Sams club gas hours

WAMC this upcoming cycle?

2023.03.30 03:35 astoverc WAMC this upcoming cycle?

Hey predental, I'm in my third year of college and am planning on applying this cycle. I want your opinions on my chances this cycle. If anyone had a similar profile to me in terms of stats/EC's when applying, let me know if you got in or not. I am definitely weaker in some areas, but want to know if you think I have a shot at getting in. My top choice is my state school, cheapest option.
My stats:
GPA/sGPA: 3.97/3.95
DAT: 23 AA/23 TS/21 PAT
- Clubs: Secretary for club at CC, Spanish club, predental club
- Volunteering: Homeless shelter (~70 hours by June 1st), conversation partner in a language program (~35 hours by June 1st).
- Shadowing/dental stuff: 50 hours general dentist, 185 hours as a DA in a bilingual practice.

So, I'm definitely lacking in the shadowing and volunteering, but my academics (might maybe) make up for it. Will try and get more shadowing in before I apply. I'm planning on building my narrative/ps around the bilingual thing. Thoughts on my chances?
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2023.03.30 03:29 03110054 Can we talk about how unaffordable it is to live here?

Maybe it’s not just here…it seems like everywhere now. I work a full time job, given I don’t make the big bucks….but still. I struggle every month. With rent, water, electricity, gas, phone, car insurance, garbage, etc. it’s just impossible to ever be caught up.
I wasn’t really angry until yesterday when I had some unexpected expenses come up and I realized there’s no way to pay for anything extra. I looked into getting a second job. But that would leave me working 60+ hours a week. How is this attainable for anyone??
Luckily neither me or my SO have kids, I can only imagine the added expenses. But we do have pets and they need us here more than having two jobs can allow.
The whole thing just gets me. The government has to be doing something about this right? Right??
And don’t even get me started on Veolia trying to increase rates. The people here are already struggling enough.
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2023.03.30 03:26 Familiar_Ingenuity15 Do I have gallbladder cancer?

I 29f had a complete abdomen ultrasound today. The ultrasound report was sent to my doctor immediately which is not usual. Normally it takes 48 hours. My doctor called me 3 hours after the ultrasound to let me know she received the ultrasound report and that she doesn’t want me to panic. But I have to get an abdominal and pelvis ct scan asap the next day. because they noticed some mass in my gallbladder that is too large. For background I have cramping pain on my right side. I have constipation and smelly gas. I’m also on ppi daily dose of 40mg Here is the important finding of the report:
1-There are 2 hyperechoic foci along the gallbladder wall that are felt to reflect polyps one of which measures up to 1.3 cm in diameter. The larger lesion almost resembles a mass and I recommend CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis with contrast to further investigate. 2. No gallstones are seen. 3. Liver is not enlarged. No focal defects are observed. 4. The kidneys are without stone or hydronephrosis.
Please be honest with me. Does the use of word mass indicates cancer? Why do they need a pelvis ct scan if the gallbladder is in the abdomen? Is it possible they suspect cancer that has spread to other parts?
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2023.03.30 03:19 Ok_Air_451 Put some fucking care into your friends

My birthday is coming and and I'm not able to do anything for it. That was fine, i planned something else. An airshow in Orlando this weekend. I talked to a friend and she said she wanted to come with. Perfect, we can enjoy it together. I bought the tickets, almost $500. I got a camper spot and I'm taking my dad's camper so we can be there Friday night, watch Saturday and come back early Sunday. I could only buy a spot for the whole week vs just the weekend because she took a really long time to tell me if she was going. Today I asked her when she wants to leave on Friday- that I'll be free after 4pm to leave. She tells me she's not going.
I'm not asking for a big present or a big hoopla for my birthday. I feel like I usually never do. This is the first time I've gone somewhere for my birthday and i was really looking forward to it. I didn't want to, or ask, to split the costs with her. I was gonna buy the food and beer and gas and she didn't have to worry about it - i just wanted to go with someone for my little birthday present. She told me it was because her house was being demolished (in August) and she needs to find another place to rent. I get how that can be stressful, but if it were just me I would have parked in a Walmart parking lot. Instead I got the spot so we could drink and tour the flight line after drinking and just have a laid back mini bender. I don't drinknoften and she's one of the only people I feel comfortable drinking around. The third person in our really close friend group couldn't go and he told me weeks ago. Since he heard that she did this he's trying to get out of what he has so he can go, not because he wants to but because he wants to hang out with me.
It's frustrating because I'm not asking for any financial commitment, I'm trying to provide you with a good weekend with something you seemed pretty happy to go. Now I'm stuck with having spent all of this money and have an extra ticket.
I don't even know if I want to go tbh. It feels like it would just make me sad being alone there, and idrk how much I really want to go alone because most of the fun is being able to share one of my passions with someone else.
Edit: I do feel like if a friend asked me to do the same I would. I've driven hours for friends and I've taken friends places they needed to go. I don't really complain. I just kind of feel taken advantage of. I know she didn't really because it's not like she's profiting off of the ticket, but it just feels like you intentionally had me waste my money. Frustrating
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2023.03.30 03:13 Singleguy5 I don’t really use Reddit but most of social media ban my posts

