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"What have I done..."

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Instant Regret (in'-stint rē-gret') n. a subreddit dedicated to deliberate actions that unexpectedly lead to undesirable consequences and horrible results; things which may cause someone to say, "oh man, did I just screw the pooch!"

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Barry Bee Benson is my hero.

2023.03.30 03:34 Globofchaos Another girl chapter 2

Philosopher Stone College 1660
18-year-old Gondul stood in front of the giant building. She was a mere 20 feet from it, but the sight of it took her breath away. Philosopher Stone College is the place everyone and their mother was talking about. Everyone except Newton's mother The green grass was lightly touching the crystal clear water on the pond just below the small bridge. "This place is beautiful, Ikey," Gondul said as he turned around, facing Newton. Isaac had hit a growth spurt; the once shy 10 year old was now a 6 ft 5 young adult. "Ikey ? You still call me that. "Isaac chuckled slightly, cupping his hands to get a small amount of water from the steam. "Yeah, I've been calling you that for the longest time. Why stop now?" Gondul shrugged. The older man didn't reply, instead splashing cold spring water onto his face. He shook his head, allowing the brown curls to bounce off. "Come on now, I wanna explore the area before we start class," Gondul gave him a book.
Isaac moved the book away instead of staring at the sky, the light blue pastel color mixed with the flash of a rainbow. His once deep brown eyes turned the same color as the sky reflecting the multicolored light. Suddenly, flowers of different colors popped up from the ground, both of them. "Uh..Ikey," Gondul shook him, "You are in a trance-like state again." Isaac shook his head, his eyes turning brown again. "I'm sorry. Did you say something?" "Your magic," Gondul said, picking up the beautiful flowers he had created and putting them in her purse. "Right ..." Isaac awkwardly rubbed his hair. "You should probably control yourself a little better next time," Gondul pointed out. "Yeah, sorry," Isaac felt back. "It's not your fault, but I really don't want them to find out." Gondul rubbed her chin. "Maybe there is a way for you to repress it?" "Just long enough until school ends and we are alone?" "Magic isn't something you can just repress, darling. It's complicated," Isaac stated, turning a green apple into a red one. "Hhhmmmm," Gondul took the apple, taking a bite out of it, "I think I have an idea..."
"Hmm," Isaac stood up. "You can always dress up as a jester and pretend you are working on a play in case anybody asks any questions," Gondul pointed out. "A Jester?" Pretending ? Play ? " Isaac turned his head sideways. "Yes, people do it all the time, kind of like acting; maybe you can set up a stage play and write a play," she tried explaining it to him, showing as much enthusiasm as possible. "Uh, no," Isaac rejected the idea.
Gondul noticed the disappointment on his face. "You see, there's a few reasons: #1, I really don't wanna make a fool of myself by being dressed up as a complete idiot," Isaac raised a finger. "Yeah, that's a good point." Gondul realized that. "Magic #2 isn't something to joke about or pretend to do, especially since it's a very complex skill that has a grey area if my magic looks too convincing, well, we are busted," Isaac told her. "Okay, but how strong is your magic?" I'm sure you are good enough to fake it, or I could do the jester role, as Gondul debated. Isaac gave a heavy sigh. "There is no talking it out with you, is there?" Gondul patted him on the shoulder, giving him a smile. "If we play our cards right, we could earn money too!" I mean, instead of doing chores all day, we could study magic while pretending to be humans." "True ..." Isaac collected a few branches he snapped from the tree, making them into a pile.
"What are you doing?" Gondul helped him with the branches. "I plan on collecting a few things for my studies, such as branches, tree bark, and whatever I can find." Isaac dipped a tree branch inside the stream until a bright color emerged. Once he pulled the stream out, it turned into a wooden bowl. Newton filled it with water, staring at his own reflection. "Do you need any help on this?" Gondul asked. "No, this is something I need to do on my own. I can't see you getting hurt," Isaac muttered. "Can you repeat that last part, please?" Gondul gave him her book back. "I said go on; I'll catch up later," he lied. "Okay, Ikey," Gondul waved at him before taking a few steps. "Wait, Gondul," Isaac reached out to her, "Need something?" Gondul answered.
"I... do you think I'd make a good magician... like Galileo or my father?" he swallowed. "No," Gondul disagreed harshly, much to Newton's dismay. "I'm sorry for asking," Isaac groaned in defeat. "I know you would make a better one than any other one combined," her face grinned. "Gondul..." Isaac whispered, his back resting on the tree. "Good luck," Gondul ran across the bridge, jumping across the gate past a few other students. The University of Philosopher's Stone is a rather large place near the gated entrance. It's the type of place where it's easy to get lost. "Sorry, I'm so sorry," she said as she bumped into a few students wandering around the university like a lost child. "Hey, watch it!" a rude man yelled at her. "I'm sorry, it's just so crowded here," Gondul apologized. The brick walls have carvings layered around the walls of the university. Each carving has a specific symbol of stars or some form of astrology. There are hundreds of them, all lined up in two opposite columns. Gondul opened one of the doors, letting herself inside. "Holy moly..." sapphire blue eyes opened.
Inside Philosopher Stone University is what you would expect from such a prestigious, luxurious school. The floors were made out of marble-like rock with different decorations. Dozens of statues of various Greek gods stood by. Gondul felt intense pressure coming from the bone. Cold sweat dropped on the floor along with the excessive shivering. Was it nervousness? Fear? Excitement?the constant thoughts rattled Gondul's brain. "No ..." Gondul shook her head, sitting on the rails of the long stairs to slide off.
flash back
"Why are we going to Philosopher's Stone University?" Gondul asked, watching Isaac pack up his bags. "Grandma told me that Philosopher Stone was the first magic school to open up before it converted to a normal university after it became illegal." The school still opened, but they basically swept their past under the rug, Isaac explained. "Right... that's probably a myth though, right?" Gondul asked him. "Probably, but if there is just 1 person who can teach me what my father couldn't, then I'm willing to risk it even if it means death," Isaac mentioned. Gondul paused upon hearing that. Just kidding! Isaac gave a fake chuckle. "You have the worst sense of humor ever," Gondul pouted. The horse galloped across the open terrain. Gondul laid his head on Isaac's shoulder. "I'm going to miss Grandma Margary's blueberry pie." "Yeah, blueberries are my favorite, especially the way the crust sets on top of the bread," Isaac agreed.
Flash back ends
"There must be proof of some sort of magic." Gondul debated looking through the many doors with bizarre symbols. Being near Isaac for years had made her accustomed to feeling different types of energy. Being in a crowd of students, it was hard to tell which magical fields belonged to whom. It didn't help with the random birds flying around due to the number of open windows. "Hey shoo shoo!" Gondul moved away from the huge raven bouncing off random students. "Someone should really get rid of the bird infestation," someone complained. The raven flew away out of the window, leaving only its black feathers.
In another room was a huge area where the roof was made out of glass. A young man around the same age as Isaac and Gondul climbed on the fragile wood structure like monkey bars. His blond hair had a huge curl on top of it, along with expensive, elegant clothing compared to everyone else's. Once he got bored, he quickly fell off 12 feet, landing on his shoes.
"Thomas Alva Edison! "Didn't I tell you to stop playing around and get to class!?" A man yelled at him. The lamp in front of him completely obscured his face, leaving nothing but a lock of red hair. "Lighten up, pop!" Edison grabbed a Cream Filbert, taking a bite. "Pops?" The man's arm twitched. "I'M ONLY 13 YEARS OLDER THAN YOU." "Relax Isaac, I'm just playing with you," Edison said as he opened the door. "See you later, tutor."
Once the door closed, a raven teleported inside with a burst of red energy. The gem on top of its forehead is glowing. He flew towards the man named "Isaac," once again obscuring his face. "Oh, really?... no way," Isaac understood him. "I'll check it out," he snapped, turning the lights off.
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2023.03.30 03:32 purplecareburr 29 [M4F] Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 is my gym and gaming partner on here?!?!

