outlook. Unethical healer. 3 Something I really need to work on – Queen wands Rx – mean girl energy. Using power to belittle. Definitely resonant with how I talk to Dan sometimes. He gives it back. 4 How to improve #3 – King Pentacles Rx – greed. Wanting it all. Overemphasis of material wealth and progress. – says to release this energy. The block stems from this energy. Makes sense because we're paid on a milestone system. Aka- what we complete. Increased effiencies mean earlier pay-days. 5 How to stay more connected to my higher self/source – Page wands – enthusiasm and playfulness. 6 Card to represent my lifes purpose – Justice RX – imbalance on a karmic level. Adjust my intentions and my actions to align with a higher purpose to reconcile this block. 7 Hwo to get closer to lifes purpose – the tower – chaos. Reconstruct belief architecture. Likely in regards to scarcity thinking around milestone targets. 8 Message from guides/source – Knight of Pentacles – slow n steady wins the race. Says keep at it.
Lots of confirmation on the first spread with gained insight and clarity and some actionable focus areas.
Finding the tarot much stronger in general after the retreat too. It's my intuition developing I think.
Curious what y'all think
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2023.03.30 03:00 alw515 Imagine if we stopped measuring results.

This is from a post that Crossfit corporate had on social media the other day. Wondering what you all thought of it.
Imagine if we stopped measuring results.
Suppose we stopped putting points on the whiteboard because it intimidates some people or makes some people feel bad. You can easily see how all the values would fall apart like a house of cards:
→ We’d lose our understanding of what truly works and end up adopting unproven methods.
→ We’d lose our accountability because we’d no longer have to display the courage and personal responsibility to own our results, to tell the world, “This is what I had in me today.” Instead, we’d be able to hide.
→ We’d lose our strong sense of belonging and camaraderie because the connection that comes from sharing our effort and the outcomes would be gone.
→ We’d lose a critical tool our coaches use in the service of helping us reach our fitness potential.
→ We’d also lose the community-driven inspiration and lessons we get from fellow athletes’ results.
→ We’d even lose some of our resilience and grit because we aren’t being held accountable to push ourselves, to dig deeper and drive adaptation with intensity. Without data, we’re just guessing at how hard we’re working.
CrossFit’s ethos and methodology can’t be separated. Our culture and values grew organically out of the methodology. And in practice, our ethos and methodology reinforce each other in a virtuous cycle.
To protect our ethos, we must protect our methodology. If you miss or dilute a single piece of the methodology, you start to lose its efficacy, its “magic.” In other words, you don’t just mess with the methodology, you mess with our ethos. You mess with the very heart of who we are and what we are recognized for.
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2023.03.30 02:56 Relevant-Success-899 Miyoo Mini PLUS issue out of box

Miyoo Mini PLUS issue out of box
Just got my miyoo mini plus in the mail today, powered it up and theres nothing in any of the folders except the setting folder. I plugged in the sd card to my computer and it does have all the preloaded games, the device just wont display any of the games. Any fixes ?
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2023.03.30 02:44 Relevant-Success-899 Mini plus issue out of box

Just got my miyoo mini plus in the mail today, powered it up and theres nothing in any of the folders except the setting folder. I plugged in the sd card to my computer and it does have all the preloaded games, the device just wont display any of the games. Any fixes ?
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2023.03.30 02:40 techstar2000 [Amazon] ASUS TUF707RC-DS71-CA (2022) Gaming Laptop; 17.3” 144Hz Full HD IPS-Type display, AMD Ryzen 7 6800H CPU, GeForce RTX 3050 Graphics card, 16GB DDR5 RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, Windows 11 Home WITH 27% off, for $1099

[Amazon] ASUS TUF707RC-DS71-CA (2022) Gaming Laptop; 17.3” 144Hz Full HD IPS-Type display, AMD Ryzen 7 6800H CPU, GeForce RTX 3050 Graphics card, 16GB DDR5 RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, Windows 11 Home WITH 27% off, for $1099 submitted by techstar2000 to LaptopDealsCanada [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 02:29 techstar2000 [Amazon] ASUS TUF Dash 15 (2022) Gaming Laptop; 15.6” 144Hz FHD IPS display, Intel Core i5-12450H CPU, GeForce RTX 3050 Graphics card, 8GB DDR5 RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Thunderbolt 4, Windows 11 Home with 17% off, for $999

[Amazon] ASUS TUF Dash 15 (2022) Gaming Laptop; 15.6” 144Hz FHD IPS display, Intel Core i5-12450H CPU, GeForce RTX 3050 Graphics card, 8GB DDR5 RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Thunderbolt 4, Windows 11 Home with 17% off, for $999 submitted by techstar2000 to LaptopDealsCanada [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 02:23 North_Cliff FOR SALE: One soul, hardly used.

Guys, I messed up big time.
I’ll preface this with explaining that I’ve been an auction addict for a while now. I’m always scrolling through different online auction houses and estate sale listings for cool things that people are getting rid of for a bargain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hoarder. I only buy things I know I have room for, but I scroll and dream and pin as if I have a gigantic sprawling mansion to fill. I’ve made accounts on numerous sites.
No, I didn’t buy a haunted antique. Or a cursed antique. What I did was much much worse!
I got a cool looking offer sent to my phone one day asking if I wanted to join a new auction site. Everything about it sounded fantastic. I really didn’t think twice about joining. FIRST MISTAKE.
Before I was allowed to make an account, there was one of those super long terms/agreements/conditions/blahblahblah etc. things that I had to read and sign.… I scrolled through quickly, skimming… as I usually do…
Because I didn’t. And I literally just signed my soul over to the devil.
To be 100% clear here:
And now he’s trying to sell it.
And, guys, I can’t afford to buy it back!
Have any of you found yourself in this particular perilous pickle? I know I’m not the only one who has signed over their soul because I can see numerous other souls for sale on the site.
And I’m assuming people aren’t always lured into signing by promises of cool antiques too. How many souls could Satan snatch through antiques? Not that many, I bet. I bet Satan is smart enough to draw you in by what you really love. For me, it was antiques, for you, it could’ve been a sale on designer shoes, cars, or maybe crafting supplies.
For those of you doubting if this is real, well… fair. It is pretty hard to believe.
Originally, when I went into the site and saw “FOR SALE: One soul, hardly used” with a photo of me beside it captioned: “the current vessel”, I thought it was an offensive joke. And “hardly used”. What was that supposed to mean?? I deleted my account immediately.
I didn’t believe any of it was real until Satan called.
At midnight that night, my phone rang. I had been dead asleep. Who was calling me at midnight, I wondered blearily. I picked up my phone and looked at the call display.
It said: “The Devil”.
That unnerved me. I figured it was connected to that stupid site I had joined. I swiped to decline the call and put my phone down.
No sooner was it back on my nightside table, my phone was ringing again. I looked at it. This time, the call display said: “Satan, Himself.”
I swiftly declined the call and immediately turned my phone’s power off.
After that, the phone stayed silent. Until 3am.
At 3am my phone started ringing again. But this time it was a FaceTime call. The call display read: “PICK UP”. My heart leapt in my chest. I had turned off my phone. I know I did. How did it turn back on??
I leapt out of bed and flew to the other side of the room. I didn’t want to touch the phone. I didn’t want to be anywhere near it.
I let the phone keep ringing. And ringing. Then it stopped. I waited in silence. Then-
Someone was at my front door! I froze, absolutely petrified.
Then a thought struck me - I couldn’t remember if I had locked my door! I’m notorious at forgetting to lock it. I summoned enough courage to slowly peak my head out of my room so I could view the front door.
Through the frosted glass, I could see someone tall standing there, waiting, on the other side of the door. I pulled my eyes away from the figure to look to the deadbolt on my door. Fuck. I had left the door unlocked! Fuck!
KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. Again. A firm but patient knock.
Heart pounding, I knelt down and crawled as quietly as I could to the door. Then I slid the deadbolt shut. I pressed my head into the door with relief. I thought I was safe but-
“Hello,” a smooth voice said from behind me. I whipped around. Standing there, was a man. He was tall, wearing a perfectly tailored suit. He was extremely attractive.
“It was quite rude not to answer,” he said in the same smooth voice he greeted me with.
“Who are you?” I managed to squeak out, feeling like a terrified mouse cowering in front of a panther.
“I know you know the answer to that.” He replied with a smile, though the smile didn’t reach his eyes. “But, if you need to hear it said out loud… I am Satan. You sold your soul to me.”
“How did you get in?” I asked with a trembling voice. Although a million questions were flying about my brain, that was the only one I was able to process enough to push out of my mouth.
“That doesn’t really matter, does it?” He answered. “All that matters is that I can always get to you, no matter where you are. The calls, the knocking on the door, that was just a formality. I like formalities. That’s why I’m here. I noticed you deleted your account, and I wanted to make sure you had a copy of our agreement for your records.”
He handed me a large envelope. I opened it. Inside was a tidy stack of paper. The “Terms & Conditions” agreement I had scrolled through so quickly online. My head was swimming, but as I turned the pages, words jumped out at me that I hadn’t noticed the first time: “your soul”, “waive rights for eternity”, “everlasting ownership to Satan (aka the Devil)”…
My eyes focused on the signature on the last page. My signature.
I went wild. I ripped the agreement in two. Then continued ripping and ripping until the whole thing was basically confetti on the floor around me.
Satan stood still, waiting until I was done. Then: “That was just a copy. I have the original, and as the agreement stated, the signature is eternally binding.”
He then calmly produced another envelope and held it out to me.
“Here’s another copy. For your records.”
I refused to take it. He gently placed it on my living room table.
“When your soul has been sold, I will come to collect it. I will, of course, do you the courtesy of calling before so you are aware when I am coming so you can prepare yourself. It’s your choice whether or not you want to answer the call. But, as you know, I will come either way. So, until we meet again, goodbye.”
Then, with a little nod of the head to me, he was gone.
I was left frozen, willing my lungs to remember how to breathe.
Guys, I don’t know what to do. I deleted my account, so I can’t even see if anyone is bidding on my soul. Does anyone have a lawyer that can help me get out of the agreement? Also, what happens when he collects my soul?? How long does it usually take to sell a soul? How long do you think I have? A day, a week, months, years? Is there anywhere I can hide? I’m in serious need of help - guidance - recommendations - suggestions - anything really. I don’t
Guys, my phone is ringing.
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2023.03.30 02:12 Throwdatawaybroh Working in retail just showcases how a staggering like 50% of the population is too stupid to even think about fixing the most minor of their own problems

is the absolute worst. Customers directly go against their own benefit because their snail iq can't comprehend that they MAY BE ABLE TO SOLVE THEIR OWN INCONVENIENCE????
I work in a gas station. We have a discount card that you can earn points from if you buy groceries in the store. A solid 20% of the customers that come through can process a transaction at the pump independently like a normal person. About 40% pay in cash like an antiquated boomer, but make it your problem in the worst way every single time. Large bills, doesn't know how much it takes to fill their tank after w9 years, but makes it your problem instead of guessing, etc.
But what staggers me the most is the people who lose their membership card (you get FOUR every time you sign up, 1 big one and 3 Keychain ones) and need me to enter their phone number manually. I'd say about 70% are too stupid to have their own card and when I look up their phone number they have signed up about 6 different times and have 6 different cards.
"I wanna fill up my tank but I don't know how much it's gonna be. I have a phone number though." You don't know how desperately I want to say "Tough shit moron, maybe don't lose your cards next time and pay at the pump or go get a new one."
Even the most trivial of shit of "debit or credit" at the pump display screen people will just stand there clacking the handle going "it no worky!" And then complaining to me. Not a single thought crossed their mind about what they could do even if it was trivial, it is now MY problem.
Oh, but the stupid problems they caused, they want it handled in THEIR WAY regardless of whether it's physically possible or not.
It is a MINORITY to have people who either can function independently as a human being or can solve their own problems. 8/10 people need me to cater to them personally like a mother because they are too dumb to not have their problem in the first place.
My job is necessitated ENTIRELY BY THEIR STUPIDITY. If people were able to keep track of their membership cards, and not use an antiquated form of payment, there wouldn't even be a reason for me to be here.
Everything about the job is perfectly acceptable except you repeatedly run in the same stupidity over and over and over again. You've mastered how to fix these problems, but they say no to your solution every single fucking time.
If customers weren't so goddamn stupid then customer service would be a bearable job.
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2023.03.30 02:10 Throwdatawaybroh Working in retail just showcases how a staggering like 50% of the population is too stupid to even think about fixing the most minor of their own problems

