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About the anime and light novel series: Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi or Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

2023.06.03 12:52 StressedAsAlways00 I still feel bad after two weeks of CT

4 months of dosing, in the end 15gpd. I am on zoloft for half of my life, year ago on mirtazapine. I am also drinker, two beers before bed and after that I pop mirtazapine. Idk why I still feel so bad, mostly mental stuff but still cold flashes. I know I must stop with the alcohol... I am scared that stuff will get worse
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2023.06.03 12:51 bugsymalone666 What do we think is wrong with these tomato plants?

What do we think is wrong with these tomato plants?
So these are 'supersteak' tomatoes, I grew them from seed indoors(I'm in the UK), they spent a bit of time in the green house during may and now outside, but they look a little sickly. I don't normally have this issue with plants, they get sun in the day, I water them when I thin they need it and they are planted in a raised bed.
I've wondered if they need feeding with something extra or of its just their reaction to being planted outside?
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2023.06.03 12:51 theroyalgeek86 I wish people would try to understand

My MIL brushes off my fibromyalgia and ADHD often. I’m currently unemployed and have been looking for work but can’t find anything that is accommodating. I also haven’t been feeling great mentally and physically. I have also been struggling with chronic fatigue. Unfortunately I can’t find a job (I’m in a foreign country and struggle to learn the language) that is for English speakers that doesn’t involve working night shifts to be online for US hours. I also can’t find anything that is close to home or work from home. I have an office admin diploma and background but that’s not enough to get me into hi-tech. Doing customer service is hard as typing too much causes me a lot of pain and big offices is a sensory overload nightmare. I’ve also been struggling to function, my speech impediment has gotten worse as I’ve been burned out and I can’t focus. Ritalin has helped but not enough. Im currently a stay at home mom so it’s not like I’m staying in bed all day (I don’t get to sleep in or nap so no bed for me).
I usually try to avoid visiting my MIL who lives a 5 min walk away from me because she likes to rag on me about not being who she wishes her son would be with. When I try to explain about my struggles she says I’m too young or she doesn’t believe me, just calls me lazy. My husband does defend me but also tells me to just ignore her. It’s kind of hard because her words hurt and I already feel like a failure.
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2023.06.03 12:50 supersunshine64 35w along and in constant pain with no help from Doctors

I'd say for the last month or so I have had increasing pain in my pelvic area. It feels like my muscles are intensely sore like I went to the gym and overdid it. If I am laying down and need to flip from one side to the other it feels awful. Getting out of bed is incredibly painful and takes me a really long time to get going because I have to go so slow. I can also feel the pain when I go to even put pants on!
Looking for a little advice if anyone else has had similar pain and what helped. I have brought this pain up with my doctor's multiple times and gotten "that's normal in pregnancy and is bound to get worse before it's better" every single time. Surprise it's getting worse! I'm only at 34 weeks and I honestly don't know how to handle this pain for 6+ more weeks potentially. I'm really just lost and google is really no help and I can't seem to find anything that alleviates it even a little at all!
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2023.06.03 12:49 Hard2Handl Interesting finds at the Illinois National Guard Museum, Springfield

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2023.06.03 12:49 TheBanana30 How do you force yourself to eat for general surviving when you're focused and not feeling hungry due to meds?

I'm (26F) recently diagnosed and recently medicated. I'm on Vyvanse 30ml and it's been wonderful. The only side effect I'm getting but one I'm struggling with is a loss of appetite.
I've never liked eating or been hungry in the morning so I'm not a breakfast person but now it's kicking me in the ass. Usually forcing myself to eat when I'm tired in the mornings has just made me feel sick. Before I'd always snack and have lunch so it wasn't an issue.
However I get super focused at my job and I only work part time hours so I don't really have a set time for my lunch break. Now that I'm medicated I don't feel hungry enough to want to eat and because my job is so busy I usually loose track of time and it'll be 2:30pm and I haven't eaten yet.
Sometimes I'll have lunch when I get home and other times I just feel like I might as well just wait until dinner. I've tried to make things easier for myself by bringing in meal replacement bars with the idea that I'd eat them while I work but I don't even get around to having those 90% of the time.
Food was always one of my key dopamine hits so I am struggling to deal with my new appetite.
Does anyone have any tips or techniques on how to adjust? I know this isn't sustainable in the long term (I'm already loosing weight) but i can't seem to find something that works.
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2023.06.03 12:47 loutang Two weeks clean and I have you all to thank