I’m back at the gym after a hiatus. Been working hard since January!!! Could always use an accountability partner!!!
Love to game on my free time! I have an Xbox, pc, and Nintendo switch!!! Let’s game?
I have 2 tattoos and plan on more!!
I enjoy sports! Watching, playing, and coaching!!!
I don’t want to give everything away on here. If you feel we might hit it off feel free to send me a message (:
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2023.03.30 03:32 throwawayuser5829 My (34m) partner (32f) turned down a vacation together when I brought it up last week, but is taking off on a long weekend alone this week.

throwaway for reasons.
last week I asked my partner of 8 years what she thought about maybe planning a getaway coming up soon. our last vacation was last July, and I could go for a small vacation.
she turns me down saying that we should probably move first, and she's right. our living situation could be better. so I dropped it and that was the end of it, I thought.
today she messages me saying that she's heading to socal for a long weekend for a tattoo appointment with an artist she follows.
after bringing up the previous conversation about the vacation I wanted to go on, I was pretty much shut down saying 'its not like I planned this long weekend without you. I saw they had a last minute appointment and found reasonably priced tickets so I went for it'.
am I out of line in feeling really down about being turned down for a vacation together, only for her to turn around and plan a long weekend alone? not even asking if I wanted to come or not. just a 'hey I'm doing this, I'll be back monday'
I want to think it's not a huge deal, but also I feel like shit over it. idk I guess I'm just looking for someone to say 'hey you're overthinking this, cut it out' or no this is a red flag I should be worried about.
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2023.03.30 03:31 alliecat048 Got my favorite hunting partner tattooed on me yesterday!

