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First time in NYC

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Hello, we are going to visit New York in October for the first time and we are looking for some place to stay. On booking.com I found Highbridge hotel (1263 Edward L. Grant Hwy., Bronx) but the hotel is new on booking and in the NYC. On google maps I didnt find this hotel. Could you tell me if this hotel is legit /real ? I read about some scams on booking.com so I woud rather to check it. Most hotels that we found are in South Bronx. Google maps shows that it is 30 min via subway to Times Square. Hotels in Brooklyn or Queens are much more expensive, and Manhattan is far away from our budget 😂 what do you think about South Bronx ? Should I look somewhere else and rather pay more for a stay ? Also what are places I should avoid/be careful to visit ? And what places you recommend ? Other hotels that we found: 1. ⁠Opera house hotel (436 East 149th street, Bronx) 2. ⁠Wingate by Wyndham Bronx Haven Park (2568 Park ave, Bronx) Which one is better? Every response helps. Thank you!
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2023.05.24 01:37 coffyrocket Leaked Plot Synopsis, Edited for Improved Readability

I ran LunekJones' synopsis through ChatGPT — it's known to "hallucinate" and get things not-quite-right, but I find the errors interesting. Somehow it interpreted certain negative comments as positive, then spun them differently in the edit. Maybe because my prompts were about "improving" the text. This is NOT intended as a "fan creation," merely as an aid to the original post. Anyway. Enjoy.

Leaked Plot Synopsis
Improved Readability Edit, 5/23/23
by LunekJones and ChatGPT
Original Post

