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2023.06.03 14:17 moztermind Need help setting up SMTP inside of Taiga or an alternative method to add a user

For context, Taiga is a project management tool that I installed inside of docker in my spare computer turned server. It contains a lot of docker containers that run at the same time. On top of that, I use cloudflare tunnel to access its frontend over at a URL (no https btw idk how to do it)
Now during he initial setup, I can create a superuser and use the credentials to login into the software but I cannot seem to send invitation emails and the public registration doesn't seem to work. The thing is though, I only need to add one other person as a user so even if SMTP does not work, and someone can suggest a different way to add the user like I added the superuser, that is fine with me as well.
I can provide all the configuration files if needed.
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2023.06.03 14:16 FraggyB1337 Ultimate edition not working for girlfriend

So my girlfriend played the beta with me and couldnt login to her psn account when trying to login to the server slam, so she picked a different email for her battlenet account and proceeded to play with it.
Now when buying the ultimate edition, she could login before but it automatically picked her original psn email, and she lost the right for her wolf puppy, angry and frustrated she tried to u link her psn account from the blizzard one, now she cant login to the game anymore, only when we do a workaround that she can login as a second player on the console on my account, i have to logout so she can stay as single player, but now she does not have acces to her ultimate edition content but does however to her beta one.
I thought the ultimate edition was a purchased service linked to psn and not directly to battle net, we’ve allready opened a ticket but have gotten no response yet.
Is there anyone else that encountered this? And what are your thoughts about it?
It seems “normal” that it has to something with the emails but we have to figure something out to save both the wolf pup and the ultimate edition content.
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2023.06.03 14:01 Objective-Paper-1819 OhMySpins is doubleing your deposit + 200 Free Spins! Get it NOW

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2023.06.03 13:52 Ryangonzo I found this note in my sons bookbag and nothing has ever warmed my heart so much.

I found this note in my sons bookbag and nothing has ever warmed my heart so much.
Cleaning out my sons bookbag at the end of the school year I found his school journal where they have to write on different topics each week. I was scanning through it and found this page where he had to write about his hero.
It's hard to know that I'm on the right path as a parent but finding this note really hit me hard. Moments like this make all the hard times melt away.
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2023.06.03 13:46 Idrialis Call made from Google Voice (desktop) is received as a WhatsApp call. Am I or GV service hacked?

Just as it sound, but before explaining what happens, I'll give you all the details.I live in the Dominican Republic. I have a Google Voice account with a NYC code area number. I have had this number since Google Voice was in beta. I don't live in the US. As a US number is needed for creating the account, back then I used a prepaid phone number I got on Tmobile during a US trip. I don't have that number anymore but set phones and everything to be on mail/desktop/app, etc. No phone on my app is linked.

When Hangout was a thing I could make phone calls from the app, but as of today I can't make calls on Google Voice app since I can't link the account to a number.Let's call this GV number: X.
On the other hand, I have two phones:
Secondary phone: iPhone 14 Pro max with
· Phone Number B
· Phone Number C
·WhatsApp app with Phone Number C.

Primary phone: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with
· Phone Number A: my main phone number, that has NO WhatSapp.
· My main whatsApp is with my Google Voice Number, X.
· Whatsapp Business with Phone Number B (yes, I use in one phone a WhatsApp account with the number that belongs to the other phone).

I hope this is not at all confusing.

