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2023.06.03 13:32 SeventhHeaven04 I had to end my friendship because I decided to stupidly match names with them on a video game

Me and my (ex?) best friend had decided to match names together on a game that we played together, and the theme we decided to go with was final fantasy. At the time we didn’t know what names to use as we were both tired and tried to think of iconic names to use that anybody knew and would recognize, stupidly I suggested we go by Rinoa and Squall.
I assume you can see the downfall if you know their story and who they are, if you don’t long answer short their a couple and I wasn’t thinking of that fact at the time and that’s what brings me to this story.
Just a few hours ago I don’t know the whole story but it seems like I won’t know it at all but my bestfriend had been talking with their boyfriend and brought up the fact we went by those two names, we haven’t played the game that was brought up, in over a month and we didn’t get to change the name to something more sisterly like Lighting and Serah which depicts our friendship but aside from that
It started an argument between the two until I finally got brought into the mix and I had to personally apologize for it, which I was glad to do and offered we change the name to something more suitable and that I was sorry for hurting him by using those names, but as I was defending myself and my friend he decided to add more fuel into the flame as I was apologizing.
It continued on until I thought enough was enough and said that I wouldn’t fight for our innocence considering how he was painting me in a bad light and he wasn’t seeing it any different and told him that not everything is about him considering how he would treat my bestfriend during the relationship.
My best friend prioritized him over anything else and he always said and made it seem like my bestfriend chose others over him though half the time it was the other way around, they would cancel plans or cut hangout times short just so they could go hang out with him and not cast him aside. Not to mention the fact that when he was in a bad mood or was frustrated it would affect my bestfriend in a negative way and they wouldn’t want to hang out with him any longer because they would start feeling stressed out.
He doesn’t like fps games or anything related to it so we just didn’t tell him about it, as whenever we talk about the game he brushes it aside or says something like “yuck fps games” and I apologized for that as well.
I ended everything by saying that I was sorry for impeding on the relationship and would understand if he didn’t want to talk to me and if me being a problem is causing the relationship to be messy that I would end the friendship so he feels comfortable in the future and that I would be willing to make that sacrifice as all I wanted was for my bestfriend to be happy and for him to be comfortable.
If I could go back in time and undo the whole matching names thing I would but I can’t and for that I’m truly sorry to him.
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2023.06.03 13:31 highheelcyanide I found the secret to not getting cat called!

It’s overalls! And not just any overalls, the overly cutesy ones that a 6 year old would be jealous of.
I like being cool in the summer. I like wearing shorts + tank tops or crop tops. Or dresses. But every year it’s like the crazies emerge and I’m constantly being followed, harassed, yelled at, or having weirdos come up to me.
The final straw for me was two years ago, I was shopping with my four year old. I was wearing shorts and a tank top. I had no makeup on. We were out in the parking lot garden center, and this man drove up with his door within inches of me and my child. He wanted my “autograph” and my number and got shitty when I said no.
I felt uncomfortable so we went inside. Where not ten minutes later, a guy old enough to be my father walked up to us and graphically described what he wanted to do to my body in front of my kid. I decided I was going to try to make sure my husband was with me when I went out.
Last year my husband told me he loved overalls on me. I’m not gonna lie; I don’t prefer them. But I love him so I bought a pair of pink overalls with strawberries on them. They’re actually really comfy, so this year I decided to wear them more.
I wore them to the store alone. And I did keep getting approached, but always by women! They’d tell me how cute they were! So I decided to try something new. I bought 3 more pairs of pink overalls with patterns. I wear them every time I go out.
Men have stopped cat calling me. Women continue to be nice. I think overalls have saved my sanity and my freedom. My daughter continues to be jealous of my cool overalls, but she doesn’t know that I bought her several pairs for her birthday.
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2023.06.03 13:31 CaspianSeaDragon Why do people keep saying "it's normal to talk to yourself" or "everyone does it"?