I am 29 straight male, I have traumas that people tell me didn’t happen I have memories and video footage and scars but somehow when I made a police report they “accidentally” lost my evidence. Yet my aggressor is praised for coming out as a woman. The pride community hide the violent acts their people commit, in fact I got banned on instagram and facebook for posting what happened to me in detail but before I got banned I received dm’s with threats calling me a liar, my post had all kinds of comments from the pride community saying it’s impossible. So now I am transphobic and have transmisia which means I am afraid and have a hatred for these trans people particularly ones that are born men. I don’t care that they want to be a different gender it’s how they treat people who don’t agree with them and what this man did to me was not an act a normal woman would do and I didn’t instigate anything he came up to me at a bar in old town and we talked for a bit he asked me out and I told him “thank you for your interest but I’m straight” he got offended and walked away I didn’t see him again till I got to my car later that night in the parking garage, he hit me repeatedly in face and stomach took of my clothes off and put me in my truck and raped my mouth and ass, I want revenge so much I think about it all the time, would a life sentence be worth it? I see this man all the time around town at the grocery store at the movies. No one believes me I tried doing it the right way get the law involved but no one listens. My trauma has caused me to develop schizophrenia and now I suffer from hallucinations and voices and a symptom of schizophrenia is delusions and now that I’m ready to talk about it, anyone I tell they say it was a delusion, I didn’t suffer from schizophrenia at 21 when all this happened I didn’t have sensory issues and monsters and demons torturing me when I was younger all this is the aftermath of everything I went through this isn’t even all of my trauma I’ve been broken physically many times by people, family members, friends. I’ve witnessed my close friends get murdered when I was a teenager. I witness horrific scenes on a daily basis thanks to my illness I see decomposing corpses in my room and maggots when and I eat. I relive my traumas every night my memories turn into visible hallucinations, I see my rapist in my hallucinations and after awhile I came to terms with what happened to me but I now have all this hate and i dont know what to do with it I have a therapist and psychologist that I work with every week and it helps with some areas but it doesn’t take my hatred away. I don’t go to bars or clubs or concerts anymore I don’t drink anymore I have given up on having a social life bc of this trauma I used to be an extrovert now I’m an introvert bc it’s safer. I only go to the grocery store and the movies those are my big outings now. I don’t work anymore I’m on government assistance and anyone who talks to me has hard time bc i overthink conversations and have trouble putting my thoughts into words. This post took me two hours to type bc my thoughts are uncontrollable, thanks for reading.
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2023.03.30 03:08 throwawayaitababy123 AITA for not giving a young couple and their baby a ride home in the cold because I didn't know them?

Earlier this evening a young man came to my door asking if we could give a ride home for him, his partner and baby. They were waiting across the street and had a stroller as well as some groceries. He mentioned that the next bus wouldn't be for about an hour and that no taxis would come because of the stroller and said he could pay for gas, told me his address which is about a 20 minute drive.
I expressed I wasn't comfortable doing that, apologized, and checked my bus app which showed a bus coming in 3 minutes, told him that the bus was due and he left. They didn't end up getting on the bus, I later found out that bus is one of two routes at that stop and that only goes to a local grocery store along the route. If they took it they'd still have to wait 30 mins for the next bus that goes to where he told me they lived.
I feel really bad because they didn't look dressed for the weather, (~-10°C) and it was beginning to get dark. I feel like this could make mta because they now have to wait about 40 minutes with their baby in the cold for a bus to get home. But also I couldn't see if there was actually a baby, and they are total strangers to me so for all I know it could have been a way to get access to my vehicle or house (extremely unlikely but not totally unheard of in my city). I don't often Uber or Taxi but I also wasn't sure why they wouldn't be able to fold up the stroller to take one?
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2023.03.30 03:06 moonshadow1789 Psychosis, Paranoia or PTSD?