So, let's go to the issue.
As you may know, if you don't use Google voice number frequently, you may lose it. I do use it to receive or make calls, but the other day I spent a month that I didn't use it, so I went to Google Voice's website on Chrome in my laptop and placed a call from Phone Number X (Google Voice), to Phone Number B. Phone Number B is my iPhone. I had my iPhone on my hand, waiting for it to ring, so I could answer the call and let it run for one or two minutes.
Instead, Samsung Phone was the one ringing, with an incoming call on WhatsApp B from an unknown number, with a photo on it. I answered and it was me... After all the confusion. I ended the call, and dialed again. The call was incoming through WhatsApp again, with another different number, also with a photo.
Repeated the call a third time, the same result. I received the call on WhatsApp from another different number than the previews 2, also with profile pictures that by the way, they looks like stock images photos.
Repeated a fourth time. I finally received the call on the phone line B on the iPhone, this time from a local phone number, not known to me.
Repeated again, received it on Whatsapp again.
Repeated again, received it on WhatsApp.
Called again, received in on Phone Number B, and this time the call was from my Google Voice number, finally.
Then I tried calling Phone Number C, which has Whatsapp on iPhone. I received the call on WhatsApp C, not on the line....
Called Phone number A, that doesn't have WhatsApp, and received the call as it should be, on the line and from my Google Voice number.
Talked to a friend, who also has a Google Voice number with balance, has an Whatsapp with that Google number, and locals phone numbers with WhatsApp as well. I asked him to try it himself. He was surprised when he received the phone calls on WhatsApp.
Tried posting on Google Voice sub, they called it a fake thing and deleted my post immediately.
Does this happens because I don't have any US phone number linked to my Google Voice?
Is my account hacked?
Is Google Voice system twisted? I'm willing to try it with any of you and/or record a video....
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2023.06.03 13:40 bikerboy2345 Prepaid sim card

Hey everyone, do I need to buy a prepaid sim card to have data on my phone or is wifi available almost everywhere?
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2023.06.03 13:24 aFoxunderaRowantree NY ATT time for out of state programs

How long did it take you? Would love to see timelines for reference if possible! I went to a MA nursing school but live in NY and planned to get my initial licensure in NY because I have a job lined up here and figured I could do reciprocity to MA after but I am also going to graduate school in MA in Sept so CANNOT wait months to get my ATT so I will switch it and do the reverse if need be. Would also love timelines on MA ATT if possible too.
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2023.06.03 13:20 Daohor Cross platform play

I know it’s in game already. So that’s not it. But I can’t seem to find an answer. If I bought the game on console can I still play it on pc if I login with the email that bought the console version? I know my father can play his pc characters on the console but not if the reverse is true aswell.
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2023.06.03 13:18 Extension-Steak-9680 Prepaid vs Postpaid

I am a very seasoned cable Internet user for decades, and also very familiar with prepaid and postpaid services for many things, including cell phone plans.
In the world of Xfinity, I ran a price comparison. Xfinity is available where I live, both pre and postpaid. That being said, prepaid is the same price as 200 MB postpaid + monthly new cable modem rental. If I opted for postpaid speed and BYOD, per Xfinity's compatible DOCSIS modem list, average price for my own modem (I don't currently have one at home) runs about the same as one year of rental service. And, according to the DOCSIS spec, having my own modem negates the service provider from upgrading the firmware of the modem, where for renting, they should be updating it as needed.
I am also well aware they are two different businesses, and the prepaid comes with a refurb modem, which would be fine with me, and with prepaid, I can easily cancel any time.
That all being said, pricing and upload/download speeds aside, and the fact my credit is excellent, what is the difference between Xfinity's pre and postpaid offerings?
Thank you.
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2023.06.03 13:02 DaedalusHatak Nuxt 3 which auth system is best?

Hello. I am using nuxt 3 and im trying to implement authentication for users where editing cookies will not grant access. Where using back/forward buttons will also not grant access and where I can keep user logged in untill log out and when log out is done the access token (best if not available at all for users) is revoked from accessing page anymore.
I am using right now firebase. Ive done most of route guards. But if I save data from cookie and then just paste it after log out it still gives me access.
Maybe there is a better authentication or maybe im doing something wrong?
If anyone wanna see what im talking about here is my page
Login is [email protected] Password is test1234
In /browse route that button is for logging out
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2023.06.03 12:54 Soupborsh Add "Critical Ops" account using email.