Do they mean the occasional "saying a thought out loud" kind of thing? I have this issue where I constantly talk to other people in my head out loud while pacing. And I don't care what anyone says, that's not normal or a "sign of a healthy mind". It's really annoying because it makes it difficult for me to actually talk about the things I suffer from.
"I constantly talk to myself and with people in my head".... "Awww sure I mean we all do that now and then"... Do you!? Really?? Oh well that's sorted then!!!!
Talking to yourself is not always a sign of a mental health related thing, but it CAN be. I wish people would stop seeing it as this perfectly normal mundane thing that everyone and their dog does. No, not everyone talks to themselves. Atleast not to the degree of out loud, pacing, sometimes shouting, full conversations, and repeating words and phrases.
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2023.06.03 13:31 Surokoida Skoda fabia bluetooth auto connect not working after a few days [Android Auto]

Hello everybody,
a short while ago i got msyself a new Skoda Fabia TSI from 2023.
It has support for Android Auto over USB, however i bought a small device from Motorola which enables Android Auto wireless by kinda simulating a cable to the car.
Not exactly sure how it works, its a combination of wifi and bluetooth BUT what i do now, it needs to establish a bluetooth connection between the car and the phone first.
The first few days it worked flawlessly: Turn on the car, bluetooth is auto connected to the phone and android auto is enabled. Suddenly without a reason,, it stopped working and i need to manually go into bluetooth settings and enable an option which somehow is not enabled automaticall anymore (and after each drive, its turned off again).

See the following picture

I reset the device, bluetooth connection etc and basically went through the setup again. Works flawlessly. After a few days the same error again: I MUST enable this one option in the bluetooth settings, only then it works.
There have been no software updates of my phone. No updates of the car. I dont understand what the soultion could be.
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2023.06.03 13:31 Impossible-Yam-1907 About Nationlearns

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2023.06.03 13:31 G0dlessandHuman Will my mental health be used against me

For context I am a veteran and I have been working with the VA (veterans affairs healthcare) consistently for my issues for the last 17 years this includes the last year I was in the army.
Due to military service I have been diagnosed with CPTSD general anxiety major depressive disorder and borderline personality disorder. (I also have some physical medical issues so according to the VA I am 80%servoce connected disabled)
I have been in treatment ( therapy) and medical medication management from the start. (I have self-admitted for mental health three times)
I've been with my STBXH for all this time.
Yesterday after I talked with my lawyer he looked at me and asked me how long I have been in an emotionally disruptive toxic relationship because I have been so gas lit into believing that these problems were my failings and my problems.
So that led to me looking into my VA e- chart after my STBXH took the car to visit his A this morning. . . I needed to see if the signs where there and I had been so in love with love that dismissed it all. Especially since STBXH said that all the years weren't bad he did love me just not anymore.
Just reading the last years worth of notes with my therapist and medication provider I realize that I really have been internalizing all these issues and my goals for therapy like boundaries, being clear about my needs once and desires, and trying to find a balance of emotional labor. They have all been ignored and in order to cope I have had my medications adjusted and it has been a mental burden for me to do the physical and emotional labor of this soon-to-be dead marriage.
My STBXH has apparently happily moved on to his next broken woman, and because she was a trusted family friend I know this is going to f*** with her head as much as it is has mine. But AP is a grown ass adult and not my circus not my monkeys learning about the affair will only affect my mental health negatively.
My STBXH had me so used to love bombing giving me scraps of attention later and having the internalize my diagnoses as why he had to do what he did ( no intimacy on my terms, raising his voice, emotional distance).
Again looking through my medical history I saw a pattern that I became truly dissociative during these moments and would later tell my medical care team about how I would have to mute myself or become invisible to him when I would ask for attention, validation, communication, or help and my requests were ignored or pushed back on me.
I had to know and use his love languages for him but when I would ask him to follow my love languages for me he would tell me that they were bullshit*.
Sense filing my lawyer is also helped me see how I have had the burden to do so much keeping so many balls in the air and how I need to let them all fall because my only obligation is now to myself and our two kids 16 and 14. And that I need to wake up, turn my volume up and no longer mute myself as well as become visible to myself again.
Can my STBXH use my mental health and my use of CBD/THC against me? I have always been honest with my medical care team about my recent usage of CBD THC gummies and more recently vape because I wanted to stop taking Valium for mood and anxiety attacks.
I find it so ironic that I have moments of clarity when I know he is now with his AP because he is not with me. Having him in the home with me puts my whole body on alert.
Last night he had us all meet up for a family meal and I asked if this was going to become a thing, because once the plans were made he made them with the kids my anxiety spiked so bad I started to shake and I couldn't even eat a order of broccoli and drink a glass of water when I was with him and the kids. During this meal he said we were not allowed to discuss the divorce and just focus on the kids. I am more than okay with focusing on the kids, I have gotten books and that I have been reading about co-parenting through divorce and separation as well as how to conscientiously uncouple.
When we went home that night he brought up me selling him my share of the home through the divorce and I said he we will talk with my lawyer but I want it to be sold and to have my half of the equity. I have even found people who would be interested, but so has he and that would be those in his polycule or for him to refinance with his AP. He keeps saying his divorce lawyer wants him to sell the house within the next 2 months I do not have the funds to move myself the children and our animals out of the house in that time frame.
I do not want this to drag on I would like the divorce to be done fairly, but I feel if it's rushed then I will yield to his demands. Emotionally in a rollercoaster.
Thanks for reading. Yes I will be following the advice of my lawyer and I have been in contact with my mental health care team at the VA to make sure I am taking care of myself.
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2023.06.03 13:31 ekkidee Starting Today from Pitt

