Step 1

Contact us via telephone, Line, WeChat, or WhatsApp or online booking form to make a booking.


Step 2

Make a booking with the following information.

→Hotel Name, Address, and Room Number (To confirm that you’re actually there)

→Customer’s Name and Phone Number

→Date and Time

→Companion’s Name

→Requests (e.g. I want her to wear cosplay as an optional service.)


Step 3

The companion will come directly to your place If no specific delivery instruction is given.


Step 4

Once the companion has arrived in your room and confirmed the payment of full amount for the session, services will start.  Feel free to ask the companion for extensions during the session.


Important Notices

We would like all customers to have a great time.  However, if the following relevant matters occur during the session, the companion will leave immediately, and no refund shall be given.  In addition, we will claim compensation for the damages and losses caused by them.  Moreover, we will decline to offer our services with the customers who don’t follow the rules.  We will appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  • You are minor.
  • You have STDs or suspicion of having STDs.
  • You are drunk or a drug user.
  • You use abusive languages, threats, intimidations, or violences.
  • You don’t take a shower before services start.
  • You don’t pay in advance.
  • You stalk the companion or have suspicion of stalking her.
  • You ask the companion out or scout her.
  • You request, demand, or negotiate for vaginal sex, discounts, or the companion’s contact information.
  • You cancel and change the companion after the booking is confirmed.
  • You prevent the companion from leaving.
  • You film or record during the session.  *The acts are a violation of the Japanese law.  We will claim 1,000,000 yen for the acts.