It is the absolute worst. Customers directly go against their own benefit because their snail iq can't comprehend that they MAY BE ABLE TO SOLVE THEIR OWN INCONVENIENCE????
I work in a gas station. We have a discount card that you can earn points from if you buy groceries in the store. A solid 20% of the customers that come through can process a transaction at the pump independently like a normal person. About 40% pay in cash like an antiquated boomer, but make it your problem in the worst way every single time. Large bills, doesn't know how much it takes to fill their tank after w9 years, but makes it your problem instead of guessing, etc.
But what staggers me the most is the people who lose their membership card (you get FOUR every time you sign up, 1 big one and 3 Keychain ones) and need me to enter their phone number manually. I'd say about 70% are too stupid to have their own card and when I look up their phone number they have signed up about 6 different times and have 6 different cards.
"I wanna fill up my tank but I don't know how much it's gonna be. I have a phone number though." You don't know how desperately I want to say "Tough shit moron, maybe don't lose your cards next time and pay at the pump or go get a new one."
Even the most trivial of shit of "debit or credit" at the pump display screen people will just stand there clacking the handle going "it no worky!" And then complaining to me. Not a single thought crossed their mind about what they could do even if it was trivial, it is now MY problem.
Oh, but the stupid problems they caused, they want it handled in THEIR WAY regardless of whether it's physically possible or not.
It is a MINORITY to have people who either can function independently as a human being or can solve their own problems. 8/10 people need me to cater to them personally like a mother because they are too dumb to not have their problem in the first place.
My job is necessitated ENTIRELY BY THEIR STUPIDITY. If people were able to keep track of their membership cards, and not use an antiquated form of payment, there wouldn't even be a reason for me to be here.
Everything about the job is perfectly acceptable except you repeatedly run in the same stupidity over and over and over again. You've mastered how to fix these problems, but they say no to your solution every single fucking time.
If customers weren't so goddamn stupid then customer service would be a bearable job.
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2023.03.30 02:02 kfcotdbot [COTD] - Ulyq Megamouth March 30, 2023

Greetings Archons, and welcome to the daily card discussion thread!
The card we are discussing today is Ulyq Megamouth from Call of the Archons.
You may discuss anything about this card, from its power all the way to its lore or art.

Ulyq Megamouth

Mars Creature - 0 Æmber

Traits: Martian • Scientist
Power: 3
Armor: ~
Text: Fight/Reap: Use a friendly non-Mars creature.
Flavor text: “GLORY BE TO MARS!”
Rarity: Common
Number: 200
This bot is maintained by BanSolitude. To see previous Card of the Day threads, click here.
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2023.03.30 02:01 HeadOfSpectre Faerie Tale - Final Entry

First Entry
Second Entry
Third Entry
Fourth Entry
Fifth Entry
Sixth Entry
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Eighth Entry
Ninth Entry
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Eleventh Entry
Twelfth Entry

Journal of Camille Lambert - April 14th (Part 5)


As the blinding light faded, what remained only barely resembled Governor Ben Calhoun. The body was mostly the same, although the runes he’d carved into his body now radiated a burning crimson energy that tinged his flesh a demonic red. The biggest change was in his face, which had grown emaciated to the point where there was only a bit of withered skin clinging to his skull and his skull itself… God…

The face of the creature before us no longer resembled the one I’d recognized as Calhoun. It may have been a stretch to even call it a face at all. His remaining eye had burned away, and the space between his eye sockets had caved in, creating a disturbing hole in the center of his head. In that hole, I could see a burning light and I watched as it swirled and solidified into one solid mass. A single blood red eye, that regarded us all with a boundless hatred.

Calhoun’s now lipless mouth grimaced in rage before his single eye settled on Nina. A guttural growl rose from the depths of his chest before his eye burned a brighter red.

I don’t think Nina knew what that meant at the time, but she was at least smart enough to guess and move out of the way. A sound like a gunshot erupted through the air, as the ground where Nina had been standing just a moment before was ripped apart by a crimson blast of energy. Nina was thrown to the ground and hastily scrambled for cover behind the broken water fountain as Calhoun's attention turned to Dom and I next.

We knew better than to just stand there.

Dom and I both moved, diving out of the way as Calhoun loosed another crimson blast, blowing a crater into the ground we’d just stood on. I could hear him laughing, a dry, raspy sound before he loped over toward me.

The .22 slipped out of my hand, but I didn’t go after it. I had a feeling it’d be useless here. Instead, I reached for Gretchen’s revolver. I still had her remaining bullet in my pocket and grabbed for it, but I had no time to load it. I tried desperately to crawl away but Calhoun grabbed me by the legs, pulling me toward him as his eye began to glow again.

Then came the sound of a shotgun blast, and heat on my face… but not from Calhoun.
“DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER!” Dom cried, unloading whatever shells he had left into Calhoun’s head. The force of the impacts sent him staggering back but did little else to him. I took the chance to run, diving for cover behind the displaced clock tower, and fumbling with Gretchen’s revolver to try and load it.

When his shotgun ran empty, Dom went for his handgun. Calhoun just glared back at him, wreathed in flames as Dom fired at him. His eye began to glow again, and Dom paused, knowing what was coming, before throwing himself to the ground. The force of Calhoun’s blast sent him flying and dashed him hard against the cobblestone and the mud. I didn’t know if he was still alive or not.

Calhoun watched him fall, before readying another blast, only to be wreathed in fire again, courtesy of Nina.

She fired her final three shells at Calhoun, before rushing him, tackling him to the ground, and trying to pin him to the ground.
“GO!” I heard her yell, and looked up to see Gretchen move from where she’d been hiding by the water fountain, racing for the front door of Calhoun’s house. The door she’d marked as a portal to hell.

She pulled it open, unleashing yet another creature from the depths of the Abyss, which sniffed the air before hissing as it noticed Nina and Calhoun fighting in the mud. The Demon cried out, before running for Calhoun although it didn’t get far.

He looked up at it, and I could see his eye glowing crimson again.

The first blast missed the demon entirely and went straight for the door instead. It hit close enough to do what Calhoun needed it to. The blast brought down a portion of the front of the house, sending Gretchen running for shelter. She only barely avoided being buried outright, but didn’t avoid the pieces of brick that rained down on her, sending her crashing back to the ground.

The Demon looked back at the destroyed door as if it had suddenly realized that there was no calvary coming. Calhoun effortlessly threw Nina off of him, before lunging for the demon, grabbing it by the head.

It barely had time to cry out before I watched its body begin to fry. The runes on Calhoun’s body burned brighter, as the energy pouring out of him grew more intense. I could see smoke rising out of the Demon’s flesh. Its vertical mouth opened, and I could see the pink interior bubbling as it was scalded. Calhoun finally let the body drop, before his attention returned to Nina who’d watched his vulgar display of power with quiet horror. His grin widened, as he advanced on her again.

The gun. I needed to load it.

I got the cylinder of the revolver open and reached into my pocket, taking out the bullet only to look up and see Calhoun looking right at me, his eye starting to glow again.

Oh no.

I moved, but only barely fast enough. The ground beneath me exploded, launching me into the mud. I kept my grip on the revolver, but the bullet slipped out of my grasp, landing just a few feet away. Calhoun growled, before turning toward me, ignoring Nina. I think he realized that I was the higher priority target.

As he passed her, I saw Nina turning to look at me, before watching her pull up one of the cobblestones out of the mud. My fingers found the bullet, buried in the mud, but when I looked at Calhoun again, I realized that there was nowhere to run… not this time. His eye burned as he focused on me, readying another blast and I froze, waiting for death to come.

But Nina came first.

Cobblestone in hand, she rushed Calhoun from behind. She brought the stone down hard on the back of his head, forcing it down just as the blast escaped him. A new crater appeared at his feet, launching both Calhoun and Nina back. She was dashed against the broken water fountain, screaming with pain as she hit it. I could hear the snap of bone and saw her clutching at her arm, before trying to stand again.

Calhoun himself landed a few feet away, letting out another enraged hiss as he looked up toward me. He glanced at Nina again, who glared hatefully back at him, silently daring him to kill her. It was an offer Calhoun declined.

Her arm was broken. Gretchen was still digging herself out from under the collapsed portion of the house that Calhoun had buried her under and Dom was either dead or unconscious. I didn’t know which.

There was only one threat to him on the board, now.


Calhoun’s eye burned again, as he pulled himself to his feet. I did the same, Gretchen’s revolver in one hand and the bullet in the other. Calhoun was already coming for me. All I could do was run.

I took off toward the clock tower, slipping through a crack in the broken brickwork to get inside. The stairs still seemed to hold up, and I started up them, trying to put as much distance between myself and Calhoun as I could.

As I ran up the stairs, I could hear Calhoun beneath me. His breathing was heavy, like a rabid animal’s, and I heard him starting up the stairs behind me.

I was almost at the top… just a few more steps and…

I felt the ground beneath my feet shift. The stairs erupted beneath me, launching me forward. I landed on my stomach, Gretchen’s revolver slipping from my fingers, along with the bullet which rolled a few feet away and stopped between two planks of the wooden floor. The entire tower shifted, the severe damage it had suffered finally catching up to it. The bullet didn’t move, although the gun skidded back toward the stairs. A section of the roof came down, striking the turret clock and dislodging part of the metal frame. The jagged steel bar landed on the ground beside me with a clatter.

I ran for the bullet first, grabbing hold of it before looking back to see Calhoun ascending the stairs behind me.

With a trivial hop, he stepped over the hole he’d blown in the final steps, before noticing Gretchen’s revolver. His eye shifted to me, and I saw his knowing grin grow wider as he gingerly reached down to pick it up. Eye still trained on me, Calhoun made his way over to the turret clock, before placing his hand upon the frame. I could feel heat radiating off of him as a fresh surge of energy jolted through the clock. The gears began to turn and when they did, I watched as Calhoun pressed the revolver between them.

The metal of the gun bent and broke, crushed and chewed up by the gears. All the while, Calhoun stared knowingly at me.
“No salvation,” He rasped. His voice a horrible whisper, “Only death.”

I saw his eye begin to glow again and as it did, my heart began to race. He took a step toward me, and from the corner of my eye I noticed the jagged piece of the metal frame that had fallen off the clock.

Without even thinking about what I was going to do next, I grabbed it. With a determined scream, I thrust the sharpened end toward Calhoun. It caught him right under the jaw, ripping through his skin and forcing his head up. The blast tore through the roof, and Calhoun tried to grab hold of the metal bar as I pressed it deeper into his skull, forcing myself to stand again and pushing him back toward the turret clock.
“Then die…” I spat, as I threw all of my weight against the makeshift metal spear.

Calhoun’s legs buckled beneath him as he fell toward the spinning gears of the clock. They caught his head, and I saw his single eye widen before his skull cracked from the pressure they exerted. Calhoun’s body jerked violently. The gears threatened to slow, but still compelled by whatever Godless power he wielded they did not stop. One hand tried to grip the gears and pull himself out, although it simply ended up being pulled into another set of spinning gears. I heard the bones in his arm snapping and watched it distort, before tearing away from the rest of his body.

Behind me, the hands on one of the remaining clock faces spun. Calhoun reached his remaining hand out toward me, but I stepped back, avoiding his grasp. Anyone else would have been dead by that point… although I suppose Calhoun wasn’t anyone else, was he?
His body still twitched and fought. The gears kept turning, slowly crushing him although I could see them straining and somehow I knew that once they broke, Calhoun would rip himself out of that machine, put himself together, and kill me as if this had all been nothing but a minor interruption. I let go of the piece of frame I’d used to pin him there, watching as it snapped and fell away as the rest of his skull was crushed.