I was fine all day. Extremely happy, positive mood, felt like I had my life back. Then I decided to go for a drive, listen to music and get coffee. Everything was fine until two very specific things triggered me. This lead me to lose touch with reality.
I had no idea where I was driving, why I was driving, or what was happening, but voices in my head told me to keep driving. I started having conversations with what I believed was the spiritual world and they were giving me guidance. I then started freaking out, shaking and sweating. The voices then told me to go into the forest. So I pulled over, ran into the forest. I had no idea why, what I was doing there, how I got there and was very confused. I then started randomly walking around the forest. I realized that if I go deeper into the forest, I would get lost and no one would find me.
At this point I started having a panic attack. I then saw a broken tree but the voices convinced me it was some demonic demon ready to kill me. My panic attack got worse. I ran back to my car and tried to calm down. I continued driving but didn’t know where I was going. Finally, I managed to put my GPS on and tried to get myself home. I ended up 100km away from my cabin, but I didn’t feel any sense of time. I had to get gas but was very paranoid about doing so. I thought people we’re following me. I did manage to get gas. I had another panic attack on the drive back home. Drive back home felt like hours but I made it home safe.
Any ideas what this could be?
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2023.03.30 03:03 ThatDoodch NEW AUDIO: Dogs In A Pile 3/16/23 (Ithaca, NY), 3/17/23 (Saratoga Springs, NY) and 3/18/23 (Jay, VT)

A little treat from the Dogs hours before they take the stage in CO. C&P from Ithaca is choice. All of Saratoga (Sam's bday celebration) is a must listen and Jay's Charlie goes deep! Enjoy the heck out of these Dog Pound. Have a great night!
Ithaca audio
Saratoga audio
Jay audio
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2023.03.30 02:53 sandan19 HELP 🙏 Advice on gyms / locations in Thailand PLUS all my research so far

Hi all,
Long time lurker on this sub, first time poster. I am currently planning a 2 week training holiday in Thailand for mid-November 2023. I feel like I have gone through every post about training in Thailand from this sub but still have some questions. Your advice would be forever appreciated! 🙏
A bit about me and what I am trying to do:
  1. Purpose: I would like to improve my Muay Thai skills for an entry-level amateur fight in the US (e.g., point muay thai competition or smoker), AND have an immersive training experience (similar to my 1 month at an ashram for my yoga teacher training)
  2. Skill level: I am an intermediate martial artist: 14 years karate + 3rd degree black belt from childhood, 2 charity western boxing matches, regular BJJ and Muay Thai training for last 2 years
  3. Travel history: I have been to Thailand many times (mainly Bangkok, but also Phuket and Pattaya)
  4. Itinerary: I will either fly directly to my destination, or stop in Singapore for a few days before going to my destination in Thailand
My three main questions are: (A) Where in Thailand should I go to train? (B) Which gym(s) should I train at? (C) Should I stay at one gym, or bounce around?
Here’s what I’ve found from my internet research / trawling this sub: .
(A) Where in Thailand should I go to train?
Bangkok is the best place for "serious" or "pro" fighters to go
Based on my reading I think Chiang Mai is my best bet followed by Hua Hin. What are your thoughts? Have any of you been to Hua Hin? I have seen fewer posts about it on this sub. .
(B) Which gym(s) should I train at?
For intermediate foreigners…
. …the best gyms within Chiang Mai appear to be…
. …the best gyms within Hua Hin appear to be
. …the best gyms within Phuket appear to be…
Did I get the right list of gyms? Any corrections? Any amazing experiences you’d like to share? .
(C) Should I stay at one gym, or bounce around?
Does this sound like a good approach? Or should I commit to one gym?
Thank you so much in advance for sharing your advice and experience! -sandan19
. In the spirit of giving back, here is my research:
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2023.03.30 02:49 skeletor2945 cursed_gaslighting

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2023.03.30 02:49 Critical-Fun3667 disappointment and shock, personified