A group of about 30 with two overnight stops planned in West Newton and Meyersdale. Pink wristbands! Look for us.
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2023.06.03 13:31 Poach1234 Couples closer in height

Posting this here because if I try in tall or otherwise, I'm certain they'll get mad and (unironically) pull out the usual short jokes then act like it didn't happen.
IMO couples closer in height look way more aesthetic than the 6'3 and 5'3-type couples you see around (just google the tall guy and short girl in Euphoria as a reference). Those gigantic height differences look ridiculous, everytime I see them it really does look like a man taking his child out grocery shopping or whatever. The only reason I get intimidated by couples with those kind of height differences is because of the dude's size vs myself alone, not because I wish I was in that type of relationship from a visual standpoint.
I think the ideal height difference obviously still lies in the guy being taller than the girl, but not to that extent which girls like to brag about. I'd say anywhere from 1-6 inch difference is ideal IMO. Its just that high heels get accounted for these days so girls are adding even more inches on top of that.
Also, there's the girls who want their bf to be taller than their friends bf. So they'll go for the tallest guy(s) possible to make that happen no matter how inconvenient for them or how ridiculous it looks.
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2023.06.03 13:31 Kaviya46 Vit c and tret

Hi, i have done pixel laser for hyperpigmentation and my doc recommended me to use a cream with hydroquinone and tretinoin 0.025% after five days of laser treatment. And she also recommended me to use vit c serum. Am using goodal green tangerine vit c serum. She said to stop using that treatment cream after a month of use gradually. How to stop it ? And I am planning to start tret journey. Any routine help will be helpful with vitamin c (morning)
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2023.06.03 13:31 Becca_beccs1997 Me (25F) wants to leave my partner (28M) and 3 children

Mother of 3 here, dealing with OCD, anxiety and depression. Had my youngest in November last year and was also in hospital where women can recover from mental health with their baby for 2 months
I just can’t handle what’s going in in my head and look after my kids and also just feel my relationship with their dad is just ran it’s natural course. I feel trapped, unhappy and lonely
My partner and relevant mental health professionals know all this, they can’t force me to stay but say would your problems go away if you are alone? Also my partner is of the mind that mental health is affecting how I view our relationship and when I get better it will change, I don’t
I just know how it’s going to go, I get better, I still want to leave my relationship and want to co parent, he won’t and he will want to go full custody and his family won’t stop him because why would they side with me over their own family?
Why bother stay now when I’ll have to go through that when I could be in control the situation and take myself out of the equation. Plus I already feel alone even in my life now so actually being alone wouldn’t be any different? I’m in a failed relationship, I feel I can’t trust his family given how they would react in a custody situation, I have no friends and the family I do have is shattered - my sister and mum have passed in recent years and they we’re probably the only people I could turn to outside my relationship, I have my brother but our relationship just isn’t the same and is a bit distant
Don’t know what I’m getting out this post other than letting out how I feel
TLDR - Dealing with mental health and been thinking of leaving my family for a while
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2023.06.03 13:30 MrMediocre_Man 4.5 Months rolls to belly constantly