Lucasfilm. Paramount. Disney — and the castle cross-dissolves into a baleful BAVARIAN SCHLOSS, dark and crenelated, spires piercing a glowering dusk.
We’re in GERMANY, at a particularly rotten moment: 1944 A.D.
Lightning strobes and darkness overtakes us. We endure a tense, silent pause before — KA-BASH!, a door smashes open, center frame, and we careen through the opening into an adjoining cavernous chamber. When our whiplash subsides it dawns on us that we’re now somewhere inside the gothic edifice.
Our POV is certain, deliberate, purposeful — a confident stride toward a most peculiar tableau vivant at the opposite end of this medieval banquet hall. Quick intercuts give half-second glimpses of our patented jackboots, the hilt of our gleaming Luger, our embroidered insignia and shimmering medals — our whole panoply of fear and death. We are brutality incarnate, a grim SS Oberführer — the film’s antagonist? — racing to intercept a cordon of gruff underlings presently barely restraining a quarrelsome Young Nazi.
Off their superior’s subtle look, the lead stalhhelm rips a burlap shroud from the bucking bronco’s face, revealing:
looking exactly as he should, undoubtedly the final result of the most ambitious de-aging ever dared. It’s even better than Dark Fate’s young Sarah Connor — better than Mando’s Season 3 Luke. It’s like footage from an Indy movie shot in 1995 except you know it can’t be that because IMDb insists no such film exists.
All this while the castle is under heavy fire, a churn of chaos, bellweather of impending Axis defeat.
FAR OUTSIDE, in a fog-wreathed pine forest, BASIL SHAW catches glimpses of the towering fortress through tangles of moss and branch. His beady eyes dart everywhere — he is anxiety made flesh.
INSIDE, the Nazi officer, examining Indy's notes, questions why he was interested in stealing the Lance of Longinus, a prized artifact coveted by Hitler himself, as it was believed to be the lance used in the crucifixion of Christ. At some point, physicist JÜRGEN VOLLER appears, and briefly glances at the Lance before it is taken away, suggesting he notices something significant. The exchange concludes with the officer ordering Indy's removal, triumphantly stating, “To the victor go the spoils.”
Sadly, Basil — a studious Oxonian unsuited for close-quarters combat — is captured by Nazis (and their inevitable hunting dogs) and taken aboard a train leaving the castle, which is now on the brink of total destruction.
Indy finds himself about to be lynched by the bad guys. Fortunately for him, a gravity bomb drops into the room, slowly descending multiple floors before exploding, killing his would-be executioners — but leaving Indy high and dry, hanging by the rope around his neck. Miraculously, he manages to escape. It's an incredibly tense sequence.
On the train, Voller’s words carry no weight. He tries and fails to relate his revelations to the Oberführer. Soon, Basil Shaw finds himself under interrogation by the very same man. Somewhere not far away, Indiana — of course — takes the long road, delivering truly imaginative feats of derring-do along the way, squeezing every drop of value from his tattered Nazi disguise. It’s one thrilling action sequence after another, culminating with one of the sidecars (there are so many sidecars) getting sheared in half. Indy successfully boards the train (I believe this is the first time we catch a stab of the Raiders motif) and starches numberless brownshirts along the way, each felled by the satisfying pulp soundboard Ben Burtt so lovingly gifted us 42 years ago. As he progresses through the interior of the train, enfilade style, car to car, he recovers the Lance of Longinus . . . only to discover it's a replica. He also comes across a multitude of “precious valuables, your highness” and antiquities “recovered” by the AHNENERBE, the same division responsible for questing after the Ark and the Grail, which makes me wonder if the train is this movie’s nod to old rumored “lost Nazi treasure-caches” transported on their much-vaunted railways — like the Amber Room or any number of illusory “gold trains.”
Voller loses his patience and informs the Nazi officer that the Lance is a fake, much to Hitler's forthcoming disappointment. Voller begins discussing the Dial of Destiny and reveals a fragment of it, suggesting it would be of greater interest to Hitler. While his cohorts’ expressions are leaden and unreadable, an obvious glow of interest begins to radiate from Basil Shaw. Right about then Indy manages to locate the train car where Basil is being held captive. Indy routs his captors as Basil drops some very kinetic exposition to Indy about the Dial, and together, they escape to the train's roof. Indy incapacitates Voller with a surprise punch and steals the Dial. On the roof, they witness Allied dive bombers attacking the train, liquefying many aspiring fascists in the process. Just when it seems they are about to escape, the Nazi officer confronts them in a bluish haze. Indy fights him, trying to keep his head attached as the train plows through a chain of hazardous tunnels.
Indy skillfully whips his enemy’s pistol free and tosses it to Basil, signaling him to shoot. In the heat of the moment, Basil accidentally fires at Indy instead. Indy retaliates by throwing the Nazi officer off the roof, brandishing the Dial in the air and reclaiming the rancid officer’s one-liner, “To the victor go the spoils.” Finally, Indy and Basil can take a breath, out of immediate danger . . .
. . . until Voller reappears, armed with a gun, and demands that Indy hand over the Dial. Indy hurls him the bag containing the Dial, giving the impression that Voller is about to escape. But just as Voller seems on the verge of getting away, he is struck by a roadside structure near the tracks—an accidental echo of the tactic young Indy used to evade Fedora in LAST CRUSADE. Indy narrowly avoids the same fate by maneuvering the train through the turns.
While Indy and Basil desperately attempt to signal the Allied planes for rescue, the planes “rapidly disassemble” the bridge ahead by fire and fury, forcing the pair to jump. After they — naturally — emerge scathless, Basil expresses regret that Indy had to surrender the Dial to Voller, but Indy reveals that he only threw him the bag, having never relinquished the genuine article.
The scene concludes with a poignant shot of Indy resting his arm on Basil's shoulder under the bridge as they gaze upon the smoldering trainwreck, the war nearly done, young Tommies raising a victory flag over the spoils.
The story swiftly transitions from the 1944 flashback to 1969. The camera roves across what must be Indiana Jones’ dingy New York City apartment, and we catch glimpses of other rooms — all loaded with intriguing easter eggs and art department shenanegans — hi, Sean — before settling on the man himself, out like a light. Notably, there is a black and white photo of Marion on Indy's (lead lined?) fridge from their RAIDERS days . . . not far from their finalized divorce papers.
Indy abruptly wakes up when he hears MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR blasting loudly from a downstairs neighbor’s pad. He shouts at him through the window, but his complaints go unheard as the neighbor is preoccupied with friends, starting up a hippie happening. After a brief shot of Indy shirtless, he puts on an old tee, grabs a bat, heads downstairs with malice aforethought. The beatnik sees Indy as none more significant than his crochety upstairs neighbor and continues party prep, unfazed. Indy expresses his frustration, pointing out that it's early and he has to work. The neighbor is indignant and mocks him, seemingly skeptical that Indy still has a job. He dismissively tells Indy to “f—k off” because it's “space day,” referring to the ticker tape parade for the returning Apollo astronauts.
The scene cuts to Indy preparing coffee in his apartment, “accidentally” spilling something slightly more adult into it. He shields himself from Marion’s judgment, stifling her picture with a fridge magnet. Determined, Indy leaves his place (the Irish street shot from the trailer) and takes the subway alongside a child dressed as a cosmonaut. He arrives at Hunter College — you read that right — where he opens a class on Archimedes. There's a humorous moment when a student expresses interest by exclaiming, "Syracuse?!" — and Indy clarifies he's referring to Syracuse in Sicily, not the local variant. The rest of the students are bored or hungover or both, and nobody participates when Indy tries to engage them — nobody except HELENA SHAW, who brims with Archimedean erudition and general archaeological affinity.
Indy enthusiastically discusses the clever weapons devised by Archimedes during the great siege of Syracuse, which ultimately led to the Greek victory over the Romans. However, the class is interrupted when other students come into the class rolling a TV set to watch the parade. Indy’s heart leaves the room and he follows it. Afterward, Helena discreetly stalks Indy to the professors' corner of the university, where his is assaulted by a surprise “tenth anniversary” party and rewarded for his service with a cheap anniversary clock.
Indy is bemused by the gift, remarking something along the lines of "thanks for burdening me with all these years” (forgive my English, it was some sort of time-related pun, apropos of the plot). As he walks out onto the street, fringed in destitution and “the unhoused,” he unceremoniously offloads the clock to the first beggar he sees.
Seeking solace, Indy enters a bar — we can’t see the full marquee but we absolutely spot the letters “OB” and “AN” — and starts knocking them back. Helena follows his trail, while MASON is secretly following Helena.
In another scene, KLABER (played by Boyd Holbrook) is shown in a New York City hotel room, attempting to learn German from a book. A waiter enters the room looking for Professor Schimdt, mistaking Klaber for him. Klaber points to Voller, who is observing the parade preparations from the window, and sarcastically tells the waiter that the Americans went to the moon thanks to Voller. We also catch a glimpse of the giant man who works for Voller. There is a tense and revealing exchange between Voller and the waiter, as Voller asks about the waiter's origin in a racist manner (due to the waiter being black), and the waiter responds that he is from the Bronx. When Voller inquires if he fought for his country, the waiter reveals that he served in WWII, handling cannons for the Allies. At this point, Voller may express the belief that the Allies didn't win the war, but rather, Hitler lost it. Regardless, it becomes evident that Voller never gave up his Third Reich ideology.
Back in the bar, Helena and Indy engage in a discussion about the Archimedes Dial and Basil Shaw's obsession with it. Helena reveals that she has recently become an archaeologist herself and appears to possess extensive knowledge about the Dial. She confesses that she is searching for it and knows that her father and Indy lost it in a river in the French Alps. Indy, skeptical, repeatedly asks her if she remembers their last encounter when she was a child, but she evades giving a direct answer. He also questions her motive for pursuing the Dial that drove her father to madness, but she tries to persuade him by emphasizing the allure of a great adventure. Indy is cold to her pitch. He also appears shocked to learn of Basil's death, although it remains unclear whether Basil has been deceased for a significant period or not.
Nonetheless Indy reluctantly becomes drawn into their discussion about Archimedes, particularly when the Dial is mentioned again. They decide to return to the university and head to the locked room of antiquities. Inside, Indy opens a drawer and reveals the part of the Dial that was seen in the 1944 flashback. They reiterate that there is a missing piece that is needed to complete the Dial, and Indy mentions that Basil believed the Dial possessed time-related powers. He also discovers old letters from Basil, realizing that his friend had written numerous times about the Dial, although Indy confesses he hadn't read all of them.
It is revealed that Klaber is working with Mason, but their methods seem to diverge. Klaber and his associates break into Indy's personal office, where one of Indy's colleagues, the lady with glasses from the earlier surprise party, questions their actions and grows suspicious. In response, they ruthlessly shoot her on the spot. Another colleague enters the room and meets the same fate, both falling victim to the brutal and menacing nature of the intruders. This egregious act establishes Klaber and his associates as dangerous and threatening villains, though some early-GoT cojones might have been preferable, rather than merely validating our suspicions about which characters are protected by plot armor (more on that later).
Finally, Klaber sneaks into the room where Indy and Helena are still discussing the Dial. Helena realizes the danger and escapes via the roof, while Klaber confronts Indy at gunpoint. As Helena makes her escape, Indy manages to tip over the shelves, trapping the intruders just as Mason discovers the dead professors. Indy stumbles upon his deceased colleague and is visibly shaken, attempting to call the police but getting caught by the villains. The scene ends with a shot of the phone made red by Indy’s bloodied hands.
Helena successfully escapes on the roof while Indy is hustled into a van by Klaber and his fellow CIA operatives. Indy quickly realizes their affiliation. However, as they drive, the driver nearly crashes into a barrier blocking the parade and is forced to turn back. In doing so, they collide with a taxi, causing a commotion. They are then forced to continue on foot. They find themselves amidst a peace protest, and Indy seizes the opportunity to blend in with the crowd. He shouts a peace slogan, snatches a placard, and strikes his kidnappers with it. In response, Klaber fires his gun into the air, scattering the frightened crowd.
Indy spots a police officer nearby, close to his horse, and urgently asks for help. Thinking quickly — shades of Arnie in TRUE LIES — Indy steals the police officer's horse and initiates a chase through the parade. The scene is brief but exhilarating, with CGI head-replacement barely perceptible — a marked improvement over the trailer. The chase transitions into the subway, where Indy narrowly escapes one train and manages to evade another on the opposite track. He arrives at the next station and passes his horse's reins to a woman, drily instructing her to take care of it. Indy casually composes himself and boards the train just as Mason arrives on the scene. To an astonished fellow passenger, Indy remarks, “The subway’s faster.” Native New Yorkers everywhere roll their eyes.
Later, at night, Indy watches a news report in front of a TV store, discovering that he is being framed for the murders of his colleagues. Sallah joins the story here — my memory of exactly how is murky. The scene transitions to Sallah's apartment, where Indy meets Sallah's grandchildren and surprisingly unforced, uncontrived exposition informs us that Indy assisted their family in emigrating to the US during the war. Sallah expresses eternal gratitude for Indy's help.
Sallah then drives Indy to the airport, where Indy plans to travel to Tangiers. He suspects Helena will attempt to sell the Dial at an antiquities auction organized by local mobsters there. Voller knows this too and, in classic fashion, getting there will be a race between good and evil.
At the airport, Sallah regales us with his deep-timbered voice, expressing his wistful longing for the sea, the desert, and adventure, but Indy dismisses those days as long gone. He insists that his current situation is not an adventure and, agonizingly, declines Sallah's offer to help. Here comes the “Give them hell” piece, and an inauspicious beat as Indy is nearly paved by a car. He and Sallah exchange concerned glances.
During the plane ride, Indy takes a moment to enjoy an “adult beverage” and contemplates his reflection in the window. This triggers a flashback to his last encounter with Basil Shaw and Helena as a child. In the flashback, Indy appears younger, unimprovably de-aged to his fifties. He has a tense exchange with Basil in his office, where Basil attempts to destroy a part of the Dial, underscoring how unthinkably dangerous it is. Indy intervenes and saves the piece from destruction. Basil asks Indy to promise to destroy it, and Helena overhears their conversation, revealing that she knew from the beginning that Indy possessed the Dial and had broken his promise to Basil.