i don't even know anymore guys :/
ethnicity: super asian (indo-nepali-chinese)
gender: girlie-pop
region: usa, southwest
financials: 100k+
hooks: none? other than being a minority that isn't considered a minority in the states 💀 also, divorced parents
intended major: environmental science (not engineering!)
academic stats
gpa: 3.98UW, 4.4W
rank/percentile: school doesn't offer
#of honors, APs: 7 Honors, 12APs
act: 35 superscored, 34 composite, NOT test-optional
sat: N/A, never took
AP testing: reported 5 scores, all 5s in STEM and english related ap courses
1) climate stem research at t20 university. published in moderately prestigious journal. presented at 2 international conferences
2) another climate stem research internship through pre-college program at a tech university. presented at 2 local conferences
3) yet another stem virtual research internship (lol) with local governmental organization working closely with EPA. did a bunch of data analysis for them. yes, this is how i spent my summers
4) stringed instrument player, orchestral player (part of two regional reputed orchestras as 1st violin). did the whole certification testing until level 10
5) robotics (lead position), MUN, environmental science club (founded, leader), debate club (leader), asian student union, gsa (founded, leader). went to competitions, conferences, held major district-wide events, the whole sha-bang
6) small business owner in some artsy stuff, moderately successful as i was able to make considerable money to be taxed on it
7) local jazz singer, did a bunch of workshops and small events where i was able to make a little money too
8) varsity swimming, ranked #4 on team
9) founded non-profit related to major, raised over 50k over several years with involvement/ active engagement from over 200 people
10) tutored at school-wide organization targeted at mentoring underprivileged kids
11) guzheng, got awards from national cultural organization
- 2x isef stuff (not giving out more info on this). couldn't go one time i was nominated because my mom couldn't take work off to travel
- recognition in work from lgbtq organization in city
- 3x state-level science fair awards
- research-related grants
- aforementioned publication
- awards at intl. conference competition
- junior year math teacher: 7/10. he was kind of mean to everyone but had been the only math teacher for my entire high school career. no one else taught multi-variate calc or linear algebra so i was kind of forced to be in his class. he seemed better to me than others since i got decent grades but no personal rapport
- junior year bio/chem teacher: 7/10. he was the only teacher who taught bio and chem both in my school. again, didn't really know him on a very personal level but he was okay and talked to me slightly more than other kids. got good grades in his class.
- counselor: 8/10. didn't know the dude that well, but he seemed really nice! we've talked a bit over the years and he has hanged my awards in the school office. but again, i wasn't exactly all buddy-buddy with him
- research mentor: 9/10. was the one i had gotten published with but they seemed super busy and rushed always, so had to take off one point because they write kind of messily. but they knew me the best and was super happy and on-board to write a rec
- meh. weren't "me". the central idea was there but still, my voice was lost. they were okay ig. 7/10 average.
NOTE: my dad forced me to change my essays to his liking otherwise he'd threaten some stupid asf shit (can't go into detail, incredibly personal and upsetting). essays still had my original idea but with old-english vernacular from my dad. couldn't really change it because he demanded my college app account password and would routinely check/change my essays. too scared to confront. strangely was the only time he ever involved himself in my life
tbh they weren't that bad, but it wasn't up to my standards.
didn't get any??? none of my friends got interviews either, asked AOs but no concrete response. i'm in a pretty small public school so maybe that's it?
college list, decisions
- state school (high accept rate)
- UC Irvine (very little financial aid, in severe need of financial aid)
- northeastern
- ucla, ucsb, ucsd
- fordham
- northwestern
- upitt
- barnard, just got the rejection like an hour back :(
- occidental
- cwru
waiting on...!
- columbia ed. here's the kicker--i had gotten a likely letter. but then got deferred. no new documents were submitted in that time frame. i didn't even know that was possible until i spoke to a local AO and they just skrted around the question, didn't give me an actual response. no hope here.
- stanford, princeton, yale, harvard, uchicago, nyu, brown, usc. absolutely no hope.
- berkeley. again, no hope.

i have no idea what happened. i think my essays honestly, to a person who isn't my dad or me, wouldn't have come across as that bad. but maybe it was. i also don't think my recommenders gave me horrible recs or anything, i don't think they would do that and my history wouldn't even give anything bad for them to write about.
yes, i am disappointed. i'm still hanging on to hope that i'll get into one of my reaches but honestly, after getting rejected so much from schools with higher accept rates, i don't know if i should even hope. i might also need to take a gap year to work and get some money, so i have no idea what to future holds for me. maybe community college and transfer? who knows. but i'm not going to let this get the best of me, the only way to not let this get to me is to keep trying and working hard. so that's what i plan on doing regardless.
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2023.03.30 02:43 Reasonable_Owl_4613 Seeking a Part time job -6p - 10p

I am seeking a part time job to supplement my income after my regular working hours. Also available Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Customer service, hotel help desk, gas station attendant etc. Open to work from home customer service Jobs is also appreciated. I currently work in Greensboro hence my posting here. Thank you,
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2023.03.30 02:36 vagabond17 What’s up with the « Civil Peacetime » flag?

Cant find much info on it. This link claims it was flown during peacetime, but now its been usurped by the warflag of horizontal stripes
Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, published in 1850 before the War Between The States has this description of the U.S. Civil Flag in the introduction, "The Custom House" --- Salem Custom House – 1850 Salem Custom House – circa 1900
". . . Here, with a view from its front windows adown this not very enlivening prospect, and thence across the harbour, stands a spacious edifice of brick. From the loftiest point of its roof, during precisely three and a half hours of each forenoon, floats or droops, in breeze or calm, the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned vertically, instead of horizontally, and thus indicating that a civil, and not a military, post of Uncle Sam's government is here established.
EDIT: here is a new link with info:
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2023.03.30 02:36 No_Goat277 First time visiting Dubai for 10 full days. Looking for advices.