The bullet still rested in my hand… and as I looked at the gears, I had one last stupid idea that just might work.

I wedged the bullet in between the teeth of the gear that was currently bearing down on Calhoun’s torso. He grabbed at me again, but I jumped back, out of his reach. The gears kept turning, bringing the bullet down closer and closer to Calhoun’s chest with each stammering motion… and finally, I watched as it pressed down into his chest. I could see the bullet being crushed against his body… and I could see the pink mist beginning to rise out of it.

Calhoun’s body went stiff. His legs spasmed. His good arm tried to reach for me. The burning crimson energy in him seemed to flare, then begin to fade. If he still could have screamed, I think that he would have.

His flesh was already starting to burn… just like the others. I could see the skin boiling off, exposing rotting muscle and pale white, cracked bone. I could see a frantically beating wooden heart, endowed with veins of red energy cracking and rotting away before splitting completely. Calhoun’s body gave one last twitch and then… nothing.

The crimson marks on his body faded completely and all that was left was silence. A moment later, the gears broke. The power that made them move died with Calhoun. The wooden floor sagged and creaked and I took a step back, watching as it began to collapse, taking Calhoun’s body with it.

Another section of the roof collapsed down onto the turret clock, and that proved to be the final straw. The floor finally gave out, sending the broken clock and what remained of Governor Calhoun plummeting down. I backed up to the edge of what remained of the tower's floor. Behind me, was nothing but a sheer drop and I knew I’d have to chance it.
The tower buckled. It was coming down.

A voice called out behind me and I looked, just in time to see Dom running toward the tower, toward me. The tower shifted again. I jumped, letting myself fall toward Dom and knowing he’d catch me.

I crashed into him at top speed, sending us both back into the mud. I felt his hand moving to cover my head almost instinctively, as we both lay there for a moment. The crumbling tower fell toward Calhoun’s house, taking down another chunk of the building as it collapsed. Dom and I both watched as it came down, kicking up a cloud of dust into the sky.

Above us, we could see the night sky breaking. Thin cracks began to form in it and behind them was… nothing. Not light. Not darkness… nothing at all. The world was finally ending.

We watched in awe as the sky broke apart… for in its own strange way, it was beautiful.
“Dom, Cam!” I heard Nina call and we looked over to see her standing again. Gretchen was beside her. Both of them were covered in mud and blood, but both were still alive. “This place is coming apart, we need to go!”

Slowly, I pulled myself to my feet and offered a hand to help Dom up as well. With aching bodies and racing hearts, we dragged ourselves to the hole where Calhoun’s door had once been. Gretchen led the way, limping back into the front hall of Calhoun’s house.
“This way,” She said leading us down the same path we’d gone down before. I could see dying vines leading the way. The Eldest’s last gift to us.

Looking back, I could see the buildings of Parsons beginning to crumble, falling into the void as the world around them came undone. I didn’t stare for long. I knew that it would come for us soon as well. I followed Dom and the others down the hall, back toward the room where we’d found the Eldest. Back toward the way home.

The entire house shook. I saw the twisted, impossible columns breaking apart in ways that should not have been possible. I could see cracks forming in the walls, and crimson vines creeping through, a reminder of what still lived in the dying world behind us. The Eldest’s chamber was just up ahead. We limped in, with Gretchen picking up the pace as she ran to the spot where the door had been before. She paused only long enough to look up at the corpse of the Eldest, who sat still and silent, tangled among the roots.
Without another moment of hesitation, she pulled open the door to Smokey Falls and looked back at us.


The scream of the Rosen Prince echoed through the house and looking back, I could see something coming down the hall behind us. Shambling limbs and creeping vines, with a single glaring yellow eye at the center of it all, fixated on us. Reality cracked around it, as Calhoun’s house fell away into nothingness. The Rosen Prince came for us one last time… but we were already gone.

Nina went through the door first, followed by Gretchen, Dom and lastly, me. As we stepped out into the real world, we looked back just in time to see the hallway collapsing. The cracks in reality split the Eldest’s chamber, causing pieces of it to fall into the void.

The Rosen Prince gave one final scream as he fell with them, and as the void took him I watched his newest body fracture and fade.

Nothing sat behind that door now. True nothing. A perfect void neither dark nor light… just emptiness and soon, even that was gone. The door we’d just come through buckled. The building in front of us sagged and began to collapse in on itself.

We stumbled away from it, moving as fast as we could across the street to safety as the last piece of Calhoun came apart.

And then… at long last, it was done.

We sat on the street for a few moments, sore, bloody, and covered in mud and dust. But alive.

Gretchen’s face was marked by a thousand little cuts. Her hair was even more of a mess than usual. Nina clutched her broken arm, trying very hard to hide just how much pain she was in. Dom was resting on my shoulder, only barely clinging to consciousness and I couldn’t stop staring at the ruins of the building we’d just come out of, waiting for something to emerge from the rubble.

But nothing did.

It was over.

Journal of Camille Lambert - May 2nd

This still doesn’t feel real. Every day now, I wake up and look at the sky. Usually, I’ll see the sun, but even on the days I don’t, the sky is still so much more beautiful than any I saw back in the world I knew.

Things out here are… confusing. The world has moved on from the one I heard about. There’s so much different out here. But Dom and I are adjusting, slowly and maybe one day everything we’ve lived through will feel like just another bad dream.

The FRB has done what they can to get us settled. Right now, they’ve put us and a lot of the other survivors up in an apartment building they’ve purchased, and they’re helping us integrate into the world we’ve missed out on. I think it might be years still before some of us are fully integrated, but we’re doing the best we can and if nothing else, I’m grateful that we don’t have to figure it all our on our own.

I think about the friends I made during our ordeal often, even if I haven’t seen them in person since we left Smokey Falls. With the journey ended, we’ve each returned to our own paths, seeking our own destinies. I know I’ll see them again and when I do, I’ll greet them as old friends. I’ve gotten a few emails from Nina, whose arm is healing well and every now and then I hear from Gretchen too, although she’s not as good about staying in contact. Still… I am glad they’ve chosen to keep in touch. It helps.

Dom and I even spoke with Milo the other day… he’s doing well, after his injury. He mentioned that they recovered some more survivors in the ruins of Parsons… or the ruins of Parsons in this world, more accurately. I’ve only heard a few rumors through Sonya but it seems that when the situation in Parsons started to grow worse, something led the people that Sheriff Brown had evacuated to Calhoun house to a hidden door in a room overgrown by plants… and when they came out, they found themselves in the ruins of the old Parsons.

I’m not sure if the Eldest saved those people simply to spite Calhoun, or because it didn’t want them to die but whatever its reasons, I’m happy to know that there were more survivors, at least. Because I still think about the thousands of people we didn’t save, and I think I’ll be thinking about them for the rest of my life.

Most nights, I dream about the things I saw in the pocket reality. I see the shadows of Nightwalkers and hear the screams of the Rosen Prince. In many of my dreams, I see Calhoun again. Sometimes he appears as a man, sometimes he appears as a monster. Both terrify me. I’ve been talking to a therapist about my nightmares, and she’s done what she can to help me… but I don’t know if they’ll ever really go away.

How do I unsee the things I’ve seen? How do I undo the things I’ve done? How do I unfeel the things I’ve felt?

I don’t know.

Nina says that you don’t. You just learn to live with them. And I suppose she’d know, wouldn’t she? But it still feels so hard to just accept that answer. Maybe it will get easier in time.

Despite the nightmares… I still have no regrets. Because as I sit on my apartment balcony with Dom and look up at the stars in the night sky, I know that it was all worth it.
submitted by HeadOfSpectre to TheCrypticCompendium [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 02:01 COD_Mobile_Official Call of Duty: Mobile - March 29th Community Update