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2023.03.30 03:30 tonnie_taller Knicks All-Star Randle exits with sprained ankle

The Knicks’ Julius Randle missed the second half against Miami on Wednesday night because of a sprained left ankle.
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2023.03.30 03:30 hyperbolefalcon5 34 [M4F] #VA VABeach tall bearded tattooed rocker seeking clingy girly girl

Love the idea of finding a girl to hold hands with on dates. I hope you love to do your makeup and dress up all cute. I love when a woman takes the time to get her nails done and feel really pretty. I love the dynamic of a girly girl with a bearded rocker look. It’s super fun to turn heads and be that couple that likes to show off.
Little more about me: 6ft 2, blue eyes, long brown hair, athletic/ in shape, beard, tattoos. I work out and hike a lot. I look like I either play bass in a metal band or a burly woodsman with a flannel. I have a bunch of pics if you want to trade. Willing to travel if you like adventure! Lets go somewhere and show off as really clingy couple. Hope we can build this together and really experience some fun times.
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2023.03.30 03:29 LondyBoo [wts] EE Torrid Vest(174g) Darn Tough Socks(51g) Dance Pants(103g)

I'm working on getting more photos linked once I can get mobile IMGUR to not be hot trash.
[Wts] EE Torrid Vest w/hood. Grey/Black. In great shape. Size medium. Made in the USA. Surprisingly warm for the weight. (174g) $100 shipped.
[Wts] 3x Pairs of Darn Tough socks. In great shape. Size medium. Made in the USA. Just looking to add some color to my sock drawer. (51g/pair) $40 shipped.
[Wts] Dance Pants. In great shape. I think size medium? Idk I cut the tag out. I'm 5' 10" 175lbs size 32/30 and they fit well albeit baggy around the ankles. (103g) FREE with either the socks or vest.
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2023.03.30 03:28 glitterbaby16 Probably a stupid question…

So long story short, I rolled my ankle after work today. I’m a pregnant soldier, third trimester, in a very male-dominated unit. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it to seem like I’m shamming, but i can’t put weight on it and neither ice nor heat is helping ease it up. My husband won’t be home to take me to the doctor till tomorrow.
Is there anyway to tell an NCO what’s going on without sounding like a shitbag, and should I do it tonight or tomorrow?
I’ll have a cookout tray, with cheddar bites and cajun fries with a banana puddin’ milkshake.
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2023.03.30 03:27 mamaxchaos I’m so tired of being seen as less qualified or less mature because I don’t have children. Being barely 30 with four children doesn’t make you smarter or more qualified than me.

I’m (29F) on the board of directors for an organization that I’ve been with for a year now, and we’re expanding. A new person has joined and just completely railroaded me in a meeting, rejected my ideas, and talked over me.
There’s this really annoying condescending way they talk to me, and they just turned 32, I think. They have four children.
I think they look down on me and my qualifications (educational and professional) because I’m “less mature” because I don’t have to “sacrifice” like they do.
I pretty regularly get shit for my personality because I’m really direct and objective in my communication style but I’m also just in general weird and goofy, and that bothers some people.
However! I have seniority! I have more experience! I’m so used to being the youngest by 5+ years than my peers in professional environments so I know how to advocate for myself, but that’s not even the case here.
Me having a bunch of tattoos and pets and a squishmallow habit doesn’t make me less mature than a parent who struggles to care for, feed, and afford 4 kids. Struggling doesn’t make you a better person than someone else who is also struggling, just not with crotch goblins to keep alive.
This might be a hot take but becoming a parent doesn’t make you a better or smarter or more qualified person than someone else. I’m so frustrated.
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2023.03.30 03:26 KatDuq [Thank You] So much Happy Mail pt.3

All the March Happy Mail!
u/smileyfangs - Thank-you for the adorable card. I had a great giggle! Thank-you also for the stickers!
u/LAContessa - Thank-you for the national park postcard, it's beautiful!
u/birdiebennett - Thank-you you for the James & the Giant Peach postcard. I do the same thing on Wednesdays! Go us!
u/brittybear94 - Thank-you for the most adorable pear I have ever seen! And for the very uplifting tattoos.
u/specialist-Chapter89 - Thank-you for the beautiful postcard & the extras! Your town sounds lovely!
u/riceberry26 - Thank-you for the most adorable postcard ever, it sparkles! Visiting Oxford is on my bucket list. The UK is my dream destination.
Violetta (username?) Thank-you for the whale postcard. That's a fabulous quote! I don't have a favourite poem, but I have Gabbie Hannah & Jordan Sarah Weatherhead poetry books!
u/its_top_secret - Thank-you for the sweet puppy postcard. We certainly don't have punctual transportation where I live. Do you have a favourite cafe?
u/ROKRCHI? There's a post sticker covering the rest of your user name... Thank-you for the postcard. I hope to experience a ferry ride one day. Do you enjoy it? Thanks for sharing a great town fact!
u/eccentric_bee - Thank-you for the gorgeous painted card! It's breath taking. I really enjoyed the quote you shared.
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2023.03.30 03:25 WhimsicalNeo I just now thought about each persona