As Indy leaves in his car, Helena rushes after him to return his hat. Indy assures her that her father will be okay, despite a burgeoning mental instability neither of them can truly predict. He promises to keep her informed but seemingly fails to fulfill that promise at the cost of Basil’s sanity, leading to Helena's anger and resentment. The flashback ends with Helena gazing at her own reflection as a child during her flight to Morocco.
The scene transitions to the traditional Indiana Jones
slightly modernized, delineating Indy's trek to Tangiers. The stage is set for his quest to recover the missing piece of the Dial and confront the consequences of his broken promise to Basil Shaw.
Onboard Voller's plane, Mason informs him that the CIA can no longer allow him to pursue his quest for the Dial. The recent killings of professors at Hunter College by Klaber's men and Voller's abandonment of a meeting with the US president in Los Angeles have prompted this decision. As some CIA members are about to redirect the plane back to the US, Klaber and his men deploy tear gas, overpowering them. Someone, possibly Voller, shoots Mason, resulting in her death. It is a surprising turn of events, as Mason's role appeared to have more significance. Maybe this has cojones after all.
In Tangiers, Indy disguises himself and enters the bar where Helena intends to sell the Dial in the backroom auction. Not long enough later, Voller enters the bar. Indy, Helena, and Voller engage in the trailer’s conversation about capitalism, with Voller seemingly unaware of Indy's identity despite having consulted his CIA file in New York. Intriguing sidebar: Anthony Ingruber is prominently featured as one of the bidders — but, despite cineastic expectations, this particular setup for a surefire Chekov’s gun . . . never delivers, and he is never seen again.
The scene quickly escalates into action as Indy showcases his (100% practical) whip skills and gunshots ring out, as seen in the trailer. The chase for the Dial commences, featuring several twists and a fast-paced sequence. Eventually, Voller obtains the Dial, and Indy and Helena pursue his car. However, they are confronted by Helena's former fiancé, a local mobster who intends to kill her. I want to note that, far from the hyper-progressive martinet anticipated by far-right Twitter, Helena is portrayed as an avaricious gloryhound, a loudly and proudly capitalistic character openly driven by money, having stolen the Dial to resell it to the highest bidder. TEDDY — a pilot in training — comes to their rescue using a tuk-tuk (autorickshaw), sparking off a thrilling chase. Indy, Helena, and Teddy each take turns driving it. Eventually, Voller and his gang reach a helicopter, while Indy's tuk-tuk succumbs to the damage it sustained during the pursuit.
Indy and Helena engage in a spirited debate about their respective roles and usefulness in their quest for the Dial. They mention the need to find an artifact (the name of which escapes me) that holds clues to the location where Archimedes may have hidden the other part of the Dial. Deciphering this artifact requires a Greek code, and interestingly, there are two codes — one that Indy can translate and another that Helena can decipher. They believe the artifact is somewhere in the Aegean Sea, and Indy gains an advantage by revealing that he knows someone with a boat and diving skills. They then meet Antonio Banderas' character, RENALDO, and together they embark on a search for the artifact aboard his boat.
During a poignant nighttime scene on the boat, Helena poses a thought-provoking question to Indy: If the Dial possessed the power of time travel, which historical event would he choose to witness? Indy candidly confesses that he would prevent his son's tragic death in Nam (“he enlisted just to piss me off”) — which ultimately caused immense pain and led to the collapse of his marriage. Helena is deeply moved by his response and finds herself at a loss for words. We are, too.
At some point, possibly during this scene, Indy, while re-reading Basil's letter on the plane, makes a realization. Among Basil's notes, he discovers two dates of significance: 08/20/39, which marked the onset of World War II, and another date, 08/20/39, which is just a few days away. It becomes clear that Basil believed Archimedes, through mathematical calculations, had uncovered the Dial's ability to predict temporal anomalies in the sky. Once deciphered, the Dial could potentially facilitate time travel, allowing individuals to reach specific points in time and jump to different temporal periods.
The next morning, Indy, Renaldo, and Helena prepare for their underwater exploration, aware of the time limit of three minutes below the surface. Tension fills the air as they venture into the depths, searching for the artifact. The scene intensifies when eels emerge from the artifact, causing a momentary fright for Indy, who earlier expressed his unease with snakes to Teddy.
Meanwhile, Voller and his crew arrive in another boat and seize the artifact just as Indy, Helena, and Renaldo emerge from the water. Voller demands that Indy translate the Greek code on the artifact, but Indy refuses. In a chilling display, Voller coldly executes Renaldo in front of Indy as a means of coercion. In response, Helena strikes a deal with Voller, offering to translate the code in exchange for a monetary agreement once they locate the missing part of the Dial.
Indy is disheartened by Helena's actions but soon realizes that she has concealed dynamite, previously obtained from Renaldo’s boat, in her capacious back pocket. As Helena engages Voller in conversation, she cleverly passes Indy a cigarette, enabling him to discreetly light the fuse on the dynamite. While Helena deciphers the riddle and explains its connection to Archimedes' history, stating that the missing part of the Dial is located in the Alexandria Library in Greece, she hurls the dynamite down into the galley, causing a powerful explosion.
Indy, Teddy, and Helena make their escape on Voller’s yacht, but Helena is jubilant about her daring move. More somber than he used to be, Indy solemnly reminds her that they have just lost a friend. As they reflect on their next move, they realize that the artifact was not fully explored. By burning it, they uncover its true form and an encoded message that only Indy can decipher. They decipher the message and discover that their next destination is Sicily, specifically Archimedes' tomb.
Unbeknownst to them, Voller, observing their westward trajectory instead of heading east as planned, deduces their true destination and decides to follow them, determined to retrieve the dial's missing part. He sets his boat in pursuit, unwilling to let them slip away.
The stage is set for a thrilling race against time as Indy, Helena, and Teddy head to Sicily while being relentlessly pursued by Voller and his crew. The stakes are high as they navigate treacherous waters and strive to unlock the mysteries of Archimedes' tomb before their adversaries catch up.
SICILY, 1969 A.D.
Indy takes some necessary supplies for their exploration of the Cave of Dionysos, where they believe the Dial is hidden. In the meantime, Teddy remarks to Helena that she is now under Indiana's command. Helena denies this, asserting her autonomy and intention to sell any valuable artifacts they find during their quest, as Indy had mentioned that the artifact should ultimately be in a museum (very much the character dynamics of Atlantis: The Lost Empire). Teddy, distracted, decides to pilfer money from a teenager to buy gelato but never gets the chance — Voller and his men abduct him.
Indy realizes Teddy's predicament and devises a plan with Helena to use Teddy's knowledge of the artifact to gain access to the Dial, thereby ensuring his safety. They steal a wedding car and rush to the cave, which happens to be a tourist attraction open to the public. Arriving ahead of their pursuers, they decipher the riddle and determine that the Dial is concealed in the part of the cave with the most pronounced echo. Spotting a crescent moon-shaped opening near the cave's ceiling, they begin their ascent. Along the way, Helena taunts Indy about his struggles in climbing, prompting his retort about Kali and being shot nine times. It is revealed that Indy has some visible signs of aging in his knees or legs. When Helena questions his pause, Indy sharply replies, “I’m thinking!”
Alternating shots showcase Indy and Helena navigating through the cave, encountering challenges such as a corridor teeming with insects reminiscent of their previous adventures, including tarantulas. Even Indy displays a degree of trepidation, acknowledging the creepiness of the situation. Meanwhile, Voller and his gang track their footsteps, reminiscent of the Last Crusade's final enigma sequence.
At one point, Teddy, who is handcuffed to a hulking man due to his failed escape attempt, falls into the water when a fragile rope bridge collapses. In a stroke of luck, Teddy manages to steal the key from his captor and escape the water, while the giant meets a tragic end by drowning. This turn of events eliminates the need for Indy to confront the giant, considering his age and physical limitations.
After successfully navigating a wild hydrological booby trap, Indy and Helena enter the chamber where Archimedes' tomb is believed to be concealed. They are taken aback by a mural depicting a futuristic-looking raven with metal claws (Helena: “Pigeon of Archytas?” Indy: “Not very pigeon-like if it is,”), as well as what appears to be early versions of timekeeping devices resembling ancestors of watches. Indy remarks that watches would not be invented for another thousand years after Archimedes' time, highlighting the intriguing nature of the discovery.
They locate the missing part of the Dial within the tomb, but Voller & Co. arrive just as they do. Voller demands that Indy hand over the Dial, and although Indy appears hesitant, Voller threatens to kill Helena, revealing that she is the only family he has left. Reluctantly, Indy surrenders the Dial, and Voller proceeds to assemble it. However, Teddy, who had stealthily made his way into the room, ambushes Klaber. This leads to a scene that permanently puts to rest the question, “Will Disney allow Indy a gun?” — as Indy proves he still knows his way around a pistol. Despite his proficiency, he sustains a gunshot wound in the shoulder (the first hints of reshoot continutiy goofs here, as the on-screen shot very much appears to strike his heart). It is evident that Indy is in excruciating pain, but Helena is determined to save him. Teddy advises her to let Voller take Indy, promising that they will rescue him once they escape.
Voller and his crew transport Indy in a van, intending to reach the airport where Voller plans to fly using a Nazi plane to reach the time fault. Helena and Teddy discreetly pursue them on a stolen bike. As Indy is boarded onto the Nazi plane, Helena instructs Teddy to attempt flying a plane, despite his lack of experience. Meanwhile, she continues her pursuit of the Nazi plane after a thrilling bike chase. Onboard the plane, Indy and Voller engage in a tense exchange ("You should have stayed in NY" - "You should have stayed out of Poland"). Indy questions Voller about his target for assassination, speculating whether it would be Churchill or Roosevelt to alter history and secure Germany's victory. In response, Voller reveals his intention to kill Hitler to prevent Germany from invading Poland and making a significant mistake, arguing that history is a series of wars and that one must be on the side of the victors.
As Indy calculates the coordinates on the Dial for the time fault, they approach dangerously close to the destination with only a few seconds remaining. Indy realizes that Archimedes was unaware of the shifting continents, meaning they cannot be heading to 08/20/1939. In a fit of almost hysterical laughter, Indy casts doubt on Voller's decision. Voller attempts to abort the plan at the last minute, but it is too late, and they are all drawn into the time fault, including Teddy in his plane.
Voller exults in triumph, believing they have arrived in Sicily in 1939, only to discover that they have actually been transported back to
SICILY, 212 B.C.
the Roman siege of Syracuse. The sight of numerous boats, arrows, and catapults astonishes them. In the midst of the chaos, Archimedes, working on completing the Dial, is informed by his assistant that "dragons" have arrived, referring to the two planes. They gaze in astonishment from outside the city walls while the siege is underway.
Klaber fervently sprays all guns at the ships and soldiers; he’s totally snapped, raving about “savages” as he strafes living history into strawberry jam.
On the plane, Helena activates a switch that opens the bomber bay, causing several Nazis to plummet out of the airplane. Despite being attacked by Roman and Greek lances, Indy manages to free himself from his ropes using an arrow seized from the air and encounters Helena. He gives her a parachute while Voller tries to rip it from them but is disarmed. Helena and Indy jump from the plane with the parachute, while Voller and Klaber crash with the aircraft.
Upon landing on the ground, Indy is captivated by the awe-inspiring sight before him, feeling like a little boy witnessing his dream come true. He tells Helena to leave him there and return to Teddy's plane, which landed safely nearby. Just as Helena is about to comply, Archimedes, who has discovered Voller's charred corpse and his intact watch, approaches Indy and Helena. Indy converses with Archimedes in Greek. Archimedes "rigged" the dial to only send them back to Syracuse on the day of the siege, ensuring their ability to save him. It becomes clear that thanks to this temporal jump, Archimedes acquired knowledge about watches and how to complete the dial. The “dragons” make sense of later stories and legends of Archimedes’ impossible “war machines.” It’s a closed, Cameronian (“All my work was based on it”), 12 Monkeys, Arrival-style timeloop.
Helena desperately pleads with Indy to return with her to the present, underlining the dangers of further messing up the timeline. He’s obstinate. “There’s nothing for me there.”
And, so.
What follows will go down as the single most controversial sequence in Indiana Jones franchise history, more divisive even than Nuke the Fridge, as —
In her frustration, Helena simply wills all of her energy into a haymaker punch, which knocks Henry Jones, Jr. unconscious, and the screen fades to black.
In the final scene of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the last ten minutes of Harrison Ford’s 42-year-long Indiana Jones quintet, Indy awakens in his bed in New York City, mummified by bandages and enshrined by pill bottles. As he rises from bed, he finds Helena and reproaches her for bringing him back to the present when there is nothing for him there. She disagrees, and at that moment, an aged Marion enters the apartment with a bag of groceries, complaining about the empty fridge. Indy is shocked to see Marion and asks why she's back. Marion explains that she was informed he had returned and says, "Well, if INDY has returned.” We hope he has.
Teddy and Sallah arrive, and Teddy goes on again about ice cream. Helena plays the wingman and convinces them to get some outside — to grant Marion and Indy some privacy. As they go, we hear Sallah humming — the song he sang after Marion kissed him in Raiders of the Lost Ark — Gilbert & Sullivan — “I am the Monarch of the Sea, the ruler of the Queen’s Nay-vee . . .”
Indy and Marion talk about pain. He asks her where she hurts — “Everywhere,” she says. And they reenact the boat scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark in reverse. The camera then pans to the apartment balcony, finding Indy's hat drying on a clothesline. The screen irises down into a Tom & Jerry circle on the hat — as if the story ends there. A millisecond before it does, Indy’s hand grabs the lid one last time.
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MaxAdvantage Media of Long Island provides Digital Marketing and SEO services for small businesses in Suffolk County, Nassau County, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Upstate NY and the Tri-State area. We are trusted Google Business Certified Professionals that are able to service clients of all industries, size or sales volume. We offer a wide range of services that include: Website Design, Business Video Creation, Press Releases, Google Business Profile Management, SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Services, Business Directory Profiles and Citations. We are continuously testing and implementing innovative online marketing techniques to ensure that our clients get the most out of our services. Contact us today to get started!