Call of Duty: Mobile - March 29th Community Update
Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community, we are back and beyond excited to share that Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: RUSH is now live! This season is full of good vibes, colorful content, and new ways to play! Before we RUSH into all the new things Season 3 brings…and we promise that will be the last RUSH pun in the update… let’s check out our official Season 3 trailer to get the party started!
Now that our boogie shoes are on it’s time to get into the rest of the Update. In this Community Update, we will be covering all of the new content coming to COD:M in Season 3 – RUSH, including the new Battle Pass and Battle Pass Vault, new MP Map, new weapon, new scorestreak, new quality of life changes, and more. Let’s groove!
As always, let’s start with a quick look at all the newest events launching throughout the next week:
  • Every Weekend (Friday – Sunday) ~ Tournament Mode
  • 3/30 – 4/26 ~ Unstoppable! Seasonal Challenge
  • 3/30 – 4/26 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 3/31 – 4/02 ~ Alcatraz
  • 3/31 – 4/06 ~ Gun Game Mosh Pit
  • 3/31 – 4/13 ~ Chromatic Feast Themed Event
  • 3/31 – 4/06 ~ Mosh Mosh Baby Featured Event
  • 3/31 – 4/02 ~ 10v10 Collection
  • 4/01 – 4/21 ~ Balanced Brilliance Mythic Drop
  • 4/04 – 4/10 ~ Shipment 1944
  • 4/04 – 4/20 ~ Easter Prop Hunt
  • 4/04 – 4/26 ~ Armor Up Seasonal Challenge
  • 4/06 – 4/12 ~ BR Sniper Isolated
  • 4/07 – 4/13 ~ Big Head Blizzard
  • 4/07 – 4/20 ~ Dark Beats Draw
  • 4/07 – 4/13 ~ Easy Target Featured Event
  • 4/07 – 4/09 ~ Ground War
*All Dates UTC
In addition to all of the modes and events listed above, this season has a ton of new content coming like new operators and blueprints. You can see some of the new content that is coming now and later in the Season in our Roadmap below –
Battle Pass The Season 3: RUSH Battle Pass is now live! This new pass features Epic operators: Rivas, Darkwave, Domino, and Stitch. The weapons in the pass include the KRM-262, ASM10, KN-44, Razorback, and the new sniper the HDR. Also in the Battle Pass is the new Scorestreak the Wheelson as well as a variety of other items and blueprints. Below you’ll find highlights of both the free and paid versions of the Battle Pass, as well as our Battle Pass trailer so you can see the operators and weapons in action!
Free Battle Pass
  • Heartbeat Sensor – Magic Forest Out (tier 1)
  • Parachute – Magic Forest (tier 4)
  • Sticker – Silo Slash (tier 8)
  • New Scorestreak – Wheelson (tier 14)
  • Calling Card – Harbinger’s Scythe (tier 16)
  • HBRa3 – Swirly (tier 18)
  • New Weapon – HDR (tier 21)
  • J358 – Swirly (tier 26)
  • Wingsuit – Magic Forest (tier 28)
  • Boat – Magic Forest (tier 31)
  • Echo Grenade – Magic Forest (tier 34)
  • Striker – Swirly (tier 36)
  • Poltergeist – Magic Forest (tier 38)
  • Charm – Pink Thunder (tier 41)
  • Ninja – Magic Forest (Tier 46)
  • Cordite – Swirly (tier 50)
Premium Pass
  • Rivas – Neon (tier 1)
  • ASM10 – Castle in the Dark (tier 1)
  • Calling Card – Illuminated Forest (tier 1)
  • Backpack – Weather Proof (tier 5)
  • Razorback – Treble in the Club (tier 10)
  • Domino – Tech Spectrum (tier 12)
  • Charm – Glow in the Dark (tier 15)
  • Defender – Fuzzy Inside (tier 19)
  • Cluster Grenade – Fuzzy Inside (tier 20)
  • KN-44 – Candy Bracelet (tier 30)
  • Darkwave (tier 35)
  • Emote – Feelin’ It (tier 39)
  • KRM-262 – Smiling Faces (tier 40)
  • JAK 12 – Fuzzy Inside (tier 44)
  • Stitch - Disciple (tier 50)
  • HDR – Iridescent Lines (tier 50)
On top of everything else in the pass, there is also a Battle Pass Bundle which comes with the following five epic items and a BP tier earn-rate boost:
~ Parachute – Oil Spill ~ Glow Stick – Oil Spill ~ Avatar – Besides Oneself ~ Frame – Oil Spill ~ Calling Card – Rainbow Renegade
And on top, of that, we have our Ground Forces Subscription! Join Ground Forces and unlock the following –
  • Premium Battle Pass
  • Zane – Miasma (Epic)
  • BK57 – Music For Life (Epic)
  • Backpack – DJ’s Bass (Epic)
  • 50% off 10x Crate Pulls 3 times per month
  • + 10% Player XP
  • + 10% Weapon XP
Battle Pass Vault
In addition to our Battle Pass offer, we have our usual Battle Pass from the past in our Battle Pass Vault. This season in the Battle Pass Vault is the 2020 Battle Pass from Season 10: The Hunt. This means if you happened to miss The Hunt’s Battle Pass the first time now is your chance! The Battle Pass Vault Season 10: The Hunt will include –
  • Mara – Valkyrie (Epic)
  • Mace – Tombstone (Epic)
  • Outrider – Amazonas (Epic)
  • Makarov – Splinter (Epic)
  • Echo – Demon Eyes (Epic)
  • LK24 – Backwoods (Epic)
  • RPD – Carnivorous (Epic)
  • XPR-50 – Arachnophobia (Epic)
  • GKS – Scion (Epic)
  • and more!
If you want to check out some of these items and action, throw it back with our Season 10 – The Hunt Battle Pass Trailer –
New Weapon – HDR Sniper lovers rejoice! Now available at tier 21 in the free path of the Battle Pass is the new Sniper – HDR. The HDR is a bolt-action sniper rifle originally from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This new functional weapon is a powerful, heavy sniper that sacrifices movement speed for its high damage. However, you can mix and match attachments like any of our weapons in-game to make the build that fits your playing style, one recommended build we have can be seen below -
In addition to the base version of this weapon at tier 21, an Epic version of the weapon – the HDR – Iridescent Lines is available at tier 50 of the premium Battle Pass. And, if you keep an eye out, you’ll see a Legendary version of the HDR available in a draw later in the season!
New Scorestreak – Wheelson Available at tier 14 of the free Battle Pass is the latest scorestreak coming to Call of Duty: Mobile – Wheelson. Popular in the Modern Warfare series the Wheelson has rolled its way into COD:M Season 3 – RUSH. The Wheelson is a UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) with a powerful turret. After calling in this scorestreak, players will be able to control the Wheelson by remote control, driving over rough terrain and eliminating enemies with its incredible firepower. The Wheelson is deceptively agile and can fit into tight spaces, so don’t think you are safe from an enemy Wheelson just because you ran into a building!
New MP Map – Rush First seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and again in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War the colorful MP Map Rush has made its way to Call of Duty: Mobile! Rush takes place centered around a paintball field where players can engage in fast-paced high-intensity closer encounters. If you are planning on Rushing to the paintball field we recommend doing so with your favorite SMG. Outside of the paintball field is an area of admin buildings filled with various tight corners to continue close encounter engagement, but also various windows and long sightlines for players who like longer-range combat. Rush will be launching later in the season, so be sure and keep an eye out on our socials to drop in!
Safe House
Safe House is the newest “quality of life” update in Call of Duty: Mobile and it's now live in Season 3! The Safe House is a space where you can show off all of the cool gear you have collected in your COD:M career. Flex on your friends and enemies by showcasing your very best vehicles, Operators, and Weapons for all to come and see. Think you have the best Safe House? Click the share button in the top right corner and prove it! As this is a new feature, Safe House is expected to get updates and optimizations in the new few seasons. Also available in the Safe House is -
Background Music Customization
We know how much our Community loves COD:M music. And since this season is all about the party, thumping bass, and high-tempo melody, we decided to give our players not just to option of the groovy Season 3 – RUSH theme music to play in-game but more songs! Now players are able to choose their background music with choices between the themes of Season 3 – RUSH, Season 3 – Radical Raid (2022), and Season 9 – Nightmare (2021). To change the current theme music for your game click the music note and CD icon in the top right-hand corner of the Safehouse menu. From this menu, you can choose which Season theme songs you have access to play in any order you like in your COD:M lobby.
Looking ahead, the plan in future seasons is to make various past theme music available for players to earn through our events! We hope you all are excited to vibe to past season’s themes, we know we are! As with any new feature, we would love to hear your thoughts on this, as well as your favorite past Season’s theme music we should bring back.
BR Training Ground
Call of Duty: Mobile has been around for a long time now (and isn’t going anywhere) but after 3 plus years of this amazing game we wanted to give our players more ways to improve their skills this season. In addition to the Single Player Map Training (more info on that below) we have added a second Training feature to CODM this season. And now Training Ground is no longer just for MP!
In Season 3 – RUSH a new BR Training Ground is available for all you Battle Royale mains to fine-tune your game. Like the previous Training Ground, in the BR Training Ground you will be able to test your Battle Royale loadouts against targets or moving bots, to see if you really have the best of the best setup. The Battle Royale Training Ground is your spot to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the different weapon balances that BR has to offer compared to MP. We hope you use this new feature to dominate your next Alcatraz game!
New Single Player Map Training
In the Single Player Map Training mode, you can load into any map that is in the Ranked Map rotation and train in a variety of ways to improve your game! Once loaded into a map you will be able to adjust –
  • Bot Settings: increase/decrease the number of enemy bots and adjust the bot’s difficulty
  • Buff Yourself: give yourself unlimited bullets, give yourself invisibility.
  • Throwables: have unlimited throwables, see each throwables throwing curve, and see the pov of each throwable.
  • Show Points: show the different points for Domination, Hardpoint, and Search & Destroy.
  • Respawns: map out each general respawn point per map.
  • Gunsmith: change weapons and loadouts like in Training Ground.
Any good CODM player knows that they always have room for improvement (unless you are on Tribe in which case, we think you don’t need to get any better). So, whether you’re a new player to COD:M who just wants to increase their K/D or a seasoned CODM player who wants to level up in Ranked faster, the new Single Player Map Training feature is for you!
A new Ranked Season has arrived with Season 3 – RUSH. This Ranked season brings in all new Ranked rewards for you all to earn, a new Elite Mission where you can earn Elite Tokens, and Ranked Optimizations.
After reaching Legendary, players can play ranked matches to earn Elite Tokens. These Tokens can be used to construct past ranked rewards! We’ve also announced that the final Elite Missions reward is a new earnable Legendary Weapon. Yes, you read that right. More info on how to earn this Legendary Weapon will come later, but we would suggest doing well in Ranked😉
Grinding through this Season’s Ranked will earn you the satisfaction of making it to the top of the competition and –
  • Dingo – Gemmed Beast (Epic)
  • Archangel – The Night is Lit (Epic)
  • and more!
Seasonal Challenges
The first Seasonal Challenge of the season is live now! The Unstoppable! challenge will have players showing off how adept they are with various scorestreaks including the new scorestreak the Wheelson. Prove you are truly unstoppable and you’ll earn yourself 13K BP XP as well as the following -
  • Vivian Harris – Long Live Revolution (Shard) (Epic)
  • Avatar – Failed Experiment (Rare)
  • SMRS – Galaxy Daze (Rare)
  • Pharo – Tokyo Bound (Rare)
  • Silver Crate Coupon
Armor Up
The second Seasonal Challenge of Season 3: RUSH will launch on 4/04 UTC. The Armor Up seasonal challenge will have you showing off your skills using various ARs – and in later challenges – the CR-56 AMAX. Specifically, this AR because this seasonal challenge will be how you earn the new signature attachment for the CR-56, the CR-56 AMAX – GRD-11. This signature attachment will give players an added amount of defense and cover while using the CR-56 AMAX, acting as an attachable mini-shield for the weapon. Completing all the tasks in this challenge will earn you 15K BP XP as well as the following -
  • Vivian Harris – Long Live Revolution (Shard) (Epic)
  • Scout – Galaxy Daze (Rare)
  • ATV – Galaxy Daze (Rare)
  • Signature Attachment - CR-56 AMAX – GRD-11
  • Silver Crate Coupon
Support Options This a brand new season with a ton of new content so please report any issues you may be seeing in-game. As always, we appreciate all of you who take the time to report these bugs in our Community spaces. Our teams are regularly monitoring those, so thank you to anyone who reports any issue (big or small) and helps make the game better for everyone.
Lastly, outside of community channels, which are not great options for individual bugs just affecting you, our two main two official support options are below:
  • In-game support chat
  • Player Support Website: Contact Us
That’s all for this Community Update! Below we have attached our seasonal patch notes full of all of the updated content, bug fixes, and weapon balances. We hope you enjoy the new season and see you all in the next update!
- The Call of Duty: Mobile Team
Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: RUSH
The rave is just getting started with Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 3: RUSH! Find your groove with Rivas – Neon and her Razorback - Treble in the Club or break out your glow sticks with Darkwave and his KN-44 - Candy Bracelet in the Season 3 Battle Pass! If you missed it the first time, The Hunt Battle Pass is now available in the Battle Pass Vault. Show off your winnings to your friends in the customizable Safe House and jump into the high-action new MP map, Rush. Lastly, don’t forget to redeem tokens in the Egg Hunter BR Event. Join the party now!
Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: RUSH brings new content including:
· A brand-new sniper rifle, HDR, is now available in COD:M! With its insane firepower at the cost of mobility, it can effectively suppress enemies In any type of combat scenario.
· The final reward for Elite Mission 2023 has been officially determined: a brand-new Legendary primary weapon! Series 1 is now in the final stage, please keep an eye on your Elite Mission progress.
Log in to the game and enjoy the new content after the update!


Map Update

New Map - Rush
A brand new MP map, Rush, is coming soon. This paintball firing range has clearly defined inner and outer lanes, where intense battles amidst bunkers and gunfire are about to unfold.
Mode Update
New Mode - Single Player Map Training
A new training mode for ranked modes and maps in the ranked match pool will provide more convenient features to Players! Feel free to test out Free FOV, Throwable Trajectory, and Throwable AOV!
Mode Adjustment - Big Head Blizzard
Adjusted movement speed debuff after Blizzard Beasts got hit. Reduced movement speed of Blizzard Beasts. Reduced damage caused by Blizzard Beasts.
Ranked Match Update
2023 Series1 is now in the final stage. The final Elite Mission reward is officially set already: players who achieved goals will be awarded a brand-new Legendary weapon when the final ranked series begins in 2023!
More details of this legendary weapon will come in the future. You can check the requirements for unlocking the legendary weapon and your current progress in Elite Mission. Good luck to you all.
The new system in Elite Mission "Construct Rewards" is coming soon, where you can rebuild the missed rewards in previous ranked series. You can enter the Elite Mission in the ranked lobby to view more details.
After reaching Legendary, you can play ranked matches to earn Elite Tokens. After you earned a certain number of Elite Tokens, you can use them to rebuild the missed seasonal rewards.
Rewards from below series are now joining the Construct Rewards, and more will be coming soon, stay tuned.
Series 4 2021 Series 5 2021 Series 1 2022
New score bonus Overpower was added in Result Page: players that are assessed to perform better than other players at the same ranked tiers will be granted with this bonus. This rule does not apply on the first day of the new ranked series.
Optimized the logic of capturing objects in ranked matches. Rank XP bonus will be given in this new series for Domination.
Optimized Team-up range: Legendary players of 10000+ Rank XP will not team-up with Masters.
Optimized the matching logic for 4-Man/5-Man's in-progress matches: narrowed the strength gaps between joining player and average team levels.
Additional condition of triggering the Ranked Shield Card was added: triggers when deducted over 20 Rank XP.
Loadouts are available during matchmaking in Ranked Matches.