30-year-old male and I've been smoking around 5 joints everyday for the last 10 years. This subreddit has been an invaluable resource so I thought it was appropriate to pay my learnings forward: 1. The withdrawals were a bastard. Insomnia, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and appetite. The works. It might sound odd but these rough symptoms are great. Embrace them, because they serve as a reminder to stay off the green. And they will subside, day-by-day, they'll get weaker and you'll get stronger. 2. While coping with these withdrawal symptoms, just be gentle with yourself. It's not the time to worry about your diet or other concerns. When I struggled to eat, I found the simple foods were the best. Toast and butter. Liquid breakfast (in Australia we call them Up & Go). Watch comfort telly, play those video games, listen to helpful podcasts. Use media and entertainment to your advantage. 3. Substitute. Find a healthy alternative to trick your brain with the routine you were used to. For instance try replacing your herbs with herbal teas and scour the shops for different blends. Chamomile is a great choice and will help you get to sleep easier. 4. This subreddit. Every time you feel the struggles, jump back into this fantastic community and you'll find a tip or a quote that will help.
I've still got a while to go in my own journey with this addiction but these sorts of posts helped me immensely. I've been a reddit lurker for many years but had to jump in here and share my thoughts, in the off chance helps even one person struggling. I owe a lot to this incredible community and I love you all!
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2023.06.03 12:47 RockEnough634 San Francisco

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2023.06.03 12:47 Gaunter0dimmm Something that gets very overlooked about the Witcher 3.

People like to talk about the Story, Music, Characters, Quests, and the graphics of this game but i think the npc chatter in the background is also one of the strongest parts of this game.
Unlike many games, it's not just random chatter, it's very smart. On the borderline you're not supposed to pay attention to it because it's just background chatter but when you do... not only it tells you tells you the state of the war and the public opinion about different factions, but also tells how people live their lives in those times.
Like when you load up the game for the first time
In white orchard there's a kid singing something like "It's raining and pouring and emperor ehmyr wet his bed this morning". Clearly tells you that the people here don't really like nilfgard. and his father tells him to never sing that rhyme again out of fear.
And everywhere you go, you receive different kinds of chatter and updates about the world. They also have very interesting stories which tell more about how people live in those areas.
And the best part is, you're not forced to listen to it. You can ignore it completely. Adds so much to the world building.
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2023.06.03 12:46 Throwaway8163901 i feel so damn useless and replaceable

I've got a fucking hole in my chest, this morning I've struggled getting up from bed and when I managed to do so I fell on the ground crying like a stupid kid. I only think about hurting myself. I'm only 18, didn't want to become like this, it seems therapy and meds don't work. I'm tired of feeling alone.
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2023.06.03 12:45 Icy_Somewhere5992 Is my sleep a concern?

male aged 33
I stay up til 1:30am drinking scotch then go to bed
Getting to sleep is never a problem
I get to sleep by 2am
But I wake up after 5-6 hours at around 8am every morning Is that bad?
I don’t feel shattered when I wake up I feel awake and normal Like I slept well
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2023.06.03 12:45 Thetomas I can't believe my luck! Furitek Cayman 6x6 diecast body