MaxAdvantage Media

27 Wood Ave, Mastic, NY 11950


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2023.05.22 23:49 SufficientBrief9635 Mañana, NYC

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2023.05.22 01:50 HokaEleven Race Report: The one where my girlfriend bullied me into a huge PR

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A 1:40 No
B 1:43 Yes
C 1:45 Yes
D PR (1:49:39) Yes


Mile Time
1 7:47
2 7:48
3 7:51
4 7:47
5 7:43
6 7:30
7 7:30
8 7:21
9 7:32
10 7:36
11 7:37
12 7:45
13 7:37
0.1 0:40 (6:27 pace)


I used the BAA half marathon level two training plan and tweaked it with a few races that I would be running for NYRR's 9+1 program. This included a virtual half in the first week, which I deliberately ran/walked due to lower running fitness from ski season. My plan's mileage started at 23 and peaked at 32.
I liked the plan because it has higher mileage than Hal Higdon and puts a workout inside the long run, but I didn't like the fact that the long run alternates between Saturday and Sunday.


In the weeks leading up to the race, I obsessively looked at the weather and rode an emotional rollercoaster as temperatures modulated and the chance of rain came and went. I'm going to try to avoid this next time as it was just unnecessary stress over something I had absolutely no control over. The weather turned out ok.
I was in Wave 1 and NYRR suggested showing up at 5:40am for those not checking a bag. My girlfriend, who was pacing me, and I decided that we would pay for a little extra sleep and Uber a few blocks away. I consistently experience race-induced insomnia, and this race was no different. I only got 2 hours of sleep and I hoped that the sleep I had leading up to the race would carry me through.
We left later than planned at 5:25am, which was a slight mistake as traffic got worse and worse as race time neared, starting with a long line on the exit off 278. We made a few audibles to the driver to avoid the line of cars on Washington Ave and jogged to the start, arriving around 6:10am. The security lines were long, but we made it through in about 15 minutes.
As others have noted, the porta potties are IN the corrals, and I never really thought about what that would look like. Imagine smashing together the long lines outside of porta potties with a bunch of people normally waiting in corrals. Convenient, but a little confusing. Another strange consequence of this was that the waves had a large gap in between by the porta potty entrances and anyone can jump waves really easily, making the enforcement at the corral gates moot.
Kit consisted of a singlet, shorts, running cap, 3 gels (1 pre-race), and a stretch belt for the phone. Edit: Shoes were Saucony Endorphin Speed 2.


Mile 1 to 4 (Race Start)

The initial plan was to have my girlfriend pace me, but three friends joined in, two of whom were racing and aiming for 1:45. Unsurprisingly, the first few miles were crowded and if you've ever had trouble weaving solo, imagine having five people do it! The streets outside of Prospect Park aren't in the best condition, and there were a few sections that could trip an inattentive individual.
I wanted to have the chance to negative split to a 1:40, even though Garmin said I was in 1:43 fitness. Though we weren't going to sprint the hills of Prospect Park, we did go a little faster than was comfortable. My HR normally spends the first 3 miles of a half marathon sitting in the 150s, but by the end of the first mile it was already at 165, and I was mildly concerned that I was screwing myself by reaching beyond my limit.
I was hoping the downhill and the flats of miles 2 to 4 would bring my HR back down, but alas, I rounded the corner and entered the slow climb up Prospect Park at 167.

Mile 4 to 6 (Battle Hill)

Battle Hill is a special kind of hell in that it is a sharp (for a road race) uphill with a bunch of winding curves and short-lived flat sections that trick you into thinking the hill is over, then it rewards you with one mile of rolling hills. I had the sense to preview the first 7 miles of the course a week before the race, so I had gotten the heartbreak out of the way, but it didn't make the climbing much easier.
We eased off to 8:20 on this section, but my heart was still racing. It had climbed up to 178 after we crested the hill and stubbornly remained there as we went through the rolling hills. I waited until after the top of Battle Hill to take my first race gel.
The weather was unpleasantly humid and at this point I started carrying my cap in my hand to cool off my head.

Mile 7 to 8 (Descent to Ocean Parkway)

The two other friends racing with us had began pushing the pace through the flats of miles 3 and 4, and my girlfriend wisely did not follow. If there's one piece of advice to give on this race, it's to conserve energy on that section because you'll need it for Battle Hill.
As we sped down the towards the exit of Prospect Park, we caught up with them, which was great timing as we had friends cheering at the bottom of that hill and they caught us all on video as if we had actually ran as a group up to this point. After that, we separated again as my girlfriend and I picked up the pace into Ocean Parkway.
To have a chance at 1:40, we would have to start running around 7:20, but by this point, my heart rate had reached 180 and I knew that pressing down to 7:20 would be dangerous. After exiting Prospect Park, you expect it to be a straight ride downhill, but my fatigue made mountains out of the small minor uphills that followed, particularly the one that followed the onramp into the Parkway.
I asked my girlfriend that we cut it back to 7:30 and give up pushing for my A goal.

Mile 9 to 12 (Ocean Parkway)

Fatigue really started to set in as we ran the long and quiet straightaway and my heart rate continued climbing. I took my second race gel around mile 10, hoping that it would kick in early enough to carry me through the last 3 miles. Looking back, I was really glad to have had a personal pacer at this point, because the mental fortitude she gave me was crucial. My pace was relatively even around 7:40 throughout this segment, but you better believe I would have eased up all the way to 8:00 or even slower without my girlfriend to hold me accountable.
I read warnings about not counting down the avenue letters, which climb up from H to Z on the run, but I had forgotten the slight bend in the Parkway at Avenue W. From afar, it looks as if a brown building marked the end of the Parkway, which I realize now is pretty silly. Dear reader, there is no building between Ocean Parkway and the sea.

Mile 13.1 (Coney Island)

By the last mile, my HR had crosssed into 190 and I was at my limit. The end was near, but it did not feel like it. I got what might generously be called a second wind from the gel, but in return I experienced a mild stitch in my stomach, and I could not tell whether it was worth the gel after all.
I would occasionally ask my girlfriend if we could slow down to a jog for a little while, and she would indulge me by slowing down only slightly to 8:00 and quickly counting down from 10. She would also coax me by asking me to keep up the pace until certain landmarks (that weird street lamp, that second streetlight, those people cheering on). These tricks proved successful as we maintained the pace despite the constant "breaks."
By 800 meters out, the growing crowds had instilled new life into me, and as my girlfriend granted me another 10-second reprieve, I said, "No, let's run the rest." I mustered up what little energy I had and pushed towards the boardwalk.
We ascended the infamous ramp with minimal crowding and my legs surprisingly did not complain more for the minor elevation. Once on the boardwalk, I sprinted towards the finish, making sure to run on the nails where there would be the least bounce, and waved my hands up and down at the crowd to give me that final push.


Everything hurt, but I was able to slowly waddle my way through to the recovery area with all the water, snacks, and medals. Once we collected all our bounty and found the porta potties, we waited for all our friends and headed towards Nathan's as the rain began to pour. Few things are as delicious as a chili dog after a race where you gave it your all.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.05.17 20:22 PhillySRT They got on the EL instead of hittin the road 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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2023.05.17 16:41 richarizard Cool Things to Do in NYC: June 2023 Edition

As I wrapped up May’s "Things to Do" post, I told myself, “Okay, that was fun. I’m done now.”
And I was done. But then u/Beautiful_Ad_ asked for June. It always amazes me how tiny interactions can grow into full-blown undertakings. Apparently one brief message at the right time was the motivation I needed for one more month. So to you, internet stranger: I hope these help you plan your trip. What can I say; these are fun for me to make.
Every time I compile these lists, I wind up with a bunch of events that don't make the final cut. So for this month, I offer a few honorable mentions, separate from my list where I match exactly one event per day of the month:
Before going anywhere, please confirm the date, time, and location using the listed website. Any event is at risk of being rescheduled, relocated, canceled, sold out, or at capacity. I try to vet quality, but I may misjudge, and heaven knows all events are not for all people. Some events require advance registration, and if you are visiting NYC, you should double-check how long it will take to get to the venue. Now on to the list!