Our boy seems to be developing normally. He started rolling several weeks ago. But earlier this week this started to be all he does. If we put him down he rolls to his belly instantly
But he does not know when to quit and let his head down to rest. He knows how to roll back if he wants to but almost never does.
After some time he starts to be tired by lifting his head and starts crying. If we roll him on his back he becomes angry and then rolls right back. We are thinking that this is just another phase we have to deal with.
Ive had some success by strategically placing soft toys next to him so that he is not able to fully roll over. Somehow he accepts that some times he is not able to roll over. If we however try to prevent him with our hands he gets angry. Our go to is removing him from the situation. But that also feels wrong as he loves his gym time.
We of course do not intend to stop or prevent this behaviour. We see and understand that this is a healty part of his development. We just need to manage it a little bit.
This is only a minor issue for us. But I wondered if anybody has any advice or "hacks" for going through this?
TL:DR - Baby constantly rolls to his belly. Gets tired from lifting his head, but does not stop.
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2023.06.03 13:30 UnknownGaeBae My little sister is repeating the same thing that i did when i was younger

What should i do? Am i tripping or is the cycle repeating. If only i stopped doing that but the fucking pleasure is too fucking strong. Only my parents know about it, and they say to stop because it’s a bad thing, but i didn’t. Growing up, i started to do it rarely. I only do it sometimes when i’m home alone or when i’m bored whatever. I kept it a secret even to my best friend and others. And even right now, my sister is going through the same shi. My dad was right, i should have stopped. On her fucking tablet, i saw everything to what she was searching for like i did that too when i was at her age. I fucking hate them so much but whatever i can’t do anything, should i just leave her like that so she would understand better when she grow up or do something about it, because i already knew that it was a “bad thing” or some shi* like that when i was younger and i continued it until i’m satisfied lol. It was a long story to where it all started that.. I still quietly remember to what happened.
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2023.06.03 13:30 Ok-Form9300 I have to work my EX gf for the next 3 MONTHS

Last year I met a new coworker and we hit it off pretty well
We enjoyed each other’s company, laughed, shared stories, played games, and just… it was nice
I asked her out and started dating
However it didn’t last long and she told me she didn’t want to see me anymore
It was kinda abrupt I’m not really sure what it was but I respected her decision
Eventually she went away, she had to go back to college
Now I recently heard she is coming back in a few weeks AND…
I don’t like it
The reason why I’m saying this is because I don’t how to handle a situation like this
I know myself
I can be pretty jealous, I can be pretty emotional
I can’t avoid her I have to work with her for 8 hours
How can I put those feelings aside for the WHOLE summer?
My strategy right now is to just play it cool, act like it doesn’t bother me and act like we used to before we dated but those thoughts are still in my head
Truth be told… I don’t want to like her
Romantically of course
There a lot of things about her that are just red flags to me
I thought maybe after a few weeks I talk with her to just kinda clear the air out on what happened and maybe pick up where we left off if we can resolve it
But now… I don’t think I want that
I’ve been seeking love and validation from everyone but myself
I don’t think it’s her I like It’s the idea and those feelings I had when I was with her. She just happened to be the one who filled that void
The big problem is I don’t like myself. I’m never good enough for that mean voice inside my head and I constantly look for approval from those around me and depend on it for happiness
But I’ll be honest… part of me… really… really hopes we’ll get back together because i wouldn’t have asked her out if I didn’t feel strongly about her. I had never asked out a coworker up until that point
But I don’t want to dwell on that, I shouldn’t dwell on that
I shouldn’t focus on that
I need to focus on me
But at work man… oof
What the hell do I do?
Can’t quit, can’t transfer
Yeah I think I’ll play it cool, treat her with respect and kindness but keep my distance and whatever happens I’ll just have to accept it and move forward
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2023.06.03 13:30 Amokpad69 Netflix cares!