Ranked Map Pool Update

Added to permanent pool: Express, Crossroads Strike
Map change: changed Nuketown Russia to Nuketown
Team Death Match
Removed map: Apocalypse, Favela
Added map: Diesel
Map change: changed Nuketown Russia to Nuketown
Search & Destroy
Removed map: Favela
Removed map: Favela, Crash, Apocalypse
Added map: Diesel
Map change: changed Nuketown Russia to Nuketown
Removed map: Crossroads Strike
Added map: Diesel
Map change: changed Nuketown Russia to Nuketown

Scorestreaks/Operator Skills

New Scorestreak – Wheelson A remote-controlled ground drone with impressive firepower.
Quick release of the UAV by left hand is now available.
Optimized the release operation of tablet-based Scorestreaks.

Practice Range Optimization

A new zone in MP Practice Range is now available to explore.
Bot behavior optimized.
Target challenge optimized.
Circle target challenge added.

Other Optimization

Optimized light rendering and reflect effects in Crossfire and Standoff.
Optimized some in-game texture performance of weapons.

-----Battle Royale-----

Mode Update

BR Training Ground
Weapons from Battle Royale or Arsenal Airdrops and new weapon mods are now available for training. And the new long-distance flying target challenge would help you become the next sniper master.
What are you waiting for? Let’s improve our survival skills here at BR Training Ground!
Gameplay Update
Easter Themed Event:
The well-reputed Easter Egg Event is back for a limited time!
You can gain Easter Egg Tokens by breaking Easter Eggs in Isolated and Blackout, completing Egg Pushing Tasks, and eliminating enemies. Easter Egg Tokens can be used for spinning the Lucky Wheel from the NPC Firebreak to earn rewards. The rewards include the Revive Bacon, which will help Players to revive immediately on the next revival flight (if there will be a next one) only when teammates are still alive.

Other Update

Added 3D Get-hit Hint:
It is enabled by default. Players can switch it off in SETTINGS – BASIC – BR MODE. 3D Get-hit Hint can help to discern attackers’ location, especially for those who are not on the same horizontal plane in some scenarios of Battle Royale.
Simplified KD/KO Broadcast:
Appropriately simplified the length of Knock-down/Knock-out information, especially from teammates.
Optimized positive feedback from KD/KO on the right side of reticle:
Added animation effects on positive feedback from Knock-Down/Knock-Out information on the right side of the reticle to improve the performance.
Added trigger condition to Ranked Shield Card:
Card protection triggers when deducted over 20 Rank XP.

Weapon Rotation

Weapon Rotation of Battle Royale in this season:
Assault Rifle:
Type 25, AK-47, M4, ICR-1, Peacekeeper MK2, AS VAL, M13, Kilo 141, Oden, Krig 6, EM2, Maddox
Sniper Rifle:
XPR-50, DL Q33, SVD, HDR
UL736, RPD, Dingo
RUS-79U, QQ9, Fennec, AGR 556, MX9, PPSh-41, MAC-10, LAPA
BY15, HS0405, KRM-262
Kilo Bolt-Action, SKS


New Weapon

Sniper Rifle -HDR
A brand-new heavy sniper rifle with insane firepower but at the huge cost of mobility.

New Attachment

CR-56 AMAX Attachment - GRD-11
A weapon-attached shield that is partially made of transparent materials to enhance visibility, and blocks bullets before being destroyed for its lower endurance.

Weapon Attachment Code

· New weapon attachment codes are added for easier sharing of attachment sets.
· The code of each attachment consists of 1 figure and 1 letter (eg.: 6B) that individually represents the slot it is located in and attached itself.
· A complete weapon attachment code that consists of the gun type and 5 attachment codes (eg.: MSMC-4A6B7A8C9C) could represent an attachment set of this weapon.
· Players can import or export attachment codes in the attachment modification page.
· Meanwhile, CLEAR ALL and RESET are integrated into one button.

Weapon Balance Adjustment Reminder

There will be reminders displayed on weapons with balance adjustments in new version updates. Players can tap the weapon balance icon for more details and compare the value changes of weapons and attachments. (reminders can also be hidden.)

Weapon Optimization

Reduced camera vibration: Shorty
Weapon performance optimization: Locus, Rytec AMR, UL736, M4LMG, M21 EBR, Renetti, Holger 26, MK2, Shorty, Crossbow
Weapon SFX optimization: AGR 556, QXR, Echo, PPSh-41, J358
Optimized reload-to-sprint movement transition.
Optimized ADS-to-sprint movement transition.
Added standard melee weapon adsorption to Heavy Hit.

Weapon Comparison Update

  1. Optimized weapon comparison interface: able to view the complete chart without sliding.
  2. Added new feature: able to export and save the complete chart.
  3. Added quick-selection to weapon comparison: able to compare with weapons in current loadouts.
  4. Changed the time unit of Sprint-to-fire Delay to "ms".

Bug Fixed

Fixed the incorrect value of dual-wield weapons in weapon comparison.
Optimized the issue of too many decimal places in the damage value of some weapons.
Fixed the incorrect damage value of CR-56 AMAX equipped with M67 Ammo in weapon comparison.

-----General Update-----

Safe House

Safe House is coming! Players can enter it from the SAFE HOUSE (former ARSENAL) in the lobby! Players can show items they owned, including weapons with camos, character, and vehicles.
Players can visit Safe Houses through players' profile page. New high-rarity weapons, characters and Prestige Weapon are available to check in Arsenal at the bottom left corner of Safe House.
More features will be available in the following releases. We welcome your experiences and feedback!

Meta BGM Player

  1. The Meta Music Player is now available. As an early access benefit, after the version update, players can permanently own the themed music of the current version and two return themed music.
  2. In the future, themed music of past seasons will be returned through engagement events, and players can get it for free after completing the task.
  3. The themed music of the new season in the future will be available for a limited time. If players want to own it permanently, they need to get it in Premium Battle Pass.All original theme music in the game is now available! You can customize your lobby music via the ‘Music Player’ icon in the top right corner in the Safe House.

Tournament Update

The new task system is now available in Tournament. You can check weekly and seasonal tasks in the Tournament lobby and complete them to earn additional rewards. Task system is available even if it's not the opening hours of the Tournament.


Sight distance adjustment is now available. You can adjust the distance between the camera and optics via Gunsmith – Customize to improve visual performance.
Players must be at least of Lv.10 to add a friend.
Muzzle Default Look is now available. Players can change the muzzle appearance on the attachment page.
A Ranked Shield Card will be compensated for players who encounter a game violation after the violated player was banned.
Fixed the bug that the marker will not disappear after choosing it on selectable tasks.

-----Balance Adjustment-----

Tactical reload speed: Increased
Lateral Recoil:Reduced
Fixed the bug that the basic recoil in BR is the same as in MP
Reload speed: Increased
ADS speed: Increased
Peacekeeper MK2
Basic hit flinch: Reduced
ADS bullet spread: Reduced
Recoil: Optimized
Recoil: Optimized
Damage: Increased
Chest damage multiplier: Increased
Reticle & Optic vibration when firing: Reduced
Head damage multiplier: Increased
First damage range: Increased
Fire interval between shots: Reduced
Exiting scope speed: Increased
Recoil recovery delay after firing: Reduced
Basic damage: Increased
10mm 30 Round Reload:
Extra damage in first 2 ranges: Increased
Head damage multiplier: Increased
Lower arm damage multiplier: Increased
AGR 556
Horizontal recoil: Reduced
Lower arm damage multiplier: Increased
Movement speed: Increased
Sprint-to-fire delay: Reduced
Hip fire bullet spread: Smoothed
Damage: Adjusted (BR Only)
Range: Adjusted (BR Only)
Kilo Bolt-Action
Attachment added: Red Dot Sight
Stopping Power Reload
Debuff on fire interval: Reduced
D13 Sector
Right fire button: Changed to hip fire
Visible trajectory: Added
Bullet Speed: Increased


Damage multiplier: Increased (MP Only)
MP Operator Skill/Tactics
Added a 3P effect when being activated.
Added additional time for H.I.V.E. to go effective after deployment.
Hit-box volume: Increased
Effects visibility: Increased
Added a Reminder when being detected.
Increased the weapon swap speed while the Operator Skill is activated.
Charging speed: Significantly increased
Damage range: Significantly increased
Bullet speed: Significantly increased
Mag capacity: Reduced
Bullet damage-taken reduction: Added


Charging Time: Significantly reduced
ADS Speed: Significantly increased
ADS Movement Speed: Significantly increased
Need to reload for every single shot
Ammo consumption per shot: Increased
Damage: Increased
Range: Increased
Bullet Speed: Increased
Ammo consumption per shot: Increased
Reload speed: Increased
Damage range: Adjusted (BR Only)
Damage: Reduced (BR Only)
BR Class
Target locking range: Increased
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2023.03.30 01:58 Dungeon_Dice JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #6: R4M9 - Passion Little and Dédalo Viatger vs ???

The results are in for Match 7. The winner is…
It reeked of bleach. Sharp and horrible, it burned the skin and sends the head swimming. Yet, this was not the rebellion Brandy had planned. Wah forced her to compromise at every angle. As time ticked by, their defences only grew, while hers diminished.
Now, the Wildebeest Queen stood in their oasis, cloaked in the skin of lions. They set to work destroying the walls, Brandy’s remaining resource, one by one.
She knew this was her only chance. Gathering her final angels, she hatched one last plan.
The waiting was the worst part. As seconds passed, the suspense ate at Wah. They glanced around, smashing wall after wall, trying to find her.
At last, their eyes caught sight of Brandy, charging forth with spear in hand. Her flesh bubbled with copper, trying to grow, trying to shock them, anything. But with a scream, Wah hurled a table at her head, smashing it into a splatter of gel.
Another fallen angel.
Tensed with instinct, Wah whirled around to find the real Brandy tearing through the last wall standing, leaping at them with The Heritors Picaro.
Everything stopped.
The two locked eyes.
Brandy realized how similar they look, while Wah confirmed what they had already feared.
What gripped them is a wordless, bestial terror…
…before the Bastion smashes Brandy to the ground.

Mx. Wah, with a score of 72 to Brandy Judge’s 65!

Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Brandy Judge 12 (3.5+2) - 18 (6.5+2) Brandy snagged a commanding early lead and held it through to the end!
Quality Mx. Wah 22 (7 7 8) - 17 (5 5 7) Reasoning
JoJolity Mx. Wah 28 (10 10 8) - 20 (6 7 7) Reasoning
Conduct Tie 10-10 Judges had issues with length in the delibs, but ultimately found no conduct penalty.
As Brandy hung on the verge of unconsciousness, it felt like a century went by. But finally, to break the silence, she felt a tap on her shoulder.
Opening her eyes, she saw Mx. Wah in front of her, offering a paper cone filled with water.
Brandy would slap the stupid offering away if she still had the strength. But all she could do is close her eyes again, drown it all out.
Sighing miserably, Wah finally staggered and crumples against the wall next to their daughter. Their ‘consequence’.
They tried to tell her they wouldn't kill her. They tried to tell her they just didn’t want to die. They tried to tell their child that they’re scared.
All the while, Brandy was silent.
Wah tried again. “Come back to COLOSSI with me, and we can work something out. I have to take responsibility once in my life. You already came this far for me–neither of us are going to give up now.”
At last, they extended a hand to her, remorse creasing their tired face. “...What do you say?”
Finally, Brandy pushed herself upward, and weakly nudged the hand away. She exhaled a pained breath, gave Wah a stoic look, and spoke at last.
“Fix your fucking life, mom.”
Wallowing in frustration and foiled rebellion, Brandy turned away. She had no more words to give.
Yet, before Wah could respond, footsteps approached. There stood Alalu, brows knit with concern, though her eyes were gleaming.
“Poor dears…” she sighs. “These battles are difficult, but the fact that you survived is a sign of your strength,” she smiles, nodding to Wah. “In honor of that, even though you didn’t fight Frederick, when we start this friendship I’ll still owe you a-”
”Not now,” Wah rasped. ”Please.”
Alalu raised her brows, before nodding solemnly.
“...I understand. Later, then. For now, allow me to escort you both home.”
She extended a hand to them both. Neither Wah nor Brandy had the strength left to refuse. With a smile, Alalu lifted them and led them from the wreckage. Outside, the night was cold. Alalu idly fussed over them as they walked to her car, as she talked about sending them a care package full of good food and clothing.
Love is warmth, Wah heard her say. But the night was so cold.
Quietly, they turned towards the ruined building.
「Wolf Murder」 watched back. Her body heaved with pelts, gathered from their funeral procession. There was respect in her eyes. This too was cold.
Above her, Wah spotted something else. Pale porcelain, and glowing socket eyes.
An old friend. The terror of death. Nobody at all.
They turned away quickly, heart pounding. Cold and desperate, Wah reached out a hand for Brandy. For their daughter. So they might share this promised warmth, this love.
She did not take it.
The results are in for Match 8. The winner is…

Errok, with a score of 72 to Cody Enfield’s 69!

Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Cody Enfield 14 (4+2) - 16 (5+2) A steady back and forth with Cody sliding in with a one vote lead!
Quality Tie 22 (7-7-8) - 22 (7-7-8) Reasoning
JoJolity Errok 26(9-8-9) - 21 (7-6-8) Reasoning
Conduct Tie 10-10 A strat time extension was issued without penalty, but do note that these are given wholly under judge discretion with sufficient notice and good cause. We have been more liberal than tournaments past, but even we have limits. So far extensions have been in lucky spots where they did not interfere with the schedule of other matches, but there is also the consideration of fairness to both teams and when an extension is necessary by circumstance or become needed due to not being able to finish in a given timeframe. The reason we delay granting match extensions for the latter case is because we are uncertain whether or not they are actually necessary or if the team will be able to work and have gotten in their strategy in anyways. And ideally we want people to work as if they will not be getting an extension to prevent procrastination or effectively squandering time that could have been utilized. Final note as a reminder, turning in a strategy late for a conduct penalty, while it can feel bad, is an option for a reason in the sorts of cases where we cannot grant an extension in good faith.
The dust settled, and Errok was alone to laugh.
“Ah…I love the putrid rot of millenia,” Errok mused aloud to himself, looking out with satisfaction towards the utterly brutalized ruins as he steps forward, foot planted on Cody’s stiff body as the demonstration of the land’s history lay in rotten, distorted pieces. He clutched a Temple in his hand, unsure what even to do with it. “Thousands of years it took for this place to hold, years of your archaeology to find it, mysteries awaiting answer and investigation…And it’s wiped away by disease and swordplay in a matter of minutes. In my professional opinion, in fact…I’ll even give you my answer for what became of this high-and-mighty civilization.”
Unsure if Cody was even alive or dead, Errok uncapped his hand once more, allowing the worms to trail slowly down it and burrow into his body, burrow into the soft, barely-living ground beneath him.
“They were struck down by a plague!”
Crash! Clang!
Errok was knocked forward into a nearby wall by an explosive volley of arrows, feeling a familiar cutting sensation digging into the flesh of his arm and demanding that he retract it. A familiarly ‘clean’ feeling attempts to invade his rotten arm, but his own disease and maggots eat it away before pumpkins could grow. Even as his helmeted head rested against the wall, he groaned, but it turned into a laugh nonetheless as he cracked his neck, rose, and looked at them.
Ninian and Dédalo stood , weapons drawn, staring him down with blatant contempt. Grey, in the back, also prepared to either support them or get Cody away.
“You removed everything, you stupid piece of shit!” Ninian shouted, voice low and grainy and bloodthirsty. “What’s the point of any of this? All this…Everything we’ve got here, and now..!”
“And it’s been reduced to feed for my worms…It, and all your documentation, and the spirits you wear…All of them will be reduced to nothing anyway! I’ve just become the agent of its rot. The conqueror of what had stood for ages…I did it because I can, in short, MacBeth.”
Realizing then that those were about to be his likely last words, he hurriedly held up what Temples he managed to steal, hold onto, waving them tauntingly. “And now, a half-life lays in my hands! The very last vestiges of what you all came out here…Strike me down, children, and it all becomes for naught. At least if I walk away…You’ll know that all your work was for something, no? It’s a compromise…Your Temples go to my Ends, and they’re still out there, someplace in this world. Sounds like a fine deal from where I’m standing…And the only one you’ve got.”
The others stood there, utterly stiff from realization that Errok, for once in his wretched life…was right. Like him, they had no choice now but to choose between a rotten-away half-life for the remains of this place and complete oblivion.
Scenario: Alexandria National Museum, Alexandria, Egypt — 7:16 AM
At this hour, the tour groups that normally plagued the museum’s halls weren’t due to arrive until later in the morning, leaving it in a state of calm for a few blissful hours. Beams of sunlight streamed in through the windows and illuminated the exhibits inside—important pieces symbolizing different periods in the grand history of Alexandria.
Dédalo idly wandered from display to display, examining each and every one of them. It had become a habit of his to do this in every museum that he came across on his travels, after discovering several artifacts and potential temples of Pieduron origin mislabeled as ones from other ancient civilizations. Dédalo’s eye passed over canopic jars, ushabti figurines, gleaming jewelry and statues of long-dead emperors and pharaohs. From the recreation of the funerary chamber on the first floor, to the display of Alexandria’s Hellenistic and Roman periods on the second, all the way up to the city’s Coptic, Muslim and 19th to 20th century, one could learn the entire history of Alexandria in a single trip.
As he scrutinized the exhibits Dédalo noticed that many of its placards had a small footnote underneath the main text: 「Donated by the House of Muses.」 While he wasn’t an expert in appraisal by any means, he could see the distinct glint of Cleria in some of the artifacts, masked by thin layers of acrylic resin.
“How strange,” Dédalo muttered. “The House of Muses have amassed a number of Temples, yet the ones here are all mislabeled. I should inform them when I get the chance.”
He pulled out a notebook and began to jot down a few of their names as Perdida floated behind him, arms crossed. “Are you not concerned that they have this many temples?”
“Well, relabelling everything will certainly take some time. And these pieces were improperly restored because the curator must have assumed them to be Egyptian relics, so that will also need to be taken care of...” Dédalo continued taking down notes and sketches.
“That’s not what I’m worried about, it’s just...”
“Excuse me,” A suited man with the build of a bodyguard interrupted Dédalo and Perdida’s conversation.“Patron Cullinan is ready to see you now. Please come with me.”
“Perfect timing, lead the way.” Dédalo closed his notebook and moved to follow the suited man with Perdida trailing after.
Scenario: Alexandria National Museum, Alexandria, Egypt—7:26 AM
Old painting…Stone tablet…Weird looking statue…
Passion didn’t know what she expected to find when she decided to sneak through the storage room of a history museum. It seemed like a fun idea at the time, but all that was here was a bunch of boxes filled with old junk; no wonder why it wasn’t being displayed.
Passion stepped over the snoring body of the security guard stationed at the door and started heading towards the nearest exit, past rows of shelves of more boxes.
“Sorry, miss, this is the employee-only section. Are you lost?” Passion looked to see a suited woman sorting boxes on a shelf, 15 or so meters away.
“Think I got separated from the tour group I was with,” Passion lied. “‘Scuse me.”
“I can help guide you where you need to go.” The woman put the box she was holding onto the shelf.
“Exit’s right there,” Passion pointed out. “I can just go,”
“Please, I insist. It's not everyday we get a direct visit from a member of COLOSSI.”
Passion remained silent, holding 「sleepyhead」 close to her chest. If the woman took one step closer, she could send her to dreamland…but she remained just shy of ten meters away.
“We fully respect your anonymity. But if we could have a moment of your time, the House of Muses could offer our services with your ‘problem’.” The suited woman made a devil horn sign with her hands and tapped the side of her nose.
Passion glanced at her plushie, one glassy eye staring back at her.
“Ah, Dédalo~boy and Perdida~girl. Make yourselves at home.” Cullinan spread his arms wide in a welcoming gesture.
They were in what Dédalo had first assumed to be the basement of the museum, but his adventuring sense told him this place was much older. The place was lit through a series of wired cave lamps; Too barren to be any sort of underground burial chamber, perhaps it was an old storage facility or some type of bunker.
“I am still waiting for another guest to arrive before we can begin the main event. But in the meantime, care to join me in a game of Senet?” Cullinan gestured to a table, a gridded board set up in the middle
Dédalo eyed the game board as he put his hat and coat on the back of his chair. “You know the rules of Senet?”
“Of course. The ultimate goal of the House of Muses is the preservation of information, and history most importantly. Especially when that information comes from its homeland of Egypt. However, the informal rules will suffice for now; we are not here to perform any funeral rites or cross into the afterlife.” Cullinan chuckled and sat down at one end of the table, Dédalo sitting across from him.
The game of modern Senet is simple! Each player has 5 pieces; whomever got all of their pieces off the board first won. The board itself is a 3 by 10 grid, with each piece starting in the first row. Each turn, players roll senet sticks to determine how many spaces they can move one of their pieces. If an opponent’s piece was in the slot they wished to move to, the player could swap the positions of the two pieces. However, if the opponent had two or more of their pieces adjacent to each other, those pieces were ‘protected’ and could not be swapped. Though many of its rules have been lost to time, it’s easy to see why Senet was such a popular game!
Dédalo stretched out his fingers and wrists. He had heard that Cullinan enjoyed board games, so he decided that he might as well humor him. This way, he could get on his good side and get the opportunity to ask a few questions.
“Would you like the wood pieces or the obsidian ones?” Cullinan offered as he set up the board.
“I’ll take the wood pieces.”
“Then I will be obsidian. Care to take the first turn?” Cullinan passed Dédalo the set of senet sticks. Dédalo gently tossed them onto the table, allowing the clatter to ring out before continuing.
“I understand that the House of Muses has been collecting temples and researching Pieduron history.” Dédalo inquired politely, moving forward one of his wooden pieces.
“Ah, so you’ve heard.” Cullinan rolled and moved his obsidian piece to the space right behind Dédalo’s. “Picking up the trail that Pieduro left behind in the Mediterranean has been a challenge, even for an organization of our size.”
Dédalo moved another one of his pieces. “Really? You might be further on that trail than you think. Quite a few of your artifacts upstairs are from Pieduro, you know.”
“Is that so? I’ll have to inform the curator, then.” Cullinan chuckled, as if he was making a private joke to himself. Dédalo sensed that Cullinan didn’t seem surprised by what he said.
“Tell me, Dédalo~boy. You have been in pursuit of the Piedurons for much longer than I. Why? What keeps you going on such a Sisyphean task as this?”
“Simple. I am helping Perdida find out what happened to her home and people.” Dédalo rolled the sticks and moved his front piece further forward. “As an adventurer, I can’t just leave this quest uncompleted.”
“My, how noble. Personally, I wish to document and understand what these Temples can do. Our research into their functions has been quite fascinating.” Cullinan took his turn and moved his second piece up behind his first.
“And how is that research going?” Perdida asked, hesitant, as Dédalo rolled his sticks and pondered his next move.
“It took the sacrifice of a few Temples, but I believe we have managed to understand how they work just a bit. Of course, not enough to craft any new ones or find a way to reliably power them.”
Perdida faded into the background, watching as Dédalo finally decided to swap his last piece with Cullinan’s fourth piece. Sacrifice…she didn’t like the way he said that so frivolously.
“That’s a shame,” Dédalo sighed. “Well, if it’s Temples that you need, my companion and I have become rather skilled in locating them. Perhaps we could come to a mutual agreement. You find the outposts, we find the Temples…I assume that’s what you called us here for, after all.”
“You would be correct, but we should wait for our other guest before we finalize any agreements.” Cullinan smiled mysteriously. “Patience, Dédalo~boy. Our game is not yet finished.”
Dédalo could feel his patience towards Cullinan’s vagueness beginning to wane—Cullinan maneuvered around his questions as masterfully as his pieces maneuvered around the board. Time to push harder.
“You’re aware of the symbolism of ‘Wood’ and ‘Obsidian’ to the Piedurons, I assume. ‘Wood’ represents the Earth that binds us all, grounding us to the world around us; Obsidian represents the power that we can wield, and the paradox of how strong yet brittle it can be. In your opinion, which one resonates with you more?”
Cullinan furrowed his brow. Feigning ignorance, Dédalo continued on. “Personally, I’m fascinated with the concept of ‘Wood’. Growing with the Earth, instead of against it. Rebuilding, persisting, even when all seems lost. ‘Wood’ reminds us of our place in the world—not to live wealthy, or live poorly, but to simply live.”
“Hm…I believe that ‘Wood’ is a beautiful ideal.. However, it is simply that; an ideal. For lack of a better term, it’s too ‘soft’ for my tastes.” Cullinan glanced at the obsidian piece he held in his hand. “‘Obsidian’, on the other hand…when it breaks, when it shatters, it is lost forever. But for the short time that it lasts, its strength outweighs its fragility. An obsidian dagger needs only to cut once to make a mark on the world. After that, what use does it have? Better to grind the shards into dust than risk them cutting your hand open.”
Dédalo nodded slowly. “I see.”
“Patron Cullinan, your other guest has arrived.” A suited woman opened the door and waved Passion inside. She surveyed the dimly-lit room as the woman shut the door behind her. She immediately noticed Dédalo, recognizing him as one of the strong Stand users to keep track of. “Big fuck-off airship,” if she remembered correctly.
She didn’t know who the bald man that he sat beside was, though. She barely even registered that he was talking to her.
“Passion~girl I presume?”
“Don’t call me that.”
“Oh pardon me, it’s a formal title I use for people. The House of Muses is akin to a familial structure in its design. Call it a bit of an archaic tradition, but it’s quite the honorific for guests such as yourselves.”
Passion cocked her head slightly. “Who’re you again?”
“Right, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Cullinan Dwarf Star, Patron of the House of Muses. You might know me as Sphinx.”
Vague recognition dawned on Passion’s face, “Oh. You’re the guy that shot Solsbury.”
“Shot past, actually,” Cullinan shrugged, “Anyway, to get to why I brought you here. How much do you know about Pieduron technology and history?”
“Not much,” Passion shrugged. She had seen Dédalo’s file before, and knew about Pieduron technology from there. Other than that, nothing.
“Perfect. You will be serving as an outsider’s perspective to our discussion.”
“...ok.” Passion took that to mean, “sit quietly and say “I see” every now and then.” Worked for her.
“Don’t look so glum. There may be a few details you and your organization may be interested in, if my introduction doesn’t bore you.” Cullinan smiled. Passion’s expression didn’t change. “Now, the Piedurons were an isolated people with highly advanced technology known as Temples. Based on our findings, these temples were highly sophisticated and almost universally ran off some type of spiritual energy. Dédalo~boy, what can you tell us about your recent findings in that planetarium?”
“It was extraordinary,” Dédalo explained, a bit of excitement escaping his guarded demeanor, followed by a mix of sadness and anger at the destruction Errok had wrought. “A visual history of Pieduron civilization. From its roots as an ancient agrarian civilization, the discovery of spiritual energy, the creation of the first Temples, their migration across the Mediterranean, and their eventual collapse. Like a last broadcast from the radio of a sinking ship, a final monument to their civilization before it was lost for good.”
“In our correspondence, you mentioned that there was a symbol in the depiction of their collapse; a face with a zero on it. What do you think that meant?” Cullinan motioned for Dédalo to elaborate.
“To be frank, it could mean anything. A bad ruler, a natural disaster, maybe something the Piedurons perceived as divine judgment.” Dédalo recalled the scene in his mind. “We can’t know for sure without more information.”
“The final stage showed that all of the active Temples stopped working, yes? And around the world, Temples have only recently regained their functionality. That includes your “El Cor Terra”, and your companion along with it, which you used to activate the Planetarium, yes?”
“How did you—”
Cullinan raised a hand. “The House can gather information in many ways, no matter the difficulty—especially when they align with our interests. My question is, if all of the Temples lost functionality, why would the Piedurons make the key to the planetarium a Temple itself? Surely, they would have built some other means of activating it so that future generations could read their message without the use of a Temple.”
“Maybe the necklace survived by chance,” Dédalo suggested, a bit too quickly.
“With all due respect, Dédalo, that’s preposterous. The capabilities of your traveling companion are unlike anything that we have ever seen, and far less powerful Temples were permanently deactivated by the shutdown. No, the Piedurons must have known that your necklace would survive their collapse and eventually regain its power, then built the planetarium around that fact.”
Dédalo grit his teeth. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Simple. I believe the Pieduron shut down their Temples on purpose. What’s more, the planetarium is not a simple message in a bottle. It’s a warning that could only be viewed if the Temples were ever reactivated.”
“Well. Uh. That’s. A bold claim,” Dédalo said slowly. “I understand the drive to speculate, but that is quite the outlandish theory. Isn’t it, Perdida? …Perdida?”
“...sorry, it’s nothing.” Perdida grasped her arm to stop it from shaking.
“The thought has crossed your mind before, hasn’t it, Perdida?” Cullinan leaned forward. “Try as you might to avoid it, you know it’s a plausible explanation.”
Perdida said nothing.
“Your silence speaks volumes, I’m afraid. My theory is as follows. Using the power of the Temples, the Pieduro created something so destructive, so threatening to themselves and maybe even the entire world, they were forced to deactivate all of the Temples to prevent it from ever being used. In their final moments, they created the planetarium and El Cor Terra as a final message to anyone who found it—the Temples are never to be used again.”
Cullinan sighed. “Thus, it is my utmost belief that knowledge of the Temples must never reach the public eye. As much as it pains me to say it…Pieduro must remain buried. For good.”
“...excuse me?” Dédalo’s eyes narrowed. “I thought you said that the House of Muses was supposed to preserve history. Now you’re just going to leave it to rot? Torch it like the Library of Alexandria?”
“Don’t be absurd. We will retain our records on Pieduro and any artifacts that we have collected to the utmost scrutiny. They will simply never see the light of day again.”
“Oh, so you’re keeping ‘em,” Passion spoke up. “That makes sense. But, sorry, I must’ve missed the part where you told us why the House won’t use the Temples as weapons either. Since you’re so worried about your safety and all that.”
Cullinan hesitated. “That’s…I would never allow that to happen.”
“Sure you won’t. But there’s gonna be other Patrons. Patrons that aren’t you. Patrons who’ll look at a vault full of ancient weaponry and think…well, you get the rest.”
“As if you aren’t salivating at the chance to obtain the Temples for yourself, young madam,” Cullinan retorted. “The Piedurons knew exactly how to use the Temples—where are they now? One small misstep, one fool with too much hubris, and the entire Mediterranean could be at risk. This way, everyone will be safe. I’ll make sure of that.”
The room grew silent. Cullinan cleared his throat and straightened his robes. Before he could continue, Dédalo rose to his feet.
“My apologies, Patron. I will have no part in this. Consider our deal off the table. Permanently.”
Dédalo snatched his hat and coat and made for the door, Perdida following close behind.
“There is no need for apologies, Mr. Viatger,” Cullinan called to him. “Not for you, and not for me. You have forced my hand.”
From within his sleeve, Cullinan produced a flat, rectangular stone in the shape of a playing card. Suddenly, it was as if the world froze, and all colors inverted to a photo negative. Then, just as suddenly, the world returned to normal; with one notable exception.
“Perdida?” Dédalo whipped around, searching frantically for his partner, clutching his necklace tight to his chest. “Cullinan, you bastard, what did you do to her!?”
“Calm yourself. I have done your companion no harm.” Cullinan flipped the stone card around. Carved into its surface was a perfect portrait of Perdida, eyes wide in shock, screaming a silent scream, reaching out towards Dédalo. “This is no different from how she rested before you found her. There’s no need to-”
Dédalo unsheathed his sabre and lunged for Cullinan’s throat. Cullinan rose from his seat—in one swift motion, he sidestepped Dédalo, grabbed him by the collar, and hurled him across the room into the opposite wall.
Passion shot awake and leaped back, pointing 「sleepyhead」 straight at Cullinan, its mouth open and ready to strike.
“It seems we have reached an impasse,” Cullinan stated calmly. “Dédalo, Passion, we could fight and make enemies of one another—but this is not the way of the House of Muses. Instead, I am willing to wager my resolve versus your own. A test of body, mind and spirit.” Cullinan pulled out an ornate hourglass, its frame entwined with green and gold snakes and its interior filled with fine metal shavings.
Dédalo slowly rose from the ground, forcing the air back into his lungs. “Your games mean nothing to me, Patron. Give me my friend back. Now.”
“You have been clear that you are unwilling to compromise and rash in your judgment. But I invite you to a game invented by the Piedurons.” Cullinan tapped the side of the hourglass. “I will reveal this to you now—my Stand is bound to this hourglass, and the hourglass itself is a Pieduron Temple. It can enforce any wager we make. Win this game, and you will have not just my word, but a promise to help understand and uncover the mysteries of the Piedurons. Not only that, I will do whatever you feel is appropriate in regards to anything related to the Piedurons.”
“And if we lose?” Passion interjected. She didn’t give a shit about Perdida, but she also didn’t want to lose her soul or whatever.
“I ask for nothing, I will even give your companion back. But give me this opportunity to show you what Piedruon technology is capable of and why it is so dangerous.”
It was hard to take Cullinan at his word, but it was the only option Dédalo had been given. “Fine.”
“You may resent me all you like, but know that I am trying to do you a favor. Most other factions would have already killed you by now. Here, I’ll make it easy for you.” Cullinan brushed a hand across his face, spreading a black glittery face paint with his palm. Opening his eyes he revealed black sclera and red pupils.
Motes of light saturated the room and flickering projections painted the room in bright light. It was like what happened at the planetarium, only on a smaller scale. No…this felt more real than even that, the floor changed underneath their feet and the stale cave air was replaced with fresh air. Dédalo felt a new weight press down on his arm as a disk-like shield materialized and attached to his gauntlet.
By this point Cullinan had moved to the other side of the room. “To make this fair we will be playing the simplified rule set! Once you are content you understand them, we may Open the game! (Shoutouts to u/TreeTurtle_852 for the match art!)
Location: A strange pocket dimension? The battlefield of a game played by the Piedurons.
The area here is 21 by 22 meters with each tile being 1 by 1 meters. Cullinan starts on the top of the map while the players are on the bottom half. The ceiling is 50 meters high and the stage is lit by an unknown, omnipresent light source.
The blacked out tiles are endless pits; a player is RETIREd if they fall in without a way to get back out.
The ground here is sandstone with certain areas having been painted to look like the colors shown on the map. The sides of the map are sandstone walls, the general rules of the game are outlined on the walls behind the players. Half a meter underneath the sandstone layers is a thick layer of A Durability Cleria.
The Purple “X” marked circles are Cullinan’s summoning zones and the Brown “X” marked circles are the Players’ summoning zones.
Goal: Beat your opponent in this game that tests body, mind, and spirit!
Additional Information: In this game designed by the Piedurons, each side summons Pieduron warriors to fight for them.
General Unit Info:
  • Unless otherwise stated, each unit has C Power, Speed, Durability, and C Precision with B Durability on their weapons and armor.
  • Units are defeated once they take C Durability’s worth of damage.
  • Units each have effectively a 3 stat in using their main weapons and working in their intended roles.
  • The armored parts of armored units are not removable
  • Similar to Stands, the units are able to incorporate their summoner’s experiences and utilize their fighting techniques. They are almost like a pseudo-swarm Stand, with their summoner having a mental link to the units and giving orders to them remotely.
  • For the players, Passion or Dédalo can summon and command units, but they share the same summoning zones and cooldowns.
  • Each unit is made of stone and clay, but are hollow enough to weigh about as much as a human
  • For Passion’s Stand, they count as living things with stamina while active and objects when defeated.
Each Summoning circle has a 30 second cooldown and can summon any of the listed units below:
Unit List:
  • Knights: Armed with a scimitar and small round shield. They have a layer of body armor and helmet.
  • Defenders: Armed with a large rectangular riot shield. They have a layer of body armor and helmet.
  • Spearmen: Armed with a spear. They have arm guards and a helmet.
  • Archers: Armed with a bow and quiver of 25 arrows
  • Fishermen: Armed with a fishing rod and three fishing spikes attached to their hip
  • Farmer: Armed with a sickle and hoe
  • Lumberjack: Armed with a hatchet
  • Excavator: Armed with a pickaxe and a shovel
  • Gremlin: Half the size of the normal sized units, the gremlin has D Power and D Durability as a trade off for its small size. They also have sharp B Durability claws with no opposable thumbs.
While the game is active, Cullinan and the Players are unable to attack or directly interact with one another (their bodies, Stands, and attacks will pass through each other.). Nor can they cross to the opponent’s side of the field (both sides can still cross into the center area)
Note, both sides are able to attack and use their abilities against enemy units.
Each side can only have up to 10 units at a time on their own side of the field. However they can have as many of their units as they would like on their opponent’s side of the field.
The game ends when their opponent(s) are Retired and no longer able to continue fighting. Any injuries when the game ends vanish and you will be brought back where you were before the game started.
Dédalo does not have Perdida physically with him in this match, but he does have access to the rest of Perdida’s ‘Stand’ abilities and starts with a Temple that is a thick shield-like attachment for his gauntlet:
Temple Name Tier 1 Ability Tier 2 Ability Tier 3 Ability
Alqurs Almubaraza (The Duel Disk) The front end of the shield opens up and can convert any one Temple stored in the gauntlet into a Cleria stone card (1 Pilot) The shield can convert a second Temple into a card (2 Pilots) The shield can convert a third temple into a card (3 Pilots)
In this game, cards created by this temple can be cast and equipped to any unit under Dédalo’s control, with any additional benefits Dédalo would have. (The card-form temples still require the requisite number of pilots to get their effects.) All they have to do is mentally target which unit they want and place the card on the face of the shield. When the equipped unit is defeated, the equipped Temple is returned and stored back in the gauntlet.
The game has just started and there is 5 seconds before all summoning zones can be activated.
Team Combatant JoJolity
House of Muses Cullinan Dwarf Star "I've split their souls into six chips each. In poker, if you think you might lose, you can fold. You need to be able to drop out and up the ante, so we can't play with just two chips. Winning back six chips is the equivalent of winning one soul." Show your resolve and your trust in your methods!
HECATONCHEIRES Passion Little and Dédalo Viatger "Fine. I'll bet my soul." Show your resolve and your trust in Pieduro!
Link to Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
Days ago…
As the stormwinds blew the ship off-course, Val instead took this as a blessing, standing at the bow, pointing ahead.
“THERE!” She barked, at the top of her voice. “IF THE STORM BLOWS US SO, WE! SHALL! FOLLOW!”
And so, The Bruce turned with the wind, merely allowing it to spell the course of the ship. And so soon did the ship arrive, at the deadliest trial yet.
Val stopped the vessel here, dropping the anchor just before the range of the Scylla, pulling down the sails so The Bruce might not continue into the depths. L pulled the spyglass to its eyes, spotting the beast.
Val readied the ‘cannonballs’, composed of the 30-odd-kg chunks of wood she had brought from Circe’s islands, and from a distance, she released her ‘grapeshot’–a group of possessed objects tied to a bullet as the leader.
Even from such a distance, the force of these were immense, barrelling down upon Scylla from past where she could manage to stop them. But even when Val’s volley had run its course, Scylla stood just barely. In her desperate search for more cannonballs, she had found the remains of a poor sandwich she hadn’t noticed being slipped into her belongings, gone hard from weeks unprotected at sea. It performed admirably as another cannonball, but there was still more to do, and Val was still determined to finish off this beast.
S possessed Val as R possessed the bullet of the Soul Slug Dividing Heart; Val shot the gunsword upwards, at a steep angle. Val now soared thousands of feet above the Scylla monster in the air, whereupon she had 70 seconds to travel the whole arc of the bullet. As she sailed towards her quarry, she readied her gun again: 70 seconds to fell this beast, 70 seconds of bullets, 70 seconds for one of the most epic victories of her life. With a deep breath, she smiled, laughing a little…God, this was…exhilarating!
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2023.03.30 01:50 Crystal-Clear-Waters The Image of Caring