Thursday, June 1
Friday, June 2
Saturday, June 3
Sunday, June 4
Monday, June 5
Tuesday, June 6
Wednesday, June 7
Thursday, June 8
Friday, June 9
Saturday, June 10
Sunday, June 11
Monday, June 12
Tuesday, June 13
Wednesday, June 14
Thursday, June 15
Friday, June 16
Saturday, June 17
Sunday, June 18
Monday, June 19
Tuesday, June 20
Wednesday, June 21
Thursday, June 22
Friday, June 23
Saturday, June 24
Sunday, June 25
Monday, June 26
Tuesday, June 27
Wednesday, June 28
Thursday, June 29
Friday, June 30
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2023.05.15 22:06 olek171717 Olivier Levasseurs Treasure

Olivier Levasseurs Treasure
Are there any people out there that are still looking for Levasser's treasure? Anyways I wanted to gather a few informations about its possible whereabouts:
This is his Cryptogram he allegedly threw into the crowd before his execution
Got it from http://cipherfoundation.org/older-ciphers/la-buse-cryptogram/
Its allegedly pigpen cipher. The translation by French marine historian Charles Bourrel de la Roncière is this:
[ 1] - aprè jmez une paire de pijon tiresket [ 2] - 2 doeurs sqeseaj tête cheral funekort [ 3] - filttinshientecu prenez une cullière [ 4] - de mielle ef ovtre fous en faites une ongat [ 5] - mettez sur ke patai de la pertotitousn [ 6] - vpulezolvs prenez 2 let cassé sur le che [ 7] - min il faut qoe ut toit a noitie couue [ 8] - povr en pecger une femme dhrengt vous n ave [ 9] - eua vous serer la dobaucfea et pour ve [10] - ngraai et por epingle oueiuileturlor [11] - eiljn our la ire piter un chien tupqun [12] - lenen de la mer de bien tecjeet sur ru [13] - nvovl en quilnise iudf kuue femm rq [14] - i veut se faire dun hmetsedete s/u dre [15] - dans duui ooun dormir un homm r [16] - esscfvmm / pl faut n rendre udlq [17] - u un diffur qecieefurtetlesl
This translation makes some degree of sense in some places and none in others, which is consistent with the fact that the cipher is believed to be a complex puzzle, potentially with multiple layers of encoding or obfuscation. However, without more context or a better understanding of the cipher and its potential keys, it's almost impossible to provide a definitive translation or interpretation.
Here is my attemt of a line to line translation to english
  1. Après j'ai mis une paire de pigeons tirés - After I put a pair of drawn pigeons (The meaning of "tirés" here is unclear. It could mean drawn, pulled, or fired)
  2. Deux cœurs s'échangent tête chéral funekort - Two hearts exchange heads, chéral funekort (The latter part of the sentence does not make sense)
  3. Filtrant chanté coupé, prenez une cuillière - Filtering, sung, cut, take a spoon
  4. De miel et ouvrez-vous, en faites une onguent - Of honey and open up, make an ointment
  5. Mettez sur le plat à la partout où vous - Put it on the dish everywhere you...
  6. Voulez-vous, prenez deux lettres cassées sur le chemin - Do you want, take two broken letters on the path
  7. Il faut que tout soit à moitié couvert - It is necessary that everything be half covered
  8. Pour en pêcher une femme d'héritage vous n'avez - To fish for a woman of heritage, you have not...
  9. Vous serez la dame qui fait et pour vous - You will be the lady who does and for you
  10. En grand et pour épingle oueiuileturlor - In large and for pin oueiuileturlor (The latter part of the sentence does not make sense)
  11. Eiljn pour la lire piter un chien tupqun - Eiljn to read piter a dog tupqun (This line does not make sense)
  12. Le nez de la mer de bien tacher sur ru - The nose of the sea to stain well on ru
  13. Nous voulons qu'il n'y ait aucune femme qui - We want there to be no woman who...
  14. Elle veut se faire d'un homme de tête sur une - She wants to make herself from a man's head on a...
  15. Dans du ui ou un dormir un homme r - In some ui or a sleeping man r
  16. Esscfvmm / il faut en rendre udlq - Esscfvmm / it must render udlq
  17. Un différé que c'est effrayant les l - A deferred, it's frightening the l
Some of the probable whereabouts:
  1. Seychelles: The Seychelles islands, particularly Mahé and Praslin, have been linked to Levasseur's treasure. Some stories and theories suggest that the treasure might be hidden in a cave or buried somewhere on one of these islands.
  2. Madagascar: Given Levasseur's activities in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is another frequently mentioned location. It is believed that he may have hidden the treasure somewhere along the coastline or in remote areas of the island.
  3. Reunion Island: Reunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean, has been associated with Levasseur's treasure due to its historical connections to pirates. It is believed that he might have hidden the treasure in caves or secluded areas on the island.
  4. Rodrigues Island: Rodrigues Island, also situated in the Indian Ocean, has been suggested as a potential location for the treasure. Some stories indicate that Levasseur might have buried his treasure on this small and less populated island.
Known Investigation:
Reginald Herbert Cruise-Wilkins, a British soldier, began his search for the treasure in the 1940s and 1950s on the island of Mahé. He used the cryptogram, local lore, and his own research as a guide. Cruise-Wilkins was convinced that the treasure was hidden in the Bel Ombre Beau Vallon area, and he spent a significant part of his life digging extensive tunnels and conducting underwater searches. He passed away in 1977 without having found the treasure.
His son, John Cruise-Wilkins, has continued his father's work and as of 2021 was still actively searching for the treasure, investing significant time, effort, and resources into the quest. The Seychelles government even granted him exclusive rights to the treasure if found, in exchange for a percentage.
While this is the most known recent hunt, it's worth noting that many individuals and groups have searched for Levasseur's treasure over the years, in various locations across the Indian Ocean. Heres an article on that (https://www.wantedinafrica.com/news/a-brit-on-the-biggest-pirate-treasure-hunt-ever-in-seychelles.html)
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2023.05.11 02:42 6inchsubstrate WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

$92,000/yr minimum income required to get this studio in the hood. Need I say more? Median household income is just over half that and for an individual it's even less. Nobody's talking about the fact that a majority of people literally can't afford to move, we have an entire population stuck where they are because they're effectively priced out of society. If you don't have close friends or family you are genuinely financially screwed as an individual. I don't even understand how people are popping out babies when the cost of living is this ridiculous?
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2023.05.09 18:20 ProfShhhhh JBB 1882 Update

JBB 1882 Update
New York's finest anti terrorist is back for the second time in three days to block the view of 1st Avenue, obstruct two crosswalks, a mailbox, and a fire hydrant.
The good news is, he's less dangerous when he's not driving.
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2023.05.09 07:56 VerbalK23 8 night well-researched first timer itinerary check for May 2023

Hi there! I appreciate any insight you all can provide over this itinerary. I know it seems like a lot, but this is how I do all of my trips. It may also seem over-planned, but I work backwards from ticketed events and activities so it makes sense how everything falls into place. With that said, I definitely am not afraid to change on a dime and scrap/alter the plan. This is my first time in the city and my goal is to experience as much as I reasonably can. So, with no further adieu:

Wednesday, 5/10: Arrival
-Land at LGA at 4:35, bus to hostel in UWS, check in by 6pm or so. Grab a slice at Mama's Too and another at Sal and Carmine, then on the Subway to get to the Fat Black Pussycat for a 7:35 show (reservation made). Grab some falafel or something from Mamoun's, then head back to the hostel to call it a night.

-I realized my body will still feel on Vegas time when I plan to start my day at roughly 7am. Oh well.
-Subway to 9/11 Museum for 8am Early Access tour, with quick breakfast beforehand at Stage Door Delicatessen. I figure I will be at the museum for about 3 hours, leaving at roughly 11 am.
-Explore FiDi on way to Chinatown. Bits of lunch at various places (Golden Steamer, Wah Fung, Xi'an Famous). Explore Chinatown.
-New York Media Boat tour at 2:30, leaves near 9/11 museum so a bit of a backtrack.
-After boat, take Subway to Times Square for Free live music with Jazz at Lincoln Center show at 5 pm.
- Around the corner to Shubert Theater for 7 pm Some Like I Hot show.
-Explore and then back to hostel for bed.

Friday: Bronx Day
-Explore UWS a bit and then grab Absolute Bagel for quick breakfast before heading to NYBG.
-Few hours at the Botanical Garden, then head over to Arthur Avenue. Thinking a sandwich at Casa Della Mozzarella or perhaps some sit down pasta. Check out the Arthur Ave Retail Market. Explore for a while.
-Universal Hip Hop Museum.
-Yankees game for Star Wars Night (As a Cubs fan, I need that Rizzo bobblehead)
-Back to Manhattan, maybe walk around for a bit then bed.

-Quick breakfast from Broadway Bagel or a bodega or something. Pay homage at The Dakota and Strawberry Fields. The rest of this morning is dedicated to exploring the central and southern parts of Central Park.
-Thinking a late lunch at Cafe Sabarsky, then over to the Met. The rest of the evening is dedicated to the Met.
-Probably some jazz somewhere after the Met. Maybe go check out Washington Square Park and the Jazz Alley over there. Some halal cart at some point.

-Walk the High Line, check out Chelsea Market and Hudson Yards on either end.
-Sleep No More at 2 pm. Gallow Green for drink and a nibble after.
-Explore the area, then head to Birdland Jazz Club for Arturo O'Farrill and the Latin Jazz Ensemble until 10pm.
-Explore a bit more, then back to the hostel.