Me and my wife will arrive on April 8 and going back on April 19th. It will be our first time to visit Dubai and I may need some help. We live near the sea year around, but it’s not warm enough yet. Our travels are usually upscale and looking for great places to see and stay. Plan is: 1. Stay 4 days near Dubai Mall. This would include shopping and BurjHalifa. We can stay 2 days at Armani or Address Fountain View with club and 2 days at Indigo Hotel. Or all 4 days at Indigo/address. Price difference is significant. It’s $600 more per night.
Why? 2 of 4 days we will be out to visit attractions anyway.
  1. Then we go to overnight at Sonara desert camp.
  2. Three more nights at Marina or JBr. We like Le Royal Mediterranean hotel, but open to suggestions. I hear W is great, Sofitel. Can consider Nikki Beach as an alternative.
  3. Two nights at Atlantis the Royal.
Please let me know your thoughts regarding plan and hotels.
I also appreciate advice regarding must see places.
And what is best way to experience supercar driving? Can we rent per hour and where to go or better book track experience?
We are Porsche family.
Thank you.
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2023.03.30 02:31 boo_ella Do I still need to readjust my dog to a new food if it's just the flavor that changes?

We have been having our dog eat Sam's club food for the past month or so now. We do change every other meal to be the new food but I wasn't sure if I have to do this still since we're literally just changing the flavor. We change from chicken to lamb when we can then we were thinking of doing salmon as well.
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2023.03.30 02:30 Keyboard_screwer6841 We may soon be able to include woolly mammoth meatballs in our giant bowls of spaghetti

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2023.03.30 02:29 Formal_Interest_4278 Should I (f19) still give LDR with bf (m19) a chance or let go?

Currently doing LDR with my (f19) bf (m19) of 3 years. We started dating in high school.
Our relationship was as good as they came. Better than most of our peers at the time . We communicated well, never fought and argued rarely, we supported and uplifted each other in everything we did, we had fun, we enjoyed each other’s company, we were really close friends before we started dating. Etc. Everything felt right.
Then, college came into the picture. We both applied to the same university that’s 9 hours away from our home town. It has great programs for both of our career prospects, not just because we wanted to go to the same university together (Although that was a bonus). I got accepted, he didn’t. We decided to give long distance a try, under the agreement that he’ll try to transfer next year and hopefully get in.
Well, fast forward to almost a year later. Our relationship has been through it. I left feeling pretty secure and stable in the relationship, thinking we could do it. But, he wasn’t ready. LDR kinda brought out the worst of ourselves. First semester was awful. We fought every week, and it felt like we were hitting a brick wall every single time. Arguments that used to be solvable through conversations and communication in the past, were now just us going in circles. We couldn’t see each other much either. Overall it just sucked. This semester we’re doing better and in therapy. Except, now we’ve become incredibly busy. We try to make time for “movie nights” on FaceTime one night every weekend, since frequent calls and texts aren’t always guaranteed with our busy schedules and time zone differences.
But, I realized… it still isn’t enough. My mental health was declining. I cried so much for him one month, it was almost kinda concerning. I like to think we’re pretty independent and individualistic from each other. We have our own hobbies, clubs, academic goals, social life, etc. I like to think that’s healthy right? At least we’re not codependent to each other. Except, after spending a pretty lonely Valentine’s Day, I realized holy shit, this is really depressing for me. I’m not sure I can do this anymore.
We had our anniversary weekend last week, and I had felt so disconnected from him from the lack of physical intimacy in general. Not sex, exactly, but just the lack of his presence. It felt as though for the past few months I didn’t really have a boyfriend. I dont blame him, but the fault lies in our situation I guess. It just felt like I didnt really know him anymore, and that we had grown apart or became pretty different as people. Being away from home (my home life was toxic) has definitely made me grow into a different person for sure. I’m not the same person I was in august. And I’m not sure if that accounts to why I dont feel like I click with him anymore.
We will only get busier. And I’m not sure I can guarantee time for him. I’m not sure he can either. I have an internship this summer in a different city, so more time away still. He applied to some other schools besides my university, and got accepted to one 3 hours away from my university town. It’s a great school for his career prospects. And it looks like he may go there.
I’ve talked about it to some extent with him, but it seems like he thinks our situation is not great, but doable. That he has faith in our relationship. He thinks we can persevere it. He thinks 3 hours away compared to the 9 hour difference is better. That we’d see each other every weekend etc. Except, I dont. I dont have faith anymore, just doubts. I dont think I can do LDR no matter how far away we are from each other. I’ve grown unhappy with our situation. And thinking about doing this for more years possibly makes me even more sad. But I love him, I want him in my life. He’s my best friend. He’s a great guy. The thought of losing him scares me.
I know these feelings aren’t fair for him or myself. I plan to have an open honest conversation about it with him in person. But idk… should that conversation lead to the possibility that we should break up? Or should I give it a chance still? I fluctuate between these two things often, but I feel like the doubts are winning over. Or maybe they’re genuine grounds on breaking up. Idk anymore.
TLDR; Currently doing LDR with my (f19) bf (m19) of 3 years. We started dating in high school. I dont think I can do LDR anymore but I dont want to lose him.
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2023.03.30 02:29 Angrybabybear Young woman never came home from Dreamstate in Nov 2022