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2023.06.03 13:30 ThrowRA_Mnipulative I subtly manipulate my boyfriend to get him to “chase” me once again

My boyfriend and I (both 22) have been dating for over a year and a half. In the beginning, he treated me like a princess, was always the one to initiate and plan, never stopped expressing his love for me and consistently sent sweet text messages. He was always open to hearing my concerns and I felt really secure in the relationship, knowing that he was an active participant.
Recently, some big changes have taken place in both of our lives, and he finds himself wrapped up in coursework, on campus job and partying. I gave him grace but it was getting really uncomfortable knowing that he never made time to call me. I have high standards for men, and I expect at least 10 minutes of conversation every single day. He used to go on family vacations and completely forget about me, and won’t even bother checking up on how I was doing.
Recently, when we hung out with our friends, I was trying to be close to him, like standing in front of him, gently holding his hand under the table and other light forms of PDA. He disengaged from all that I was left feeling like a fool. He was never uncomfortable with PDA before and always made it a point to show me off and overall being territorial in public and I enjoyed it. When I asked him, he said we should keep it low and I felt like more of a friend to him than a partner. He actively shut down this conversation, refusing to hear my concerns and said I was too needy, too emotional and too demanding. He dismissed everything I said, and although he was jetlagged at the time, that was no way of talking to me. He was already “too busy” giving time to everything except his girlfriend and I resented that.
When I sought Reddit’s advice, I got two things:
1) Got called a bunch of names: “needy” “controlling” “insecure” “codependent”
2) Or given advice that was BS: “talk to him” “say directly” “get therapy” “build some self esteem” - bitch, I have healthy self esteem because I don’t wanna settle for less!
None of this was what I was looking for. I felt neglected, underappreciated and taken for granted in my relationship. Then, I got recommended this book, “Reverse Ultimatum” by Mimi Tanner, that basically gives this advice of leaning back and take an extra amount of pressure off to get his ass to move. It asked me to purposely be less available and “busy” for my man, said no to calls, let him text me and not replying back immediately, got involved in all sorts of activities that made me feel better about myself - and he got curious at first and wanted my attention. It felt sooo good to finally have my boyfriend’s real attention instead of the crumbs he was so used to giving.
But I did not back down just yet. I had to be less available to him, had to fake my busy day, to give him the chance to really miss me and become clingy just like I was once. All the while, I wasn’t demanding or needy or passive aggressive. I was as sweet as a peach and that really created that mystery! I was playing the part of a popular celebrity who was living an “Innocent Charmed Life” - and thus my time was money. I appeared happy, attractive and made it a point to “glow” - and he noticed that! I reassured him whenever he asked me of my love for him, and it finally felt good to be the one who WASN’T asking for reassurances.
I leaned back and watched him send flowers, get me coffee, send me desserts, write poems about me, show me off
So yea ladies, this is me proving how you can absolutely “get” your partner to do things for you and have your needs met. Had I not gotten a hold of that book, I wouldn’t have been able to save the relationship. Today, he treats me the way I want to be treated, because he is afraid of losing me, having gotten a taste of what it’s like to miss me. We don’t “miss” things we already have, and this was the reason why I wasn’t “missed” by him. This was really a turning point in my relationship and today I am much happier with him.
TLDR: playing it dirty isn’t all bad
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2023.06.03 13:30 steamingcorgi 26 [M4F] Casual weekend hangout

Hello, just posting here to see if anyone's down to go and hang out today/tomorrow, looking to get out of the house and maybe do some shopping, get some good food or maybe even watch a movie, down for anything SFW ofc. From Las Pinas btw, so I'm okay to go to Alabang, Manila, Tagaytay or wherever commuting takes me.
About me: - into literature (horror and poetry recently) - listens to kpop - furparent - working (virtual assistant)
As for physical traits (if it matters to anyone) I'm around 5'4, on the heaviefatter side, chinito (daw?)
If this piques your interest at all, hmu and we can vibe check!
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2023.06.03 13:29 ConcreteAngel_37 Best Mountain for Multi-day Lessons

I’ve been wanting to learn how to snowboard for years and I’m not getting any younger 🤣. My husband and I have been a few times but I just can’t get past the falling leaf. Our closest mountain is about 3 hours away, so it’s not like I can go practice unfortunately. I’d love to be good enough to be able to go on a few boarding trips a year and actually enjoy myself. Any recommendations for a mountain that has multi-day lesson package with the same instructor. Thank you in advance!
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