I am custom OS user. I have MicroG instead of Google's spyware and Google login doesn't work for me. Facebook works but it is trash. I created account with name Soupborsh. I played, got skins and etc. Then Facebook just deleted my account because they want to know my real name. It is private information and I do not want to share it with anyone.
So, I will be glad if you will add accounts using email. You will have full control over your accounts and this can help avoid problems when Google or Facebook or other third party service blocks users accounts.
Very important note: support every email. For instance, I use Proton Mail because it is much safer and private.
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2023.06.03 12:30 uhtimsays First time ordering online

First time ordering online
And they sent my $3k USA domestic express shipping order to Germany.. Now what?
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2023.06.03 12:29 Pheggas Securing access from all over the world for Immich

Hello. I'm about to deploy Immich ( ) and i need it to be publicly accessible (as my
remote family members will use it as well).
I thought about doing it through Cloudflare (and it's tunnel) and restrict it only to my region so no chinese/american/so on bots can attack it. But then i thought my family travels kind of a lot so i don't want to restrict it to be usable only in my region.
I also set up reverse proxy (Traefik) so this way i can preserve SSL certificates as well as with Cloudflare. On the other hand, i don't have DDOS protection that Cloudflare offers. Also, i'm a bit concerned about Immich's login and if it is enouh to protect the access into the app. And there's another catch - i could set up someting like Authentik or Authelia but that would be pain in the ass with Immich's app as i would need to first open browser, go to my URL, pass authentik / authelia and after then i could go back to the Immich app and log in successfully.
What are your recommendations for securing / hardening Immich accessible from everywhere?
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2023.06.03 12:29 A_HLin Got hack

I'm just being so so wordless about PayPal security system ok? Someone send me 0.06dollar and hack my account. Then this hacker changed my email, password , and username probably....
Few months ago, I remove my card from PayPal(thank god) but I've made some purchase using PayPal. Now I got no way to login back. I search online people said the phone number that PayPal provide for guest was a scammer. So I created a new account using new email address. And there's no customer service at this time. I'm just so Frustrating. Is there anyway I can get my account back, or just close that account😭😭😭crying so hard
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2023.06.03 12:25 MiddleNarrow Remove expire date

Hi, i have a small .exe file and i want to remove my login data ( my username, pass , serialkey)
I try RunAsDate and TimeStop, but don't work...
Any solutions pls?
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2023.06.03 12:15 Pheggas Securing access from all over the world for Immich

Hello. I'm about to deploy Immich ( ) and i need it to be publicly accessible (as my remote family members will use it as well).
I thought about doing it through Cloudflare (and it's tunnel) and restrict it only to my region so no chinese/american/so on bots can attack it. But then i thought my family travels kind of a lot so i don't want to restrict it to be usable only in my region.
I also set up reverse proxy (Traefik) so this way i can preserve SSL certificates as well as with Cloudflare. On the other hand, i don't have DDOS protection that Cloudflare offers. Also, i'm a bit concerned about Immich's login and if it is enouh to protect the access into the app. And there's another catch - i could set up someting like Authentik or Authelia but that would be pain in the ass with Immich's app as i would need to first open browser, go to my URL, pass authentik / authelia and after then i could go back to the Immich app and log in successfully.
What are your recommendations for securing / hardening Immich accessible from everywhere?
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2023.06.03 11:39 Dersertpanther72 How do I delete my unverified capcom id account?

When I was first trying to login into the capcom id account I made one using my playstation email then I had to verify the email to link it to my ps account but I forgot my email password and I cant change it cause it connected to an old phone so I just thought I could change my overall PlayStation email to a my other email just so I can use a different email for the capcom id and properly verify it but now when I try and link my new capcom id account with the new email I cant because it keeps saying something about the playstation account being connect to a different capcom account which is the first one so now I have to delete the first capcom id account but it won't let me because it isnt verified and I cant verify it it.
Sorry this is very long
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2023.06.03 11:38 VIPLightning I (28M) wasted my time and money on Ukrainian gf (32F) overseas.