" Saturday November 19th my daughter went to a rave in the city of San Bernardino #Dreamstate at the #orangepavilion
I was home awake waiting for her updates as she always would keep contact with me when she would go out with friends our last exchange of messages was before 9 pm. At midnight her friends called me to say “the friend” my daughter was with had contacted her to tell her my daughter went off on him for no reason and warned him she would jump out of the car (a moving vehicle) I immediately got up and go, I left my house worried sick calling my daughter non stop to what her phone would ring but there was no answer. As I was driving towards the #orangepavilion her friend kept on calling her and tried to get as much info as she could from this “friend”
I went around the parking lot to where they had parked right across the venue walked every inch of that parking lot her phone was ringing and her location was still there. Her best friend called and said the “friend” had giving her the location to where my daughter got off the car and I called 911 to report my daughter missing and then I talked to chp to report my daughter stranded in the 215 fwy it was now 1:45 am
I drove to the location that was provided looked for my daughter drove in and out the fwy in circles. Stopped to the gas station asked if they had seen her to what they reply they didn’t. Checked near the public transit station and she was nowhere to be found.
911 dispatch called me back and asked detail info about my daughter and told me to file a missing person report with police which I did
The sun came out and I called the “ friend” that saw her last, that man who sound so calmed and relaxed. He told me my daughter was in a really bad shape and she was sick throwing up they waited in the car for her to feel better but decided to bring her home because he was a gentleman, at one point my daughter decided to get out of the car and he didn’t stop her because she was upset, but she was fine she was walking normal without stumbling.
I continued looking for her. I went back to the venue, I asked as many people as possible if they’ve seen my daughter showed them her picture described what she was wearing every detail I could remember checked every dumpster every trash can for her and her phone my mother instincts were starting to fear the worse.
I had already called every hospital every trauma center even jail anywhere that would come to mind. There was no sign of her
Around 11:00 am on Sunday November 20th I was broken and decided to head home on my way there was an accident and chp the officers were looking down the bridge and I pull over and checked because that was the location my daughter got out of the car the night before and there she was at the bottom of the wash. I was yelling at her screaming her name to the top of my lungs I wanted her to scream I wanted her to say she was okay, the officer at the other side of the bridge walked towards me yelling questions. Do you know her? To what I reply she’s my daughter , I continued screaming. Then again he yelled “ma’m, ma’m !!! She’s dead” stay away from the fence !!! And escorted me away as possible to get my statement I provided them with everything I knew to that point.
He was the last person that saw my daughter alive and to this day he never explained why my daughter got out of his car, she was a smart woman a rational person with a sharp critical thinking. The reason was she felt more safe out of his car is a mystery.
That man was questioned and let go, the police didn’t check him right away he had more than 14 hours to get rid of valuable evidence.
My daughters belongings were never found, her phone her extra clothes her purple crocs her key chain."
I am not her mother, but I hope this message gets the coverage it deserves
Please read more:
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2023.03.30 02:21 ThrowRAforthee Should I (22M) ask a woman (30F) I really like to be my girlfriend?

I’ve known this woman for 5 months. We worked together, she left, but we text almost every single day. We have begun doing fun activities together (book club with just the two of us), and now we even go on outings (walking on a park trail) for a few hours.
We have both spilled our hearts out over our hardships in life, and what our dreams and ambitions are. We share very similar tastes, but on the things we don’t share a fondness for we still enjoy listening as the other geeks out over it.
I want to ask her to take our relationship to the next level, but I feel like she wouldn’t be interested as I’m eight years younger and more inexperienced in life. However, I did get small signals last time we were together, so now I’m unsure.
We sat down and I noticed (out of my peripheral vision) she was swinging her legs back and forth and staring intently at me (I was looking at the landscape we were in front of). Mind you, we weren’t talking while she was staring. She also talked about how she is the only single person out of her other friends (besides me). She also complained about a guy we know that sort of became too close too quick, and then she said, “but we’ve known each other a long time!”
Should I at least be honest and tell her how I feel? Or should I wait until we see each other more?
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2023.03.30 02:21 ThrowRAanxietyMode My(32f) dad(60m) started dating a woman in secret. My boyfriend knew and kept the secret. I feel betrayed.