So I just posted yesterday about getting my Furitek Cayman 6x6, and wanting to find a unique replacement body and today I couldn't believe my luck.
The FIRST second hand store I checked for toys to cannibalize for a cab had a 30 year old "Tuff Ones" rollback car hauler (I forgot to take pics of it before I hacked it up, but here's an ebay listing for one with pictures.) that I just eyeballed as roughly the right size, and when I got it home, it fit so perfectly I was amazed.
The carbon fiber rails of the Cayman fit perfectly between the structural rails of the cab of the toy. The utility boxes fit directly over the ESC and receiver on the skids. The Komodo sits perfectly under the cab/chassis connection so the outrunner spins freely. I did a LOT of cutting, with flush cut snips, to clear the components, and create appropriate clearance for the wheels at full flex and turn. The cab is diecast so it's heavier than I'd like (I'm always going to be looking for more cabs for this), so I swapped some harder springs onto the front two shocks, and I'm considering replacing them completely, but they're fine for now with the collar tweaked down a bit to preload them.
Here it is!. I know the blue plastic looks a little "toyish", but it doesn't look bad in real life, and if I decide this is my primary cab, the bumper is going to allow me to mount some cool lighting options, and the short cab adds even more room on the bed. I may mount my eventual winch on the blue plastic section on the back.
I'm really excited about how it turned out and wanted to share it. If you have any questions, let me know.
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2023.06.03 12:43 TheChumscrubber123 6.02.23 - TF = big hard, big sad sometime. big hard+sad = big(gest) love, big(gest) wow rewards

This is even harder than I expected. TF journey really is something else.... I still stand by the strong assertion that it is still the most fantastic blessing one could hope for. It's definitely very challenging, but the path to Heaven/enlightenment (for everyone) is through the flames. You can't go up without first going down (no rebirth without the death). Every soul will have to do this eventually. And TFs just massively, massively accelerate that process. Meaning, it's more difficult and hurts more initially, but you make it through the flames of suffering far quicker and reach much higher states of consciousness and vibration much sooner.
My own journey is evidence of that. I was broken many times by you and endured unbearable heartbreak and blah blah. I also had massive flare-ups of my shadow in the beginning. But because of that, instead of taking decades to progress a few steps, I shot up to this extremely high and rare state of consciousness/awakening at break-neck, unheard of speeds. Just 4 years into this journey and I can already say all the suffering and difficulties were totally worth it to have reached the state I'm at now. And because of that, I'm extremely grateful for every moment of it.
tldr; TF = Hard mode. Hard mode = 100x exp

I wasn't allowed to join your stream today. And it hurt. I first hesitated because of how you reacted to me in stream yesterday. It seemed like you wanted space from me, so I wanted to give you that. But I wanted HS to make the decision. And then a bunch of things started arising to heal. Fear of rejection. Rejection from literally anyone else in the world is so easy to brush off, so I wouldn't really fear anyone else. But with you, there's that otherwordly soul connection that brings the deepest and strangest connection I've ever felt with anyone. Rejection from you isn't something I can just brush off. I know it will hurt. Which is fine, because it's always just another opportunity to heal a samskara. But it's never fun and stings everytime I even get a hint of it from you. It makes me feel like such a baby, but again, this only happens with you. And the great news is each time this happens, I remove another layer of that negative emotion permanently from my system--though there will likely be many more layers to go lol.
Once much of that fear was transmuted, and I thought I might be ready to connect, the intense soul longing for you arose. And then frustration for this complicated situation that we're in and the inability to just connect with you normally and not just in this weird, superficial way through a public gaming streaming platform. And then hopelessness of feeling like this is pointless and I'm not gonna be able to form a deep/meaningful connection with you given the extreme limitations of our communication, and that this is probably just going to end up the same way, with me falling back into chasing you and you continuing to cling to Ethan, and then HS pulling the plug and forcing me to walk away for good.
But then I snapped out of it. While describing this sounds like I was in some debby downward emo spiral, these kinds of thoughts don't last very long before I recognize that I'm caught in ego consciousness and "wake up" again. Then the thoughts fall away, I go into higher consciousness and begin transmuting. The thoughts aren't ever able to drag me down to really low/negative states. It's just in this case, so many different things kept arising one after the other. While unpleasant, this was still pretty manageable. But then that intense soul longing and sorrow came up, and that was a tough one.
Normally when negative emotions arise, I am able to transmute them fairly quickly. But the soul longing/sorrow that arose today was a huge one. My soul was in such desperate, intense longing for your soul. Wave after wave after wave kept arising, and I had to go lie in my bed and go into deep meditation for hours transmuting. It's the first time since HS awakening that something like this has happened and that I haven't been able to fairly quickly heal samskaras.
The thought did arise, "God, this sucks. I don't wanna do this anymore. I just wanna go back (run away) to my peaceful non-TF journey where things are so much easier and simpler...." That thought almost immediately was recognized as bullshit. Because that would imply abandonding my beloved to her Hellish fate, which I would never do so long as there's a chance of helping. And even on a selfish note, this is the crap that needs to come up to be healed because this is the crap that's keeping me from my bliss and ascension. So I'm very blessed to have this opportunity through our connection.