Obviously, this is about the new tyler video. Every character in the video (specifically T's personas) have subtle movements that are really cool Bastard (Tommy Hilfiger shirt): He's being awkward in the sense of him just vibing out like any other teenager. He's a senior in HS at this time, and to top it all off, he's the one rapping about being pretentious. In Bastard, he criticizes the rap industry by not ching things up. He's also the last one to be killed, besides Sr. Baulidare.
Goblin: He moves like a character in Mortal Kombat. If you've ever played Asura's Wrath, he's moving like Asura's idle animation. This is to represent the anger he felt on Goblin. Tracks like Nightmaer and Golden. He's the one representing the "Not sorry" part
Wolf: He's fingerdrumming. Obviously a reference to the Bimmer vid, but also could be a reference to the fact that this was when Tyler's production grew
Cherry Bomb: Standing there, menacingly. Likely because this was an awkward phase in Tyler's career, so this might be a visually awkward choice
Flower Boy: He look as though he's pent up with something. Like he's frustrated and needs to get something off his chest. This is obviously a reference to the source material of Flower Boy
IGOR: My man is grooooooving. He's in the back probably because he's the only non rap Tyler album
CMIYGL: He's wandering, anxious, poignant. He's afraid that he's gonna die as T kills each one of these personas 1 by 1.
Feel free to add on
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2023.03.30 03:24 Long-Dare8861 What is going on here? Flower is absolutely gorgeous but not the normal for this plant.

What is going on here? Flower is absolutely gorgeous but not the normal for this plant.
What’s going on? Virus? The flowers in the last photo with white center faded to purple edges was the normal flower color when I bought it last year, but it threw up these two flower stalks with this beautiful random watercolor look and they seem more ruffled than the original. I absolutely love it but not sure if it’s healthy. Should I cross pollinate with another AV to see if I can get some seeds that might contain this anomaly?
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2023.03.30 03:22 Otherwise-Recipe8051 Macro shot, Z7ii, MC105 lens 1/60s f/8

Macro shot, Z7ii, MC105 lens 1/60s f/8
Not sure on the name of the flower, just one of many growing in my yard currently.
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2023.03.30 03:19 normancrane Flower Power

Do not make war.
Make peace.
Do not drop bombs of fire-
but bombs of flower-
exploding as seeds of hypergrowth man-eating plantfiends genetically engineered to devour all extant animal life on their planet!!
until only the winds move.
What beauty then:
What peace.
Blossom, by No Quarter Corporation ("Arms Without Mercy, Victory Without End"), designed by Gucci.
Conquer... in style.
"That last part said in a whisper," the ad man said, finishing his pitch and waiting for the reaction from the generals.
One of them stirred. "Weaponized nature. I like that," he said.
"Women love flowers," said another.
The ad man smiled. "Imagine, gentlemen. Valentine's Day. You've all been married awhile. What do you get for that most-special woman in your life, for the woman you've already gotten everything for?" Pause for dramatic effect. "A holocaust! A depopulated planet—just for the two of you!"
"For a mistress too," added an officer.
"Yesss," hissed the ad man, winking. "Perhaps even more for a mistress."
"And that's in addition to the military applications. No more messy invasions. No more casualties." He shuddered. "I hate dealing with the families of the dead. They're so puffy and red and wet, you can't understand half the things they're saying because of all the sobbing."
"It's good for the man-eating flower industry."
"Plus it's 'eco friendly'. Organic. People love that environmental tree hugger shit."
"So, gentlemen, do we have a deal?" asked the ad man.
The generals looked at one another.
They nodded.
A few hours later, having finally made it back to his hotel room, the ad man thought, It's funny: they never ask what happens to the flowers afterwards. Shrugging, he took off the horribly itchy human suit he'd been wearing all day, letting it drop to the bathroom floor like fabric into a pool of blood, and stretched out his aching stem, petals, before sliding into the tub for a nice and relaxing shower and watering. Oh, well. All the easier for us.
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2023.03.30 03:17 wanheda1001 Why am i so different