Big wall of text. I apologize..
For background, my mom died from cancer in February of 2018 and at the time I lived in a different province. My parents had been together for almost 30 years. Later that year, due to the heartbreak of losing my mom and some other life events that happened I ended up moving back home. I wanted to be with my dad to make sure I could help him with anything he needed since he was now alone and isolated on the mountain. As the oldest of 3 kids, I feel it's my sole responsibility to be here for him. Given that my youngest brother has been politically radicalized, it feels like even he is gone from our lives. It was a huge struggle just trying to make it from day to day. We cried a lot together. He really relied on me to help keep him grounded. The official day I moved back was their first wedding anniversary since she died. It was very heavy with emotions.
Fast forward about 2 years and his beloved service dog passes away due to a hemangiosarcoma. It was so sudden and tragic that we just couldn't handle it. Seeing my dad again in so much pain destroyed me. He suffers from PTSD from his time in the military, and she was a huge benefit to him being able to moderately function in public and mitigate daily triggers. She in essence, saved his life. He told me in confidence that if he didn't have his SD, when my mom died he wanted to unalive himself. I've seen a steady decline in his mental health since she's been gone. And it hurts.
A lot has fallen on my shoulders since coming out here, but I love my dad unconditionally so I will always be in his corner. We are both executives in an outdoor club, our local Legion branch and multiple fundraising and community help groups. We also co-own a business with my significant other. Anywhere he needs me, I'm there. Without question.
Fast forward to last weekend, now that you've got a feel for our relationship...
One of my dogs(4.5yr m handsome mutt) gets out of the yard. (We live on a mountain. Our plot is split into three pieces. My dad is constructing a homestead for himself on the middle one.).
I start looking for my dog, driving up and down the road. Then I hear a gas generator running on our middle plot so I know my dad is over there. So I drive up and he meets me at the door to the shack. Cracks open the door only a little to talk to me. I explain I'm looking for the dog. He confirms he hasn't seen him, then opens the door wide and says "well you might as well come in and meet ******"
At first I thought he was kidding. When I realize he wasn't and I hear a "hi" from around the door, my heart just dropped. When she comes to the door, I recognize her as a member of one of the groups we are a part of. They went out for beers as a group about a week ago. I cut my conversation short and went back to the truck to continue looking for my dog.
I had an absolute meltdown. I broke down into tears for a solid 20 minutes. I just was so shocked. I know it's been 5 years, but I was not ready for this in any form. I feel incredibly blindsided. When my dad came back into the main house that night, he completely avoided me and went to bed. Came inside using the upper level door. So I know he must have felt bad.
He didn't do anything wrong, I know that. He deserves happiness and he deserves to have companionship if that's what makes him happy. He doesn't need to get my approval when he's ready to start dating again. This is a ME issue. Not a HE issue. I just don't know how to cope with this.
Later that evening, I was speaking to my other half(35m) and he told me that the previous week, my dad had come into our shop and asked him what I would think of him dating again. My SO advised to "give it a week due to.. hormones and things.". My dad agreed and neither of them spoke to me about this. Only after I had my meltdown did my SO tell me this.
So not only did my dad not come and talk to me, but my SO also kept the same secret. I feel like I wouldn't be so heartbroken and upset if they had actually talked to me about this. For me to find out by accident? I feel like I've lost a lot of trust in both of them. I'm only emotionally frantic because I feel cheated out of the ability to be giving a heads up.
I would like some help figuring out how to cope with my dad dating, how to deal with this feeling of betrayal from the both of them, and any advice from others that have been in similar situations.
TL;DR: mom died 5 years ago. dad started dating a woman recently in secret. I found out by fluke. My boyfriend knew and told my dad not to tell me for a week due to "hormones". I feel crushed and betrayed.
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2023.03.30 02:20 NovaNegative I’m really starting to feel defeated in my current relationship, and fed up to the point I don’t want to leave nor stay

