Q: Do companions offer a “full service”?

A: No.  Please acknowledge that financial compensation for “Vaginal Penetration” has been outlawed in Japan since 1956.  We will appreciate your understanding and cooperation by not asking us and companions for this particular service.


Q: Do I need a Japanese phone number to use your services?

A: No.  However, it would help us if you have one just in case we need to contact you.  International numbers are acceptable as long as we can call you on the number provided.


Q: Do I need to know Japanese to use your services?

A: Japanese language is not required to use our services, but knowing a bit of the language can help companions who are still learning English language.


Q: Can I exchange contact information with companions?

A: No.  We strictly prohibit companions from exchanging contact information.  We also prohibit inquiries about the privacy of companions. We will decline to offer our services with such customers if it occurs frequently.  We will appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Q: Does 60 minutes session means services for 60 minutes?

A: It is for 60 minutes from the companion’s entrance to leaving your room.  The session includes preparations and so on. We recommend 90 minutes or longer session in order for customers to enjoy our services fully.


Q: Can I request for additional options after services start?

A: Additional services can be requested on the spot with the companion, but please be aware that some options do require the prior notification.


Q: Can I change the course afterward?

A: Extensions are available, but popular companions often have bookings for next session.  In that case, extensions are impossible.


Q: How do I extend the session?

A: If you would like to extend please let the companion know at anytime during the session.  We charge customers for a extension fee every 30 minutes after the first session.



Q: How do I make a booking?

A: – Online Booking Form

– Telephone +81-80-5533-7169 18:00-27:00(Last Call)

– WhatsApp


Q: By when should I make a reservation?

A: Popular companions can be fully booked quickly.  However, their schedules are not settling one week before, and they may not attend due to unexpected illnesses or other reasons in spite of your prior bookings.  We will appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Japanese YEN, any other foreign currencies, any electronic money, and credit card for the payment.  The commision fee depends on the payment method. Payments made by credit card will show on your statement as “Tokyo-GeishaGirl”.  ID is required for all credit card payments made in person for fraud prevention.


Q: Do you accept credit card payments online?

A: Yes, credit card payments online are accepted.  Please let us know at the time of your booking if you would like to pay by this method.


Cancellation Policy

Q: May I cancel my booking?

A: Yes.  However, once the booking has been confirmed, the cancellation fee is the full amount for the session.



Q: Are all companions working Japanese?

A: Yes, our companions are Japanese.


Q: How often do companions get tested for STDs?

A: Companions are tested before enrollment and undergo regular testing according to a company policy.


Q: How often do companions get tested for STDs?

A: Companions are tested before enrollment and undergo regular testing according to a company policy.



Q: A card key is required to operate elevators in my hotel.  How does the companion come up to my room?

A: In cases where a card key is required to operate elevators, we will call you on her arrival.


Q: How long does it take for the companion to get to me?

A: It depends on the traffic condition, road work and time of the day, but our companions will depart from Gotanda.


Q: Can I take the companion out for dinner/dating?

A: The services we offer do not include dinner/dating services.