I feel like I never fit in with people. Always felt like an outsider throughout childhood and teens but now it feels worse than ever. I was considered the ‘smart-gifted-cultured-ideal child’ growing up and don’t mean to brag but I was different than almost everyone around me in terms of this. I was never a part of any popular school cliques, had a few nice connections w mates here and there but eventually everyone moved away/apart. I consider myself an introvert and get anxious around too many/new people and try avoiding such situations as much as possible. Recently moved to a whole new country for uni and as expected I’ve been having a hard time here as well. I did make a few friends I thought were ‘like me’ but everyone’s just so different and I try really hard to mingle and enjoy w them but I just can’t get myself to. We recently went for a concert, and I was barely able to enjoy myself because all of them were shit drunk and got very loud and embarrassing and being the only sober person around these hammered adults made me very uncomfortable. A few of them spent more than half of the very expensive concert throwing up and disrupting the experience for all of us, like the only purpose for the trip was to get drunk. I’m relatively younger than most people in my class and have recently stepped into the ‘real world’ after living in a rather protective community w my family all my life. A little about me, I don’t drink or smoke or have any sorts of addictions, not even caffeine. I’m not even the least bit curious to try out any of this because I consciously know the risks associated w them and wouldn’t ever want to voluntarily get involved w these poisons. And every time I hang out w people who drink or behave inappropriately under its effects I just feel more and more repulsed by alcohol. Idk if anyone can relate to me but it’s so hard to find people to hang with who don’t require substances to have ‘fun’. I don’t enjoy clubbing and basically the whole vibe of bars/clubs. I don’t have any tattoos, piercings, hair colour, don’t prefer slutty clothing and don’t ever plan on getting any of it. I don’t cuss and have never sweared in my life, regardless of the situation. I don’t lie and am generally very kind to everyone. I haven’t even had sex ever and I think I can wait to explore it a little later on in life. And I don’t like the concept of hooking up with random people, just seems too shallow and not to mention risky. As you can tell I have very different interests than most of the world, I’m just a very simple person who appreciates the little things in life and lives by the rules. I just want to form meaningful bonds with people who would understand me and would enjoy painting or talking about the universe with me. In almost a year at uni now I haven’t encountered one such person and I’m starting to lose hope. I enjoy spending time with myself but when I see these people hanging out with their 50 friends every wknd it makes me feel v isolated and makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with me because why don’t I enjoy these things?? The whole concept of getting wasted in a bar dressed half naked and waking up in a random person’s room the next day only to never see them again makes me feel disgusted and I hate how normalized this is in the world today. Even my closest childhood friends have grown into all these things because they think thats what adulthood is all about now that we have the freedom to do what we want. I never had that phase, and never cared about trying out drugs or even vapes or wtv. Either I haven’t really grown mentally or was always mature to know better than to get attracted to these vices. When I say I’m different than everyone else I genuinely mean it. I do have exceptional intelligence and understand most things better than others, but ig this is the price I have to pay in this world for being able to see above most things. Idk what will make me feel better at this point, some validation or just someone I can connect with and someone who would understand what I’m going through and advice me on how to cope with people everywhere. Sorry for the rant, I just had to let it out into the void.
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2023.03.30 03:17 80kmperhour Do you wear a mask while tattooing?

Post-COVID, I was wondering how many artists wear masks to tattoo daily. I see a lot of people on Instagram tattooing without masks, but some artists in my area only tattoo with disposable masks on.
I don’t wear one anymore, I am pretty sensitive to stimulus and the mask during covid bugged me a lot, I felt like I touched (with my forearms obvi) my face 100x more than without a mask, because the mask irritated my face skin so bad. I am however open to wearing one..
I know that there are regulations as well that are regional, just wanted to get some perspective from outside my “bubble” of the tattoo scene here
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2023.03.30 03:17 el_dumass PART 3, SECOND COLONY ROUND 2: Seth Freeman vs Kaito Sasaki