-This is a busy day.
-Head first to the ferry station on 34th St for the East River Ferry to DUMBO. Quick breakfast at Butler.
-Walk the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Head to Prospect Park, walk the park loop.
-Back to DUMBO for Juliana's Pizza at opening. Harriet's Rooftop or Time Out Market for a rooftop view. Ice cream at Sugar Hill Creamery or Van Leeuwen or Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.
-Walk back to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge. Head to Nolita area. Economy Candy, Granny Za's Dispensary, Elizabeth Street Garden, then Parisi's for a Dennis sandwich.
-5 pm Walk on the Wild Side music tour booked: Post-Punk, Disco, and Hip Hop ending in Tribeca.
-Sightseeing at Staple St Skybridge and Ghostbusters HQ.
-Dinner burger at Emily West Village. More ice cream at Cones. I realize it looks like I am eating an awful lot on this day especially. I will be putting in the work to earn it, plus I don't have to finish everything. I just want to try a lot of delicious things.
-10pm Vanguard Jazz Orchestra show at Village Vanguard.

-St. Patrick's' Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, some other sights over that way.
-MoMA for a few hours.
-Bengal Tiger for lunch.
-Check out The Plaza hotel.
-Kill some time, back to the hostel for a bit to change and rest.
-7pm Hadestown show.
-Explore somewhere or catch some jazz/comedy before heading back to hostel.

-Chysler Building (probably can't access lobby nowadays). Grand Central Terminal and Market. Summit One Vanderbilt.
-Guided 11am tour at NYPL.
-Lunch at KJUN.
-One more Broadway show. I am thinking Life of Pi to switch things up from the musicals.
-Back to the hostel for a quick change.
-Dinner at Keen's, the pass by the Empire State on the way to Tannen's Magic Shop for Magic After Hours.
-Birdland Jazz once again for Big Chief Donald Harrison's 9:30pm show.
-Back to the hostel to pack and rest for departure tomorrow.

-Quick bite at Hungarian Pastry Shop north of the hostel towards Harlem. Then tour St. John the Divine cathedral.
-Possibly explore a bit in Harlem or more likely the Northern part of Central Park.
-Grab bags from hostel, head to NY Pizza Suprema right next to the bus station for a slice or two before heading out of town to Washington DC for the second part of my trip.
Well, what do you think? What would you change? Like I said, I know it's a lot, but I've looked painstakingly at geography, transit times, all of it. I use a fabulous app called Wanderlog for creating my plan and it's been a real game changer for me. You can't control for everything, but I feel good about the plan in general. Things will inevitably change. That's OK.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.03 00:50 mahlano1 NYC Mayor Eric Adams Is Giving Apple AirTags To Residents In An Effort To Stop Car Thefts.

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2023.05.02 02:38 Separate-Result4806 Not trying to flex guys but how do I get a guest kith Id QR code for my girlfriend ?

Not trying to flex guys but how do I get a guest kith Id QR code for my girlfriend ?
They only came with my QR code and a rsvp form via email😰
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2023.05.02 02:34 giantradioactivesun Keep getting "Aborted (core dumped)" for my stof/stod conversion and I don't how to fix it.

 #include  #include #include  #include  #include #include  using namespace std; //double discountMem(string memberLevel, double priceUnit, int numUnit ); struct Accounts{ public: Accounts(string name,string UserN, string PassW, string Id,string ML,double Credit, string Address){ Name =name; username=UserN; password=PassW; ID=Id; memberLevel=ML; credit=Credit; address=Address; } void display(){ cout << " Name: " << Name << endl; cout << " Username: " << username << endl; cout << " Password: " << password << endl; cout << " ID: " << ID << endl; cout << " ML: " << memberLevel << endl; cout << " crdit: " << credit << endl; cout<< " Address: " << address<< endl; cout << endl; } string Name; string username; string password; string ID; string memberLevel; double credit; //string credit; string address; }; //void print(Accounts sam); void displayStudents(vector& sam) { for (auto accN : sam) { accN.display(); } } int main (){ ifstream infile; infile.open("Account.txt"); if(!infile.is_open()) { cout<<"Account File Not Found"< AccountN; while (getline(infile, line)) { stringstream ss(line); string Name; string username; string password; string ID; string memberLevel; double credit; string address; string Temp; getline(ss,Name, ';'); getline(ss,username,';'); getline(ss,password,';'); getline(ss,ID,';'); getline(ss,memberLevel,';'); getline(ss,Temp,';'); credit = stof(Temp.c_str()); getline(ss,address,';'); Accounts accN(Name,username,password,ID,memberLevel,credit,address); AccountN.push_back(accN); } displayStudents(AccountN); infile.close(); return 0; } 
I am trying to read a parse file with multiple elements and have the credit value(the 6th part of the line) be a double/float.
Here's is the file for reference:
Jane Smith;jsmith;blue123;123456789;Gold;3000.00;100 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901 Ellen Sue Doe;edoe;pink234;234567890;Blue;650.00;235 South Street, Bronx, NY, 21110 Michael Black;mblack;brown124;235765437;None; 324.00;56 N Pathway Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 56565 John Carter;jcarter; green289;987654251;Diamond;9000.00;1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613
But when I try to covert it, I keep getting core dumped. I tested it out with some strings with the same values, but they went through just fine. Is there anything wrong with the code itself or something within the file?
EDIT: Also, when I comment the credit reading line, everything works perfectly except for that one, which just outputs a bunch of numbers like : "6.91981e-310"
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2023.04.29 13:12 Keen_NYC Initial license who they went to and where are they opening

In says this information was updated beginning of April so it should be pretty accurate
For most of the rest of the state, including the other four New York City boroughs and Long Island, the announcement was met with joy from the businesses and nonprofits that are receiving the licenses, as well as from companies and organizations who hope to get licenses in the next round of license granting.
Matthew Robinson was among the newly named licensees.
“I know it changes everything,” he said, after being named as one of the 36 who’d successfully gone through the months-long application process. “It doesn’t feel real … There’s just nothing that can explain it.”
Like all of the license recipients, Robinson had been arrested for marijuana-related incidents in the past when possession was illegal in New York. It had been until last year.
In 2005, Robinson was detained by police who were looking for someone who’d been in a fight nearby. He hadn’t been involved in the altercation, but he happened to have marijuana on him at the time.
“I got arrested and booked on a marijuana charge for a fight I had nothing to do with,” he said, but added that for him to now possess a cannabis sales license is recompense. “It’s definitely justice served … and it’s being served in a nice, warm dish right now.”
Robinson also owns a contracting business, called Bold Mold Eliminators. Because he’s a business owner, it put him in the running for a corporate cannabis sales license. He filed for it by creating a new, cannabis sales-specific business, called Essential Flowers.
Robinson is based in Albany, but he requested guidance for applying for a license in Manhattan from the Harlem-based Justüs Foundation. The foundation’s founder, Scheril Murray Powell, said that Robinson was one of 23 people she helped to apply for licenses. The nonprofit director said that she’s looking forward to some of the other people she’s worked with getting their licenses, as well, in subsequent rounds of license granting.
The following are the approved licensees in New York City:

  1. Nube NYC LLC – Owned by Hector Guerrero, Naiomy Guerrero, Hector Guerrero and Jarron Parnell in the New York State Borough of The Bronx. For (four) years, Hector Guerrero, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Manuel Guerrero Jr a courier and packaging supply business that provided courier services enabling customers to order from various consumer packaged goods and retailers.
  2. Carl M Anderson III – Owned by Carl Anderson in the New York State Borough of The Bronx. For (six) years Carl Anderson, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated C. Marshall Anderson Consulting, LLC based out of New York City.
  3. Royal Leaf NY – Owned by Angell Turuseta and Emely Chavez in the New York State Borough of The Bronx. For (four) years Angel Turuseta, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated A & F Fashion- a New York City Based bargain wholesale vendor who supplied sportswear and leisure wear.
  4. Gabbys Green LLC– Owned by KeithDalessio in the New York State Borough of Queens, New York. For (eight) years Keith Dalessio, a justice-involved applicant owned & operated Gabby Pets INC. a pet supplies retail store in The Bronx, that sold small animals and provided training and grooming services.
  5. CGG Enterprises Inc.– Owned by Carson Grant in the New York State Borough of Queens, New York. For (eight) years Carson Grant, a justice-involved applicant, owned & Operated CGG Enterprises Inc., a retail and online sales store located in Springfield Gardens, New York, that offered packing, shipping, and delivery services.
  6. Suzanne M Furboter – Owned by Suzanne Furboter and Fernando Pena in the New York State Borough of Queens, New York. For (13) years Suzanne Furboter and justice-involved applicant, Fernando Pena owned & operated Meatman, Inc a Gastro Pub and Wine Bar located in Astoria, New York.
  7. Anthony Crapanzano – Owned by Anthony Crapanzano and Candace Lee in the New York State Borough of Queens, New York. For (eight) years Anthony Crapanzano, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Prime Foods Enterprise LLC a Delicatessen restaurant located in Waretown, New Jersey.
  8. Smacked LLC- Owned by Roland Conner in the New York State Borough of Manhattan, New York. For (six) years Roland Conner, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Advantage Real Estate Group LLC a property management company
  9. Gabriel Marin – Owned by Gabriel Marin in the New York State Borough of Manhattan, New York. For (three) years, Gabriel Marin, a justice-involved applicant, owed & operated GAM RENO LLC a buy, sell, and install business that served residential properties.
  10. Planet 51 LLC – Owned by Nicholas Koury in the New York State Borough of Manhattan, New York. For (five) years Nicholas Koury, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Foster House Studios- a recording studio in Albany, New York.
  11. Florisun LLC – Owned by Keshawn Warner, Richard Rainone, and Christopher Vianelle in the New York State Borough of Manhattan, New York. For (seven) years, Keshawn Warner, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated The Pharmacy Harlem @ LLC, a Retail pharmacy and over-the-counter medication sales.
  12. Eastern Holdings 88 LLC – Owned by Yan Jin Chen and Zu Rong Chen in the New York State Borough of Staten Island. For (eight) years Zu Rong Chen, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Long Wong Bakery II, Inc. a bakery serving Brooklyn communities that prepared various kinds of fresh baked goods from scratch for customers.
  13. SAMJNY Holdings LLC – Owned by Mohamed Elgaly and Shlomo Weinstock in the New York State Borough of Staten Island. For (eight) years, Mohamed Elgaly, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Vape Guys LLC , physical retail stores in Staten Island that offered safe, legally compliant smoke vape products to promote health and leisure.