I also reminded myself that I shouldn't get attached to you or the idea of Union. This again is becoming more difficult as the soul love grows. But I need to stay open so I don't obstruct HS from acting through this person for our highest good. So I won't say, "I miss you, I'm sorry I couldn't spend time with you during your stream today, and I wish we could connect more." But I will say that I love you always.

tldr; we probably both needed space today. And if I wasn't such a zomgAwak3ndB_ing, I might say something like, "I miss you like the sun misses the flowers in the depths of winter; instead of beauty to direct its light to, the heart hardens like the frozen world which your absence has banished me to."
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Jasmine 60127086809
Room Detail:
Location : Armani Suite Glenmarie @ Shah Alam
💯 Included ALL NEW Facilities: ✅Kichen Cabinet, Refrigerator, Induction Cooker & Hood, Washing Machine, Water Heater ✅Air Conditioner, Mattress, Bed Frame, Pillow, Wardrobe, Study Table & Chair, Curtain
  • house with balcony
  • shoplot at ground floor
  • direct link to upcoming LRT station
  • free shuttle bus to Glenmarie LRT Station (Kelana Jaya Line)
  • easy access to most highways
  • right beside Hicom Industrial Park
  • nearby Stadium Shah Alam And Stadium Melawati
  • 5 mins drive to Giant & Aeon
  • for other room type, please check our profile.
Deposit: 1 month advance rental 2 months rental deposit RM150 access card deposit
Accessibility : Klinik Glenmarie - 189 M Batu Tiga KTM Station - 718 M RHB Bank - Utropolis Mall Glenmarie - 1066 M Mailboxes KDU University College - 1156 M
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2023.06.03 12:40 frostdragonofjustice Bought Skypad to replace scratched Hien and my cat already used it as bed sheet 🥹

Bought Skypad to replace scratched Hien and my cat already used it as bed sheet 🥹
Yall remember the broken Hien last month? This is him now 🤣 i even put the mouse on his head but he doesn’t care 🤣
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2023.06.03 12:40 emroo07 How much would it cost to modernize a house like this?

I'm on the market for 2-3 bed house, I really love this area but good ones go quick.
I'm wondering how much would it cost to modernize and decorate this house? I know it is a vague question but want to know some ballpark figure. Kitchen and bathroom seems fine, but I will view next week.
This one is in the same area but bathroom is in the kitchen :( So a no from me.
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2023.06.03 12:40 Awayfall28 For sell

They’re 8weeks and vet checked also got shots up to date. kid friendly and friendly with other pets. It comes with health guarantee as well as few stuffs and Potty trained and bed positioning trained for $300
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2023.06.03 12:39 phinoh [US, US] [H] Modern Hits, Vintage Cards, and PayPal [W] Toedscool (Alt Art 201/198), Gyarados ex (Alt art, 225/198), Koraidon ex (Gold, 254/198)

Hello all! I have been lurking on this sub for a couple of weeks trying to find these three cards with good enough condition that they can get a PSA 10 grade. I would appreciate close ups when offering thanks.
Please look through my binder for anything you'd be interested in, I can provide close ups if needed. All prices will be based off of lowest TCGplayer verified seller with 10000+ sales. I can do PWE $1 and BMWT $5 for any trade we decide on.
The vintage cards are lightly played to heavily played. But all modern are near mint or lightly played at the worst.
Thanks for taking the time to look!
Edit: Posting this before I go to bed, I'll look through comments when I wake up tomorrow. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 12:39 Dangerous-Big7445 2 person (2 pax) dorm recommendations

Hello! I’m looking for good 2 person dorms around ust, preferably yung hindi bunk bed like separate beds sana. And with wifi and a good environment din sana. Please let me know if you know of any dorms like that <3
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2023.06.03 12:39 IveDoneItAtLast Mr July isn't boring - he's one of us!