PART 3, SECOND COLONY ROUND 2: Seth Freeman vs Kaito Sasaki
6:00 PM, 18-3-2019, On a street in Hong Kong, China
Seth Freeman (by u/Oonoroi)
[Appearance & Personality]Seth is a dark-skinned, Jamaican-American man. He is tall, being 6'4" (193 cm) at just 19 years old, and he has a powerful, athletic build due to his background in boxing and capoeira. He has long, black hair that he twists into dreadlocks. He can normally be seen wearing an all-black hoodie and sweatpants, accented only by the golden design on his basketball shoes and a thin gold chain he wears around his neck. Also worn around his neck is a heavily-decorated painter's mask, which he puts on when doing aerobic exercise as a form of training. He keeps a pair of small, wire-framed glasses in his pocket for reading and fine work, as his vision is bad for small things up close. Seth has used his own body as a canvas, as from the neck down, he is covered in tattoos of all shapes and sizes, and even the palms of his hands are marked with temporary art penned into his skin.
[Physical Attributes]High agility/elusiveness (dodging and reaction timing), High stamina (ability to continue higher amounts of physical output without tiring)
[Cursed Attributes]Has a cursed trait, has a non-combative domain that allows for it to be re-casted frequently or early in battle (ex. Kinji's "Idle Death Gamble" or Higuruma's "Death Sentencing")
Seth's cursed energy feels like a mass of hot, gritty particles. It is a deep black in color and is less transparent than normal cursed energy. Skin gets rubbed raw where strikes land, and it causes irritation in any orifice of the body it interacts with. While still fluid, the energy is more solid than previously seen forms and can be shaped into single-attack bludgeoning weapons for small moments at a time, and small pillars can be explosively formed under his feet or into walls to allow for quick, unexpected bursts of movement and faster sustained sprinting speed. Thick layers of his cursed energy can weakly dampen all kinds of energy and shock, and his cursed energy can be layered over wounds to prevent blood from escaping. The overall effect makes fights with Seth increasingly uncomfortable and distracting the longer they go on, as well as increasing his range, bruising attack power, and defensive ability against striking and energy-based attacks.
[Cursed Technique & Applications]Division of the Soul: Ren.The ancient Egyptians believed the soul was divided into five parts; Ba, Ka, Sheut, Ib, and Ren.Ren was the name of the soul, and it was believed to be a person's identity, their experiences, and their entire life's worth of memories. This cursed technique allows Seth to copy 1/5th of the soul of an individual whose full name he knows, and imbue it into a piece of art he creates. After learning a person's name, Seth can create a work of visual art in their likeness or an abstraction thereof. This can be, but isn't limited to a sketch or drawing, a clay or wire sculpture, an oil or finger painting, or a stone or wood carving. Seth can then "attach" the target's name to the finished work, animating it completely under his command. The work has the same cursed technique as the named target and 1/5th of the target's original cursed energy reserves. It also possesses all knowledge that the target held at the time of the work's creation, including how to do domain expansions, RCT, simple domains, create curtains, or other secret techniques that the target knew, even if they don't necessarily have the cursed energy supply to perform them. Seth can only use the target's name for one work at a time, and attaching the name to a new work makes the other work burn up and dissolve into black sand. Works only consume cursed energy when they are first animated, and maintain themselves with no further energy input on Seth's part. For the name to work, it must align with the target's sense of self, and the target must have a soul (Important note: We do see Mahito's soul in the series so I do believe cursed spirits, shikigami, and likely animals are as prone to this ability as humans are.)
1. Presumably, all other cursed technique applications at 1/5th power given enough time and resources.
2. Osiris's Blessing- He can speak and gain information from dead people who are animated in his work (Important note: We know from chapter 176 that the underworld, popularly a place for souls to rest eternally, is a confirmed thing in the JJK universe, so this application should work.)
3. Army of the Pharaoh- Seth retreats into his domain and animates every possibly offensively-capable work of art, creating a veritable army of both normal people, sorcerers, cursed spirits, and animals.
4. Gift from the Djed Pillar- Through heavenly restriction on Seth's own attack power and physical defense, he can grant functionality to any cursed tool or weapon that a work of his may possess.
Fun Fact: In ancient Egypt, person was believed to "live" as long as their name lasted even if they were physically dead, hence why the pharaohs build all those monuments to their name.
[Domain Expansion]The Second Great Library of Alexandria is a Domain Expansion that brings the innermost parts of Seth's mind into reality. It manifests as a maze of bookshelves, with glass cases and open walls for displaying art. In exchange for not having a sure-hit effect, it has the property of being much larger on the inside than the barrier looks on the outside. The floor is composed of the same hot, dark sand as that which makes of Seth's cursed energy trait, and falling into can be disastrously distressing for anyone who isn't Seth. Inverse to most domains, it is sturdy from the outside but easily escapable from the inside. If a target is within a domain at the moment of its expansion, Seth learns their name. Within the Library, indestructible books containing a description of every bit of knowledge Seth has ever acquired sit on the shelves, excluding that which has been given up in a binding vow. This includes every memory he has forgotten, every piece of information that he has noticed, even in passing, and every thought or idea he's ever had. The Library also has perfect copies of every piece of art Seth has ever made on display, which Seth can transfer names to by sacrificing the original. This makes it so any work that Seth makes is never truly destroyed, and can be instantly and repeatedly re-created once they are reached within the library. Seth has an intuitive understanding of the layout of the library and where everything is within it.
[Extra Information]Seth's art is known to be extremely lifelike, able to perfectly capture the imperfect beauty of the human form or the horrifying configuration of unknown creatures. Though as a self-proclaimed "anarchist", Seth often uses his work to terrorize the rich people who buy his works. He works outside of the greater jujutsu community and mostly found about the world of curses on his own, though he has done thorough research and has close contacts within the jujutsu world, and thus has knowledge of most of its public figures. He does not go out of his way to exterminate curses and usually captures them to use as subjects for his art. He does boxing and capoeira at a competitive level, and a little breakdancing as a hobby, and trains for all of this wearing a painter's mask, putting on the upper end of athletic physicality. Within the ring and while fighting other sorcerers, Seth's fighting style is to wear out and disorient his opponent with uncomfortable chaos while evading their attacks until he is able to find the moment where he can land a clear finishing blow. While cocky and overconfident, Seth has an artists' eye, and notices and thinks a lot about his surroundings during a fight, and he is keen on doing extensive research into any opponent he faces before they meet. After winning a battle, he likes to graffiti an abstract image representing the opponent he faced onto the location of the battle using spray paint. He's aroace and doesn't really have a type, but he thinks Goths are nice, and would tell Todo as much.