Additional approved marijuana licensees in NY, broken down by region

Capital Region

  1. Stage One Cannabis LLC – Owned by Nathaniel Innes, Galina German-Innes, Sugey Mirsky, and Joshua Mirsky in the Capital Region of New York State. For (11) years Justice involved applicant Joshua Mirsky owed & operated Foster House Studios – Recording studio located in Albany, New York.
  2. D-Andrews LLC – Owned by Donald Andrew in the Capital Region of New York State. For (10) years, Donald Andrew, a justice-involved applicant, owned D Andrew LLC and operated Vaped City Smoke Shop: a retail storefront specializing in smoking, vaping, CBD products, and accessories in Scotia, New York.
  3. Essential Flowers – Owned by Matthew Robinson in the Capital Region of New York. For (three) years Matthew Robinson, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Bold Mold Eliminators, a payroll inventory company based out of Albany that provided customer cleaning, construction point of sale, and talent acquisition.
  4. Capital District Cannabis & Wellness Inc. – Owned by James Frese and Pasha Adams in the Capital Region of New York. For (seven) years, justice-involved applicant, James Frese owned & operated Saratoga Catering Company LLC, a deli & pizzeria serving produce, sandwiches & woodfired pizza, plus catering services for parties and events located in Albany, New York.

Southern Tier

  1. William Durham – Owned by William Durham in the Southern Tier Region of New York State. For (five) years, William Durham a justice-involved applicant, Durham owned & operated WH Convenience Store, a convenience store in Downtown Binghamton, New York that supplied lotto, tobacco, and cold and hot food.
  2. Union Chill Cannabis NY LLC – Owned by Joshua Canfield and Union Chill Cannabis Company LLC in the Southern Tier Region of New York State. For (three) years, Joshua Canfield, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Next Level Wellness, a licensed Hemp Retailer New York State.

Mohawk Valley

  1. Cured NY, LLC – Owned by Francis Russo in the Mohawk Valley Region of New York State. For (six) years Francis Russo, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Premium MFG, LLC, an Oneonta-based design & printing business that offers graphic design products & services through its e-commerce store.

Long Island

  1. Brian Stark Enterprises LLC – Owned by Brian Stark in the Long Island Region of New York State. For (11) years Brian Stark, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Aqua wash laundry corp., a self-serve laundry mat based out of Brooklyn that provided wash & fold services, dry cleaning services, and retail items for laundry.
  2. Albert D Capraro – Owned by Albert Capraro in the Long Island Region of New York State. For (10 years), Albert Capraro, a justice-involved applicant, owned & Operated Long Island Glass Replacement Inc, a retail storefront that sold glass doors, showers, windshields, and installations in Commack, New York.
  3. Strain Stars LLC – Owned by Kamaldeep Singh, Tushar Mallick, Jasmin Kaur, Kamaldeep Singh, Darminder Sing, and Gurmeet Sing in the Long Island Region of New York State. For (five) years Kamaldeep Singh, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Whitestone Mart Inc, a gas station in Whitestone, New York with a retail storefront attached to it. Singh also holds a hemp cannabinoid retail license issued by The Office of Cannabis Management.
  4. Root 13, LLC – Owned by Harpreet Singh and Manjit Singh in the Long Island Region of New York State. For (two) years Harpreet Singh, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Just Accounting, LLC an accounting, tax, bookkeeping, and payroll company based out of Flushing, New York.
  5. Growth Industries NY, LLC – Owned by Daniel Connolly and GI New York, LLC in the Long Island Region of New York State. For (four) years Daniel Connolly, a justice-involved applicant owned & operated Hemp Clouds, LLC, a Retail Smoke Shop in Centereach, New York.
  6. Keep it 100 LLC – Owned by Marquis Hayes, Christina Johnson, James Kahn and Kim Stetz in the Long Island Region of New York State. For (five) years Marquis Hayes, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Brown Butter New York, a high-end catering & specialty foods company.
  7. Hydo Phonics – Owned by John Alvarez and Bryan Whalen in the Long Island Region of New York State. For (five) years, John Alvarez, a justice-involved applicant and licensed contractor owned & operated J & G Construction Management a retail sale, home construction and remodel servicing business in Suffolk country.

North Country

  1. Brent L Rogers – owned by Brent Rogers in the North Country Region of New York State. For (six) years Brent Rogers, a justice-involved applicant, owned & operated Beechnut Ridge Property Management as a General Contractor.

According to the OCM, the following are the approved licenses for eight nonprofits in New York:

Nonprofit CAURD Profiles

  1. Housing Works Cannabis, LLC – HOUSING WORKS — Housing Works is a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, including the recently incarcerated. The New York City-based nonprofit is the nation’s largest community-based AIDS service organization as well as the nation’s largest minority-controlled AIDS organization. It serves over 15,000 people annually through primary and mental health care, case management, reentry services, job training, behavioral health, and more. Their Justice Initiative, launched in 2018, focuses on catering those services to New Yorkers recently released from incarceration, tailoring their work to the specific needs of that population. Housing Works operates 12 thrift shops, a bookstore café, and a processing and distribution center; all of which employ graduates of their job training and peer training programs and are designed to give them work experience that will help them build for the future.
  2. The Doe Store LLC – Doe Fund —The Doe Fund was founded in 1987 to break the vicious cycle between mass incarceration, criminal recidivism, and intractable poverty. The Doe Fund is known for operating their landmark initiative, “Ready, Willing & Able,” which provides temporary work, transitional housing, continuing education, career training, and emotional counseling to New York City’s marginalized populations—with a specific focus on supporting people released from prison. Many Ready, Willing & Able participants pursue the Culinary Arts as their occupational training track, paving the way for diverse careers in the food service industry. Dishes by Doe is a full-service, cost-effective catering business that also provides hands-on training and paid work for Culinary Arts program trainees and graduates. Dishes by Doe caters for all occasions, including conferences and fundraising events.
  3. Urban Weeds LLC – Urban Upbound — Urban Upbound is a Queens-based organization that assists individuals, including formerly incarcerated New Yorkers, looking for employment. The services they provide include 1-on-1 career counseling, sector-focused job readiness training, financial counseling and job placement and retention services for unemployed and underemployed youth and adults. Additionally, Urban Upbound operates the Urban Upbound Federal Credit Union (UUFCU), which serves as an important pillar of the Urban Upbound model and an anchor in the community, connecting Queens residents to financial products that promote long-term asset building and economic mobility that are not available through mainstream banks.
  4. CWS Holdings I, LLC — Challenge Industries — Challenge Industries is a nonprofit organization based in Ithaca, New York that for over 50 years has been committed to creating pathways to employment for people with disabilities or barriers to resources such as justice-involved individuals. Since 1968 Challenge has served over 700 individuals involved with the justice system by providing them with programs that range widely- from pre-vocational services, which offer training and experience in general work skills, to direct placement, which provides jobseekers with the tools and supports to secure full-time employment with opportunity for career advancement. Regardless of funding source each of these programs is highly personalized to best support participants in forging their paths to greater self-sufficiency. Challenge is a partner agency in Workforce Development and has close working relationships with the Tompkins County Department of Social Services, local community service agencies and schools, and ongoing relationships with over 250 employers in Tompkins and surrounding counties in upstate New York.
  5. NYCCABUDS – Center for Community Alternatives — The Center of Community Alternatives has been a leader in community-based alternatives to incarceration for over 40 years. The organization provides services to communities in New York City, Rochester and Syracuse, including gender-based substance treatment and recovery communities, sentence mitigation, court advocacy, workforce readiness, civic restoration services, emergency/transitional housing, student advocacy, violence prevention, and youth mentoring as well as afterschool programming and career exploration for justice involved youth. Part of the Center of Community Alternatives’ reintegration services include community-based workforce programs that train justice-involved individuals to prepare for, find, keep and advance in gainful employment.
  6. Kush & Kemet LLC – LIFE CAMPS — Founded in 2002, LIFE Camps (Love Ignites Freedom Through Education) is a community organization that is a leader in violence prevention and intervention in the country. Investing in local youth’s educational and social development while offering resources for families that have been inaccessible in the past. LIFE Camp says it has contributed to a decline in crime since its founding and through alternative community initiatives that provide mental, physical, and emotional wellness needs of parents and families impacted by the trauma of gun violence.
  7. On Point Cannabis, INC. – Broome County Urban League — Since 1968, the Broome County Urban League (BCUL) has provided social services for their local community in Binghamton, New York. The BCUL focuses on youth development through after-school programs, tutoring and mentorship opportunities, technology classes, and workforce development. BCUL is committed to supplying justice-involved individuals with resources and education. All programs are available for all, regardless of age. From 2012-2018 the BCUL co-led a work program that employed justice-involved individuals and others from hard-to-reach populations providing vocational opportunities to increase employability skills.
  8. GOTHAM CAURD – STRIVE, Inc. — Founded in 1984, STRIVE has been a national leader in helping those facing the biggest societal barriers to employment. Providing training and support to justice involved individuals, STRIVE has worked to build careers and assist individuals in achieving economic empowerment. Through their re-entry programs STRIVE has administered (10) federal grants, serving (3,500) justice-impacted adults and youth, across (10) U.S. cities, including New York State. With a long history of serving justice involved individuals, STRIVE has transformed the lives of more than 80,000 participants by successfully helping them enter and re-enter the workforce through their STRIVE Career Path and STRIVE Future Leaders.
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2023.04.21 12:03 remote-enthusiast 99 remote jobs, tech + non-tech