Mr July isn't boring - he's one of us!
David Morgan, 72, from the Cotswolds, has the world's largest traffic cone collection and features in July.
He began collecting in 1986 and now has more than 500 around his house, including a Malaysian cone he found washed up on a beach in Sicily and a 1956 Lynvale rubber cone from Scotland.
'Some people probably think it's dull. If I go to dinner parties and tell people I'm a cone collector they quickly move on,' he said.
'My children are slightly embarrassed by my collection. I store them in the shed, the garage, the greenhouse and even under the bed. Luckily they stack well.
'I carry traffic cones with me in the car and if I see a rare one I ask if I can swap it.'
Link to article:
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2023.06.03 12:38 gunpoliticsny Mayor Evans, County Executive Bello Proclaim June 2-4 Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend
City of Rochester News Release
(Friday, June 2, 2023) – Mayor Malik D. Evans and County Executive Adam Bello proclaimed today through Sunday as Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend in Rochester and Monroe County, joining a national movement to associate gun violence with the color hunters wear to protect human life.
City and County leaders joined dozens of orange-clad members of the Rochester Peace Collective and the Roc Against Gun Violence Coalition Friday to read the joint proclamation and announce activities taking place throughout the month of June to enhance community collaboration in the fight against gun violence.
“The City of Rochester and County of Monroe are committed to ending gun violence with the support of law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels; and a host of community partners, including the ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition and the Rochester Peace Collective,” the Mayor and County Executive stated in the joint City-County Proclamation. “We call on the people of Rochester and Monroe County to Wear Orange and come together as one community to heal, offer comfort and support, and join the movement to make gun violence a thing of the past.”
The wear-orange movement was initially conceived by the classmates of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendelton of Chicago, who was shot and killed on a school playground one week after marching in President Barack Obama’s inauguration parade.
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a national grass-roots advocacy agency with a chapter in Monroe County has since played a leading role to promote the message across the country. Hadiya would have been 26 today. Now, Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend takes place on the first Friday and weekend of June.
Members of the ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition and the Rochester Peace Collective are hosting a series of events throughout the month of June.
They include: • Cameron Community 9th Annual Peace Walk: Friday, June 2 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Meet at the Cameron Teen Center, 48 Cameron St. • Center for Youth Fashion Week: Friday, June 2 at 7 p.m., City of Rochester Public Market, 280 N. Union St. • In-Person Faith Leaders Summit on Gun Violence: Tuesday, June 13 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. • Pathways to Peace BBQs: Friday, June 16, 5 to 8 p.m., corner of Jefferson Avenue and Iceland Park; Friday June 30, 5 to 8 p.m., corner of Joseph Avenue and Wilkins Terrace. • Fatherhood Connection Father’s Day Breakfast: Sunday, June 18, 10 a.m. to noon, Ark of Jesus Ministries, 63 Hebard St. • Hope Initiatives Workforce Trainee: Friday, June 23, 9 to 5 p.m., 506 W. Broad St.
The ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition seeks to end gun violence in Rochester by bringing attention to the causes and effects of gun violence and promoting quality of life in Rochester's neighborhoods. The Coalition is made up of community partners and stakeholders who are already working to end gun violence using three unified tools: to educate, advocate and eradicate.
The Rochester Peace Collective guides investments in innovative and proven programs that work to prevent violent crime by collaborating with community-based organizations and agencies working in the fields of re-entry and violence prevention.
News Media: For more information, contact Communications Director Barbara Pierce at [email protected].
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2023.06.03 12:38 karoshikun food for thought, I guess?

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