Kaito Sasaki (by u/0rokin)
[Appearance & Personality]
Kaito Sasaki is a sorcerer who stands at 1.8m or 5'11". He's 23 years old, on the younger side of things, has stark white hair, and deep purple eyes.
This a genetic result of not only being a member of the Sasaki Clan, but direct heir to it. He weighs in at 75kg or 165lbs, being on the more lean muscular side, rather than just pure muscle.
Kaito is seen most often with terrible eye bags, as he does suffer from insomnia most of the time, despite how often his students see him 'sleeping.' He wears a standard Jujutsu Tech uniform, though it's usually black in color, and the badge on the uniform is purple color, rather than the simple gold.
Along with that, on the back of the uniform there's an Inazuma Guruma kamon, with the middle point being a purple, the shade of his eyes, and the other trailing parts being a light grey in color.
This is crest of the Sasaki Clan.
(For a basic look at how Kaito looks headshot wise, check profile, the art there is made by u/kaneki.)
[Physical Attributes]
High intelligence (ability to find ways to counter cursed techniques with their own), High adaptability (ability to adjust to the environment quickly and use it to their advantage)
[Cursed Attributes]
Uses a cursed tool/weapon, Immense cursed energy supply.
Raitaro is a katana cursed tool, from the Sasaki Clan vault. The blade is 60cm or 1'11" long. The saya of the blade itself has a dark purple coloration to it, with some bolts of lightning on the kojiro of it, traveling upward.
The upper portion, right before the tsuba meets the saya, is the Sasaki Clan crest in the saya itself. The blade however, is a perfectly sharpened blade, with one unique detail: a black lightning bolt traveling along the groove of the blade.
This bolt is actually part of the Cursed Tool's technique. The technique of Raitaro absorbs the user's excess Cursed Energy in battle to not only temper the user's usage of Cursed Energy, but store it within the blade as well.
Upon the lightning bolt glowing a deep purple in color, the blade upon hitting contact with the opponent, or anything in its path, it releases a destructive wave of lightning in the path when the point of impact was made.
[Cursed Technique & Applications]
Sasaki Clan Lightning Generation
This familial technique when it has first awakened in the user, only allows them to generate lightning from any point on their body. They cannot control this lightning at first, and they can’t do much with it either.
The most they can do is enhance their speed by cloaking themselves in cursed energy, which causes lightning which is usually purple in color to spark around them.
However, as the user practices more and more with the technique they will then fall into one of the “Sasaki Clan Squads”, which are usually specialized based on what the user can then do with the technique. Being the heir to the Sasaki Clan, Kaito knows a total of 5 out of the 8 applications his clan knows of;
• Constructs - Able to form constructs made out of the lightning into very basic things, such as a Bo staff or a spear. These constructs still have an electrical charge to them especially when hitting someone. Basic constructs only.
• Precision - The user can form beams of electricity that are laser precise and have large range to them, like a sniper.
• Redirection - A skill that most if not all Sasaki Clan members want to get or fall into since it allows them to redirect any form of cursed energy lightning back at the attacker.
• Arcs - The most powerful of the aforementioned abilities, the Arcs abilities will burn a lot more than the regular projectile and can hurt a lot more as well as the direction being unpredictable once an Arc is fired off. It takes practice and patience to be able to use this ability to its fullest potential.
• Strike - This is one of the rarest and hardest to learn applications of the entire clan. Not much is known about it, but people know it’s activated once the sky darkens, thunder begins to boom, and lightning begins to flash. From this, the user imbues their cursed energy into the sky, and can call forth a bolt of lightning from the sky, this is a lot more powerful than the average lightning generated from the technique.
[Domain Expansion]
Wrath of Raijin:
At first all the opponent will see inside of the domain, is complete darkness. No visible light until the storm builds up around them. From here, it begins to rain extremely hard on the opponent, and on a difficult terrain that the domain hosts, which is upon a mountain, it's easy to slip and fall.
However, the user of the domain is then free to use ANY of the eight applications the clan knows of, and even some they might not have even considered, or have discovered yet. In the domain, the user is granted near perfect electrokinesis.
When using the application "Strike" its damage output is increased tenfold.
Along with the heavy rain that exists within the domain itself, lightning bolts will strike the ground at random intervals, NOT caused by the sorcerer therefore not wasting more Cursed Energy than is required keeping the Domain Expansion up.
The user as well, is unaffected by what occurs inside of the domain, and their presence practically vanishes inside of it. Notice, the word practically, as any sensory technique that is focused on Kaito enough can pinpoint him, but that's also if they can withstand lightning bolts hitting them.
[Extra Information]
Kaito Sasaki is a Semi-Special Grade Sorcerer, meaning that he's a part of the in-between of First Grade Sorcerers, and Special Grade Sorcerers/Spirits. What does this mean exactly?
Well it means he has much more power than a First Grade Sorcerer will, but not so boundless that he's classified as a Special Grade Sorcerer. It's the best way I can explain it. On top of this, being the direct heir of the clan means that he is very physically fit and knows a lot.
Specifically that of various martial arts from the world. Specifically, Kung Fu, Sambo, Silat, Vale Tudo, and Krav Maga. Kaito's father wanted to make a weapon out of his heir, and that he did.
Although Kaito is not listed as having High Strength or Agility, it should be kept in mind with these practices that he does have a more refined strength and agility when it comes to battle, rather than raw strength and agility.
He is versed in Iaido, and Kendo, though not as much as say a Samurai or one who is deeply invested into the Way of the Sword.