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2023.04.17 22:00 LeoThePointHunter The 2023 Hunts Point Town Hall

The 2023 Hunts Point Town Hall
THE POINT CDC invites you to participate and help lead our campaigns! The Hunts Point Annual Town Hall centers Hunts Points residents and invites the different stakeholders in our community to discuss issues affecting our neighborhood. This is not only an info session but an opportunity to join our call to action for an equitable and just future.
Refreshments will be served.
Date: Saturday, April 29 2023
Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm
Register: https://tr.ee/r6EemOLQff
Location: The Point CDC 940 Garrison Ave Bronx, NY 10474

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2023.04.17 21:58 LeoThePointHunter Hunts Point Town Hall 2023

Hunts Point Town Hall 2023
THE POINT CDC invites you to participate and help lead our campaigns! The Hunts Point Annual Town Hall centers Hunts Points residents and invites the different stakeholders in our community to discuss issues affecting our neighborhood. This is not only an info session but an opportunity to join our call to action for an equitable and just future.
Refreshments will be served.
Date: Saturday, April 29 2023
Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm
Register: https://tr.ee/r6EemOLQff
Location: The Point CDC 940 Garrison Ave Bronx, NY 10474

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2023.04.17 17:13 TinnRing Revolving Door: 327 Crooks Account for a Third of All NYC Shoplifting

New York City’s storefront businesses, already weathering inflation and an uneven recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, are also contending with what the police say is a dramatic increase in shoplifting. But statistics also reveal a startling reality: A relative handful of shoplifters are responsible for an outsize percentage of retail crime.
Nearly a third of all shoplifting arrests in New York City last year involved just 327 people, the police said. Collectively, they were arrested and rearrested more than 6,000 times, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said. Some engage in shoplifting as a trade, while others are driven by addiction or mental illness; the police did not identify the 327 people in the analysis.
The victims are also concentrated: 18 department stores and seven chain pharmacy locations accounted for 20 percent of all complaints, the police said.
Petty thefts are one of the main drivers of the city’s overall crime rate, even as murders, shootings and other violent crimes have continued to drop. At a recent news conference, Commissioner Sewell said the situation demanded a “perpetual carousel of police resources.”
Criminal justice reform advocates have said that petty thefts are a crime of necessity, and that many down-on-their-luck New Yorkers are stealing what they need to survive in one of the world’s most expensive cities. But law enforcement and trade groups have blamed a proliferation of organized shoplifting crews, repeat offenders and the new state bail law that they argue has enabled such offenders to avoid jail time.
Last year, 41 people were indicted in New York City in connection with a theft ring that state prosecutors said shoplifted millions of dollars worth of beauty products and luxury goods that were sold online.
By the end of 2022, the theft of items valued at less than $1,000 had increased 53 percent since 2019 at major commercial locations, according to a new analysis of police data by researchers at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Over the past five years, shoplifting complaints nearly doubled, peaking at nearly 64,000 last year, police data shows. Only about 34 percent resulted in arrests last year, compared with 60 percent in 2017.
Businesses large and small are grappling with “smash and grab” thefts, said David Johnston, vice president of asset protection and retail operations at the National Retail Federation.
“It’s the loss coupled with the violence and the concern of safety,” he said.
Representatives for major retailers in the city, including CVS, Macy’s and Target did not respond to requests for comment on shoplifting in New York. A spokeswoman for Walgreens, Kris Lathan, said the company had created a “major crimes unit” to assist authorities with investigations.
An estimate from a coalition of independent supermarkets, bodegas and grocers in the city, Collective Action to Protect Our Stores, put the total revenue lost to retail theft at about $300 million.
Small proprietors are scared, said Youssef Mubarez, whose family has owned a deli in Times Square for decades and who is also the director of public relations with the Yemeni American Merchants Association. The group has roughly 3,000 members who own delis and bodegas.
Since the pandemic, Mr. Mubarez’s cousin, who works at the family’s bodega, has encountered routine fights, Mr. Mubarez said, and some have involved knives. While opinions on what is behind the surge in shoplifting varies even among members, they all agree it’s more prevalent, he said.
“Every day, they’re going into work as they usually do and they’re not sure if the person walking in is there to rob them, going to steal from their store or start an issue where it just escalates to a point where they can’t control it,” he said.
Accosting a shoplifter is a risk each time, said Tchalare Idrissou, a clerk at the 99 Cent Zone store in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx. Recently, clerks at the store confronted and threw out a man they had seen shoplifting twice before on security camera footage.
“When you’re trying to stop them from stealing, they engage and try to fight,” Mr. Idrissou said, adding: “Sometimes we let them go with the stuff, because sometimes some of them have the weapons. Sometimes knives.”
Clerks described catching people walking out with items stuffed into their coats, sweaters, or down their pants. They kick them out of the store, they said, only to see some of them return. In other instances, they wouldn’t know how the shoplifter got away until they watched surveillance video.
A national survey of 63 retailers by the National Retail Federation found that they attributed about 37 percent — the largest portion — of so-called inventory shrinkage in 2021 to thefts by people who did not work at their stores.
Retailers have pointed to shoplifting as a drag on profits for decades. Walgreens said organized shoplifting was the reason it closed five stores in San Francisco in 2021. This year, however, a Walgreens executive said that the company might have overstated the effect, telling investors during an earnings call that “maybe we cried too much last year.”
But businesses have nonetheless turned to locking up merchandise behind glass, frustrating shoppers, and installing security guards at doors. For small stores, the costs of heightening security are often unaffordable, and merely reporting a small theft can be cumbersome. Those businesses are often left to stop thefts on their own.
In the Bronx, the Fordham Road Business Improvement District, which encompasses more than 300 businesses, launched a pilot program in January in which security guards patrol during peak shopping hours.
Two blocks from Mr. Idrissou in Mott Haven, Jose Filpo, who works at a deli and grocery owned by his uncle, said that he had started putting baby formula, which is priced at $22 and is a coveted item that has been subject to nationwide shortages in recent years, behind the register.
Mr. Filpo said he had become accustomed to escorting people out of the deli who are shoplifting, many of them homeless. Cleaning items like laundry detergent, priced from about $8 to $11, are the items that are stolen most often, he said.
Shoplifting is a crime of poverty, said Arielle Reid, supervising attorney of the Decarceration Project at the Legal Aid Society, New York’s largest provider of criminal and civil services for indigent clients. It can’t be solved by a continued reliance on “the heavy hand of law enforcement,” she said.
“Our clients and our communities are better served by investments in resources to break these endless cycles of incarceration,” Ms. Reid said.
The authorities take a harder line.
“Shoplifting, retail theft and commercial burglaries have escalated dramatically in recent years, and as a consequence, the consumer experience has suffered,” said Michael E. McMahon, the Staten Island district attorney. He blamed “reckless policies” for making businesses “less safe and under constant attack from rampant recidivism.”
Collective Action to Protect Our Stores, made up of 5,000 businesses in New York State, called on lawmakers to create units in the Police Department and prosecutors’ offices dedicated to retail theft and to offer more protections to retail employees who are attacked.
A bill introduced in Albany this year by Assemblyman Manny De Los Santos would elevate assault of a retail worker to a felony, in line with the penalty for attacks against police officers, transportation employees and nurses.
“In New York, when it comes to retail workers, we are coming up short,” the lawmaker from Upper Manhattan said in a statement.
After a 67-year-old deli employee was killed in Manhattan in March, Mayor Eric Adams suggested that shopkeepers bar customers who refuse to pull down their masks when they enter a store.
In December, Mr. Adams hosted a summit at Gracie Mansion to create a citywide plan to combat retail theft. Joined by law enforcement agencies and trade leaders, he said businesses were “the lifeblood of our economic recovery,” adding “we are not going to stand by and let criminals undermine our economy and the livelihood of New Yorkers.”
Mr. Adams has lobbied to toughen the state’s bail law, and the measure has once again turned into a divisive point in Albany’s budget negotiations.
After Republicans used the law and concerns over crime to capture key seats in last year’s midterm elections, Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, proposed modifications to the law that could keep more people in jail. But her fellow Democrats, who control the State Legislature, have firmly pushed back.
As politicians debate, businesses and residents are acting on their own.
In Harlem, a coalition of proprietors and officials from law enforcement and city agencies started meeting a year ago to address problems in the neighborhood’s 125th Street Business Improvement District.
Thanks to the group, the local police precinct was able to identify 18 people who had been seen shoplifting repeatedly, said Barbara Askins, the president and chief executive of the business district and a member of the Manhattan district attorney’s Manhattan Small Business Alliance, which was created to reduce shoplifting and robberies throughout the borough.
Those 18 names were sent to prosecutors, Ms. Askins said. And with a $20,000 grant from the district attorney’s office, the business improvement district plans to hire two part-time employees to engage with businesses and the community.
“We try to seek solutions, try to come up with creative solutions around existing laws to try to find a way to try to address this problem,” Ms. Askins said.
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