I work for a big, waste producing, cheesy movie making, non recyclable greeting card company.
Seventy percent of their workers are “part time field” no matter how much you work. I am in lower middle management as a Territory Supervisor. I oversee two regions. (Unusual) I’m responsible for almost one hundred stores. The pay isn’t awful, $20 hour and I decide my own hours.
We have so many Retail Merchandiser positions available. We are so understaffed, I am currently covering merchandising requirements for 28 locations on my own.
I was hired as part time, around 20 hours a week. Now, my Manager wants me to work 40, but don’t get into overtime. There is no way to translate what I’m doing into a full time with benefits position.
Today I got a “shit sandwich email” from a Regional Buyer giving me instructions on how to retail one of her stores, because I was doing her the favor of an emergency visit. Polite, condescension, “thx”. She couldn’t even take the time to type out thank you.
This emergency was because one of our Merchandisers hasn’t clocked in, in eleven days. Definitely hadn’t been to that store. If this person quit and didn’t tell us, this will bump my store responsibility to 35.
I’m launching an offensive to do everything I can to support these stores. I’m doing U boats of 8-17 boxes per store. Three stores per day. And this hoe wants to make sure I visit that location weekly. Bitch, you are lucky if I see it monthly.
I wrote an email to that effect. I also called Human Resources.
If I loose this job, I’m FUCKED. How they treat us tho, no one gives a fuck. I’ve never even met my manager. He couldn’t tell you one thing about me. Have had a total of five phone calls with him in seven months.
I’m angry and exhausted.
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2023.03.30 01:45 BiggityB05 Monitor will not display, goes into standby mode.