I am really starting to feel defeated in my current relationship and almost fed up
I have been with a girl I met online for almost a year now. I’ve been in relationships much longer than 5 years previously, so I have seen a lot of signs that I should walk away but I never do.
We met online, but have yet to meet in person. We video chat practically 24/7. There’s been trust issues with her that I’ve tried rebuilding, but it’s difficult because it seems like once I started to develop trust in her again, something else would pop up. A lot of the lost trust comes from lies, and her speaking and entertaining her ex’s, and acting on a few things that almost deviated me. I do have love for this girl, but I feel like things are happening that shouldn’t.
We tend to do our own thing when we video chat, and live our lives together. I’ve been trying to make plans to go get her so she can move in with me, and one thing that stood out to me is she has not once offered to help in any way with this trip. Now, by all means, I want to do it on my own so she doesn’t have to worry about it, but it’s the courtesy and morality of it. She spends a lot of her time playing Fortnite, which is cool and all, but it’s gotten to the point where she will never hear anything I say when I talk to her, and she pays all of her attention and energy to the guys she meets online in the game. She plays this “club like” role playing game in Fortnite, where basically you dance, get drunk, and go to the hotel with other players. I’ve tried explaining to her that it’s almost like placing your imagination and fantasies through someone else other than the person you’re with when you role play like that, but she negates anything I say about it. It’s gotten so bad that she barely looks at me, hears anything I say, and barely shows any attention towards me. I started to feel second best to the guys she meets in a stupid game. She spent more of her attention on them, and even started messaging them privately and sometimes gave her Snapchat to them. I separated from her a few months ago because of that mixed with the inconsistencies and lack of trust in her started to make me very unhappy. We eventually talked it through and started our relationship again.
These last few days have really gotten to me, because it’s happening all over again. Except this time, each time I speak to her, she shows zero emotion when speaking to me. There’s no life or effort behind her words to me, and it makes me feel invisible or a nuisance. But the split second she speaks to someone in that game, she smiles, laughs, giggles, and carries on. I’ve spoken to her about it these last few days, and expressed to her that I feel like I’m nonexistent to her. She said she’s just been having a rough few days. What I don’t understand is why treat your significant other like this but treat people in a game with an entirely different persona. I tell her I feel like she has no interest in me any longer. Her response is always “no you mean a lot to me” or “I’m not doing anything wrong”.
I got very fed up with it this morning and got off the phone with her. I told her I don’t want to stay on the phone if I’m going to be ignored, or treated with a bland, zero emotion attitude when all I’ve done is pour myself into her. Upon getting off of the phone, I just happened to notice her snap score went up over 300 points in under a few days. Her and I never send pictures since we are on the phone all of the time. She claims no one has sent her pictures and she hasn’t sent any. I guess it’s just magic then. She immediately started messaging me and saying I’m never there for her when she’s having a rough few days, but yet every waking moment I have is spent with her and consoling her.
I don’t entertain other females when I’m in a relationship, and I’m level headed enough to shut down anyone who tries to be too forward or push themself onto me if that were to ever happen. But quite frankly, that never happens because I don’t allow any open doors for some to come in between my relationships. But somehow, some way, she always gets mad at me if I speak to or say hi to one of my neighbors who is a female. Then accuses me of texting them and probably end up cheating on her. Not once have I ever cheated in any of my relationships, nor am I like that. Im mature in my conversations with others, and I associate with those who respect me and are respectful as well themselves. I always think to myself that it may just be her guilty conscience.
I truly have love for this girl, but I don’t know how to approach it any longer. I feel like she has zero interest in conversing with me, and just wants me there just to be there. I feel like she’s more worried about role playing in video games with the guys she meets in the game, rather than actually show that attention to me. I always feel bad for getting off of the phone with her because I just want to spend time with her. But we’ve been back on the phone now for about two hours and she’s barely said two things to me and back on that game mode.
I never care that she plays games, I care about the actions and motives behind the game mode. She claims it’s just a game, it’s not real life. But if I were to go role play with another female, in my eyes that’s cheating because my imagination is being placed into a fantasy with another female other than her.
I guess I’m just tired. Tired of being ignored, wasting my breath trying to have a conversation, feeling inadequate to someone else, always worrying who she’s snapping or talking to behind closed doors, always worrying why I’m not good enough, tired of pouring all of my effort and energy into someone who won’t do the same for me. But for some reason, I stick around to put up with it. I guess maybe it’s because I actually foresaw a future with someone who I thought actually cared about me at one point. She never listens when I try to talk about this, so I have to vent somewhere. So for anyone who is reading this, I thank you for giving me your time to actually listen to me. It just keeps getting worse and worse as each day passes, and I don’t know where to turn.
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2023.03.30 02:18 Comfortable-Fig5103 Reflux causing gasping?

7 week old baby has been making this gasping sound since she was a newborn. At first I read it could be due to a flap from the voice box moving around and covering her airway which is common for newborns. We mentioned it to her doctor at her one week appointment and she didn’t seem concerned so I didn’t think too much more about it. But now I’m thinking it’s due to her reflux. It’s been happening more often lately. We hold her up right for about 15-20 minutes after feedings and burp her. She’s on breastmilk. We’ve started giving her gas drops before every feeding which has helped with gas that was making her very uncomfortable and cry for hours sometimes. Now it’s just the reflux I want to help her with.
Should I go to some kind of specialist? Because of the gasping noise she makes sometimes (which Dr google says could be from reflux) my mother has been insisting I should put her on soy formula bc she had to switch me from regular formula to soy when I was a baby. While I do believe fed is best I don’t want to put my baby on formula at all yet if there is another solution.
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