First time poster on this subreddit. So if I make any mistakes or needs clarification, please let me know. I could use the support as I'm currently going through cognitive dissonance. I feel mentally drained and weak as I'm also recovering from a serious work injury on my left hand.
Also little did I know that such a beautiful woman like herself with sweetness could eventually turn into a completely different person. I suppose this is where she would be the reason why I give up on online relationships overall.
If you want to find out the real problems, **skip all the boring messages to paragraph 6.
To start off where I met this woman, I met her from a dating site last year on April 11th. I initiated the conversation with her as she had a friend here who helped with the translation. "Yayyy me," I thought thinking I was the lucky guy. Despite the huge language barrier, we managed to hit it off by using a legit site that translates our words privately by real professionals. And yes it gets expensive when it's $1.04 per 100 characters. But that didn't matter to me. Her happiness and positive emotions was what mattered to me. I admired the pictures of her even if she wasn't smiling. But her half-smile in these pictures lit her inner glow. We've tried using AI translator and it has caused confusion due to the wordings and grammar. Her intention was to come to the United States and settle in Chicago before be together and for our meeting in real life to be special. Alright that was a huge plus.
Her not being a social media person, we did not video chat or phone call to each other because we both agreed that the first meeting in real life would then not be the same. However we did record videos of ourselves, shared cool collection of gifs, and wished happy holidays. As I was learning her language I offered her to call me if she wanted emotional support because of the current issues she's experiencing in real situation. But of course she said she'd let me know. First few months I began to struggle to refill the money in the website as I got to take care of bills. I told her I needed one week to refill and my messages would be short. She said she understood my situation and said no matter how short sized the letters are as long as there is deep emotional connections.
**Fast forward to where I noticed the bad apples arise. It all started after arriving in the hospital due to a serious work injury on my left hand. I told her what happened to me. I told her the day I was going for my surgery and she sent me sad emojis on the site. The next day after my hand surgery and high on Anesthesia, I log into the site and she sends me this seemingly superficial message
Her: Of course, I'm glad we met a year ago, although to tell you the truth, I think our relationship is going through bad times at the moment, but I believe things will change for much better when we meet.
Me: I'm glad that we met a year ago too. I hope I understand what you're saying about our relationship. Although it would be nice if I knew why you think it's going through bad times at this moment.
I ended up bawling alone in the hospital bed as my self-confidence dwindled. Also not once did she call me. My family members that visited me asked if she called me. I replied "no" to that and they all were wondering what she is doing. Then I questioned myself if this is normal. And I gave the benefit of the doubt. Next day she replies:
I'm certainly aware of your financial problems, and I'm well aware of that. But I still attribute these problems not only to the size of the letters, but to depth and understanding in general.
Later as time progresses and discharged from the hospital on May 11th. I'm able to go home while still in recovery. 1 in a half weeks passes by. I login to send her a message and I ask her for clarification on what she meant by the message I quoted above. She flat out denied it by saying
In fact, I wasn't saying at the time that our relationship was going through hard times. I was saying it wasn't the best of times
I gave into what she said by thinking that there was an occasional translation problem on the site. Another week passes by where she sends me a selfie with no smile. I complimented her beauty and wished she smiled. Admittedly It was not the best choice of words I made because of how offended she was. So I apologized and made up to her and poured my heart out to her. This is what I said:
Honey, listen. There's something I need to say because realized I made a mistake. I wish to take everything back I said. I'm terribly sorry for the negativity I made about your picture as it was never meant to bring you down. I'll take the fall on that. I reread my letter and didn't add what I wanted to say. I wished that you smiled because when you do, it adds more glow to your face and it makes my heart flutter. Your smile also serves as a reminder in why I find you the best woman in my life. Like coffee, when I get up in the morning, I always look forward to starting my morning with you. And when the cup is empty, I miss you just like when we've exchanged messages telling each other how we truly felt as a distraction from your bad days. I understand and know that you are trying to look better with permanent crowns in which I'm really excited for you. I hope that the procedure all goes well. But know this, you don't need to have teeth when you smile. You can smile with cheek. But when you smile I hope that it's out of pure affection and that it's because you feel loved by this man. I know that you are upset with me and it's okay to vent it out with me if it helps you. I accept that things won't get better quick. However my desire for you to know that the only woman I've ever been in love with is with you since the beginning.
But then when she responded, the messages became superficial and not genuine. She said
I understand you about this situation, it's not an issue for me anymore and I'm just trying to move on. All I meant was that if I sent a picture without a smile, that doesn't mean I have to smile and you have to accept such a picture as it is. And it's the same if you send something or say something. Although you can, again, not accept it, that's your right. And there is no need to change my mind to start thinking otherwise. I thank you for your kind words anyway and it brings me joy. And your compliments are important to me
At this point, it really made me upset because I felt this whole time that she just didn't love me for who I am. It took me 1 day before gathering my thoughts before breaking it off. On May 31st, I send her a very lengthy message about how all I felt as mentioned in this post especially when she never called me in the hospital. I asked where she had been all this time, called out on her lie, etc.
After confronting her, I could tell she was very upset and there was some sincerity. But then she denied everything she did and victimizing herself and also acted like she had no clue. Not only that but after confronting again and telling her that I would no longer refill the money for the translation services, she went psycho on me and said that I declared war on her messages. She mocked me by saying "Oh, poor you" after telling her for the past 2 months that I felt no sense of love. Then labeled me a narcissist, a man who shows love, kindness, simplicity behind a mask in disguise. I felt this whole time she never knew who I was. In past abusive relationships, I've always questioned my own sanity. But she cut communication completely from me making me unable to write to her.
TL;DR The long distance relationship lasted for a full year. On May 31st I broke up with my Ukrainian gf and lost faith in the relationship because I felt she downplayed the situation after finding out I was in the hospital and lack of empathy and love. Need support
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2023.06.03 11:36 emidblol auth/invalid-credentials error when using siginwithpopup and openID proveder (roblox)