I am having an issue to where my monitor will say check connection when my cables are not plugged in but will go to standby mode when they are plugged in. I have tried power cycling both the PC and the monitor, I've tried resetting the motherboard, swapping out the ram, trying both display port cables and HDMI cables plugged into both the graphics card and the motherboard ports and nothing has changed.
Any advice on what could be causing the issue?
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2023.03.30 01:40 Venom_H Accidental change on channel rack

Accidental change on channel rack
Good afternoon everyone! I’m new do FL studio (used it last back in 2010), and in my recent meddling with it, I changed something. It’s no longer displaying the name of the instruments/Plug ins on the channel rack anymore, was hoping to fix this back to how it was? Thank you!
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2023.03.30 01:39 Sharp-Emergency-5233 How to view s3 bucket file in angular front end without making s3 bucket public?

I am working on a library app. I have so far accomplish saving the image file to an s3 bucket. I then saved the url to a MongoDB database. I can view this file in the AWS console but I can't use the url since my bucket is private. How can I view this image in angular front-end after I finished uploading the file to an s3. Is it necessary to make the s3 bucket public or there some workaround?
process goes like this:
1) user fills out form with data and attaches a file (image)

2) file is store in s3 bucket

3) The url of file is return using s3 location path and store in mongodb along with other data

4) Now I am sending the response back to front-end

5) Data is display as card. All the data is available except the file since bucket is private
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2023.03.30 01:37 MidnightCrazies Which strategy to use first to reduce CC debt and get the most favorable rates for personal and auto loans?

Hi Reddit, I need some advice on order of operations to tackle credit card debt and get a small auto loan.
I’m 39 and admittedly never learned to manage money well for a whole host of reasons. Still, I used to have excellent credit, no credit card debt, an income of about $110k per year, and massive grad school student debt. About 4 years ago I burned out so hard from my profession that I became disabled for almost a year. My income fell off cliff and I racked up $21k in credit card debt. I managed to pay off the student debt completely because I had to (downside of refinancing). I still haven’t been able to return to my original field or income. However, I just got an offer for a $72k/year job. I have three credit cards: one that is paid off that I use for all my purchases and two others with interest rates of 18% and a combined balance of $15k total. My total credit lines are $30k. My spending is well under control. My credit score is sitting at 710-720 depending on the bureau.
I need to buy a car and lower my interest rate on those damn credit cards. I have a few options and I’m not sure which to do first. (1) Wait a couple of months to start the job and pay down some of my cards. (2) Open another card with a 0% intro APR and transfer some of my balance. (3) Get a personal loan and completely pay off my cards. My pre-approved rates are 11-12% for a 3-year loan and the monthly payment will be less than I already pay monthly on the cards. (4) Get an auto loan of $5-10k. I know that improving my credit score will improve my interest rates. What I don’t know is how much of a hit my credit will take relative to the benefit of opening another card or taking a personal loan. I think the car loan probably comes last, but what’s the best plan for my other options?
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2023.03.30 01:37 Prestigious_End8568 first 10gig adventure

Hi All,
i am taking my first steps into 10gig after inheriting 2x melonox connectx-3 cards and a direct attach cable.
my question is will this switch ( CRS305-1G-4S+IN) work with the direct attach cables and if i buy 2 more direct attach cables will i be able to attach this to the upstream SFP port at the top of the rack (hp 1950 series switch(each switch has 2 10gig ports that are a shared rj45/sfp+ cage)
the layout wuld be:
connectx-3 -> CRS305-1G-4S+IN port 2
connectx-3 -> CRS305-1G-4S+IN port 3
CRS305-1G-4S+IN port1 -> HP 1950 series switch (sfp+ cage)
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2023.03.30 01:29 fragglegrok Bolderfist Oger: The Unquestionable Paragon of Hearthstone, My Dear Reader

Greetings, esteemed readers! In the realm of Hearthstone, the illustrious digital card game devised by the ingenious minds at Blizzard Entertainment, we have been privy to a myriad of cards since its debut in the year 2014. Players of high and low standing have borne witness to various metas and potent cards that have dictated the strategies of this engaging pastime. However, one card in particular has continuously displayed its fortitude and versatility amidst the ever-changing landscape – the Bolderfist Oger. In this delightful literary piece, we shall explore why the Bolderfist Oger is the unrivaled card in Hearthstone and why it shall continue to dominate, even when compared to future releases.
The strength of the Bolderfist Oger lies in its unadulterated simplicity. A 6-mana neutral minion with a 6/7 stat line, it is the perfect companion for a wide array of decks, irrespective of class or strategy. This adaptability allows players to incorporate it into their ensembles without the burden of pondering over elaborate synergies or class-specific cards. While future expansions may introduce more intricate mechanics, Bolderfist Oger's straightforward design ensures it will always maintain a place in Hearthstone.
The Bolderfist Oger offers exceptional value for its modest cost. Boasting 6 attack and 7 health, it stands as a formidable force capable of trading blows with multiple lesser minions or challenging the might of larger ones. This stat line permits it to endure the majority of board clearances and single-target removals, obliging opponents to expend additional resources to vanquish it from the board. The Bolderfist Oger's proficiency in efficient trading and maintaining board presence renders it a constant threat, even in the face of new cards boasting more potent effects.
The Bolderfist Oger has retained its relevance since the game's inception, a testament to its timeless design. While certain cards have been diminished, removed from the standard, or simply fallen out of favor due to shifting metas, the Bolderfist Oger has remained a steadfast staple. It has demonstrated that a well-rounded stat distribution and a simple design can withstand the capricious nature of Hearthstone. As future expansions are unveiled, it is likely that the Bolderfist Oger will continue to be an invaluable card for players to consider.
Power creep is a lamentable issue in the world of card games, wherein new cards surpass their predecessors in terms of might and utility. However, Bolderfist Oger's resilience to this encroachment is among its most distinguishing attributes. The card's stats have remained competitive throughout the game's development, and its neutral status permits it to synergize with any class or strategy. This unique combination ensures that the Bolderfist Oger will endure as a formidable contender against future releases.
In conclusion, the Bolderfist Oger stands as the unparalleled champion in Hearthstone due to its purity, versatility, raw stats, and timeless elegance. These attributes have permitted it to weather the storm of numerous expansions and metagame shifts, consistently proving its value in a variety of decks. While future card releases may introduce enthralling new mechanics and powerful effects, the Bolderfist Oger's enduring appeal will guarantee its continued status as a formidable presence on the board and an indispensable inclusion in many a deck.
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2023.03.30 01:22 dat_boi-- anonette teases her ftm bf too much

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