After analyzing the matchup, place your votes on who you think will win this round here!
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2023.03.30 03:16 DR_SNOWROACH 42M 185lbs - This showed on my ankle overnight 6mo ago. It looks exactly the same. This pic was taken today. It isn’t raised/sunken. No pain. It’s a mark that just showed up. What could it be?
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2023.03.30 03:16 mickythefreaky my(28m) exfiance(21f) broke up

(she has BPD btw) We have been fighting here and there for some time for really dumb miniscule things, long story short. She cheated on me at the begining, I told her that I couldn't stay in a relationship while she texted this other person all the time because is showing him that it will happen again and that I'm just someone to have while they can't be together so she would have to block him or just break up wich is fine. She has been bringing this up multiple times saying it's controlling and manipulative while she asked me to block my ex for absolute no reason besides some girls that would talk to me in a friendly way. She would still act as she was single posting photos of our trip where you can only see her, try to even ignore the fact that I was there for her social media, talking with guys all night and then meeting with them in places we agreed to go on a date. All of this just made me really insecure as k felt like it would happen again and that she didn't love me. In one of these discussions she said that she loved more all of her exes more than she loved me wich really stuck with me. I already felt replaceable and unloved now she confirmed that. We had a rough week were anything I would say or point out would be a discussion for some reason her best friend would tell her to leave me every day (typical girl that thinks a relationship just works and you quit at the minimum effort you have to do hence why she keeps hoping from bed to bed) this girl would come as far as texting me directly that I was a piece of shit and I should break up During that week there was a day where she barely responded to me at all and I knew she was on call with her friend and then playing games, we usually try to call each other some time a day but that day she wouldn't even try to really text me. It made me feel bad and I told her how it made me feel and that I didn't feel like a priority for her. She immediately told me to just pick up my stuff. She called me later past midnight to check on me and told me we would talk in person and I could stay a couple of days, she told me she loved me. After that she again talked with her friend and messaged me saying that we wouldn't fix anything and we were nothing to each other wich still hurts to think about. I came to her house with flowers (she told me no one got her flowers and she thought it was a nice gesture) and a couple gifts from pandora, earrings, that I gave her and a bracelet that I didn't have the courage to give too because it had my initial. When I came in she looked at me with hate and despite, sitter in the sofa and just looked at me, i completely froze, my body couldn't move I never felt so anxious before, and ended up falling to the ground. She thought I was acting it out for some reason and just ignored me while saying mean things to her roommates. After roughly 20/30 minutes I was able to get back up on my own and tried to talk to her understand why things were happening and gave bad excuses as we are not fit for each other until she broke and started saying I'm manipulative a bad person and she deserves better. She then told me to just leave and forget about the couple days and just leave while she scrolled through tinder ( I traveled half the country to go there) she said she would call the police if I didn't I went for my things and she bursted out hysterically as soon as I asked for the ring I proposed with, not for the price but because of the meaning it has. I left it there and left after that. I ended up getting my head check because I was bleeding and wearing a full on white sweater it came to the attention of people in the metro. While being there they also saw my selfharm marks and that I had a high dose of valium lorazepam didn't eat in 3 days and drank alcohol wich I didn't think about tbh i just wanted to get the bad feeling off my body. She called frenetically accused me of lying called my mom to tell her that but i wasn't on the phone it was the first time I got to sleep in 4 days, apparently my friend that came to take care messaged her smthnf along the lines that I did a really romantic gesture and she treated me like shit didn't even check on me as the nurse she is. Next days I tried not to talk back to her but had to do so after she told me she attempted suicide, i love her i just don't know how to act anymore and it's painful. After that we ended up sexcalling and saying intimate things, one of was she said she hoped she could come back to my home as my partner in some point. This made my head spin because it made no sense with all of her late treatment towards me. After that she told me we shouldn't talk and just talks to me to give her back her sweater wich I use to sleep because it reminds me of her and calms me and a book. Last time she contacted me was to say she wanted it all back (she also has things from me that I didn't get) and to tell me that she will block me and we are nothing and over for her. So, i know I'm trying to ask for something imposible, but how do I get her to be the person I fell for, how do I get to talk to the person that actually made me think of having a family together and not to this person she puts as a front to not deal with any emotions Is it possible to even fix things after a week being apart I know I should probably have just break up in the start but for me a relation ship is something you try to make work and becomes your priority if you don't you are just looking for someone to be with for some time not an actual life partner wich is what I thought of her as Sorry for the long post but wanted to detail most things
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2023.03.30 03:14 Infamous_Ad_7009 What I’m hoping is my first flower on this 5 year old loph and I can finally get a positive ID

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2023.03.30 03:12 woopigsooie35 Men’s Botanic Tattoos?

I’m interested in a botanic sketch style tattoo, but the majority of examples I find are on/for women - not a problem, but looking for masculine/male examples to find inspiration.
Any advice/examples anyone could share?
Specifically considering something like a cypress or juniper branch - something hailing from the Ouachita and Ozark mountains where I’m from.
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2023.03.30 03:10 Golden_Phi What is the best method to breed purple wind flowers?

I am closing the gap on blue roses. Soon purple windflowers will be the only flower that I don't have.
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