I am trying to create a sign in option for roblox but when I try to sign in with roblox it gives me the auth/invalid-credentials error instead of showing the OAuth2 page. How do I fix this? Here is my code: javascript function robloxLogin() { const roprovider = new OAuthProvider('oidc.roblox') signInWithPopup(auth, roprovider) .then((result) => { console.log(result) }).catch((error) => { console.error(error) }) }
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2023.06.03 11:31 dakshagarwal76 Unable to login into my yt account

Unable to login into my yt account
as soon as I login into my account from web or app it just doesn't show the content on app it doesn't even allow me to change into that email and on Web it shows me an error oops or shows invalid url forwarding parameter sorry yoyr login was incorrect I have been facing this issue I'm unable to also appeal also because I'm not able to find my channels url because I'm unable to login please help me out
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2023.06.03 11:25 Dptdewgal I'm F38, dating M38 exclusively but he deleted a picture from his dating profile. Do I confront or tactfully get him to delete his profile?

Met this guy 6 months ago and we decided to be exclusive 3 months ago. In fact he told me he was always exclusive and doesn't date multiple people at once then. We spend most weekends together and talk daily and he seems very genuine. So I'm not sure how he can get the time to date anyone else.
However, I've noticed that he changed his dating profile. He deleted a picture. I have deactivated my profile but I do login to see his profile every few weeks out of curiosity.
I feel like the curiosity kills me too and I'm tempted to just take a peek at what's out there at times. So I can see why he logs in. But unsure on what to do? Should I ask him if we both can decide to delete the apps? I'm not sure if confronting is useful, more so than asking him if he is ready to take things to the next level and wants to call me his GF and then we can both delete the apps, and see how he reacts to the suggestion?
One thing I'll say is that while it has been 6 months since we are 50 mins away, the stage we are at is more like where I'd be 4-5 months into knowing someone.
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2023.06.03 11:11 Moshniki Woolworths Gift Card 4%

I have signed up today too Woolworths mobile on prepaid and noticed I can buy Woolworths gift cards at 4% off?
I shop online at Woolworths every week and spend $100, so could I just buy a $100 Egift card every week for $96 and then add the card to my Woolworths shop and save around $192 a year?
Do other people do this? or am i being cheap lol
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